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12-17-2010 Fri.


I finally got home around 8:30 or later that Friday night from the firm I work for: Bentley, Banks, and Birken. They said I was up for a senior partnership and they were making me work for every penny. I’m Nicole—or Nikki, a 37 year-old African-American woman who is a curvy size 14/16. I have medium-brown eyes, shoulder-length hair, and a winning smile that cost me a little over $7,000. I wandered to my room where I began to undress. First, I kicked off my black Via Spiga Sling-backs, and then I began to remove my suit. I was walking around in my black satin and lace chemise and tap-pants set, when I decided to pour myself a glass of red wine. I went into the kitchen to get it and headed back to my room and settled into my favorite creme-colored Crate & Barrel overstuffed chaise chair. I clicked on my TV and searched for something at least remotely interesting to watch. Little did I know there was a pair of eyes watching me from the outside.

I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew, I jumped and there was a different movie on. “Shit, it’s after 11”, I sighed. I got up and decided to take a shower. “TGIF”, I said as I turned on the four-headed shower. I went back to my room and eyed the files I brought home for the weekend, knowing full well I wasn’t going to touch them. Then I remembered something, so I grabbed my iPhone and recorded a message, “Call Callahan and Turner first thing Monday to confirm lunch in regards to the Wilson account”. I put my phone down and wandered into the bathroom, which was like a sauna at that point. I reached in to temper the water and then slipped out of my lingerie and stepped inside. The warm water was invigorating and relaxing at the same time. It became stuffy, so I opened the shower door and switched on the ceiling fans. Then I heard something. I froze for a second, but then I remembered I had the TV turned on. The warm water caressed my body as it ran down my breasts to my pussy. Droplets of water hung off my clit, which was pulsating for some unknown reason. I was about to reach down and touch myself when I felt a rush of cool air hit my body.

I whirled around in shock and saw him standing there: shirtless with slightly loose jeans on. He had a muscular build, but not bulky, light brown hair and ice-blue eyes that penetrated my very soul. I was frightened from being surprised, but oddly, I didn’t feel threatened. Then I came to my senses, I started to let out a scream when he covered my mouth and put me against the shower wall. “Don’t scream. I won’t hurt you”, he said huskily. His voice had pleasantness to it, but I was still scared. He held me there, telling me not to scream until he got my heaving breath to slow down. “I won’t hurt you”, he said looking me dead in the eyes. “I won’t hurt you”. He slowly, gradually lowered his hand until he somehow could tell he could trust me. He then leaned forward and gave me a long, lingering, soft kiss. He spread my lips apart with his and gently slid his tongue in my mouth. As scared as I was, my head was swimming. I felt dizzy, faint. as a feeling of ecstasy blended with fear and caution washed over me. He broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid my Peach”. He continued kissing me on my mouth, my ears, and my neck. Much to my surprise, I found myself responding to his touch. I closed my eyes, grabbed his waist, and let out a soft whimper.

The mix of the warm water, the rough, wet material of his jeans, and his touch was intoxicating. I was losing control with this perfect stranger; yet, too afraid to stop. It was so intriguing; so dangerous; so strangely erotic. “Put your arms over your head and spread your legs”. I did as instructed, as he had me in a piercing stare. “There you are, my Peach”, he growled. He then slid his hand up my leg and with two fingers, he parted my pussy lips. He massaged my throbbing clit. I turned my head to the side and gasped. He massaged me and kissed me until I was weak at the knees. He then told me to sit on the shower bench, which I did. I could see his cock bulging through his now soaked jeans. “Unbutton me,” he ordered in a masculine, seductive whisper, “and pull my pants down”. I did as told. I went to pull off his boxer-briefs, when he suddenly grabbed my wrists and stared down at me—hard. “Take it out, Peach”, he whispered. I took his pulsating cock out and was overwhelmed with what I saw. He had to be at least eight inches and about five inches wide. “You know what to do”. I looked up hesitantly. “Do it!” he ordered. I licked my lips and put the tip in my mouth. Damn! He was delicious.

“Take it all in slowly”, he breathed. I slowly worked my mouth down the shaft. I could feel the veins thumping and pumping as my mouth took as much of him in as I could. “Suck, Peach”, he said. I began to suck and stroke him at the same time. The stranger closed his eyes and started moaning softly. I then started to work him like I knew him. He looked down at me, sighing in pure ecstasy. I did what I could to
please him: half out of fear, and half out of curiosity. I could only wonder what his next move would be. “Gag on it”, he ordered. I took him all the way in the back of my throat until I did actually gag. He entangled his hand in my hair and started thrusting his hips. I was gagging, but his cock was so delicious, I couldn’t stop myself even if I had wanted to. “My balls… Rub my balls”, he groaned. Even in a threatening situation, this man; this stranger was powerfully seductive. I squeezed and massaged his balls like he said to. Then I felt them churn. The stranger then threw his head back and let out a loud moan. He released so much jism, it flowed out of my mouth, down my chin, and onto my tits. “Drink it”, he demanded; I obeyed his every order. After a minute, the stranger shut off the shower and grabbed a towel. He walked into my room and turned off the lights. I got out, dried off, and put on some lotion. I then put on my fluffy white robe and followed him in. He grabbed me and gave me another of those scary, yet magical kisses.

The stranger then grabbed my sash and ordered me on the bed. He then quickly tied my hands to the headboard. “Do as you’re told, Peach”, he reminded me. I nodded in agreement. “Seeing you like this makes me so hard”, he whispered. The stranger then climbed on top of me and kissed me hungrily again. “Relax, Peach”, he repeated as he worked his way down my body down to my tits. He bit and suckled them earnestly. I tried to resist, but I could feel myself getting wet. He proceeded to touch my clit, setting me on fire. I whimpered and moaned softly as I felt my body and soul begin to give in. Next, the stranger parted my gash and put his tongue and lips on my moist cunt. He then slid three fingers in my hole and started to pump. I moaned and whimpered, and squirmed trying to fight, but it was no use; he had me where he wanted me.

The stranger took his massive cock and pressed it against my clit. I sucked in long breath and arched my back. He then locked his eyes with mine as he penetrated me wholly. I let out a yell of sheer pleasure, which brought a half-smile to his lips. Damn, this man… He was fucking gorgeous! He put my legs over his shoulders and got on his knees and began to pump into me furiously. I longed to put my hands in his hair, to grab his well-toned ass, and push him in deeper. But my hands were tied and that only led to my frustration. He knew it too. Then without skipping a beat, he flipped me over and entered me from behind. The next thing I knew, I felt some pressure against my asshole. He tickled the rim of it and added pressure until I was shaking and quivering; on the verge of an orgasm. He kept thrusting deep within me and kept the pressure on my ass until I was shaking uncontrollably and my breathing became raggedy. Next, he pulled out, turned me over, and came all over my slit. I came right along with him. We both collapsed as we tried to collect ourselves.

My stranger spent the night, not talking much and never telling me his name. We fucked again, then in my Jacuzzi, again in the shower, and on the living room floor where we spent the night in each other’s arms: A sweaty, warm, sticky heap of ecstasy. In the morning, we showered and made love again as we waited for his clothes to dry. Once they were finished, he got dressed and disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or what, but I couldn’t get him out of my mind for the rest of the weekend.

Monday morning at the office, my secretary, who handed me my itinerary for the day, met me at the door. I took care of all my business for the morning and got ready for my lunch meeting. On the Limo ride over, I couldn’t help but be distracted. When I got to the restaurant, Mr. Callahan and Mr. Turner were there waiting. We greeted each other and walked to our table. When we got there, Mr. Kurt Wilson introduced himself, his daughter, Melissa, and his son, Kurt Wilson Jr. – the stranger!!!

My mouth gapped open as I tried to act calm and collected even though I felt as if the wind had been knocked out of me. I could barely concentrate on business because I kept staring into Wilson Jr.’s piercing blue eyes. At the end of the lunch, Wilson Jr. got into the Limo with me to have me sign some papers on the way back to my office. We made love yet again and made arrangements for him to come to my house later that evening.

Needless to say, I got the account, the promotion, and the larger office with my own private bathroom. I was made partner, and got a new lover all in the same shot.

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September 2, 2014
Such a sexy story! Love the flow, and the shower scene! One of the sexiest places for a seduction. as far as I'm concerned . . .

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