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Wesley had first seen Nikki on a rather hot Thursday afternoon in the mid-day Las Vegas sun. She was an African-American beauty with a curvy, full-figure, a round ass, and beautiful tits. Nikki was standing next to a black Mercedes with the hood up and clouds of steam and smoke rising from the obviously overheated engine. Wes pulled over to see if he could be of any assistance. “What’s the problem?” he asked. Nikki was instantly intrigued by his British accent. Wes noticed the way she was dressed. Nikki had on a short, flouncy skirt and a very thin crème-colored silk blouse that was rather low-cut. Wes could also see that she was wearing a thin, black lace bra and her nipples slightly pressed against the bra and the material of her shirt. She also had on very sheer black stockings with the seam running up the back and very high black heels. “This heap my firm rented me broke down. I’ve been here 45 minutes and you’re the first person to stop. Thank you”. “Have you called for another car?” Wes inquired. “Yes, but the rental place is giving me the run-around. They’re going to charge me for the tow and another car, which is not supposed to happen because my firm is supposed to cover my costs. I’ve been trying to explain, but it’s some little nit obviously working the counter.” “Well, let me see if I can help”, Wes offered. A sincere smile spread across Nikki’s brown smooth face. He leaned over the hood and began to inspect what was inside.

Nikki couldn’t help but notice how handsome this new stranger was. She was particularly attracted to White men, even as a child she was, and as she got older, men from across the Atlantic were added to her list. Wes stood about 6’ 2” with broad shoulders and medium-brown hair that slightly flipped over his stormy grey eyes. Nikki tried to disguise her obvious attraction to this angel, but she was sure he could tell she was checking him out from top to bottom. “Well ma’am, the engine is shot and she’s going to need a few days in the shop”. Nikki groaned and rolled her eyes, “Shit!” she exclaimed. “Sorry, that was very unladylike of me”, she said biting her bottom lip. “Not a problem, Nikki, I know you’re frustrated”. He smiled at here with a twinkle of mischief and understanding in those gorgeous eyes of his. “Give me a minute”, he gestured. Wes got on his cell phone and dialed. Nikki was staring at the car in frustration, too busy to notice what he was saying. After about five minutes, he turned to her and said, “Not to worry Nikki, a towing company is coming to pick up your car and deliver it back their garage. Your rental company will be responsible from that point. Nikki again broke into a broad smile and extended her hand, “Thank you so much Wes. What do I owe you?” “Hmmm… Nothing”, Wes said. “I was just wondering where you were headed and if you needed a ride”. Nikki replied, “I’m staying at the Wynn Hotel. But I don’t want you to go out of your way or anything”. Wes smiled “Wouldn’t you know it? That’s where I’m staying”.

Nikki got her briefcase, and purse and Wes got her portfolio out of the trunk. They climbed into his black Lexus Crossover. Wes managed to see a little up Nikki’s short skirt and see that she was not only wearing thigh-high stockings with the garter belt holding them up but she also had on black lace panties as well. That’s when he realized that she was wearing matching lingerie. Wes knew she was a woman who actually took the time to put herself together outside as well as in. Wes turned the air conditioner on high, much to Nikki’s relief. They talked on the way. Nikki explained that she worked for a company called Bender, Banks, and Harper They were major contractors and builders. They had sent her here on business for two weeks to head the profit-making end of the merger with Bradley and Wilkins’ Textiles. If everything went as planned, she told Wes it could mean a large promotion for her. “Lord knows I’ve put in the hours”, she sighed.

Wes explained that he was on a break from work and he was here for his brother’s bachelor party/week-long getaway. Wes talked about everything he and his brother and their friends had been doing over the last two days. He got so comfortable talking that he unwittingly gestured and his hand landed on Nikki’s thigh. Wes reacted as if he had touched fire, especially when Nikki turned to look at him. What he didn’t notice was that Nikki didn’t mind. The whole time she had been talking, she kept turning towards him and leaning over in her seat closer to him hoping he would take a glance down her shirt. Her nipples were getting harder by the second and she hoped Wes had taken notice. When Wes snatched his hand away, Nikki reached over and put it back on her thigh… This time, a little higher than he had put it before. Wes looked over with a smile that seemed to ask Nikki if that was OK with her. Nikki smiled and uncrossed her legs, opening them a little to give him more access. Wes took the hint and they kept talking. The more they talked, the higher Wes’ hand went until he was just at the edge of those beautiful matching panties. He slid his hand just a little more, only to (happily) discover that her panties were already beginning to dampen. He lightly brushed his pinky across her warm pussy and could feel her clit starting to stiffen and poke against the thin material of her panties. Wes could feel his cock stiffening by the second and was hoping it wasn’t too obvious. Nikki apparently didn’t mind, because at the next stoplight, Wes leaned over to kiss Nikki and when she did she “accidentally” brushed the growing bulge in his pants.

Wes cupped her face in his hands and lightly flicked Nikki’s lips with the tip of his tongue. Then he kissed her in full. Nikki accepted the kiss and softly moaned in response. They apparently didn’t realize the light had changed until the cars behind them honked loudly and made them aware that they were holding up traffic. They both laughed a little and Wes stepped on it. As he drove, Nikki nuzzled Wes’ neck and continued to massage his growing cock through his pants. Every red light they got stopped at, they kissed more and deeper. Soon, Nikki unzipped Wes’ pants, freeing his aching tool from its restraints. Wes groaned as he felt Nikki’s firm, yet gentle grip on his nine-inch cock. Then much to his surprise (and pleasure), Nikki lowered herself down onto his tool and began sucking at the tip. Wes almost released that very second, but he managed to hold on. As he drove to the Wynn, Nikki expertly manipulated Wes’ cock. He tasted so good, it was almost dizzying to Nikki. As he continued to drive, Wes managed to slide Nikki’s little lace panties down her legs. She slid her feet out of them and handed them to him. Wes slyly put them into his pocket. Nikki couldn’t believe this encounter she was having with this man who was literally a perfect stranger to her. It was so out of character for her. It was so taboo; so forbidden. She had never done anything like this, nor had she even ever thought to. Besides, she had been so tied up with work for almost the last year and a half; she hadn’t dated anyone, let alone had sex. Now after meeting this handsome, polite stranger, she started to realize what she had been missing. She devoured his cock as if she were starving. Wes let out a series of moans and groans as Nikki sucked him off. Finally, Wes could not hold it any longer and shot out a hot, creamy load that seemed like gallons. Nikki swallowed as much as she could. She looked so sexy with that little bit of his cum dribbling from her lips and chin, her eyes twinkling.

Eventually, they reached the Wynn and pulled themselves together before the valet came to park his Crossover. They could barely keep their hands off each other as they took the long elevator ride to Wes’ private penthouse. They kissed and moaned as if they were the only ones in the hotel. No other passengers even got on the elevator with them until they reached the 18th floor. That gave them several seconds to entice each other with hot, desperate kisses. Once they got into his penthouse on the 30th floor, Wes almost threw Nikki onto his bed. He was on her in a split second. He reached his hand between her legs and brushed her wet slit. Nikki closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. Next, Wes took his throbbing tool and slid it along Nikki’s slit, making her throw her head back and groan in pleasure. When she did that, Wes took the opportunity to get one of her huge tits in his mouth. Her hard nipple tasted better than any chocolate he had ever eaten. Nikki moaned and groaned and pressed herself against Wes’ nine-inch tool as hard as she could. Her mind was racing as all Nikki could think was how she couldn’t wait to feel Wes’ thick, monster dick inside her aching pussy, taking her over. They kissed and touched each other until they couldn’t take anymore.

Once they could think straight, Wes took his rod and steadily entered into Nikki’s waiting, wanting pussy, driving them both to the heights of ecstasy and beyond…

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September 2, 2014
Another sexy story; short but sweet; wish there was more of Nikki here (and I mean here).

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