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Hi this is Lissa, I am married to Tony we have a very active sex life. At home I don't wear any knickers unless I'm wearing trousers. Tony work shift work and therefore often goes to work at different times the day. One of his favourite things is to grope me before he leaves. He grabs me as he is about to go out the door and starts fingering my pussy he builds my arousal until I am about to come and then he stops and leaves me edging for a while before repeating the whole process again.

He has me standing, and forces my knees apart while he does this. As I get near to orgasm my knees start to weaken and I'm hanging with my arms around his neck these wide as he fingers me, often slapping my clit. Sometimes he lets me orgasm but most times he leaves me on the edge. This leaves me so frustrated I have to finish myself off after he is gone. Though sometimes he forbids me from doing that until he rings me up to tell me I can orgasm on the phone to him.

This is a recording he made once when he brought me close to orgasm left me edging for starting again hope you enjoy it.


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December 12, 2020
True story, mmh? Why is somebody from rumania talking perfect german?

October 4, 2020
This is incredibly sexy. Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate moment. Made my day. Love the sound of you. Makes me feel like I'm right there. You should ASMR that. Mmmmmmm.

September 17, 2020
Wish i was there to take care of your pussy and have my cock sucked nice and slow before i would fuck you hard and deep, love your horny voice!

September 14, 2020
Very erotic! Wish my husband would still go like that

August 29, 2020
Very sexy. Wish I could have my pussy licked right now.

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