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This was shaping up to be the most boring summer of my life. I loved my first year in college, but I was going to be spending the summer back at home. I love my parents, but it was still, after all the social life of school, going to be dull.

When I came home, back to the room I grew up in, I found myself not only bored, but horny. If I wasn’t nannying or at the gym, I was basically in my room surfing the net and masturbating. But that, too, got boring, so I randomly google “sex chat” and found myself in chat rooms.

Chat rooms didn’t help the loneliness, but it did feed my ego and enhance my masturbation. A lot of times I could tell I was the only actual girl in the room, and the influx of horny men excited to talk to me increased my excitement. I loved being desired. Somehow chatting with a guy knowing he’s pleasuring himself while chatting with me was a real turn-on.

Most of the guys I chatted with were nice - just normal horny guys. Some were jerks, especially the ones closer to my age. One guy I met was especially nice. His name was Pete, and what made him special was he was a regular guy. He didn’t just jump into sex talk. His talk was playful, but I felt like he actually cared about me. I shared my gmail address with Pete, and soon we were chatting almost every day.

Another thing that made chatting with Pete interesting is that he lived not that far from me. He was about my parent’s age, and married, too, although, he hadn’t had sex in years. These facts piled up and seemed to make our chats especially sexually charged. When we had cyber sex, it was exciting to think of how close we were. How we could just get in our cars and have actual sex in a matter of minutes.

So the weeks passed, and as the time for me to go back to college got closer, I started to deeply consider getting together. We talked about meeting at a Starbucks, or maybe a park. I went back and forth. First of all, this was something I normally would never do. I am actually a pretty timid person. I have a horny mind, but my sex life consisted of a few weeks of awkward sex with a high school boyfriend, and a few blow jobs given in college to avoid sex. Then there was the moral part of it. I know Pete and his wife are just living as housemates while they raise their kids, but they are still married. I would hate to do anything to mess up a family. I couldn’t live with myself.

So for weeks I stayed wishy-washy me - attracted to the idea and scared to do anything in real life. Then finally, we made a decision. I didn’t just want to meet at a coffee shop. Knowing me, I would be shy and awkward and nothing would happen. In a moment of bravery, I suggested we meet at a hotel in Chicago.

Pete made the arrangements. It was going to be the next Friday night. He told his wife he was going fishing with a friend, and I told my parents the half-truth that I was staying with a friend in the city.

That Friday was just like any other. I babysat in the morning, then went to the gym. I then came home and took a long hot bath. I felt so sexy preparing myself - making sure I was fully groomed, sitting spread-eagled in front of a mirror shaving my pussy. I dried off and put on my lacy black bra and panties, and my pretty black dress.

After an hour train ride and a short walk, I got to the hotel. Walking in with just a backpack, I wondered if the people in the lobby knew I was there. Pete texted me the room number (1521), and I nervously walked into the elevator. I knocked on the door, and Pete answered right away with a big smile. We looked at each other in real life for the first time.

I stepped in the door and he greeted me with a warm hug. We nervously chit-chatted for a bit. At a certain point we sat silently.

“’s now or never.” I said as I stood up. With one motion I lifted my dress over my head, and laid it on a chair. I awkwardly stood in front of Pete in my bra and panties. Pete stood up facing me, and we started to kiss. I fumbled for the buttons on his shirt, while he caressed my shoulders and back. Pete helped me get his shirt off, then he unsnapped my bra.

I let my bra drop to the floor. My breasts have always been my favorite body part. They’re large and firm, and have thick pink nipples. They have a nice shape, too. I smiled at Pete as he looked at them for the first time. We kissed again, and he gently felt my breast. My nipple hardened to his touch.

We kissed some more. Pete slid my panties off my waist. We kissed some more. Pete’s pants came off. We kissed some more, then I crawled on the bed.

I sat naked on the bed. Pete had me lift my butt and put a pillow under me. I then laid back with my legs open. My elevated bottom had me feeling a little like I was at the gynecologist. Laying there with my legs open, the lights on in the room, Pete at the end of the bed -- I had never felt so exposed in my life. Pete could tell I was tense, so he came up to me, kissed me on the cheek and stroked my hair.

“Just relax, Marley.” And with another kiss he went between my legs. I saw his eyes linger a bit at the sight of my bald vulva and butthole. He then leaned in, and with his hand started touching me. His fingers gently opened my wet pussy lips, exposing my swollen clitoris. He took another slight pause, then without a word he leaned his head. My body tensed up and I audibly yelped when I first felt his tongue on me. His tongue started at my “taint” -- a word I learned from him, and slowly slid up to my clit where it gentle teased and circled.

The last time I was eaten it was over a year ago by my sweaty 17 year old boy who was apparently trying to lick my ovaries. With Pete it was totally different. He obviously understood a woman’s body. Plus, I could tell he listened to what I told him about how I masturbate and what feels good.

I could tell Pete was enjoying eating me, and making jolts of pleasure shoot through my body. I could feel the wetness pouring out of me, and occasionally Pete groaned. My hips started bucking involuntarily, trying to get him to move from teasing to straight out pleasure, but Pete backed off. Then I felt his tongue gently circling my asshole - a sensation I never felt before. Pete looked up from his work.

“Is that OK, Marley?”

“MM-hm.” I squeeked out.

And he returned to licking my asshole. I loved the feeling, and it made me even wetter. Pete then returned to my pussy, placing his whole mouth over it. His hand reached up fondled my left breast.

Pete started increasing his speed and focus as he ate me. His hand played with my nipple. I started moaning loudly and whimpering. Finally my last bit of inhibition dropped and I grinded my pussy on his mouth.

“OH GOD! EAT ME...EAT MY CUNT...” I screamed out. Pete obliged. He then placed a hand on each of my breasts and dug his mouth deeper into my pussy. I felt my orgasm rising in me. And with a full-throated scream, I orgasmed on his face.

Suddenly the room got quiet. Pete looked up from between my legs and smiled at me. I could see my juices literally dripping from his chin.

“Was that good, kid?” He said to me in an almost paternal way.

“MM-hm” I smile back. Pete knows from previous conversation I have never cum from anything but masturbation.

And Pete immediately starts eating me again. In no time I orgasm again.

“Ok...ok...ok...” I tell him after the second time I cum. And I open my arms to him. Pete snuggles next to meet and holds me, giving me a warm hug. I feel so relaxed, satisfied, and comfortable. And we just enjoy the feeling.

After a while, I start playfully touching the front of Pete’s boxer shorts. I look Pete in the eyes and ask

“What about this guy?”

“He’s fine, Marley, really, don’t worry about me.”

I gently stroke him through the thin fabric.

“Are you sure?”

“This is about you, Marley.”

And I feel Pete getting harder and harder as I play with his boxers. Our lips meet in a warm kiss.

More kissing, and now Pete is completely erect.

“Pete, let’s make love.” I whisper to him between kisses.

“Are you sure, Mar?”

“MM-hm” I say, as I start sliding down his boxers. Finally, we lay together naked.

A few more kisses, and I say “Are you totally sure we’re ok with no condom?”

“Yep,” he says “vasectomies are 99.99% effective. Take a look, I have the scars to prove it.”

I give him a wink, and scooch myself down between his legs. His penis is hard. Not huge, but not small, with some curly pubic hair that has some gray in it. I look closer and see one of the tiny discolorations where he had an incision.

“AH! There it is!” I say.

My head joins his back at the top of the bed, and we start making out. Our tongues entertwine. His hands start exploring my body. My butt, my tits, my pussy, my thighs.

My whole body started to tingle, as I felt I was going to have real sex for the first time. Even though Pete’s about my dad’s age, I didn’t think about it. After making out for a while, Pete positioned himself between my legs. I could feel his throbbing hard cock poking me as we kissed. I got into a position where he could easily enter me, and still we kissed. At this point I was desperate for sex, and I think Pete enjoyed seeing me like that. Finally I reached down to his cock and placed it at my entrance.

Pete smiled at that. Reached down and made sure he was right at my hole. Then we looked into each other’s eyes, and he slowly sunk his cock all the way into me. I smiled at the expression on his face - sheer pleasure. I know Pete hadn’t had sex in years, and I was happy to be there for him.

Pete just held his penis inside my pussy for a while, and we kissed. It felt so nice and natural. This was just the second man inside me (first grown-up man), and my first time without a condom. The bare skin of his cock felt so sensual.

Then he slowly sliding in and out of me. It felt so amazing - I didn’t think of anything: our age difference, his wife, his daughters (who are almost my age.) Our bodies felt like they were made for each other, as we started to pick up the pace. Soon I could feel Pete tensing up - his orgasm building. His face was contorted.

“It’s OK Pete….you can cum. Cum for me. Cum inside me.” I whispered to him.

And with that encouragement, he thrust as deep inside me as he could go. With a loud, animalistic grunt he started to cum inside me. I could feel his cock twitching inside me, filling up my womb with his semen.

After staying there for a bit, Pete got behind me and held me again. We snuggled and kissed, as his semen oozed out of me.

(End of part 1)

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September 16, 2016
Looking forward to part 2!

September 9, 2016
Is it story or real experience I don't want to ask you but I experienced a offer from a 15 year old girl studying in 9th class.She wanted to take real sex experience from me.I tried to convince her not to do so but she stopped to talk and left me dry

September 5, 2016
Very sexy! Can't wait for Part 2 :)

September 3, 2016
Thank you! I had fun writing it!

September 3, 2016
Very, very hot!

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