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When I was 19 yrs old, I discovered my love of beards, and oral sex. At the age of 19, I had rented my first place, which was a room, in a rooming house.

I was working, and needed a place to sleep.

Across the hall from me, lived an older man by the name of Abraham, and I knew he had a crush on me. He was always so nice to me, and always checking on me.

One night I came in late night, and I had a guy with me. I swear this guy was fucking me so good, I know I was loud, and I knew my across the hall neighbor could have heard me. This became apparent, when I could have sworn I could hear his door close after me and my guy friend were finished. Also the very next day, I saw Abraham, and he was very flushed in the face, and could barely look at me. After all, our rooms were in the attic, and we were the only two who lived up there. No one else.

Abraham never had company. I knew he worked at the telephone company, but outside of going to work, he was always home in the evenings and on the weekends.

I doubt if he was ever married, or had children, no one ever came to visit him, from what I could tell.

I ended up getting fired from my job, and could not find work fast enough. Thank god I had some money saved up, but that was not going to last too long.

I guess Abraham heard me in my room on the phone calling around and asking a few relatives for some money to pay my rent. Abraham knocked on my door and told me he needed my help with something in his room.

When I walked inside, I noticed the television had interracial porn on there, a white man, eating a black girls pussy.

I looked at Abraham and he propositioned me. The offer was to pay my rent every month until I found a new job, for him to just eat my beautiful black pussy.

I was scared at first, I had never done such a whorish thing before. But I was desperate, and desperate times calls for desperate measures.

I stripped naked in his room, and he was so shocked. His little cock pitched a tent in his shorts.

I walked over to him, and pushed him down on his chair. He plopped right down, couldn't even take his eyes off of me. I grabbed both his hands, and made him rub me all over my soft body.

My nipples grew so big and hard. I leaned over and made him suckle my nipples.

I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting because I was in no way attracted to this man. But his mouth and beard felt so wonderful.

I climbed on top of his face and squatted down. I rode his tongue so well.

I could hear him moaning, and sucking me so hard, All I could do was grind all over his face and let him. He was slurping all my juices up, as they were dripping out of me. I enjoyed his mouth, I enjoyed sitting up and pinching my nipples just to keep his thirst tongue searching me for more juices. I never thought I would let this old 60 something year old man, make me a tongue whore for money.

But I sure didn't want to lose my place, my independence. I loved his mouth from that day fourth. For two years He was my pussy sucker, and my financer.

He grew to give more money as our situationship grew more.

Abraham spoiled me. Until the day he finally passed away. He had a heart attack. He was the first Jewish guy, I ever known, and had ever been with.

And he loved him some of this dark chocolate. He would cum, just from having me sitting on his face, or him being on his knees in front of me. He never made me feel bad for having a large clit. He was not afraid to use those dildos on me and pump me so good. Because he knew that I loved to feel good, and that I loved cum hard. I especially loved it when he would come to my room, after I had been on a date, and he would love to eat the cum out of me, from the other guy.

Are there any Abraham's out there?

Please cum find me if you are on here!

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May 10, 2017
Mmm yes, that is what I do. I love to use a willing tongue for my pleasure.

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