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When I was in university life as a whole was a lot less complicated. However relationships, friendships, acquaintances and the overall dynamics and boundaries between the three were a lot more complicated. Once, such complication led to a couple of interesting encounters under a full moon in the middle of nowhere in a cornfield. How you ask? Well....

(for those eager to get to the interesting part and do not have the patience to read everything go look for the the key word INTERESTING further down.)

On a late Friday afternoon one hot summer I get a call from an ex girlfriend, Sara, wondering and asking if I had plans for the weekend. As it turns out I did not, and knowing Sara I knew exactly why she was asking. She and her best friend Jo, short for Joanna, were inseparable, broke nearly all the time, had no car, hated public transportation and most likely needed someone to take them to some party or a club or somewhere. In such situations I nearly always obliged because going out with the two of them always proved to be boatloads of fun.

My relationship with Sara had been almost completely physical in nature and her very loud and open personality helped carry that energy into our friendship. Jo was always more reserved, had been the off-limits friend when Sara and I were together, and remained so once Sara and I became just friends.

As it turns out, they had found out about a camping party that was happening out on some private farm land near one of the local beaches within about an hour drive and it promised to be a weekend full of wild night parties and days spent at the beach. They of course needed a ride. The though of them two sunbathing beside me on a beach wearing bathing suits that as usual left very little to the imagination was enough to instantly make my pants uncomfortably tight, and so without hesitation I agreed to take them.

Found the tent, packed up the car, bought a few necessities, and the next day bright and early I was at Jo's door where I was to pick them up. Had not seen either of them for a while and I completely forgot how stunningly delicious they looked, especially together. Both girls were tall slim with very long sexy legs and ample curves to drive me, and any other man, crazy with lust.

Sara had a darker overall look to her, with very tanned smooth skin, big gorgeous delicious lips, green eyes, and long straight jet black hair that came down to just above where the curve of her breasts disappeared into her bra. From experience I knew that the cleavage was misleading and perfectly formed only by the great advances in bra technology made by Victoria Secrete engineers. Unlike Sara, Jo did not need Victoria Secrete technology and was naturally well endowed with a set of perfect round breasts. She had a little lighter complexion, her skin was not as tanned but just as smooth, she had similar length hair but with long almost undefined curls and waves, and her lips were perfect, symmetric, bright red and always stood out. I had actually never seen her full form as well defined as I did that day, but because she was wearing the tightest black tights I had ever seen it was leaving nothing to the imagination. I could not help but glance down between her legs where, if I were closer, I would no doubt have clearly seen a well defined outline of plenty to offer judging by the slight parting her inner thighs formed.

The drive down to the camp site was as expected about an hour full of the usual. There was plenty of sexually charged banter and more than a few lucky men, and a few unlucky women, got flashed by Sara along the way. I would have liked to have a look at Jo's deliciously perfect breasts but could not for anything in the world talk her into doing it.

The campsite was indeed on someone's private farm, on a fairly small patch of grass in the back where a thick row of trees and bushes covered any view from the house and street, backing onto a very large corn field with the stalks grown about the size of me in height and which seemed to go on forever. There must have been about 15 people there already, some of which we sort of knew, in about 4 different tents already setup. We were the last to arrive and were the lucky ones to take a not so great spot very close to the cornfield.

Got settled in and as the sun went down the booze started flowing and the craziness started. Round 1-2am the party was in full swing and people were running just about everywhere in different stages of being drunk and different stages of undressing in some cases. I had lost track of both my girls by that point being very concentrated on this very sweet little thing I somehow ended up trying to teach to dance the Salsa. Sara was most likely finding herself, if she had not already, a nice hard pole to ride, and Jo, well, most likely was taking it slow somewhere with one of the nicer guys around. The girl I was trying to teach to dance was hopeless. She was hot and very likely open to letting me get between her legs tonight but totally hopeless when it came to dancing.

Now here's where things got very interesting.

(again for those who have no patience to read and want to jump straight to the climax of the story look for the INTERESTING keyword further down)

It was a perfectly clear night with a big and bright full moon that light up everything around. I was temporarily blinded by the firelight and felt like I was walking into darkness. But as I got deeper and deeper into the cornfield my eyes adjusted and I began to see everything more clearly in the bright glow from the moon. It also got quieter and quieter as I was getting away from the campsite and I began to hear the rustling of the corn leaves and the wind blowing and more and more dead white noise. I was not overly drunk so I could still clearly think and feel and what I felt was a very interesting and wild feeling. Sort of primordial as if all my senses were coming alive and I was intensely more aware of everything around me with an irrational need to see and hear everything around as if I was in danger. I stopped and listened hoping to hear just the calm night but instead heard noises and my adrenalin shot up. I froze and listened intently till I could barely make out a noise coming from deeper into the corn. For what seemed like forever I could not make it out but slowly it clicked in my brain. That was the sound of pleasure filled moaning escaping from a girl's mouth. Someone was getting fucked, or sucked, or eaten, or fondled or played with in some way out there in the field and was really enjoying it.

My cock stated to harden in my pants and I reached down and grabbed it, fondling myself through the sweatpants i was wearing. I was dying for a peak so I slowly walked ahead towards the sounds of the moaning. My adrenalin still pumping, I was breathing more heavy, and felt like a predator stalking a prey; the feeling got more and more primal. The moaning got louder and louder until finally I came close enough to it to barely make out a form in the distance on the ground obscured by the thick corn stalks and their large leaves. I went down on one knee and both palms on the soft ground and brought my head down to just below the last line of leaves where only the stalks would be covering my view.

The view was incredible. I was looking at Sara who was facing me, sitting on the ground leaning back on one hand, her head tilted back with eyes closed, her free hand under her top fondling one of her breasts, her legs spread wide. From experience I knew those nipples were probably very hard and erect right then, and I also knew she enjoyed the feeling of someone playing with them, especially a hot wet pair of lips sucking them. I licked my lips and wished like old times she would offer me her tits to suck on. She moaned a little louder, the moan clearly not caused by her own hand. Looking lower I noticed her perfect long sexy legs symmetrically spread and bent at the knees holding them about a foot off the ground in the air, bare white flesh glistening in the moonlight. My yes darted to where her dripping wet pussy should have been exposed glistening in the moonlight as well and only then noticed the unknown back of a male head perfectly framed by her spread legs. His face buried between them.

Mmmmmmmmm I remember how good that pussy had tasted on my tongue at some point and I felt slightly envious of whoever that was with his mouth buried between Sara's legs eating her delicious pussy. The moaning coming from her was familiar and was sure being caused by something being slid deep inside of her tight wet hole. I could not see but I could imagine either a big wet tongue or one, maybe two, fingers were fucking that delicious wet pussy right then and there. My cock was rock hard. Sara opened her eyes to look in my direction. She looked straight at me and recognized me instantly without being startled. I panicked slightly and my blood shot up like a knot into my throat, my heart almost pumped out of my chest, as if I was caught doing something really bad; which I guess I was. I did not know what to do. Did not know if I should walk away, or go join in, or just watch. She just looked at me and smiled, gave me a sexy wink and used her free hand that had been fondling her breast to pull the top up to her neck exposing both breasts to the cool night air. The nipples indeed hard as a rock and her small but well defined curves made my mouth water wanting a taste.

My eyes were transfixed on those tits and my hand was stroking my hard dick, precum dripping out of it. I would have loved to join in at that moment. Sara's lips and her hot tongue were heaven when wrapped around a hard cock, and I remember what a hungry little whore she instantly became the moment you shoved a hard dick inside that mouth. She would not quit till she sucked every hot drop out of you and swallowed it down. I was tempted to go slip my dick between her lips right then and there but did not know how the stranger with his face buried between her spread legs would react.

My eyes darted from her hot bare tits to her sexy mouth and looked closer noticing she was mouthing something pointing out further into the cornfield; JO! Jo? What about Jo?


I looked off to where Sara was pointing into the wild moonlight cornfield and the strange raw and wild primordial feelings I felt when I first entered it, augmented by a touch of dread for some reason, swept back over me. Together with the sexually charged atmosphere and the rock hard cock in my hand it combined to form the wildest most animalistic feeling I have ever felt. At that point I was ready to FUCK anyone anywhere I found them. I knew Jo was in the direction being pointed at somewhere and the thought of her perfect bare tits, perfect wet lips wrapped around my hard dick, and her perfect ass bent over presenting herself to me to be fucked made me immediately head towards where I was begging god to find her.

I found Jo on one knee hunched over staring down at the ground and holding herself steady with a corn stalk tightly grasped in her right hand. She had heard me calling and called out to me to come where she was. At first I thought something was wrong so I approached her with the serious intention of helping with whatever the problem was, but when I got close I could hear her giggling and she was muttering under her breath something about the ground moving. A big smile came across my face when I realized sweet sexy reserved Joanna had had a little too much to drink.

"Really Jo, the ground is moving? Are you sure?"

She turned to me giggling and brought a finger to her lips to shush me...
"Shhh, yup, look... she's making it move... big ass!"

That damned cornfield, that full moon, and the absolute feel of sexual wilderness was really fucking with my emotions. I wanted to grab her and fuck her in every tight little wet hole I knew she could offer, but seeing her drunk out of her mind I had to fight the urge. I reached down and grabber her by the hand and slipped an arm around her waist to pull her up. Instead she reached her arm around my neck as I was lowering myself down and pulled me down to her almost making me fall over. I landed on one knee myself extremely close to her.

She did not want to budge and instead wrapped herself around me with her arms around my back, her body tightly pressed to mine. She was down on both knees, one on each side of mine that was planted in the dirt right in front of her from having fallen when she pulled me down. She lifted herself up shuffled forward a bit and straddled my leg lowering herself onto it. The flesh from her legs closing around mine and the extreme heat from between her legs came through as she began to just ever so slowly grind herself up and down on my leg. She looked up at me with a look I had seen many times before from many girls, lips slightly parted, eyes wide and quickly darting from my eyes to my lips, her breathing deeper with pauses, irregular, yet in rhythm with her up and down grinding on my leg. She wanted to be kissed and staring at those perfect red lips I wanted absolutely nothing more in the world at that moment than to kiss her and taste them.

I bent my head down to hers, holding her tight and kissed her lips passionately tasting her sweet pouty lips and wet perfect tongue as mine and hers darted wildly into each others mouths. She tasted better than I imagined and her lips parted wider and wider sucking wildly at my tongue and kissing me as if it was something she had been waiting to do for a long long long time. She was still grinding her sweet, probably by now slightly wet, pussy against my leg. I could feel the nice big swollen lips and the heat clear through both her tights and my sweatpants. My cock hard as a rock again in my pants she was most likely feeling it hard up against her leg now.

I ran my hands down her back, taking note that I felt no bra strap through the thin material of the tank top she was wearing, reached her perfect round firm ass and grabbed it firmly with both hands, one on each cheek. Fondling and spreading them a little to spread those pussy lips a little, I helped her grind herself into my leg even harder hearing a slight moan come from deep inside her as I did so. My lips still pressed to hers she slid her tongue into my mouth more passionately clearly enjoying the added pressure I was helping her put in grinding her by now dripping wet pussy against my leg.

She pulled away quickly, as if something was wrong, and looked at me with a happy yet scared look for what seemed like an eternity then with a trembling voice started mumbling..

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't... I don't do this... I'm too shy... I can't...I'm not like this.."

I was not going to let her get away and I knew she wanted this as much as I did but her usual reserved Jo self had just kicked in.
Calming her and slightly forcefully so that she could feel I was in control I said to her...

"Jo, you want this, and I want you. Have always wanted you. I know you want to fuck me."

That last comment seemed to bring a large shallow yet quick heavy breath from her and her mouth opened as if my words alone had somehow touched her. Picking up on it I said it again more forcefully this time...

"You want to FUCK me don't you?"

Her breathing heavier suddenly she simply nodded her head the words for sure having the effect I was hoping they would.
Through her breathing she managed to whisper...

"Tell me what to do... I'll... do anything you want. Make me ... do everything."

I knew she was mine from that point on, she would do anything I wanted as long as I asked her to.

"Take off that top for me Jo, now..."

She hurriedly reached down and grabbed the ends of her top pulling it up, off her midsection, off her gorgeous round breasts and up over her head tossing it off to the side where it landed hanging on a cornstalk. Looking down between us I saw a perfect looking belly nice and firm yet smooth and deliciously soft with little soft hip bumps formed by the pressure her tights was putting on her waistline just below her belly button. Her breasts were perfectly round with perfect little dark hard nipples centered.

"I want you to grab those and offer them to me to suck on...."

She grabbed herself and lifter her tits a little offering them to me to taste. I licked my lips and with my hands still on her ass I lifted her up as far as I could off my leg so that those perfect nipples were withing reach of my tongue. I leaned forward and wrapped my hot lips around one sucking it into my mouth. Jo moaned and threw her head back, one hand sliding to the back of my head hooking her fingers in my hair grabbing at it and pulled my head into her. Her soft flesh tasted so good and I continued to wildly suck and lick her hard nipple. Rolling it between my lips, circling it with my tongue, flicking it, even gently biting enough for her to feel it and give a small sharp moan each time. I moved from nipple to nipple licking and kissing and tasting her sweet flesh. My hands eventually making their way up to her breasts to fondle them, the heavy perfect flesh feeling amazing in my palms.

I slipped a hand down between us and slid my fingers and palm up between her legs wanting desperately to feel her pussy. I immediately felt the soft swollen lips through the thin material of her tights, was probably wearing a thong the way it felt, and I began to rub her. She moaned and immensely enjoyed my touch leaning over whispering..

"I'm wet..."

Mmmmmmmmmm the thought of her pussy dripping wet brought my mouth watering and I wanted a taste.

"Get up, and pull those off of you, I want to taste you, now..."

She got up, kneeling the way I was my face being level with her pussy which I was dying to taste. She slowly turned around bringing her perfect ass into view instead, slid her thumbs into the waistband of her tights one on each side and bending over just slightly pulled them and her thong down off of her ass, just down to where her ass cheeks met the back of her legs. I could make out those swollen lips and licked my lips. Reached out, slipped a hand between her legs, the back of my fingers just barely touching her pussy as I did so. Grabbed the tights and panties by the crotch and pulled them hard further down her legs to her ankles. She looked back at me, bent over even harder sticking her hot ass in the air and reaching back grabbed an ass cheek in each hand spreading herself open offering both her tight little asshole and her swollen dripping wet pussy to me, the lips parting slightly as she pulled herself open and sweet wet juices glistened in the moonlight. She was dripping wet and begging for my tongue.

I grabbed her by the hips and lowered my face towards her sexy ass slipping my tongue first straight down between her spread ass cheeks on her tight little asshole licking it, running my tongue in circles around it and just gently pushing in with enough pressure to solicit a moan. Started to tease her asshole with my tongue, each time getting the slight moan, each time feeling her push herself back towards me wishing I would slide my tongue in. But I wanted to taste her wet cunt and my tongue made it's way painfully slow down till I found her hot wet hole.

Mmmmmmmmmmm she was so wet, so open, so sweet, so ready that my tongue slipped inside her with almost no effort. Her pussy tasted heavenly and I slid my tongue deep as I possibly could inside of her, moving it in circles opening her up and at the same time licking every sweet drop that came out. She moaned a long hard moan and backed herself more into me almost knocking me back. I took as much of her wet swollen pussy into my mouth as I could, sucking on those wet lips, my tongue pumping in and out of her as much as I could while every now and then slipping out and down between the swollen lips licking up and down the canal they formed down to her swollen hard clit flicking at it, then slipping back up and driving my tongue back deep inside her wet cunt. I had wet a finger too and was slowly teasing her tight asshole at the same time hearing her moan with pleasure each time. I could feel her breath heavy panting wanting more and she eventually begged for it...

"Fuck me please, I want you to fuck me right now. Slide that dick inside me please... I want to feel it deep in me now!"

I was not going to be told twice and got to my feet, dropped my sweatpants and underwear just low enough to take out my rock hard cock. It was already dripping with precum and ready to fuck her tight wet cunt. I can still remember now looking down and seeing her perfectly formed ass held wide open for me, her pale skin bright in the moonlight, bent over and ready for me with her dripping hot wet cunt between her slightly spread legs waiting for my cock to fuck it. I reach out and grabbed her by the hair hard, guiding my cock towards her pussy with my other hand, placed the soft head between her swollen wet lips...

"You want it? You want this cock deep and hard inside your wet cunt do you? Beg for it...."

She did not hesitate and with a gasp and a moan started begging...

"Yes, fuck me... god yes shove that big thick cock inside of me... I want to feel it tear me in two right now. Fuck me hard, make me feel like a little dirty whore fucked like an animal out here."

Out here in the middle of the cornfield feeling myself like a wild animal I obliged. Holding her ass firmly with one hand I slid my dick with one fast yet smooth long stroke inside of her begging wet cunt. She took it all in, deep inside, her dripping wet lips scalding hot as they made their way down my hard shaft all the way to the base of my cock. She let out a small cry and half moaned and backed herself hard into me. My dick fully buried deep inside of her I began to fuck her. Slow at first, pulling it almost all the way out feeling the cook night air on the wet shaft then forcefully pushing it hard and deep inside her very hot wet tight hole. She felt so good, so tight, so wet and hot. My cock pumping faster and harder, in and out, deeper and more forceful. Holding her hot ass with both hands i started thrusting harder and harder and harder and faster and faster. Moaning and small cries of pleasure escaping her each time.

"GOD yes you are so big! I can feel you fill me up so good." she screamed.

That turned me on and I began to fuck her harder, pumping and thrusting wildly into her cunt. I caught a good rhythm, moving in sync with her and she began to moan louder and louder.

"Ohhhhh FUCK I'm going to cum... god don't stop! fuck me...." she began screaming.

I was feeling my own orgasm building and wanted to explode so badly inside of her as I picked up the pace and wildly started to thrust into her feeling her move and her hands grasping back at my bent over the way she was. Looking up just into the wild open cornfield, my dick pumping into this gorgeous girl, I felt such a wild animalistic sensation and with a few more strokes I felt her cunt start to tight...

"Ohhhhhhhh mmmmmm FUUUCKK yes!!! I'm cumming...." she screamed and her whole body spasm-ed. Her wet hole clenched down on my cock and letting out a long loud grunt and cry she had orgasm. Her pussy sucking my cock deep into her. I drove it hard and deep and let her know I was ready...

"I'm going to cum too right now..." and exploded inside her my legs almost giving way as my cock exploded cumming hard deep inside her wet cunt. Her own orgasm making her wet cunt suck down on my dick taking it hard inside of her.

Both panting heavily I took a few long hard strokes thrusting my dick inside her a few more times then stopped. Holding her tight to me breathing almost together. The chill in the air coming back, feeling it on both of our exposed sweating skin suddenly, both of us aware again of the silence and wild cornfield. My cock was still inside her, and holding her now upright close to me my arms wrapped around her she looked back over her shoulder and slipped her lips on mine kissing me not saying a word.

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