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Would you like to be an orgasm donor? I think you should....Running a website costs money. This website costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month to keep online, and as the visits grow, so will the costs, from hundreds a month to thousands. (Try pricing what a few dedicated servers with add ons cost a month for an idea.) Even though it's free for users to use, it is not free to maintain and keep up for owners. In this case, one sole owner, yours truly. 

The more users a site has, the higher those hosting costs grow, as you need to keep adding additional dedicated servers to handle the load of new members and additional resource hungry features. Web developers, and mods,  also cost money to add new features, fix glitches and bugs that arise, and keep the users under some semblance of order.

Every donation you give to help with web hosting costs helps us maintain the site and keep it enjoyable for everyone, as well it allows us to continue to add features that users want to the site.  Every time you click on an ad or become a premium level member, it helps with site running costs.

Every person that gives a donation is helping to ensure that cocks will be kept throbbing and that pussies will be kept dripping....and that's always a good thing. So become an orgasm donor today. There is no obligation to donate or buy products advertised, but it would be much appreciated if you could contribute.

What will you get for your donation? No extra features will be offered to orgasm donors, and they certainly still must follow all site rules. You will know that due in part to you, the site is being helped to go on and grow.

So if you wish to donate, click on one of the buttons below in the denomination of your choice and you will be taken to a secure payment gateway to fill out your own information. The charge on your credit card statement will be for "CC Services".  Visa,  Mastercard, debit and Visa Gift and Pre Paid Cards accepted. 

Don't want your spouse or anyone that may see your statement to see any charge, even for CC Services? Visa Gift and Pre Paid Cards are the perfect option and they are available at many stores, such as WalMart and many convenience stores. No one will be the wiser. Canadian users can also do the Interac email money transfers, email me for further info if you wish to use that option.

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