If you wish to volunteer or work for Climax Connection, please look over the volunteer job listings below.

(Q) Why volunteer on Climax Connection?

(A) By volunteering your time to help moderate the site it enables us to spend more time on fixing bugs and adding new features. Volunteering also helps keep the site free of banned content, cam girl free and free of nasty members so that everyone can enjoy their time here. We also offer a couple perks with volunteering, free premium membership as a way of giving something back for giving up your time.

Current Volunteer Jobs

Recently we have had lots of messages from users on how they should go about getting moderator positions and what sort of positions are available

Here you will find the full details on both issues.

Moderating positions.

(1) Site Moderator
(2) Story Editor
(3) Forum Moderator
(4) Chat room Moderator

How to become a moderator:  Firstly we would ask that all interested users put together a short email containing a number of things.

(1) Your full name.
(2) Your contact details (This is an email address we can contact you with)
(3) Which moderating position you are interested in. 
(4) Why you would like to become a moderator on Climax Connection.
(5) A very brief part on why you think, you are suited to the particular position you have shown interest in. (By brief we mean a few sentences, not pages and pages)
(6) Your username here on Climax Connection.

After completing this send it to 

Please do not message current members of staff asking if we liked your email or if there is any more information. We really do appreciate all the interest you have shown so far, not only in regards to becoming a moderator but in all the interest you have shown in the site too. 

We look forward to hearing from you.