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7-6-2012 Fri.

(All Characters are at Least 18 Years of Age)

It's yet another morning. It's been about 6 days because of the weekend since you first touched me on that train and left that note. Then you see me once again. I make sure to stand close to you. But instead of sitting, you're standing this time and the commuter train is even more crowded than the last time we crossed paths. You reach under my pink and black uniform skirt, happy to see that I'm wearing such girly colors to school that day. Your hand slides stealthily up my leg to my panties. This time, you can touch me with even MORE pressure than before.

You can feel my body respond and you see my chest and shoulders heaving, trying to keep control, but in a full state of arousal. This time when you slide my panties over, you feel my teenage Ebony cunt is completely shaved. This excites you more as you continue to caress and manipulate my young, puffy pussy lips. You put your index finger against my throbbing, aching, bright pink clit and it's like fire has shot through my body. You hear me gasp and see me close my eyes. My young, tender pussy juices flow and cover your fingers.

You press against me and for the first time, I feel your hardened cock that I have dreamed about against my body. I can tell that even though I'm a virgin, you have a HUGE cock. I know this because I have sucked and jerked off my little high school boyfriend many times. He's got NOTHING compare to you!! Oh, if he could only see his little innocent, just-turned-18- three-months-ago teenage girlfriend being a slut for a practical stranger!! I press my firm, round ass against your raging hard-on practically begging for it.

You breathe in my scent and smile. Then without anyone being the wiser, you lean in between my neck and ear and whisper, "Don't come yet, Flower". I close my eyes again and strain to keep myself from losing absolute control. Our stop is next and we push through to get off the train. From a safe distance, you follow me on the rest of the way to my school. You know I take the rarely traveled shortcut to school through the path in the park. As I am walking, you come up behind me and pull me into the bushes. You grab my shoulders and force me to my knees.

You open your black dress slacks and your LARGE, thick shaved cock comes bouncing out. I can't believe someone as successful as you goes around without underwear! Without saying a word, I practically fling my backpack off my shoulders and take your cock in my mouth and grip it firmly with one hand. I see you throw your head back and close your eyes in lust and ecstasy. Your Adam's Apple moves sexily up and down your throat as you swallow hard, enjoying the velvet-like feeling my warm Ebony lips is providing you. Like an expert, I manipulate your cock with my mouth and stroke it with my hand. You hear me moaning too.

Then without warning, you take your cock out of my mouth. Before I can protest, you practically throw me against the tree you were leaning on facing away from you. Then you grab my uniform skirt and tear my little white cotton bikini panties away. I let out a quivering moan as I hear the thin material rip and fall to my feet in shreds. You take your throbbing, hungry cock and in one stroke, just about slam it into my dripping cunt.

It hurts like all hell, but I want it too much to stop you. Because of the intensity, it takes us less than three minutes to climax. My knees go weak as my juices flood your rod and you release what feels like GALLONS of jizz into me. There is SO much, it drips down my legs.

Once we collect ourselves we try (in vain) to fix our clothes. It's obvious SOMETHING has happened between the two of us. You grab my chin and kiss me deeply, letting your soft pink tongue roam all throughout my hungry mouth. At the same time, you get a final rub of my still dripping pussy and swollen pink clit knowing I will be thinking of that ALL day. Your rubbing feels SO damn good, it almost gets me going again. I throw my head back against your shoulder and close my eyes in pleasure. Again, you nuzzle my neck and whisper, "Later, Flower. Carry my touch with you all day and until next time". Then just as fast as you appeared you walk away leaving me lost in a haze of lust and pure satisfaction.

I am STILL SO aroused, I hope and pray no one will see my chocolate chip nipples pressing against the white button-down Oxford shirt I have to wear with my uniform. I slither into the bathroom before school before any of my friends see me and lock myself into a stall. I take the letter you gave me several days before out of my backpack and pleasure myself in secret as I read it over and over thinking of the events we just shared this morning.

Fortunately, I am able to make myself cum before the FIrst Period bell. By the time I reach my Homeroom/Writing class, I have collected myself and no one has ANY idea of what I've been up to so early in the morning.

When the tardy bell rings, Principal Miller comes into the room telling us that our usual teacher Mr. Wilson will be gone for the next several days due to a family emergency. "Damn!" I won't get to flash him my pussy today!" I think to myself. Principal Miller goes on to introduce our substitute. "Students, this is Mr. James Charles. He'll be with you until Mr. Wilson returns. I expect your best behavior for our guest teacher". He leaves and I look up to see who our teacher will be with not much interest in who it is. But I just about jump clean out of my skin and I look up and see you standing there in front of me and the rest of the class with a nice, but "I-know-what-you-did" grin across your face...

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August 4, 2015
Incredibly hot!! Wow...I'm so hard now...

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