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I'm living out on the ranch with my very strict aunt so I can attend the college in town and not have to pay dorm fees. Even though I am about to turn 20, my aunt is very strict on me and wants to know every move I make. She's even worse than my parents. She always has a lot of chores she wants me to do all the time. She says it's to "build character", when in actuality, she's too cheap to hire a full-time staff to help her run her ranch. However, she does need someone to take care of her stables and her racehorses better, so she ends up hiring you.

When I first see you, I can't believe my eyes. You're 24, very well-built, with a nice tan and piercing blue eyes. I'm so shocked, I my jaw practically dropped to the floor. But I'm far too afraid to look directly at you. When my aunt introduces us, I just look down at the floor afraid to make eye contact. I just can't stop thinking of how gorgeous you are. When you speak, your voice is as smooth as velvet, and the words roll off your tongue like silk. You give me a firm handshake and I almost faint from your touch.

Over the next several days, I try to go about my business and pretend that I can't tell how beautiful and polite you are. You make several attempts to start a conversation with me, but I always keep it short and tell you I need to go finish doing something else. Then one day, I see you in the barn. You're lifting bales of hay for the horses and all you have on are some slightly faded blue jeans and your boots. Your chest is glowing slightly and I can see a few swirls of chest hair dripping with your sweat. I'm stunned stupid, and I can't move. All I can do is stand there and stare. Then you stop working and grab the water hose. You turn it on and take a long drink then you hold the hose over your head and let the cool water soak you down to cool off. I stand motionless until you look up at me and smile. I rush into the stable and get one of the horses and head to the barn.

You come in and ask, "Are you going to actually talk to me today or am I going to have to beat you with a stick?" I look up and laugh a little. "Ah, a smile", you say, "It's rather nice". We spend the next two hours scrubbing down the horses and getting them ready for my aunt and her friends that are coming tomorrow. All night, I can't help thinking about you and I lay in bed touching myself and fantasizing until I finally drift off to sleep. Little do I know, you were watching me for quite some time through my window. The next day, I find myself putting a little more effort into what I'm wearing. I have on my favorite loose cut-off denim shorts, an over sized v-neck undershirt that I tie in the front, and my brown hiking boots.

As usual, I'm in the barn with the horses spreading out their hay and getting their water. You see me and hide on the side of the barn to watch for a minute. Every time I bend over, you see a little of my ass and my panties and when I lean down to do something, you get a good look down my t-shirt. Later that day, my aunt tells me that she's going out of town with her "Bowling Team" which is really code for she and her friends are going to Vegas for a few days for some heavy gambling. She enforces that I can't have any friends over and she expects for me to have things in order when she comes back. She also lets me know that you're going to be coming to work and you're going to be in the guest house so don't be nervous if I see you around late at night. My aunt leaves around 6:00 later that evening. The next couple of days things go on as normal. Then one especially hot night, I decide to go for a swim.

I put on my two-piece black swimsuit and grab a towel and head for the pool. I don't hesitate; I just jump right in. After wading around for a few minutes, I start doing some laps. I'm so into what I'm doing, I don't realize that you have slipped into the pool with me until I literally almost swim right into you. I let out a loud gasp and nearly jump out of my skin. "What are you doing here?" I ask more out of being surprised than curiosity. You say nothing. You just lean into me and plant a soft kiss on my lips. I jerk back, "What do you call--", you cut me off with another kiss.

Not letting me go, nor ending the kiss, you take me by my waist and take us over to the stairs on the edge towards the middle of the pool. You sit down and pull me closer to you and arrange my legs so that I'm straddling you with each of my legs on either side of you. It is just then I realize you're naked. I can feel your cock pressing against my pussy lips and I feel my clit start to pulsate and swell in response. As we continue to kiss, you untie my bathing suit top and let it fall away. I reach down and pull it over my head taking it completely off. My nipples automatically stiffen from the cool water. You slide your tongue down my neck to my tits. You tease my milk chocolate chip nipples with your tongue, causing a soft moan to escape my lips. As you work on my breasts and my nipples, you keep pulling my hips closer and closer to you letting me feel your 8-inch rod which is now hard as steel.

You have me moaning so loud and twisting around, I can't keep myself under control. You grab the sides of the bottom part of my swimsuit, and with one hard yank, pull them off me. They go floating down to the other side of the pool just as my top did when you took that off of me. I notice from the faint glow of the pool lights, just how tan and gorgeous your skin is and I lean in for another kiss. Even though I'm in the water, I can feel my pussy lips start to tingle and me getting wetter by the second. I feel as if I don't have you inside me soon, I'll absolutely burst. You can sense my wanting, and you're totally getting off on it.

Without speaking, you take your rod in one hand and my hip with the other, you slowly guide me onto your raging pole. I throw my head back and let out a deep, throaty moan as you penetrate me deeper than I've ever felt. My high school boyfriend was the only other man I had been with and that was on the night we graduated. I thought I had really felt how good a man could feel, until I have you inside me. It is like nothing I've ever felt before. You hold me still letting your meat throb hard in me so I can get the full effect of having you so deep in me. Eventually, you start thrusting your hips further into me, making me almost dizzy with your movements.

Then you stop and take me off of you. I look at you puzzled, until you turn me to face the edge of the pool and get behind me. Without even missing a stroke, you slide yourself back into me smooth as silk and take me from behind. I reach back and hold the back of your neck. You lean me forward and hold my shoulder so you can get deeper penetration. Soon, we're moaning and panting so loud, people can more than likely hear us for the next five miles over, but neither of us care. Suddenly, you feel my body start to shiver and quake uncontrollably, and you feel a massive load churning deep within your balls. With a few final thrusts, you spill your load deep within me as an unbelievable orgasm takes over my body. You continue to thrust and pound yourself into me until we both completely drain ourselves. Leaving us exhausted and extremely pleasured.

You lean against me for a few minutes until we both catch our breath. Next, you take my hand and lead me to the Jacuzzi where you make the next experience even better than the one before. We continue making love and swimming late into the night, and eventually ending up in my bedroom. Over the next several days, we spend every moment we can in each other's arms. You're nothing like I ever thought I could experience and you have my head spinning.

When my aunt returns from her trip, we go on about our business as if nothing even happened between us. We both know that what we're doing is elicit and extremely forbidden by my aunt. We both know you could even lose your job, but we don't care. We continue being lovers and you never cease to amaze me with how good and alive you make me and my body feel.

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April 3, 2015
This is my favorite story of yours so far! Its the first one that seem complete. While the others are great as well, they just leave the reader wanting more.

July 29, 2013
Great story..i could identify myself through the story when i read how you described me ;)

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