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“Everybody settle down, please”, Miss Stanley ordered the room. The 39-year-old teacher was trying to keep control over her hyped-up students today, it was not only two months before graduation, but also three weeks before Prom and today was the Senior Talent Show and Follies. Needless to say the students in her College Prep Writing English class were a little on the excited side. “Now, next week you have the English Placement Test for college and we need to review.” As Miss Stanley was talking, she was pacing around the room keeping an eye on her students and answering their questions. Just as she was passing Andy Wilson’s desk, she caught him trying to slip a note to his buddy. Without breaking her stride or stopping her lecture, she took it from him and opened it. What she saw truly made her lose her track of thought. The note said how he dreamed night after night about putting Miss Stanley over her desk and fucking her senseless. Normally, a passed note would not even faze Miss Stanley, but this shook her to the absolute core. Trying to hide her embarrassment, she tapped Andy on his shoulder and promptly told him to see her after class. This resulted in a few quiet snickers from the students and Andy turned red as a beet.

After the shortened period (due to the altered assembly schedule), a nervous Andy came to Miss Stanley’s desk. “Uh, look Miss Stanley, it was a joke. Really I—“ “This could get you expelled right before graduation and since you’re 18, you would have to go to adult school to graduate”, Miss Stanley scolded him. She was not giving him an inch. “You can attend the Talent Show, but you’re going to miss Baseball practice this afternoon and report here. Do I make myself clear?” Andy nodded and looked at the floor. What Miss Stanley didn’t notice was the growing bulge in his pants that had grown from him staring down her loose silk blouse and into her cleavage. He even saw a glimpse of a thin, black lace bra. Who knew his straightforward English teacher would wear something so sexy! Scared Miss Stanley would discover his “secret”, Andy tightly held his notebook in front of his pants, trying to hide what was really going on with him. After leaving Miss Stanley’s class, Andy was so wound up at his secret being revealed, he had to sneak away into the restroom and quietly jerk off his aching 9-inch rod; all the while imagining it was Miss Stanley pleasuring him; fulfilling his hidden desires. Little did he know that Miss Stanley had finally realized who wrote that elicit note (that she never threw away) on the first day of class…

On the first day of school, Miss Stanley did her usual “Welcome to Her Class” speech and congratulated the students on finally making it to their Senior year. She did the typical “I would like everyone to tell me a little about what they plan to do once they graduate” segment, then she decided to have the students write a sentence or two about why they signed up for her class. But she instructed them to not put their names on them. Most of the notes said the typical things like, “So I can pass my Placement Tests” or, I need to learn to write on a college level”; those types of things. But one nearly knocked the wind out of her. It read: “I saw you the first day of my Freshman year when I was 14. I knew then and there I wanted to eventually take your class, and I knew at that moment I wanted to be your lover”. Miss Stanley tucked the note away in her purse; but something in her would not let her discard it. On several occasions, Miss Stanley found herself secretly masturbating in the shower, or between her sheets without her husband knowing, over the mysterious, yet arousing statement. She just never would have thought in a million years it would be Andy Wilson—Mr. Popular himself who wrote it. The letter she confiscated from him today would not have bothered her so much had it not been for the fact that now that she knew Andy’s little secret. She simply couldn’t get him out of her head.

The Senior Talent Show and Follies turned out to be a big hit. Of course Andy and around 15 of the other Senior players from the football team won first place when they dressed like the female cheerleaders and proceeded to do one of their dance routines. The students and the teachers watching couldn’t decide which was worse: The so-called dancing, or the fact that the football team was wearing skirts, make-up, and wigs—all with hairy legs and crooked tits to complete the look. After the show, Miss Stanley went back to her room to teach her last two classes for the day and to wait for Andy to come and serve his detention. She was glad she didn’t have to teach 6th and 7th Period classes in her schedule because the students were either wound-up or exhausted by the time those periods rolled around. Andy came into the room promptly after his last class. He came in apologizing.

“Look Miss Stanley, I…” Miss Stanley just looked at him, “Just sit down”, she said sternly. “We need to talk”. Andy nervously sat down in one of the desks in the front row. “You know you can be thrown out for this don’t you?” Andy just nodded in silence and continued to stare at the floor. “But I told you I won’t do that to you. We just have to figure out a way for you to have me trust you again. I think a letter of apology explaining why this is inappropriate will have to suffice”. Andy started writing, but he soon needed help with some sentence structure. He walked over to Miss Stanley and asked for her help. She started to read the sentence in question and when she went to ask Andy about his punctuation, she noticed he more than likely hadn’t heard a word she said. Miss Stanley actually caught him looking down her shirt staring straight into her cleavage. “Andy!” Miss Stanley said abruptly. He turned bright red and mumbled, “I can’t help it. You’re so beautiful.” “Andy, honey, don’t…” but Miss Stanley didn’t get to finish her sentence: Andy softly kissed her right on the mouth. She jerked her head away, but he grabbed his teacher by the shoulders and kissed her again. Miss Stanley slowly felt her resistance fade away and she gave in to the feeling and warmth of Andy’s hungry kiss. Who knew this kid could kiss like this?!

Before either of them knew it, Andy had Miss Stanley sitting on her desk, while he stood between her legs, continuing to kiss her and let his soft tongue explore her hungry, wanting mouth and unbuttoning her blouse. Once open, Andy scooped both of her breasts in his hands and ran his tongue and teeth over her stiffening nipples. “Who knew a kid this young could touch like this?!” It was SO conflicting; SO forbidden; SO desirable. Miss Stanley let out a soft moan as she ran her hands down Andy’s back to his young, firm ass. Andy was so turned on at seeing his teacher’s nipples so hard, that he could barely contain himself. They looked as if they were going to burst right through the thin lace material. Heat was literally exuding from Andy’s body. Beads of sweat broke out on his forehead causing his hair to stick to it. His skin was turning red, and was hot to the touch. He was excited to see Miss Stanley responding to him the way she was. But he was even happier realizing that he could bring out these types of emotions in her. Andy then reached under her skirt and began to slowly pull down her soft panties. Once he had them down, he realized they were black satin and lace, very small, and they also matched her bra. Who ever would have thought someone as serious and hard working as Miss Stanley hid this little secret under her clothes? Between their pants and breaths, Andy said, “Miss Stanley, I never would have thought to see something this sexy on you.”

“I wear it to try and turn my husband on.” “What?!” Andy asked somewhat shocked. “I wear them to try and turn my husband on”, Miss Stanley, repeated, nodding. There was a hint of sadness in her voice when she spoke. “He’s been having an affair and hasn’t touched me in over a year.” Andy looked astonished. “Well he’s selfish, Miss Stanley. If you were mine, I’d make love to you around the clock.” With that, Miss Stanley undid Andy’s pants, finally letting his nine-inch, shaved monster free. He had a surprisingly long, thick shaft, and a large head that was as round and purple as a plum. She bent over in front of him and took him in her mouth. Damn! Andy had never felt anything like this. Miss Stanley obviously knew how to pleasure a man. “What and idiot her husband is!” Andy thought to himself. Miss Stanley stopped because she knew he was about to come already, so she sat up and gently pulled Andy closer to her.

Andy scooted closer to Miss Stanley as she grabbed his hips and guided him deep within her. Dear Lord, she was dripping wet. Her warm, swollen pussy lips wrapped around his young, aching cock like velvet and Andy had to really concentrate on not coming right then and there. He wanted this experience to last. Soon, they were in perfect rhythm. Andy was thrusting deep within her as far as he could. Apparently, he was making her feel good because all Miss Stanley could do was close her eyes, throw her head back, and moan with each of his thrusts. Miss Stanley and Andy wanted to moan louder, but they had to keep themselves quiet at the risk of being discovered. She put her hands in his pants and squeezed his ass and pulled his hips closer which allowed deeper penetration. Andy’s head was spinning… A fantasy he’d had for four years was happening just at that moment! He wanted to ravish her with everything in him.

Andy could feel his balls becoming heavy with his load and he could also feel Miss Stanley’s body quivering uncontrollably. They both knew they were close to coming. After about 10 more minutes of hot lovemaking, Andy could no longer restrain himself and let his load loose. Wave after wave of his jism flowed deep into Miss Stanley as he felt her body shake and heard her stifled moans of pleasure. She held on to Andy’s shoulders as if her life depended on it as she rode out her orgasm. Once they caught their breath, they just stared at each other, their chests heaving. Andy wasn’t sure of how to react until he saw Miss Stanley break into a smile. He relaxed and sighed in relief. Her blouse was completely opened and her bra straps had slid down, exposing part of her tits and nipples. “I have one more assignment for you, Andy.” He looked at her confused. “My husband doesn’t think I know, but he’s going on a so-called business trip this weekend and won’t be back until Tuesday. After your Baseball game and you hang with your friends, come to my house. Can you tell your parents and say you’re going to stay with a friend?” Andy nodded eagerly. “Good, it’s settled,” Miss Stanley said, her eyes twinkling. Andy couldn’t believe his luck: first having his dream woman and she wanted him in return.

Later that evening, the game didn’t seem to go fast enough to Andy. He was also antsy when he and the group went out for pizza after winning the game that evening. He talked to his friend Doug and told him he needed him to say he was spending a couple of nights with him. Doug wasn’t quite sure of what Andy was up to, but he agreed. Once he was sure no one was following him, Andy headed to Miss Stanley’s house. Once she opened the door, all Andy could remember seeing was what looked like a ton of candles flickering and a soft, lovely vision in white lace…

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May 13, 2016
Fantastic and so sexy. Gave me a hard on reading that. I will certainly be back to read more of yours.

September 2, 2014
Very sexy tale, Miss Andrene; Had a couple of teachers who I fantasized about, as well. Takes me back; makes me hard . . . .

August 13, 2014
My teacher was never like her, she was middle aged and frumpy. I would go back to school if the teacher was like Miss Stanley ;)

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