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The whole school was excited. Our school, Rolling Green Prep Academy, was in the running to win the prestigious award that year for Distinguished Private School Award due to our test scores, our academic achievement, our community service, and our sports programs. As a result, we had been invited to a 5-day event in May, against the 9 other schools that were running for the same award. There would be an Academic Decathlon, various sporting events, school spirit, and the Administration Award for Principal Wilson and the staff. As a result, all academic and sporting teams had to practice every afternoon for the next six weeks to get ready. It was late March and the weather was starting to make a turn for the better. All of us on the Varsity Cheer and Dance squad were happy about that, because that meant we could practice outside and get a chance to watch the football players and other athletes too. My eyes had been on Ash; he had just transferred from Howard West Academy last May, and was immediately made into the new QB for our team. We were especially happy that he led our team to State earlier this school year too. But to be honest, I didn’t care about the football. I couldn’t get over just how sexy Ash was. He had turned 18 in February and I had just celebrated mine two weeks ago. Some of my teammates were teasing me one day after practice because they said it was obvious I was watching him all the time. I tried to deny it so my friends, Alyssa and Marcie challenged me to a dare: Alyssa said if I didn’t have a crush on him, then it would be no problem for me to go into the Boys’ locker room and steal one of his practice jerseys.

I tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal, but my insides had turned to Jell-o. Practice ran later than usual that day and the football team had been done for quite a while and I figured the locker room would be empty and I could go in and out without being noticed. So I sauntered in the Boys’ locker room trying to act like it was no problem for me to fulfill Alyssa’s dare. I snuck in and tiptoed around until I found the rows of lockers and saw the one labeled “Bresnan, A.” My hands shook as I tried to quietly open the locker. It squeaked and creaked so loud, I was sure I could wake the dead. But I got it open and quickly yanked his grass-stained practice jersey off the hook inside. This locker room was built different than ours and as a result, I got turned around. I tiptoed around a corner, but came to a dead halt when I saw a sight of all sights: Ash was in the shower stark naked, covered in soap and dripping hot water. I didn’t know then, but he had stayed later after practice that day to do as Coach Mendoza had asked of him and did some weight training. I gasped and turned to run, but the steam from the shower made the floor where I was slippery, and I landed flat on my butt. “Oww, shit!” I yelled, rubbing my backside. Ash whirled around looking over his shoulder, looking at me as if I had grown another head. “What the hell are you doing in here?!” he demanded. I was at a total loss for words and I tried to answer, but all that came out of my mouth was a bunch of jumbled stammering. I tried to get up and high-tail it out of there again, but I landed square on my ass a second time, which was now throbbing from landing on the same spot two times in a row. As I tried to explain my way out of my situation, something struck me as rather strange: Ash was making no effort to hide his naked ass from me. Even more bizarre, I couldn’t stop looking. He had a very well-developed, gorgeous body for him to only be 18. He was very defined and was not at all scrawny like most of the other boys at our school. I found myself at a loss for words, and I couldn’t stop staring. Then Ash broke into a broad smile and turned towards me even more so I could get a better look. He didn’t have chest hair, but he did have a little at the lower part of his flat, rock-hard tummy, which led down to his very trimmed cock. I felt as if my bottom jaw had hit the floor when I saw him from the front. I could feel myself breathing harder and I was hoping he couldn’t see my nipples poking out against my T-shirt.

Ash walked towards me and took my hand, “Come here, Girl,” he cajoled as he brought me into the steaming shower with him. “I been watching you,” he said with a devilish grin. I still couldn’t speak. He then pressed me against the wall and kissed me deeply. I closed my eyes and tried to steady my breathing. My whole body felt as if it had been lit on fire. The hot water dripped down both our bodies as I found myself responding to Ash’s touch. His soft, pink tongue slid deep in my mouth and explored every inch of it. I sighed in pure satisfaction. Ash pressed himself against me even more and I could feel his steel-like rod against my leg. Ash took my hand and led it down to his massive white dick, “Don’t be afraid, Girl,” he whispered sexily. I had never felt a guy’s cock, just seen them at my friend Alyssa’s house when she, Marcie and I caught her brothers and his friends watching porn and jerking off one afternoon. I grasped his thick tool and instantly knew I wanted more. Without a word, I slid down to my knees and took Ash’s thick, turgid, nine-inch cock as far into my mouth as I could.

Ash threw his head back as his eyes rolled and he closed them. “Damn, Girl. You practice this?” I mumbled a garbled “no”, and continued to suck him. He tasted and felt so delicious, it made me dizzy. “You mean this is your first time doing this?” he asked in amazement. I nodded “yes” without ever letting my newfound prize depart from my lips. For the next five minutes, Ash and I were moaning in pleasure as I continued to pleasure him. Next what Ash did to me almost sent me into the Stratosphere: He lifted me up, pinned me against the shower wall, yanked my practice skirt up, and pulled my little bikini panties over, then put the tip of his cock right at the opening of my pulsating wet pussy. He looked at me with his steel-grey eyes and asked without speaking if he had permission to go further. He didn’t need to speak; I knew what he wanted… I wanted it just as bad. I nodded my approval and gripped Ash’s broad shoulders, as I knew what we were about to do.

“Look at me, Girl,” he huskily growled to me. I kept my eyes open as much as I could as I felt him enter my virgin pussy. It hurt like all hell, but I didn’t want him to stop. He was being so considerate to be as gentle as possible. I had to really strain to keep my eyes open as Ash slid the rest of his 9-inch rod into me. It felt so right with him being in me like that. It stung, but at the same time, I HAD to have more. How he was holding me up and fucking me the way he was, was beyond me. But I didn’t care… I wanted this to last. Ash held me up as long as he could before gently lowering me to the warm, wet floor. The water from the showerheads splashed on and around us, drenching our bodies, making this even more erotic than I could ever imagine anything could be. Ash braced himself on his hands while he was between my legs, and extended his arms. He then used his ass muscles to flex and thrust into me with all his strength. I just moaned and held onto his hips then grabbed his toned ass and held on for dear life. I was completely weak as I let Ash have his way with me. Ash sexily groaned and threw his head back with his eyes closed in pure lust and ecstasy. He was twisting and moaning and I was responding in full. I slightly opened my eyes to see Ash with as he gritted his teeth and slightly grunted with each of his thrusts. He was putting his all into fucking my virgin cunt, and the more he gave me, the more I wanted. We were both panting like mad as I heard him whisper repeatedly, “Oh, fuck yeah, Girl! Fuckin’ tight cunt! Fuckin’ Ebony pussy… Fuck yeah! Ah fuck, Girl…” All I could do in response to his actions was grip his shoulders and ass even tighter and hold on for the rest of the ride. My head was racing a million miles an hour; literally overwhelmed at what was taking place. And not only that, but WHERE this was happening! After several minutes, our bodies began to shake uncontrollably as we both climaxed, almost screaming out our mutual pleasure. We both collapsed as we tried to catch our breath and let the water continue to splatter us both. Ash looked at me and smiled. “You’re with me now, Girl. Go back to my locker and get my Letterman’s Jacket. I want you to wear it.” My wide smile showed my obvious pleasure in doing so. “I’ll call you tonight,” Ash said. I just nodded as I headed over to his locker and retrieved the jacket.

When I got back to the field where we had held our practice, everyone from the squad was gone except for Alyssa and Marcie. They started laughing because not only was I dripping wet, but also the dare had taken much longer than expected. I acted exasperated and told them I had been caught by a couple of players that had been there late and ended up getting doused with water. The cold bitches laughed even harder at that!! Marcie drove the three of us home as I tried to hide the look of pleasure I couldn’t wipe off my face. The whole night through, I would wake up from time-to-time and think about Ash and touch myself as I thought about what had happened between he and I that afternoon. Ash even sent me a few hot pictures of his hard cock and dirty texts in the middle of the night telling me how hard he had been since he got home and how he couldn’t wait to see me at school tomorrow. Around 3:00 AM, Ash called me and guided me through my first phone sex conversation. He instructed me on how to touch myself as we exchanged forbidden dialogue for more than an hour. It was pure heaven. Somewhere around 4:30 or so, we knew we both had to go back to sleep so we could get at least sleep for a couple more hours before getting up for school later that morning. As I drifted back off to sleep, all I could do was smile and wonder what else Ash had in store for us now that I was officially his “Girl”.

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July 26, 2014
Interesting, was your first time like that? Mine was on a golf course, in a bunker, you could say a sort of hole in one ;)

July 7, 2014
Very nice, the best story I have read on this site in a long time, if ever. Will have to continue this story

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