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I’d stopped at the mall on the way home from work to pick up a few things I needed when I bumped into my neighbour Alicia and her husband. They were involved in a slightly heated discussion when I said hello.

“Look”, he said, “they really need me at work to fix the problem. I’ll only be a couple of hours.”

“But I’ve not finished here yet” you replied.
“I can give you a ride home” I said “I’ll be here for a bit”
“Great. That’s settled you can ride home with Malc” said your husband before heading off to the car park.

We looked at one another, trying to ignore the frisson between us. You were looking sexy in a simple summer dress, although it does hug your figure tightly, showing off your curves and impressive tits. It doesn’t look like you’re wearing a bra. “Well, let’s get on with it.”
Together we finish off most of your shopping and I pick up what I need.

“Right”, you say, “just one more stop.”

You lead me to the lingerie store where you pick up a few flimsy items and head back to the changing rooms. Dumbly I follow and watch as you enter the changing booth. You nod me to one of the seats nearby and I sit. You wink at me before “closing” the curtain. Looking at the booth I see there is a gap where the curtain hasn’t completely closed and I can see you undressing in the mirror. Slowly you lift your dress up revealing your hot ass, only a tiny g-string preserving your “modesty”. Then up over your head. You aren’t wearing a bra!
One after another you try on the lacy items. All equally revealing. My erection hardens with every change of outfit – bra and thong, basque, corset. Each one more arousing than the last. I squirm in my seat as I strain against my trousers captivated by the private show I’m getting in a public place.

Finally you end my torture by putting your dress back on. You pick up your items and head for the checkout. I follow desperately trying to hide my erection as we walk. You pay and we head for my car. You laughing and joking with me as, flushed, I “recover” from your exhibition.
We get into my car and begin the 20 minute drive home. Soon we’re on the motorway and zipping along in the late evening traffic. You are sitting quietly in the passenger seat in the angle between the seat and door. As I drive I see you slipping the hem of your dress up over your thighs. I have to focus on the road but I find it harder the more skin you expose. That’s not the only thing I find harder…

It doesn’t take you long to expose your barely covered pussy, your thong so wet it is almost transparent. With relish you lick your fingers and, pulling the sodden material aside, start to frig yourself. I can barely think about the traffic as I watch you masturbating. I just about manage to keep us safe but the fact that no-one knows what you’re doing as we speed along is intoxicating. My cock is aching inside my jeans.

You suddenly stop your action and look across at me giving me your wicked smile. You reach over to my lap and deftly undo my belt and unbutton my fly. You draw out my erection and start to stroke it gently with long movements over its whole length. Ohhhh fuck that is fantastic. Meanwhile your other hand is busy with your pussy, sliding 2 fingers in and out whilst your thumb plays with your clit. Breathing hard you lean across the central division and bend your head into my lap. Swiftly you engulf my dick in your hot, hungry mouth. I almost lose control of the car but just manage to keep us on line.

Oblivious to the hazards you enthusiastically suck on my dick. Your tongue licks around my tip each time before you once more take me into your mouth. Up and down your head moves, each time taking me a little deeper. Suddenly you start to gag a little but quickly move past it and have me completely in your mouth and throat. The sensations are unbelievable. The road and traffic outside is a blur now.

Oh God! It feels so good. Your fucking me with your mouth and I feel my cum starting to build. You sense my closeness and you work harder, your head moving faster, your tongue more insistent. I can’t hold back any more, it is too much for me. I shout out as I cum in your mouth at 85mph firing my seed into your insatiable mouth again and again. As I cum the sensation causes my right foot to press hard on the accelerator and we shoot forward. Dumbly I notice we’ve sped past our exit and I desperately try to slow the car from its headlong rush. You lift your head from my cock with a slurp and open your mouth to show it full of my cum. Your hand is working your cunt furiously now and your own orgasm is growing. You’re breathing hard through your nose as you hold my cum in your mouth. Suddenly, as you reach your peak you swallow the contents of your mouth just before you gasp hard and orgasm takes you.
With the car back under full control we reach the next exit and turn back heading for home…

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