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I was 25 and out for drinks with a girlfriend. She's always hinted that she wanted to play with me but I've never thought much of it. We started drinking and got tipsy quickly. She leaned over and started playing with my hair and had one had on my thigh. I've never been with a woman before but I had thought about it for a long time.

I don't even recall what she said but she said something as she leaned over and kissed me. Her hand in my hair, we fucked my mouth with her tongue. It was hot. I could feel my pussy getting creamy. We kissed for a few minutes before breaking away, laughing and beginning to kiss again. By this point I could feel my juice filling my panties underneath my dress. She was in a tight skirt. I was just so horny and I could smell our juices. I reached over and put my hand up her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties. I ran my finger through her pussy lips. She was so wet. I was clenching my thoughts together. I was so wet. She pulled my hand out of her skirt and said we were in public and anyone could see us under the table. I was so disappointed. Until she grabbed my hand...

She led me to the bathroom. As soon as we were in the cubicle she fell to her knees, ripped my panties down, grabbed my ass and pulled my hot wet pussy into her face. She licked over my tight swollen clit and jammed two fingers inside me. I didn't hold back. I ripped my dress off over my head and started playing with my tits with one hand and held her head into my pussy with the other. I bucked into her face and moaned. She finger fucked me and licked me until I was so close to creaming on her face. She pulled away and stood up, I nearly cried I was so close. She kissed me and held her fingers out for me to suck. I licked my lovely juice from her.

She turned around and shimmied out of her jeans and bent over the toilet. Her perfect ass and pussy lips on display. I ran my fingers through her lips and rammed three inside her. She was swearing and calling my name. She wanted it rough. I've never eaten pussy before but I couldn't resist. I got on my knees and knelt beneath her and sucked her clit into my mouth. She tasted so sweet. I licked and sucked her while I fingered her. Every now and then I'd pull my hand away and squeeze and pinch my tight nipples so they were covered in her. I focused on her clit, nipping at it with my teeth. Then I'd run my tongue down and trust inside of her. The whole time I could feel my pussy getting hotter and wetter. I could feel my juice down my thighs. I pulled my fingers out of her tight pussy and started teasing her ass. She practically smothered me with her pussy at this point so I figured she wanted it. I trust two fingers into her sweet little ass and she came all over my face. She screamed and I knew it was loud. She tasted so much sweeter when she came.

She was exhausted at this point and slumped down over the toilet. She turned around and eased down onto the floor. We smiled at each other and I leaned down to kiss her. She asked if I'd licked a girl out before. I said no. She said she had ro introduce me to her other friends. She said I ate pussy like a pro. It made me even wetter. Sucking cock has always been such a turn on for me, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that I loved eating pussy just as much.

The only downside was that I still hadn't come. I pointed that out and she just smiled at me. I stood up, in front of her. My pussy was right in line with her face. I looked down as I ran my hands over my tits. She licked up my slit and I nearly came right then. I positioned myself over her and sank down onto her face. She pulled me down and ate me until I was practically screaming. She licked and sucked and fucked with that hot tongue. She worked almost her whole hand into my pussy. I was riding her face, telling her I was close when she move her hand away. We were both soaked in my pussy juice. She returned the favour of a finger inside my ass and I felt it building. I was so close. I could hear someone outside the cubicle but I didn't care she sucked my clit into her mouth while she rammed another finger into my ass. I screamed as I felt my orgasm rushing through me and I came all over her. My pussy juice was all over her face. So nice and creamy.

I eased myself up, then kissed her and licked my flavour from her face. We got up and we got dressed. We walked out of the cubicle and it was empty. I almost wished another woman was there.

We got back to our table and thought we'd have one more drink. The bar tender walked over with a round of free shots. We asked what they were for and he just said that he heard about our performance and would love to join. He left his number and the shots and walked away...

Yes, there is more to this story and I'll post it if you are interested in reading it xx

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April 24, 2015
That story was great. Please post more!

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