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I was on vacation at an all-inclusive adult’s only resort in Punta Cana. At the time I was 48yo. I am 5’5” and fit with 36d breasts. I work out 3- days a week to stay fit for my husband. My husband had to leave early for a business emergency. He told me to stay and enjoy myself. I did one hell of a job working on my tan. The beaches were topless so I had no tan lines above the waist. One evening or actually morning (2am) I couldn’t sleep so I went to a hot tub. The bars were closed so I took a bottle of tequila from my room with a salt shaker and limes. I lost track of time after a couple shots and was startled out of my reverie by a deep male voice. “When they say all-inclusive they mean it!” My eyes popped open and in front of me was a larger man about 6’3” and 260ish.he was about mid 30’s and heavy set bit of a beer gut and about 3 days growth on his face. Definitely not an Adonis. I blurted out an amazing comeback “What?” (Ok so not so amazing but it was after 2am 2 shots of tequila ok?). He laughed “they even stock the hot tubs with hot milfs” he smiled in a very disarming way “Sorry didn’t mean to be rude but I couldn’t help it. Where is your husband?” I was still off guard so I told him he had to go home. When I quizzed him he told me he and his wife had had a fight and she threw him out of their room. I offered him a shot as he slipped into the tub opposite me. In the process of getting the shot he slid around closer to me. I asked what the fight was about. She had been nagging him about his growing waist (as I said a slight beer gut but not too bad) and he told me he finally snapped back that He was totally in shape compared to her. I then remembered seeing them around the beach and pool and she was fat! We did a shot together. He asked about my husband the usual predictable “I would NEVER leave you alone.” I laughed and said since he loved me and I was not anywhere near LOW maintenance He had to.

He began teasing me on having my top on since I would go topless on the beach. “How did you know that?” “Because I saw you and pointed you out to my wife as someone who is older and a lot hotter than her.” “No wonder she threw you out!” I laughed He then had a mischievous grin on his face “Since I am in trouble because of you maybe you should go topless now?” I was stunned…. Well all of me but my nipples they became hard! I had to admit the idea of being topless with a stranger late at night was beginning to turn me on. Before I could recover and tell him I shouldn’t he pointed out no one would know since the resort was asleep. I was still hesitating when he put his hand on my shoulder and turned me away from him and untied my bikini bra! I reached back over my shoulder to stop him and he just laughed in a very amiable way disarming my anger but I still was trying to stop him. “Sweetie it is not like I haven’t already seen them. I knew you trophy wives love showing off to us common folk. You go topless on the beach so why not in the hot tub? Besides I am topless” I started to think I should argue, at least about enjoying showing off. However his beach argument deflated any comeback I had. However without my husband here I still was feeling a bit shy, this wasn’t laying on the beach this was one on one with another man. The only thing I could come up with “you’re a guy you are expected to have no top on” Even as I pondered this he kept working my bra. I was still trying to think of an argument when I realized I WAS topless. My heavy firm tan breasts free. “Stand up let’s see them up close.” He reached out and pulled me up out of the water by my hands. I had no idea at this moment how much control of the situation I had lost. While standing there he quickly poured us each a shot “Cheers!”

When we sat down he was still holding my hands and maneuvered me so I ended up on his lap. The tequila had me buzzing. Normally I would already be passed out but the situation had my engine revving. I realized I was horny. This slightly pudgy stranger was getting me turned on. He wasn’t being an asshole but he wasn’t taking no for an answer. Wait had I even said no? He definitely was pursuing his goal though. All of a sudden I realized he had a breast cupped in his rough hand squeezing it damn it felt good! God was that his cock I felt pressing my ass? Then he rolled my nipple between his finger and thumb hurting it. Instead of yelp I moaned.

Then a bit of panic set in “We should stop this! We are both married!” I got off his lap but stayed standing in only my thong. “We both may be married but my wife is a fat bitch and your husband had to leave and yet you stayed, I think there is a naughty lady wanting to break free of that Trophy wife shell.” He then peeled off his swim suit his hard cock popping out. “Fair is fair. You complained that tops didn’t count well now I am naked and you are not…” I just stared at his cock. Then in a sterner voice “take it off!” I found myself actually doing it!
There we stood in the middle of the hot tub two strangers naked, in a blink of an eye he moved me to the side of the tub and on my back, him between my legs his cock sliding into me! His hard fat cock plunging in and out. No finesse just a hard FUCK! GOD IT FELT GOOD! My legs wrapped around his waist I always knew you trophy wives were sluts!” I wanted to argue but…. Well I wasn’t exactly in a postion TO argue! He pinned my hands over my hand to the deck with one hand the other working my tits. I didn’t last long as I came hard Stifling a scream that would have woken the whole resort! He quickly flipped me over so my ass was in the air legs in the water! I wanted his cock back in my pussy! But with one thrust he entered my ASS! I couldn’t stop him! I mean not he would let me… I didn’t want him to! Still no finesse just raw fucking and he exploded in my ass! We were both sweating hard as he lifted the bottle and took a healthy swallow. He handed the bottle to me “Let’s take this party to your room!?

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January 3, 2016
Another great job. Would love to spend time with you in a hot tub, with or without tequila :)

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