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I had gone with my husband on a business trip to New York. Staying at a 5 star hotel just to get away from the stress at home. During the weeklong stay my husband had to go to a factory in Alabama for a couple nights. He told me I could stay and shop so I did. Being 49 I know I have to work hard to keep my shape so I do. The first night he was gone I couldn’t sleep and it about 11pm I decided since it was so late I didn’t want to go out for drinks. I called down to the desk and they said the hotel gym was closed but they had an arrangement with an upscale gym in the same block as my hotel. I decided to go. I wore a low cut sports bra short spandex shorts, g string and tennies. I left my wedding ring in the room safe.

When I finally arrived about 1130 at night the place was empty. It was VERY nice and had one fit well built young man working. I checked in and learned his name was Tony. He looked me up and down like a predator views prey. He was about 6’4”210lbs of muscle. He wore a tight tank top and His jet black hair slicked back in what I think is “Guido style” Usually not my type. However I have a weakness for arrogant and aggressive men. He read the guest form I filled out made some of the usual remarks which I ignored. However he did say since it was slow he would help me with my workout. I thought about it and said I would let him know after I did some cardio on the elliptical. I went hard for about 30minutes during which time Tony really didn’t do much work he just hovered around near me “pretending” to work. He reminded me of a buzzard circling an animal in the desert. I was annoyed but also I am embarrassed to say turned on. He was immediately by my side when I stepped off the machine. I decided to let him work me out.

He started me with some “planks” and made no effort to be at all “gentlemanly” with his hands as he corrected my position. In between planks we did some crunches etc. I was already sore! We moved to some of the other machines to work my arms. His hands on my sides ass side boobs legs arms the whole time making sexual suggestions poorly veiled as workout comments. At one point I actually asked him if his cheesy routine ever worked. He laughed and said I must be liking it because my nipples were so hard they showed through my bra! I looked down and to my embarrassment they WERE! “They ALWAYS get hard when I work out!” “Some workouts more than others?” His arrogant Guido smile both infuriated me and made the nipples situation worse! We worked on squats next He kept correcting my form. I protested telling him I was doing it right. “if I prove you’re doing it wrong what do I win?” “How about $20?’ “Do you have it with you?” II had brought no money but I hadn’t. I was so irritated by his attitude I wanted him to feel the disappointment of losing! “ok if you prove to me I am doing it wrong I will flash you my breasts!” Thinking there was no way he could actually prove it! Laughing he told me he would be right back. He brought back a video camera and an IPad. He set the camera up near to video me. Then after playing with the IPad the two TVs above us changes one was of me. The other was an instructional video. He had me do my squat my way (of course this time he offered NO help!) He then replayed the video of me while simultaneously playing the instructional video. Damn I WAS doing it wrong! I glared at him as he told me to pay up. When I didn’t do it right away he sneered “Typical Chicago Welcher!” well at that point there was NO WAY I would let him win that one so I flashed him

My muscles were aching by this time he kept telling me “if you can’t take anymore we could quit.” It was the way he said it that wouldn’t allow me to quit! I didn’t realize how he was playing me! I was dripping sweat! We moved to the bench press. I told him my normal weight so naturally this arrogant asshole adds 10lbs, He did say “IF you don’t think you can handle it I will take off some.” Once again the tone made me write a verbal check my body had to cash! I managed to do the first set of 10 but I knew I was in trouble in the second. I hit 7 and was straining. He pulled the weights up for me “I guess you’re done’ “I can do more!” My ego was not about to let him win, I didn’t even know what I was competing in, for or against But I wasn’t going to let this New York asshole win! “I can do 10! If I don’t I will flash you again!” He Just laughed “Taking candy from a baby…. No if you are so sure if you can’t just take your top OFF!” “You have got to be kidding!” “That is what I thought you know you can’t do another 10!” My mind screamed not to do it but my aggravated ego would not give in! “YOU”RE ON!” The first 6 went well but then 6 was hard… 7 harder… straining 8… half way up on 9 and I couldn’t. Tony laughed and just waited looking at me. A smug eyebrow raised almost daring me to back out of the bet. NO WAY! I thought. I found myself peeling my sports bra over my head. My heavy firm 36d breasts spilling out glistening with sweat unmarred by tan lines (yes I have no tan lines). He just looked me up and down with that crooked arrogant grin.

He took me back to do some more squats with a higher weight. Standing behind me to spot. His hands on my side just below the breasts he moved with me. I felt his hard cock pressing my ass thought the thin shorts. The second set I faltered at 8 out of 10. “Ready to give up? Or another bet?” I chose bet if I did 10 I got my bra back if not I lost my shorts. He stood grinning as I couldn’t even do 6. I peeled off my shorts in G string and tennis only. He took me to the Pec Machine I don’t know if this was for the work out or to see me with my arms spread wide straining my chest. Sweat dripping from my basically naked body. Between sets of those he gave me 10lb dumbbells and had me hold them straight out to my sides level with the floor. I felt him come up behind me but I couldn’t see him His hands snaked around cupping my breasts. “Hold it don’t move” I didn’t. He began kneading my breasts and even through the pain it aroused me. Then I felt something. It was his cock he had stripped naked and I didn’t know it! He pressed forward. He began pinching my nipples, my arms quivering. He was chuckling his arrogance REALLY turning me on. “60 seconds or you lose the thong.” He kept kneading them teasing the nipples. My knees getting week pussy beginning to tremble. I made it to 40 seconds when from behind he slapped the side of a naked breasts. I yelped but in lust not pain and the dumbbells fell. It wasn’t fair but I found myself peeling off the g string. He was standing in front of me now. He was naked and his hands went to my shoulders pressing me down to my knees. Nothing had been said, but I knew what he wanted and found myself obeying. I reaching out and took his cock in my hands and guided it to my lips. Sliding my mouth over his fat 9 inch cock. The fact I love sucking cock and am very good at it took over. I was deep throating him in no time stroking and sucking this arrogant macho assholes cock!
He grabbed hold of my head and began fucking my mouth hard “I knew you were a slut! The moment you walked in!” my mind flared with anger yet my only reaction was to suck harder! After a bit he pulled me off… Stood me up while turning me around. He pushed me forward bending me at the waist one of his hands held both of mine behind my back his other guided his cock to my shaven wet pussy. I made no move to stop him as it slipped in spreading me after he entered me he took a wrist in each hand using my arms as “fuck reins” and started pumping! My back arched breasts jutting forward as he pounded me from behind! Then I saw an incredibly erotic sight… I was on TV! He had never turned off the camera! Looking at the tan macho asshole fuck me… naked save gold chains around his neck! My knees weaken as I begin to CUM!! SCREAMING FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

He spins me around laying me on my back on the weight bench…Reaches and grabs a length of rope and ties my hands over my head. He then reaches down and slips his fat Guido cock into my pussy my legs wrap around him. He starts THRUSTING “TAKE IT SLUT!” He slaps a breast I almost cum again! My sweaty breasts red from being slapped start to scream as I am cumming again. He starts to groan pulling out and spews cum all over my tits and stomach! He then unties me and tells me that the tape will be a keeper and we are going to go to the steam room to continue fucking!

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January 9, 2016
Another outstanding read. You do relay an event in a most stimulating manner. hehehe I am glad I found your stories. Still have a couple left to read. Keep "up" the great work

Always horny69
June 6, 2015
looking forward to part 2 and finding out what happened in the steam room!

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