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It was 4:30 when the prospective tenants arrived. John had made sure to set an alarm for 3:00 and had given himself just enough time to prepare the apartment and look moderately responsible, a quick shave and a shower would have to do to wash away the evidence of his daily afternoon nap. He opened the door and couldn't suppress the little sigh that escaped his slightly parched lips. He was staring at two gorgeous girls....well one gorgeous and the other somewhat pretty. They were holding hands and smiling brightly "Hi i'm Dany and this is anna" the more gorgeous of the two girls began. She was at least 6ft and had the most stunning surfer chick figure John had ever seen, the mid thigh summer dress that perfectly complimented her light chocolate skin was hugging perfect curve of her moderately sized but incredibly formed breasts while the dark curls that ran down from her head and rested lightly on her shoulders finished off what he deemed to be the perfect woman. Of course he didn't have much to go on other than what he managed to glimpse downtown and from porn sites but still! John however found himself momentarily unable to speak, perhaps worried that his voice would crack and leave him sounding like a nervous wreck in front of the beauty and her friend Anna. So he waved them in with a gracious smile instead.

As the they stepped inside the other girl spoke up "so you must be John right, we heard from the letting agent that an older man owned this place but that doesn't seem like you?" Her voice was incredibly sweet and almost instantly reassured him, helping the poor boy to finally find his voice and respond just in time to save any awkward silences. "Oh yeah ummm no that's my dad, he owns the place by he's away so i', in charge for now. And yeah my parents had no creativity so they named me John too" Anna chuckled slightly at that comment but the other girl didn't even seem to register that he was talking, instead she proceeded to inspect the apartment while Anna stayed put to chat. It was during this discussion that John managed to take a closer look at Anna. She seemed to be the complete opposite of the other girl, instead of easily reaching 6ft she struggled along down at 5'5 and instead of a rich, light chocolaty complexion hers was a very pale white which seemed to enhance a pair of what he now saw to be as sparkling, emerald green eyes.

Around five minutes later Dany returned and nodded towards Anna "We'll take it" she said with a soft smile before turning back to her girlfriend and practically beaming at her, the former replied only with a quick glance before checking her phone. "Wow ok great, my dad will be impressed I got it off the market so quickly, Oh and errr you both have to sign here and write down some bank details for you bill. everything else I can send you by email and the keys are yours tomorrow".

A few minutes later and they were gone, the parers signed and the apartment would occupied by two young clean looking women. "Take that dad!" he said to himself before crashing down on the sofa, thinking back to the two beauties (Anna had won him over) and doing nothing to discourage the rapidly stiffening bulge in his jeans. He was just about to unzip and pull out his best friend when suddenly he remembered the security system. It went throughout the entire house, every single room had at least two cameras to watch over the place while it was empty, John thought it was a bit much but dad had insisted, it was all linked to John's computer back home. "oh great" he thought to himself "now i have to take the whole network down, all this extra work because dad is a paranoid....wait a minute. Frustration quickly turned to opportunism and opportunism soon gave way to giddy excitement.

Several few days later....

"Ok that's the last box unpacked!" Anna exclaimed with a great deal of satisfaction while looking towards Dany. The latter replied with a slight smile before clicking her fingers. Anna immediately dropped to her knees and began to crawl toward Dany, Her loosely tied plaid shirt and hung down to reveal a pair of cute B cup titties and pretty pink nipples, while her tight denim shorts perfectly hugged a shapely teen butt. So there she was, the cute little pixie staring up adoringly at her goddess Dany who smiled back peacefully "You've been such a good girl Anna, I think you deserve a little treat" Anna nodded excitedly in return, biting her lip at the prospect and basking in the well earned praises of her Mistress. Dany's legs slowly began to part, the silk nightgown falling away beside her thighs as she displayed a smoothly waxed pussy which many would describe as perfect, the tight neat lips slightly puffed out and were a gloriously sweet shade of pink that somewhat contrasted with her naturally darker skin. It glistened slightly with a tantalising glaze of precum that set Anna'a eyes alight, so much so that she almost forgot her place and as the need to devour her owners perfect cunt began to overwhelm her. Dany didn't miss a single moment of Anna's desperation or hunger and after a few seconds she relented, giving her obidiant little slave the go ahead to eat her cunt. Anna quickly thanked her mistress before getting to work just the way Dany liked, face first into the cunt, no preamble to beating around the bush, just dive in and lick like your life depended on it. She was well trained and did not disappoint, Dany's threw her head back with a long sigh as the warm, wiggling wetness of her slaves tongue slide deep inside the delicate folds of her tingling cunt. A moment later and Dany's hands were in the slaves hair, pulling the naughty little whores face up against her soaked lips and grinding them all over to leave Anna gorgeously sticky mess. She then reached down, a long sleek finger found it's mark and she toyed with her own pleasure spot, frigging the exposed bud of her clit in time with the slaves noisy cunt slurps and finally screaming in ecstacy as a body shuddering orgasm ripped though her, from the toes to the tip of her lips the scream first travelled along the long slender legs, thick toned thighs and tight abdominals, through her heaving breasts and up her long slender neck to complete it's journey of pure unrequited pleasure.

Dany's orgasm had filled the apartment and left the two girls happy but they were not the only benefactors. At almost the exact same instant another was cumming hard to the sound of a couple of kinky lesbians as his climax shot across the screen and splattered everywhere. panting hard John slowly released his fierce grip and leaned back to evaluate what had just happened. He had hit the jackpot, he thought the cameras might pick a up a few fleeting glances at the girls breasts or pussies, he had no idea he's stumble across a pair of kinky, dom/sub lesbians.

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