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The week following Julies startling self discovery seemed to drag on forever, the days filled with study and the nights with good ol' fashioned family time. "You'd think the awakening of a disturbed nympho personality disorder would make life a little more interesting" Julie thought to herself as she sat in class, looking around at her fellow students. There was a time not too long ago that she'd found them all so fascinating and important, she used to stare dreamily at the popular guys and wish for a moment they would notice her. No more though, now she saw them all for what they were. Just a bunch of young people fronting, pretending to be grownups that knew it all.

Class was almost over and the knowledge that it was Friday sent a shiver down Julies spine, this was the day she'd been waiting for, the perfect opportunity to finally make her move into a world of debauchery and sin. Dad would be waiting outside when the bell rang, waiting to know which restaurant she wanted to go to. Well she knew exactly which one to visit. She had a craving for sticky meat and a cute waiter. She had a craving for some fun in the bathroom. Only this time she wouldn't be visiting the the cubical alone.

She was still busy busy daydreaming when the guy beside her looked over, trying to get her attention as she lazily rested her head on one hand, her long blonde ponytail hanging down one side of her face. Slowly she became aware of a slight prodding against her thigh, just below her skirt when the soft skin of her thigh was exposed. Looking down she saw it was a ruler held by the boy across from her, he smiled as she looked up, glad to finally have her attention. "Hey I was just wondering if you have any plans for tonight?" His voice was steady but she could tell he was nervous, making a pretty good effort of seeming casual though. He wasn't one of the popular kids she used to stare at nor one of the outcasts, he was somewhere in the middle, someone she'd never really noticed before. "Well actually I have plans with my dad" she replied, leaving out the other things she had planned. He looked a little beaten at her reply but recovered fast "oh well, hey you know another time maybe" he smiled and was about to turn away when she stopped him "so give me your number, I'll give you mine, maybe I'll call you when I'm free" That seemed to cheer him up immensely and he nodded in agreement.

A while later the bell rang and Julie left with a smile and her new friend left with her number. It was so cute the way he'd tried to play it cool she thought to herself as she slipped into her dads car, a big smile plastered on her face. "I guess someone had a good day" her father said after noticing her big grin. "Yes daddy, a boy gave me his number" and with that her smile grew even wider as her father's began to shrink. Quickly changing the subject julie insisted that they went for ribs again and glad for a new topic her father readily agreed and began waffling on about how good they were last time and that he'd eaten more than her.

They arrived at the restaurant in good spirits, laughing and joking like always as Julie directed them to the same table as last time. They sat down dad began to look through the menu while julie looked through the crowd, desperate to find out if he was working tonight and to grab his attention if he was. After a minute or two she gave up the search and begun to dejectedly peruse the menu, settling on the same thing she always did while dad decided to mix things up and order the meat platter. They both closed their menu's and waited to be served. A moment or two went by when Julies father decided to break the silence "so who's this boy then?" He asked, trying to sound casual. "Huh, what boy?" She replied, her mind still on the absent waiter. Afew seconds later she remembered who he meant and giggled "oh him, just a quiet kid at school" her father was just about to reply when the waiter finally arrived, cutting short the conversation.

Julie looked up with immense relief as she stared into his big brown eyes. And this time she held her composure. Ordering with a clear, confident voice as her lips curled into a suggestive smile. He looked back at her, somewhat surprised as he remembered the timid girl he'd served before. Now he turned to father who's eyes were buried in the menu as he ordered, giving the young man a chance to look back at julie who repaid him with a cheeky wink and a seductive lick of her lips.

The waiter walked away with their orders and the beginnings of a rather uncomfortable boner while Julie sat there flush with excitement. Luckily dad was on his phone answering emails and had little time no notice his daughters shifting uncomfortably in her increasingly wet panties.

The food arrived and they began to eat, but while her father tore into the meal Julie barely even picked at hers. A few minutes later though she saw her chance, the waiter was heading for the men's room, she didn't have any time to waste! Quickly excusing herself and mentioning 'time of the month' to her bewildered father before rushing over to the bathrooms where she caught up with him. "Hey gorgeous" she purred in her sultry teen voice "I was wondering if you could help me find the ladies room" she said as she leaned against the door "you're leaning on it" he replied "but I'd be happy to show you inside".

The next few minutes were a total blur as the two of them entered the ladies bathroom and rushed into the nearest cubicle. He immediately took julies breath away as he pressed her body hard against the partition wall and kissed her passionately, lips smashing together while tongues wrestled and caressed. Next his hands were gliding down her body and reaching under the skirt, pulling it up arojnd her waist before grabbing both butt cheeks and squeezing hard, digging his fingers through fhe thin material of her panties and into the soft young fleash beneath. Julie was panting with lust and anticipation, she threw her head back and groaned, begging for more. He took this invitation to lick her neck, gently biting as he went. "My god you're a hot little slut aren't you" she giggled at his naughty words, so pleased to be taken seriously for once "mmm I'll be whatever you want me to be" she replied in panting breaths as she spread her legs wider, grinding the wet patch of fabric that covered her aching cunt against his rock hard bulge. Unable to bear the restraints of his work pants any longer he took her hand and guided to his zipper where she immediately went to work freeing his manhood while he ripped her underwear to one side, delighting in the tight wet mess he found beneath. He groaned as she finally pulled him free, her delicate, slender fingers wrapped around his throbbing member felt incredible but there was something he had to do first. "Sit down, I have to know what that cunt tastes like"

A second later she was sat on the toilet, her legs open and her dripping pussy exposed. As he knelt down with a wide smile and eyes full of lust she reached into her shirt and freed her breasts, tugging on each nipple and whining as he drew nearer. Then suddenly he was there, no preamble or warm up, he just buried his tongue inside her, it dxelves deeper between her folds than she thought possible and to say she felt fireworks would have been a drastic understatement. Fighting the urge to scream she instead wrapped her fingers in his hair, alternating between pulling him deeper and tryit to push him away. There was no stopping him however, his tongue was insistent, working away inside her while his fingers suddenly found her clit, rubbing in quick circles and driving her past the limit. Clamping a hand over her mouth she moaned and whimpered through the most intense orgasm of her life.

She slumped back against the cold tiles of the bathroom wall, satisfied, exhausted and suddenly starving. She remembered the ribs waiting at her table and thought to get up. That's when she saw it, his long thick cock was just inches feom her fave, throbbing with excitement and leaking precum "you gonna show me how good your mouth is?" He said with a cocky grin and with a hand around his cock he guided it to her lips, smearing the sweet, sticky precum across them and shuddering with pleasure as Julie opened up to receive him. He wasted no time in pushing deeper, if julie had thought this was a good chance to practice her cock sucking skills she was wrong. When he asked how good her mouth was he evidently meant for fucking not sucking. He spent the next few fucking her young mouth, hands around her head and joldi tight as his hips pumped back and forth leaving her choking as spit and precum leaked down her chin. It wasn't long before he groaned out loud and released his seed, the first few ropes of tick creamy white cum were shot in her mouth but as he pulled out a few we sent splashing across her face.

Then he was gone, he'd dressed in a hurry and thanked her before rushing back to work.

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November 29, 2015
Well she has been clawing to get out

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