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Breathing rapidly and fighting against restraints she couldn't see, Julies joints throbbed with pain as she continued thrashing against unknown bonds. The world was dark but she could still see it all, or could she? Perhaps her mind was making it all up, perhaps her eyes had seen enough and the darkness surrounding her would never relent.

Then she saw something, some movement, an ominous silhouette stalking towards her, it's shape seeming to shift with every step until finally it drew nearer. Reaching out a slender wisp of it's petite massless frame to gently tease along her thigh. The force of this gentle touch was enough to send Julies body into convulsions of frantic, unbearable pleasure as her hips bucked and her arms fought against her shackles that one moment held fast and then the next they suddenly gave way. Jumping up she lunged toward her captor, wrapping her hands around it's surprisingly tangible neck and dragging them both to the floor in a tangle of limbs until Julie finally found herself on top. A light seemed to rise behind them but a shadow still concealed her captors identity. Julie dragged her upwards and realised was a woman, she could tell from the the soft, full breasts pushing against her own and the sweet smell of familiar shampoo and body wash emanating from perfectly soft skin. The light was closer now, a mere few inches from baring the truth when out of nowhere a loud bang split the silence causing Julie to flinch, her grip loosening for one second too long and with that the woman was gone. The light had taken over, growing in intensity until it began to burn her eyes and the room and everything around her dissolved in the blinding white.

"Hey get up you lazy bitch" her brother was shouting. The curtains had been thrown open and he had a makeshift alarm in his hands. Banging a wooden spoon against a large pot just above her head. Instinctively she reached out to push him away, forgetting she was naked between the sheets. They dropped and so did her brothers jaw as he gawped at her exposed cleavage. Taking full advantage of his stupor she reached out to grab his makeshift alarm and yanked it free. "Now get out you little shit! I'm up!" With that he slowly backed out of the room, a huge smile creeping onto his lips as he closed the door and rushed to his room.

At this point Julie couldn't help but laugh. Her brothers sudden enchantment at the mere sight of her young tits was pretty surprising but equally hilarious.

Throwing the covers back she yawned and went to the mirror and for the first time she remembered what had happened the day before. Her cheek was still red from where he'd hit her and the was a dull aching pain between her legs. She wondered for a moment how the old man felt about what had happened but soon realised she didn't care, they'd both got what they wanted. She was no longer a virgin and he got to fuck a girl young enough to be his granddaughter. That was all that mattered.

An hour later she went downstairs dressed in yoga pants a vest with but no bra or panties. Her mother looked tired but smiled wide nonetheless. "I made waffles hunny" she flipped a few onto Julies plate before reaching for the coffee pot "by the way what's up with your brother? He's been grinning like a moron for the last hour" julie blushed a little but managed to suppress a laugh. "Who knows, that kids got problems. Did you drop him at all?" Julies mother nodded before bending over to feed the cat, speaking as she went "oh yes, lot's of times" laughing again julie looked round to share a smile with her mother but instead got a uninhibited view of her mothers pussy! Time seemed frozen for a second as she gazed at her mother's well trimmed cunt and noticed what seemed to be cum stains.

Her mother stood as Julie snapped her head back to the waffles and the cream that covered them. "So any plans today?" Her mother asked as she finally sat down to her own breakfast. "Not yet, how about you?" Her mother seemed to think for a moment, as if measuring her words "oh well, yes I have some chores to get done" Julie shrugged in response "anything I can help with?" This time her mother's face noticeably paled "no sweetie, this stuffs on me" standing up and taking her empty plate to the sink Julie nodded "well just call if you need me" and with that she returned to her room and slumped down on the bed wondering what to do.

Time drifted by as she lay there listening to the sound of her mother doing dishes and her brother calling out to his friend from across the street to come over and play video games. Soon she was so relaxed she couldn't help dozing off again. Once sleep had taken her she began to dream again, the same dream she thought, or at least she did at first but after a while she couldn't remember it anyway. Instead she walked in the dark until she saw something, walking a little closer she could see it was a bed and there was someone on it. It was a girl or a young woman, she was trying to break free, thrashing around and fighting her restraints. Julie wanted to calm her, make her realise it was ok, she reached out to girl and her fingers found the soft flesh of inner thigh. The touch thrilled her. She moved higher, trailing her fingers along the girls tender flesh until she found something wet, it coated her fingers and a beautiful smell rose in the air before suddenly the girl was on top of her, slender fingers locked like iron around her neck as light filled the room, she tried to look at the girls face but saw only shadows. Then the girl was gone and Julie was back on her bed with a fingers down her pants, breathing hard. She sat up slowly and her bed creaked with the movement as she heard shuffling outside her door.

"Jesus I slept for two hours!" She looked away from the clock and down at her pants. "Of course" she thought to herself when she found them covered in a sticky mess. She quickly changed into a skirt and a new tank top, with panties this time but still no bra and decided to check on her brother. The door was unlocked and she strolled in unannounced to find the both staring at the t.v while playing xbox. Her brother looked up at her, his eyes lingered at her legs for a moment before meeting her eyes and asking what she wanted. Pouting she replied "I was just so bored I thought I'd watch you guys play" he shrugged and turned back to the game while Julie took a seat on the bed, not bothering to close her legs much.

Ten minutes later as she teased her brother for sucking at the game she noticed his friend Anthony stealing glances between her legs. He was her brothers best friend and a couple of years older than him but the two had a lot in common. He was pretty good looking with strong features and an athletes body but still had those innocent eyes that darted back and forth trying not to get caught perving.

Some time after Julie demanded that she be allowed a chance to beat her brother and seeing as she hadn't closed her legs once the entire time Anthony felt obliged to let her. He was about to rise from his seat and take a place on the bed when suddenly she was lowering herself onto his lap, controller in hand and smiling down at him "you don't mind if I sit here do you? It's only a game or two it would be rude to make you move" Anthony nodded before stammering out a hoarse reply of "yeah sure" she winked in response and wiggled her but to get comfy, her skirt riding up at the back to give him an amazing view of her pale ass cheeks.

Fighting his excitement was no easy task as she wiggled around and screeched with joy at beating her brother at the video game. His erection was inevitable and heart stopping as he was sure she'd scream when she felt it grow but to his immense surprise she simply wiggled some more until his bulge settled nicely between her ass crack.

in the end she beat her brother three games in a row and he stormed out of the room claiming to need the toilet. The second he was gone Julie turned to Anthony and smiled "thanks for the cosy seat" she began to rock her hips, rubbing the wet material covering her pussy up and down the bulge in his shorts "mmm and for the inspiration" Anthony was dumbstruck as she humped his aching hard on and went on saying "if you ever want to come play in my room, all you have to do is knock ok?"

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