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It was Julie's first real interview and her palms grew sweaty as she gripped at the sides of the cheap office chair. It was only a part time job but they paid well and the extra cash would allow her all the more freedom to pursue her hobbies. She had to ace this interview, no matter what.

Looking around the small room as the clock ticked incessantly Julie found little inspiration, her usually bubbly and inquisitive personality dulled by the drab, corporate interior. Instead she thought back over the past month and her numerous sexual conquests. The thought brought a wide grin to her face before a loud voice shocked her back to reality "that's it my dear, a smile goes a long way around here!" His voice seemed to fill the entire room with a jovial and carefree vibe that Julie knew she would thrive on.

He strode around the desk with a handful of forms and sunk down into his large cracked leather chair "I'm mr Michaels by the way". Julie watched closely as he prepared. He was tall, with big powerful arms and a robust chest but also a sizeable stomach, like someone had fed an otherwise healthy man a semi inflated beach ball. However he had a full head of hair and all his teeth so he was ok to look at

"Now then ummm....Julie? Yes, why do you want to work here" Julie smiled and tried to remember what she'd practiced "well sir, as a young woman looking to make her way in the world I need to establish myself in an environment of responsibility and dedication, two things I believe this firm has in abundance" she smiled inwardly this time, best not to seem too smug. Mr Michaels seemed impressed but said nothing until the next question "and what would a young lady like yourself be able to offer us?" Julie had to think for a moment "consistency, I've never let my grades drop or missed a single day of education, I'd like to offer that same reliability to you sir"

The interview went on in much the same manner for another 20 minutes before Mr Michaels called time on the official line of questioning. "Well that went very well Julie, now I'd like to make things a little less formal, get to know the real you" Julie smiled in response, leaning forward to get more comfortable, her open shirt now revealing the top of her milky breasts stuffed into her mother's borrowed push up bra "that sounds awesome" she replied, her official work voice disappearing to be replaced by the flirty teen one. "Ask me anything sir"

Something seemed to flicker behind his eyes as her supposedly innocent invitation sparked his well suppressed desire for any women other than his wife. "Well sweetheart. ..I mean Julie why don't..." he was about to go on when Julie cut in "you can call me sweetheart, I won't claim sexual harassment or anything" she said with a giggle "well" he replied "best I only say it in private eh?" and with a conspiratorial wink he smiled at her, trying to stay on the right side of flirty.

That's when Julie knew she had him, he wanted her. She could see his system, two looks in the eyes for every one glance to her breasts. "I like that" she said suddenly "nothing beats a boss who can keep secrets" her eyes locked on his as she hung her mouth open just a little bit, giving him a chance to imagine what she could do with it.

Mr Michaels stood up suddenly and went toward the door, with pained look on his face and a knot in his stomach. He'd felt the situation getting the best of him and knew he'd likely end up doing something stupid. "Well it was very nice meeting you julie but I really must see the other applicants. His hand barely touched the handle before julie was on him, her hand sliding over his before finding the lock and twisting it slowly "you don't need to do that sir, you have everything you need right here" leaning close she kissed his neck while her nimble fingers undid the buttons on shirt. "We can't he stammered" but offered no resistance when her hands found his belt and worked his trousers to the floor. Gripping the shaft that had tented his boxers, she stroked slowly and continued to kiss his nick before finding his lips, sucking on the lower one as he panted with barely concealed excitement. "Let me be your girl sir, I promise you won't regret it" and with that she slid to her knees, stroking his body on the way down until she way eye level with the little wet patch his cock had leaked into the material. She licked at it playfully before taking the dampness between her lips to illicit a long drawn out moan from Mr Michaels. "Do I get the job sir?" She asked, a trail of spit connecting her mouth to his underwear covered dick. He nodded rapidly as his cock swelled and throbbed "but my wife..." he pleaded helplessly "will never know a thing" she replied before he could finish, yanking his underwear down and breathing in his sent as she licked along the entire length of the impressively thick shaft.

His eyes rolled the back of his head as he stood, back to the door with his cock being sloppily licked up and down by a stunning young blonde. When she took him inside his hands convulsed and searched in vain for something to grip. Knowing just what to do Julie reached for his hands and guided them to her head where he gripped firmly. Taking the hint he helped guide her pace, matching it with the rocking of his hips as his cock slipped deeper into her throat.

Feeling like a sexual goddess Julie took every thrust with with enthusiasm, her eyes gleaming as she looked up at the married man who was currently making love to her mouth. He pulled out once or twice to give her a break she didn't need but she made the most of them anyway, gulping down air and telling him exactly what he wanted to hear "mmmm do you like that mister? Does my slutty little mouth feel good? " every time she led him on with varying degrees of dirty talk he fucked her mouth faster, the force it it thrilling her down to the bone.

Finally he let her go and she prepared for a face full of cream but instead he backed away, his cock completely covered and dripping with Julies spit. His face contorted and his eyes darted left and right as he seemed to struggle with something. Julie took the opportunity to crawl over to him, eyes wide and encouraging. Finally he spat it out, the words coming in a barely coherent torrent. "I cant cum not like that, only I choke you". Once the words were out his face was a pained grimace.
Julie felt for him, she'd tempted him into unfaithfulness and brought him to the edge, she couldn't stop without making him finish. Standing slowly she took his hands once more, guiding them to her neck before dropping one hand back to his still hard cock where she stroked slowly "do it" she said "choke me, I'm just little a whore!" His eyes were wide with disbelief but it didn't stop his fingers locking around her neck. The man had a grip like iron, his large fingers easily fitting all the way around Julies slender neck. Immediately the air was choked out of her, sooner than she expected her eyes began to dim and she felt a dull throbbing. Remembering he just needed to cum she pumped his cock faster. her entire face felt like it was twice it's normal size and her head began to swim, she became vaguely away of something warm and sticky hitting her thighs and the she was falling, falling into darkness and confusion.

She awoke a minute or so later, Mr Michaels slumped in the cheap office chair with his semi hard cock dripping the last of his cum onto his trousers. Head in his hands before he looked up stirred by her movement his eyes caught hers and she saw the shame, regret and fear. Gingerly she touched her face and found it a little puffy but otherwise normal. Knowing what she had to do Julie crawled over to Mr Michaels before climbing into his lap, she wrapped her arms around him and said it will be okay.

She left a few minutes later with a new job and a considerable increase on her starting wage.

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December 13, 2015
Along with any other pole she can find.

December 12, 2015
Julie is going to climb the greasy pole. I wonder what her duties entail?

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