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Julie left the office at 10pm on a Friday evening. She'd missed going out to dinner with her dad, having to rush from school to work left no time for a plate full of ribs or a mouthful of waiters cock. Instead she'd come to organise files and bring Mr Michaels his coffee. She'd expected to do a few more things with her new boss too but so far (and much to julies dismay) he'd been totally professional.

The elevator opened and she strode across the reception hall before heading out of the glass double door. Smiling at the cute security gaurd who worked nights. As soon as the door closed she felt the full force of the nights gusty chill. Her jacket was warm enough but a short grey skirt and ankle high shoes did little to protect her legs as fierce gust crept up bare thighs and kissed her panty covered butt with ice cold lips.

Shivering she hunkered down against the wind and trudged her way towards the train station. The streets were unusually quiet and every shop she passed was shut up tight with the only source of light emanating from gloomy orange lamp posts that sparsely lined either side of the street.

Turning a corner she almost screamed with frustration at finding the station door locked, the last train having left early to avoid the storm. Fighting back a useless fit of rage Julie decided to try the nearby bus stop and prayed that the last bus hadn't left yet. It was only five minutes down the street and at least the wind was wth her now, ok so that meant that every few seconds the wind would whip up her skirt for a look at her curvy ass but it was better than being pelted in the face by endless gusts. Walking faster she begun to imagine how good it would feel to have a toasty pair of hands warming her poor little buns before spreading them wide and filling her with something even warmer.

The thought distracted her enough to reach the bus stop without too much discomfort and once there she was delighted to discover the last bus was only five minutes away. Pulling her skirt as low as possible Julie sat on the cold metal bench and took out her phone to kill time. As she was scrolling through Facebook she noticed a new friend request. It was the boy from school, the one who'd given her his number. Clicking accept she sent him a short message and put her phone away.

The bus rolled up soon after and Julie gratefully climbed aboard. Taking a seat on the top deck, somewhere near the back. The bus pulled away slowly and begun winding it's way through empty streets. She tried to relax and close her eyes but the constant thrum of the engine and the endless bumps in the road were constanly fueling Julies roaring sex drive until she couldn't help reaching below her skirt.

Pulling the thin grey material slowly upwards she began to caress her cold thighs, warming them with soft gentle hands as her pussy throbbed with need. In no time the panties were yanked to one side and long slender fingers delved deeply into the tight, creamy folds of Julies sensitive cunt. She thought for a moment about the camera but the idea of the driver watching only turned her on more. Closing her eyes Julie thought about James for the first time in a while, she wondered if she would still swoon before him. She still wanted to fuck him she knew that much.

Suddenly the bus jerked to a stop and Julie was sapped back to reality. Looking out the windows she was surprised to find that she was inside. The bus parked alongside several others inside what must be a huge depot. Confused and annoyed she rushed down the stairs and looked for the driver his cab was empty and the lights had just flickered off. She moved to the door and banged against the glass. She was there for at least five minutes, frantically trying to break free or at least get someone's attention.

Beginning to tire she stopped hammering the glass and looked out of the window, several shadows were moving cautiously toward the bus. The next thing she knew a blinding light was shining in her eyes and a mans voice grunting in surprise and shock "Terry you fucking plonker you got a live one here" the two other shadows came scurrying other and she could make out they were all wearing the same uniform "jus a second luv I'll have you out".

Five minutes later amd Julie was sat in a brightly lit room with several tables, mismatched chairs, a small TV and a kettle. 'Terry' the one who forgot Julie was on the bus poured out cups of coffee and apologised profusely. While the other two Derrick (the one who freed her) and Lee were both sniggering into their cups "it's fine" julie said taking a cup and sipping "shit happens, why are you guys all here anyway?" Lee leaned forward and offered her a biscuit "storm got worse" he said "stranded here for the night most likely". With that Julies heart sank, she'd been desperate to get home and pleasure herself but now she was stuck with these three....these three. Julie smiled and looked around at all of them "well at least we have each other for company"

"I'll drink to that" said Terry, relieved that she was being such a good sport. Meanwhile Lee was taking this chance to check Julie out, realising that despite her smartness and sexy office attire the girl seemed to be quite young. He leaned over the table to ask her "so what's a pretty girl like you doing out alone on a night like this?" The elder one derrick rolled his eyes and Terry held back a laugh as they watched Lee trying it on with a girl way out of his league. "Working late at the office she replied with a smile, of course I had no idea I'd be abducted by three cuties in uniform". The three of them looked around at each other to confirm what they heard while Julie stared into her drink and enjoyed the long, tension filled silence. It was Terry who broke it "yeah if I'd known we were gonna take a pretty girl captive I'd have at least had a shave" Julie looked up with a grin "no way, you look good with the stubble". Heat was rising in the room as Julie began to flirt shamelessly, taking off her warm winter jacket to reveal the tight white blouse underneath and hardening nipples just visible through the bra and fabric.

Now derrick spoke up again "stop leading these two on will ya, they don't know when they're being played but I've seen it all before ok" Julie licked her lips and touched derrick's thigh "sorry mister but I don't want to play them, just play with them" her hand moved further up his leg, sliding over the thin trousers protecting his manhood until her fingers found the growing rod forming a tent in his pants "and you too if you'll let me"

The three of them seemed to grin simultaneously as all doubt was eradicated from their minds. Derrick's cock was growing at a much steadier pace now too as Julie continued to stroke. The other two had already undressed and closed in around her. Without a word two sets of hands lunged forward to paw at her body, caressing her skin and peeling at her clothes. Every touch sent a new thrill through her. Being in the handsof three men at the same time was like a dream come true.

By the time she had freed old Derrick's cock the other two had her completely undressed. With Lee sucking at her tits and routinely biting each nipple while Terry got to work lapping hungrily at her soaked cunt "holy fuck, this bitch is dripping" he exclaimed before his tongue delved even deeper inside, sending ripples of pleasure surging through her body to mix with the rough attention her breasts were receiving. Derricks shaft in hand she moaned like a bitch in heat until the older man grew impatient. his big warm hands reached out to direct her quivering lips toward his throbbing meat. Julie welcomed the offering and devoured him greedily, slobbering every inch she could reach and bobbing up and down faster every second. "Fuck me we found a real slut here lads" his voice was hoarse and thick with pleasure despite his disbelief, never in his life had anyone as gorgeous as this gone to town on his cock.

Julie had a nice rythym going in no time, going down on Derrick one second and pushing back on Terry's tongue the next, all the while Lee sucked, licked, bit and spanked every inch of her. Of course that soon changed, in a flash Terry had lined up the bulbous tip of his incredibly thick manhood and thrust forward mercilessly into the young girls welcoming snatch. If she hadn't been so wet and well eaten it would have torn the poor girl apart, instead the powerful thrust left Julie melting with intense pleasure, writhing and bucking against the wonderful fuck stick currently impaling her.

"Jesus listen to her"said Lee as he jerked off, mauling julies tits and painfully tweaking the nipples "you love it don't you girl, love being used by three strangers". Julie gave him a sideways look, making eye contact before nodding quickly, increasing the speed she sucked. Using both hands she caressed Derricks balls and looked up at him while she swallowed, every inch sinking past her lips and deep down her throat. Unable to take any more he pulled out of Julies mouth and slapped her face with his dick as he jacked off, aiming the tip towards her waiting mouth. When he went off it was like a machine gun, rapid spurts of cum doused her face until she was covered in a sticky semen glaze.

While the old man recovered, sitting back in the chair to catch his breath. Lee took his place in Julies mouth and showed far less consideration for her wellbeing. His rapid, viscous thrusts causing her to choke and gag, tears streaming down her cheeks and her nose buried in his pubes while he held her down. By now Terry was beginning to groan with Julies tight cunt gripping at his cock and gushing wet from the abuse. "Fuck I'm gonna..." but that was as far as he got, a second later his hot seed was bursting from the tip of his dick and filling her slit with a sense of warm satisfaction and a ton of cum.

Terry's orgasm seemed to spur Lee on, to the point where his thrusting was bordering on the obscene. "Well I guess it's up to me to take the sluts arse!" He shouted with glee, the other two men both sitting and watching on with slowly recovering semi's. He pulled out suddenly and proceeded to slap Julies face with his spit covered dick. "Lads grab her ankles and pull em back" they each did as he said, pulling her legs back until both holes were exposed.

So there she was, laying on her back with both legs held up by her ears. Tight, inviting holes hanging just off the edge of the table as a horny stranger stabbed painfully at her little sphincter with his engorged cock. A few more thrusts and a mouthful of spit later he finally forced his way inside as Julies tight back door finally yielded to the relentless assault. Wasting no time he began to thrust, slow but deep he ploughed into the tightness of her arse, both hands wrapped around her neck and all the time grunting with pleasure. Julie meanwhile was struggling with a plethora of sensations, thoughts and emotions. The overwhelming feeling of helplessness was intoxicating but the pain of Lee's dick stretching her butt wider with every stroke was too much to ignore. The confusion could be heard in her voice too as her moans melted into sobs and then back again. Pleasure and agony singing together until the sweetness of their voices tempted Derrick and Terry's flaccid cocks back to their former glory before then being used to silence the noisy whore by stuffing her mouth with more meat.

Lee went off in her arse sometime later but by this point julie was past noticing, she just laid they on the table while all three men took turns on each hole until their cocks were as chafed and sore as she was.

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