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"Fuck it's hot!" Julie's brother exclaimed loudly as he stepped out into the back garden where Julie and her mother were lounging by the pool in matching black bikinis. They'd decided that for the duration of the trip they were going to be sisters and would dress to match as much as possible. Julie thought it was adorable and her mother seemed to light up when she agreed.

Her brother waltzed over and his language earned him a slap around the ear when he came within reach of his mother "just because we're on holiday it doesn't mean you can act like a hooligan!" The older woman spat while Julie sniggered and her brother reluctantly apologised. "That's better, now fetch your sister and I a couple of drinks to make up for it."

A few minutes and a defeated groan later he reappeared with a tray of frozen cocktails and sat them down on the table. At the first sip of the cool drinks her mothers anger over the young man's bad language seemed to dissipate almost immediately and she began talking about the first time she came here. At first the stories were all innocent and playful but as the tray emptied and Julie's mother became more and more inebriated the stories got raunchier. She seemed to have forgotten about her son and was talking to Julie as if she really was her sister. "Mmmm he was a big one" she began "I remember he was the first guy who I let fuck me in the arse." Julie's eyes nearly popped from her head and her brother was hiding a boner between his thighs. Julie noticed but luckily their mother didn't. She just went on and on about the guys she'd fucked on the island.

20 minutes later both siblings were back in the house and preparing some lunch when Julie spoke. "So how's it feel knowing your mum was a slut?" she asked playfully. He just looked at her and shrugged. "Who can blame her, if I was a girl I think I'd be a slut too." Julie couldn't suppress her grin as she placed a hand on his shoulder. "You're the best brother ever you know that." He nodded in response "I know, that's why I never told anyone about the porno. Not even James."

It took Julie's brain a moment to click in and only once she was mid sentence did she realise what he meant. "What por...ooooh. Wait, have you... Seen it?" Blushing a little her brother nodded "yeah, it went up last week. Got a ton of views and comments." Julie was momentarily at a loss for words. There were so many things going through her mind it was difficult to know where to start. "After lunch, you're showing it to me" she said finally as her brother gawped like a confused guppy. Needless to say they both rushed through lunch, leavie a drunk and confused mother to take care of the cleaning as both siblings sat down in front of the laptop and signed into the website. There it was. Her face, covered in cum, filled the page around a smaller box with a play symbol In the middle. With her permission he hit the button and they both leaned closer to watch.

It was one of the most surreal experiences of Julie's life as she sat and watched her very own porno from beginning to end. Even more so considering that her younger brother was right there alongside her and nursing a massive hard on. She didn't want to make him feel bad though so she didn't mention it. Instead they scrolled down to read the comments. Starting from the top and moving downward there were thousands of filthy comments all about her. Most of them were descriptions of what they would like to do to her given the chance but Julie found herself lingering for longer over the ones that raged about what a slut she was. It was such a turn on to read all the filthy things they'd written and it made her cunt drip. Luckily the bikini she wore was black and the stain wasn't too obvious. "I have to go out" she said suddenly. Rushing to her wardrobe and finding a tiny little dress and some heels "tell mum not to worry and I'll be back late tonight."

She'd left the house in a hurry and her brother alone with his boner because she needed to fuck. She needed a stranger inside her now or she'd go insane. Ten minutes away was a large town with several night clubs full the the brim with horny holiday makers who would jump at the chance to fuck her. So that's where and went. Jumpi in a cab and arriving a few minutes later to line up outside the club. She was only there for a minute or so however before the bounced noticed her and waved Julie to the front of the line where two trampy teens where impatiently waiting to get in. As Julie passed the two of them started cursing and kissing their teeth like 15 year olds. In response Julie slowed down and kissed the bounced who'd ushered her past. Their lips met for several seconds and she even slipped him some tongue while the sluts in the line shouted and wailed.

Once inside things were insane, the music too loud and the people too drunk. She felt several hands touching her seemingly out of nowhere. They were on her arse, between her thighs and across her breasts before she managed to get across the dancefloor to the bar. By the time she'd ordered a drink the two sluts from outside had managed to get In and were making a run straight for JugrinsThey stood either side of her and immediately began to berate and harass the frustrated and horny girl. "Well if it isn't the bouncers little slut" one of them shrieked over the music before the other added "I bet she's sucked every bouncer in town. Fucking nasty little cunt." A few guys had stopped to watch as the idea of two cheap sluts fighting with a classy girl in a tight dress seemed to good to miss. "Listen you fucking nasty little tramps, just because I look good enough to walk in here when you bitches have to wait it doesn't mean I won't fucking cut you open" the tone of her voice combined with her unblinking expression gave the two girls a moments pause and Julie enough time to down her drink and head to the dance floor where she gave in to the groping and began to dance. She learned to ignore the steay hands at first but soon found that she liked them. She'd never realised how much the added sensations improved the dancing experience.

That was until a hand in her hair yanked hard and pulled her to the floor where she landed. Her hands and dress covered in beer and fuck knows what else. Looking up she saw the cheap make up and hair along with two smug, slutty grins and that's when she lost it. Her hands reached out and her fingers wrapped around a piece of broken bottle. Julie clambered to her feet while the bitches laughed. "Yeah keep laughing you fucking cunts!" Julie could only see red and was about to lunge when the bounced from outside stepped into view along with his partner who led the two bitches away while he took Julie outside. She ditched the broken bottle as they walked and was incredibly grateful when he opened a back door and the fresh air hit her face.

"Sorry about that" he said quickly "I should have been more discreet letting you in." Julie shrugged and smiled "it's fine, just wish I'd gotten to snack one of them" now he laughed "well you wouldn't be the first I'm sure of that. Hey do you want to come and cool off at mine?" He asked suddenly, his face as little apprehensive. "That's a fucking awesome idea" Julie replied, taking the bouncers huge arm and allowing him to escort her back to his place.

All Julie could think of while the muscle bound ladies man stretched her tight cunt with his thick, veiny cock was how much she wanted to hurt those two sluts from the bar. Thoughts of punishing and debasing the stupid, ignorant gutter rats where dancing around her mind and before long Julie was screaming with delight. Much to the pleasure of the random guy who was balls deep inside her and rutting like an excited rottweiler.

"I need more!" Julie growled, a guttural demand in an almost alien voice but it spoke the truth. It said what needed to be said and Julie wasn't about to contradict it. "Didn't you fucking hear me, fuck me harder! Make me fucking scream!" Her partner was more than a little taken aback but luckily for Julie her tone had wounded his macho pride just enough to push him over the edge. Knitting his brow as anger flashed across rugged features and surged throughout his body the unnamed fuck buddy wrapped a hand around Julie's slightly sunburned throat and began to squeeze. His grip was like iron as five immovable digits choked the air from her body while he painfully slammed the full length of his dick deep into Julie's needy cunt.

From this point on he needed little more encouragement, he now saw Julie as she saw the sluts from the bar. He looked down and saw every girl who'd ever made fun of him, who had ever immasculated and rejected him. It fueled a rage he never knew existed and he was going to take it all out on Julie who at this point was close to losing consciousness from the lack of air. With a grunt he released her throat and allowed Julie to gulp down air before reaching down to grab both nipples between his thumb and forefinger, he then proceeded to twist, harder and harder he twisted as Julie bucked and screamed, inadvertantly sliding her soaked pussy up and down the throbbing meat inside her.

By the time he'd finished abusing her nipples Julie's back was arched so far that she was practically sitting up, riding his cock for some pleasure to fight the pain. He looked over her beautiful features as she rode him like cock crazed slut and proceeded to caress her face, gently exploring every inch with his fingers before pulling back and slapping her hard. Julie fell back to the bed with a hand clasped to her face and panting uncontrollably. Her cunt with still full of cock and her nipples burnt from the previous mauling but none of it made her want to stop. In her mind she saw the two sluts again, her pain transferred to them. Only they didn't enjoy it. No, they whimpered and shook with fear as they were fucked like the stupid cunts they were.

Lost in the vision Julie didn't snap back to reality until she felt the slippery tip of a rage engorged cock slide between her arse cheeks and press against the tight against her back door. "Mmm fuck yeah, ass rape me you fucking cunt!" Julie egged him on. Knowing it was a stupid thing to say and anything he did to her was a million miles away from rape but the big ape loved it. Her words washed away any feelings of guilt he may have had and allowed him to take her just how he wanted. He didn't waste another second before slamming his dick inside, he painfully impaled her on his cock and rocked slowly in and out of her bruised anus until she relaxed enough for him to fuck her harder.

The next few minutes were a blur. Julie was in a haze filled with pain and humiliation that made her cum like a waterfall and cry like a banshee. She was also sure that most men would have cum by now but either the booze or the possible steroid abuse had made him less sensitive. He just kept on fucking her, his hand all over as he went. Smacking, pinching, groping and twisting every inch he could reach when his hands weren't around her neck. In that moment Julie couldn't tell if she hated or loved him, the way he fucked her made Julie feel like a bitch in heat, all animal, all lust and emotion. The devil inside her was screaming with delight and dancing around a roaring fire if anger, sex and retribution.

With that vision in mind Julie wriggled free of her fuck buddy and crawled between his knees. He was about to protest when licked his balls and along his shaft. Growling with pleasure he grabbed Julie by the hair and forced her down. Stuffing every inch of himself into her mouth. He held himself there for a few moments as Julie gagged, tears streaming down her eyes and spit dripping from her lips until finally he pulled out, giving her a few seconds recovery before proceeding to fuck her mouth just like he did her arse.

Julie woke up an hour later today with dried cum all over her face and three sore holes. She was still in the gorilla's hotel room but he was nowhere to be seen. Probably back at the club bragging. Julie didn't give a shit in any case, he was just necessary, it wasn't like he meant anything to her, or vice versa. So Julie began to get dressed and gather her things. She'd just finished strapping her shoes on when the door opened and a gut walked in. He was stumbling and half drunk but when he noticed Julie he regained a little composure "fuck me...I mean Hi. Shit you're fucking gorgeous" he stumbled a little closer and stared at Julie's face "oh shit, is that cum?" He started to laugh and Julie noticed a bulge in his shorts. "Yes it is." She replied. "Whoever you share this room with just fucked my brains out."

The guys shock was plain to see and it was clear he had no idea what to say next so Julie just crossed the room and gave him a peck on the cheek "too bad he left me so sore, I would have fucked you too." And with that she left. Back to the villa where her mum and brother were probably watching a movie in pajamas.

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