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I fucked my brothers wife. That makes me an arsehole right? Yeah probably, but not in the way you might think.

As I closed the door my brothers wife looked up from the table. She was even more stunning than I remembered. "Hey honey" she said, her sweet voice full of love and affection. It cut right through me, I almost turned on my heel to run for the hills, such was my guilt. Although to be honest that's probably bullshit. Guilt or not I was going to do this. I walked slowly towards the table, afraid to answer incase my voice gave away my secret. "Are you okay?" She asked gently, a slightly concerned look on her beautiful face. Again I was to afraid to respond, instead I moved behind her and pressed myself close. Hands all over her classy evening dress and lightly kissing her neck. "I am now" I managed eventually. The taste of her skin on my lips drove me wild and afforded me a little more confidence. She giggled and her neck fell back against my shoulder. The view was something else, all my fantasies had never even come close to this.

My cock began to grow rapidly and she soon felt it pressing against her arse. "Mmm OK loverboy food first." She pulled away and I felt physically deflated, like someone was draining the life out of me. Then, as we sat she flashed me another one of those gorgeous, welcoming smiles and suddenly the world felt right again. I took the seat opposite and we begun to eat. She asked about work and I remembered a bunch of stuff Connor insisted I learn. She seemed to buy every word and slowly I began to relax.

Once the meal was finished she cleared the table and put on some music while I was tasked with picking a movie. I chose quickly and sat, watching as she happily cleaned as she swayed to the music. Holy fucking shit I loved her body. Petite and slim but with killer curves in all the right places. She moved so wonderfully, totally oblivious to the seduction she oozed. She finished and seemed to remember I was watching, her cheeks suddenly turned a deep shade of pink as embarrassment set in. I didn't want her to feel that, even if she did look adorable. "You're a sexy fucking dancer, Minnie" I said with huge grin. Minnie was Connor's pet name for her, he hardly ever called her Melanie. "Just press play and stop staring at my tits" Minnie said playfully. This was easier said than done but I just about managed it.

A few minutes later we were snuggled up close on the sofa. Her silky skin caressing mine as Minnie leaned in, arms drapped around me. My god she smelled good. I don't know how my brother manages living with such a goddess. It's intoxicating. She looks up at me, her gaze full of love and for the second time I feel a strong pang of guilt. She really doesn't know. She thinks I'm Connor. I suppose it's a good thing. She'd probably freak if she knew the truth. Still a part of me wished she would realise, I wanted her to realise and still not care. That's when she kissed me. It wasn't the kiss I was expecting, not a loving wife kiss. More like a horny slut kiss. Deep and probing with long lustful moans escaping with every breath.

"Damn hunny you're an amazing fucking kisser!" I said with wide eyes and a huge smile. She giggled and said "that's because I'm a dirty whore with a filthy mouth." My dick almost exploded right there. It's you never know what goes on behind closed doors but I would never have expected my brothers sweet wife to have such a potth mouth. I immediately unzipped my pants a pulled my cock free "well I guess you better put whore mouth to good use then. She smiled so wide you'd have thought I'd just bought her a new Mercedes. The next thing I knew her head was in my lap and her lips around my cock. She took it nice and slow at first. Making sure I felt every swirl and flick of her expert tongue before taking me deeper. For a while she focused only on my cock and the pleasure was manageable but when she looked up and made eyes contact while fondling my balls I knew I was going to blow. It was too good. It was my dream coming true and I was barely lasting a minute.

Unwilling to let this end so fast I grabbed Minnie by the hair. A big fistfull was enough to pull her sharply upwards and off of my dick with a small pop. I could see the pain on her face as I pulled but just as I considered releasing her hair she groaned loudly, her eyes opening and her face contorted into a devilish grin. " that's it you fucking bastard! Play rough with me you know I love it!" Oh my god she was too close to perfect. It made me a little angry for some reason. I'm not sure why but right now it seemed to help. I dragged Minnie to the floor and straddled her chest before slapping my cock against the soft skin of her gorgeous face "Damn right I know what my slut wife wants! Does she know what I want?" Without missing a beat and still smiling wide dispute the manhandling and smears of precum coating her cheeks she immediately replied "you want to fuck my whore mouth and make me choke, don't you sweegie." And do you know what? She wasn't fucking wrong!

Somewhere across town at roughly the same time...

Connor opened the door to matt's apartment and was immediately greeted by the smell of fried chicken wafting through the hallway from the living room. He walked quietly, his footsteps muffled by the soft carpet as he approached the doorway. Inside he saw his brothers long term girlfriend lounging on the sofa. Holy fucking shit she looked so hot! And unlike Connor's own wife she never even seemed to make an effort. Take now for instance, she was just laying there in tight yoga pants tha stopped mid calf and cute little ankle socks that clung to the shape of her perfectly formed feet. Even on top she only wore a loose pink vest with no bra underneath. From here Connor could see most of her left breast and the nipple that poked proudly from beneath the fabric as she reached for another piece of chicken. He'd always wondered how she kept such a fat butt despite working out so often but know he knew.

After a few moments of silently staring she noticed him standing there and said "oh hey, I got chicken again sorry, I wasn't in the mood for cooking" Connor hesitated for a moment but the thought of what Matt was probably doing to his wife right now spurred him on. "It's all good, I'm fucking starving, I just need food." He finally replied. She smiled brightly and patted the seat next to her before turning back to the TV. Connor quickly took up the invitation and sat himself down next to the girl he'd wanted to fuck ever since Matt brought her home all those years ago. As he sat Tasha turned to kiss him, her thick juicy lips shining slightly with a thin sheen of chicken grease. Now for some this might have been a turn off but to Connor it was fucking awesome. The fact that she just wanted his lips and didn't care if she was clean or not was so fucking hot. And so without a moments hesitation his lips met hers, but instead of the quick peck she was expecting his kiss was passionate and hungry. He kissed her hard, licking and sucking at her lips.

"Mmmm baby, what's got you so worked up?" Said Tasha, giggling as Connor attacked her neck, sucking and biting like a wild animal. "My sexy fucking girlfriend that's what" he replied. Smiling wide she accepted his attentions for a while before complaining of missing her show. "Fuck your show!" Was his immediate response. With that he ripped the loose vest over her head and took in the gorgeous site of her perky c cup breasts and light nipples. Tasha's eyes were open wide with shock but she couldn't help smiling, he wanted her badly and being desired so much was a big turn on "Mmm yes sir, anything you say!" She giggled as he began to maul and grole her tits, leaning down to suck on each nipple. Soft moans escaping her lips as she gave her body over to him.

Once Conner had his fill of her breasts he began kissing downward, running his tongue over her flat, toned stomach until her reached the elastic of her yoga pants. By this point Tasha was as needy as Connor and happily lifted her body to help him peel them down. Slowly revealing all of the goodies concealed within. The first thing he noticed as his hands worked, was the gorgeous curves of her perfect bubble butt, the skin so soft it drove him wild. Next was the thick, toned thighs that slowly parted to reveal Tasha's bald cunt. It was glorious her mound was perfectly smooth and practically dripping with juices. Her little pink slit was the most delectable thing he'd ever seen in his life and there was no resisting the need to devour it.

Tasha meanwhile was reveling in her boyfriends lust and her body was alive to every touch. She felt the wetness as her legs parted and could barely contain the exhilaration coursing through her veins. Then she exploded, eyes rolling back and groaning with delight as Connor's mouth found her cunt. He enveloped her entire snatch and sucked until her lips where quivering before settling down between the folds to lick her pussy like a melting ice cream in summer. Her screams filled the room and Connor's ears as he licked her to orgasm, his fingers thrumming at her clit and his tongue dancing inside her. As Tasha came down from her orgasm everything felt super sensitive and even the slightest brush of Connor's lips were too much to bear.

Suddenly Connor was on his back with Tasha straddling him. She'd pushed him down to the floor after he'd refused to stop suckling at her sensitive slit. Now that she had him pinned, she reached down and fished his cock from the zipper on the front of his trousers. Connor groaned at her touch, those soft slender fingers gripping his pulsating meat were like a dream come true, especially once she started to slowly jerk him off, smiling all the while. The she raised herself up, showing off that gorgeous body all at once before easing back down. Connor's cock was still in her hand and she guided it to her dripping snatch but instead if sliding down she just allowed to to graze between her cunt lips, coating it in juices as Conner groaned. "Mmmm fuck baby, sit on it, ride my dick hard!" Tasha giggled at the dirty talk but she wasn't done teasing just yet. She slowly moved his dick backwards and slid herself down, allowing his cock to slide between her fat arse cheeks. She did this over and over again, practically jerking him off with her behind. "You want my pussy baby?" She said in her cutest voice "you wanna make me scream?" She added in a breathless voice. "Fuck yeah, anything. I'll do anything just please ride me!" And without another word she repositioned his cock and slid down the juice covered shaft until the entire length was sheathed in her velvety smooth fuckhole.

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February 6, 2016
As long as you wear a condom

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