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I rose to my feet, axe scraping along the stone floor and breasts hanging heavily. The door was open and it was time to proceed. And so I left the bright courtyard behind me and headed into the foreboding gloom of the castle's grand entrance. But not before taking one last glance at the statue, who had returned to his inanimate slumber with an everlasting smile plastered across his stony chops.

Once inside, the doors behind slammed shut behind me and bolted themselves fast. Some enchantment no doubt, but it's of little consequence. My path lies before me, I have neither the time nor the desire to look back. I must press on. And with that notion I took my first tentative steps into the grand entrance. All my life I'd heard tales of the castle's beauty but it was clear to see that time and some dark force had taken a heavy toll on the ancient fortress. My eyes grew wide as I surveyed the surroundings. Great windows were darkened with foliage and moss, huge pillars were so deeply entwined with enormous, dark oak trees that it was almost impossible to tell which came first and wild flowers that emitted a faint glowing light grew everywhere. Descending the steps I found my feet made no noise, muffled by a thick, dewy grass that seemed to sway in a nonexistent breeze. A breeze which I would have been most grateful to have felt at that instant. The air was thick and stuffy as if in a tropical climate. Sweat had begun to form on my perfectly smooth skin and was running in rivulets down the contours of my body. Teasing my nipples with their incessant tickling. Ignoring the sensations I pressed on.

The further I went the more the foliage seemed to grow. As if my very presence were some kind of stimulant. The veins of great flowers throbbed and large trees shivered as I walked by. After a time my ears were thumping a steady rthymn, though it was impossible to tell if it was my own restless heart or that of some unspeakable grotesque that had taken up residence beneath the stained glass that once shone so bright upon the magnificent hall. My axe felt heavy in my hand and a voice in the back of my head and old me to leave it behind. I almost listened too. It seemed to make so much sense to comply but luckily I managed to keep my wits and instead pulled ol' trusty up into a fighting position. It was a good thing I did too as several thick vines had just chosen that instance to fly toward me at a rapid pace. They snapped and cracked through the air as I made a backwards roll just out of their reach. Unfortunately my evasive manuever landed me in the embrace of a large blooming flower covered in a sweet, sticky nectar that coated my entire lower body.

Another vine came for my throat but was sent reeling as I lopped off the tip and tried to strafe my enemy. A total waste of time it seems as they came from all directions to lash at my skin. I kept them at bay for as long as j could but eventually movements began to slow, not through fatigue or weariness but through the large flowers nectar which covered my lower body. As time passed it began to harden, encasing my legs, hips and nether region in a rubber like cocoon until I had no choice but to topple over and thrash helplessly as the demonic plant life coiled around my limbs and dragged me into the very center of the unnatural forest.

In my tired and weakened state I began to drift in and out of consciousness. The forest around me was distorted as one scene melted into another and all manner of disturbing creatures materialised from the darkest corners to observe me. I vaguely remember the touch of some. Soft petals and coarse bark, twisted knots and budding blooms all jostled for position alongside my prone form. Then for a time all was dark and my world was little more than black shroud and the faintest sound of rustling leaves.

Some time later my eyes slowly opened. Above where I lay was a thick canopy of multicoloured leaves rustling gently in time with long heavy breaths. I made to move found that my cocoon like restraints were gone and my limbs were now following orders. With this knowledge I kept to my feet. The soft dewy grass between my toes and a hudid breeze caressing my naked body in time with the rattling leaves.... Wait a minute, naked body? I looked down to find what was left of my tattered underclothes and dented armour had been peeled from my unconscious body and strewn about the clearing. Then I went cold. "my axe!" I said out loud. Knowing that without my weapon I'd be an easy target.

Wheeling around I scanned the area once more only to come face to face with the most revolting creature I'd ever seen in my life. A 40ft tall half decayed mushroom rose from a fissure in the floor. It's lopsided fungul features etched with pain and irritation. As it move the dense canopy overhead and all the surrounding foliage seemed to move with it. Taking a rather large step backwards I stopped to retrieve a shred of clothing large enough to serve as a loincloth as deftly fastened it around my waist. It hung losely over my shapely buttocks and provided little protection for my modesty but I know mother would appreciate the effort. Next I went for my armour, a shoulder pad was closest and I knelt to grab it when a vine shot suddenly from the darkness and wrapped around my wrist, yanking me painfully toward the enormous mushroom creature which began to speak.

"Who dare to invade my sanctuary?!" The voice was loud and booming but somehow did not inspire the dread one might expect. Instead I stepped forward with courage and pride to announce myself. Once the introduction was completed however the large fungal entity seemed utterly unmoved. He was still for several minutes, seemingly chewing over his next words. "Your errr...presence here has disturbed our eco system. The roots are restless and the flowers bloom sporadically. They look to impress a fertile vessel... Mnnnngh...fertile...yes." I raised an eyebrow at his choice of words before glancing left and right at the throbbing appendages wrapped around my extremities. "I am no plant. Nor am I fungi. I meant no such disruption. Allow me to leave and your eco system can return to normal" his deep hollow eye sockets narrowed suspiciously "You would leave? Without seeking our secrets?" I nodded firmly, my eyes fixed, showcasing my honesty "I swear it, mission lies beyond this place." The vines instantly untangled themselves, releasing me from their grip. "Then go. But do not tread lightly, I can keep you safe for a distance but further out I cannot promise safety"

"You have my thanks" I called up to the reasonable shroom before bowing deeply to show respect. I then turned to leave when I realised I was still without my weapon "oh umm just one last thing...have you errr seen my axe?" Without bothering to answer the mushroom waved a hand and seconds later a large blue flower to my left opened and my axe slid to the ground covered in a milky white substance. I looked back at the the shroom with a face full of disgust but could only make out vague mumours coming from his large gash of a mouth "fertile....yes...yes...very...fertile." I shuddered and stopped for my axe, fingers wrapping around the thick hard shaft and reveling in the reassuring weight, despite the copius amounts of...well let's just call it nectar.

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