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"Oh for fuck sake." The words danced around in my brain as I looked at the clock. '9:15' that's all it was, it had only taken her fifteen fucking minutes to make me lose my cool.

Allow me to elaborate. The date is the 11th of April 2011 and I'm sitting behind my desk at subterfuge progressive. A school/college. A school/college with a very dumb name. It's 9 o'clock and first period has begun. The students are shuffling to their seats and rummaging through their bags. But I'm only assuming this. I'm assuming because I can't actually see them. I only have eyes for her. Lolita Wilson. Yes seriously that is her name. Fuck knows what the parents were thinking, hopefully there was some hilarious levels of ignorance involved because if not.... Anyway Lolita is the reason I'm still sat behind my desk and not handing out papers. And if you can't guess why I'm stuck behind the desk then you're probably too naive to be reading this. So by way of buying myself a little time I ask the class to reread a few chapters of their books. Using the time to try calming down. This backfired rather spectacularly however when my gaze happened to roam across Lolita's path once again and noticed how widely spread her smooth, olive coloured thighs were.

So now you're all caught up. I'm a teacher at a new age school for varying ages and learning levels who has managed to fall into the most clich├ęd trap imaginable and trying to maintain the last shred of my dignity. WhiIst staring between the legs of a student of course.

"She really is amazing though." My brain would remind me every time I tried to tear my gaze away from the smooth skin and cute little white panties with multicoloured polka dots. Lolita never closed her legs in class, she was either incredibly innocent and oblivious or the worst kind of tease imaginable. Either way my cock agreed with my brain that she would be perfect for a good hard fucking. Mmmm what an idea, I couldn't stop thinking about it as I sat behind my desk letting the students read well past the fifteen minute limit I'd set. Finally my daydream was interrupted by a the class suck up. Penny Pinkle. Her hand was held so high in the air it looked as though it would pop from its socket at any moment "Sir. Oh Sir, I think we are all caught up Sir." My god her voice was annoying, I had to fight to keep the annoyance from my tone when I replied. "Yes, thank you, Penny." I managed to say in a dull, monotonous voice. "I suppose we can move on." Looking down I realised that I'd lost my hard on and was finally able to stand up and begin the class while Penny shot me a long wide smile that I did my best to ignore.

I looked over at Lolita and saw that her book was closed and she was looking out the window, seemingly admiring the gorgeous weather beyond the stuffy classroom. "She doesn't belong in a place like this." I thought to myself as I watched her. "She should be out in the sunshine...." Somehow I managed to snap out of the daydream and point to the whiteboard where pre prepared questions were laid out in red marker. It was time to chose a student to answer the question and I decided to indulge a little. Clearing my throat I called out her name. "Lolita, perhaps you could start us off. What can we take from chapter 2?" I watched intently as her attention switched from the view outside and locked directly onto me. She looked a little flustered as the eyes of the class all turned her way, but composed herself well after a while. "I think, Sir that we can assume the author is trying to convey a feeling of helplessness and isolation." God she's so sharp too, I couldn't help but smile at her response before nodding slowly. "Yes, yes that is the widely held belief. Not bad considering the amount of time you spend gazing out of the window." My tone was stern but with a hint of playfulness about it. The class tittered and Lolita's skin flushed with embarrassment as she adjusted her long raven hair. "Yes sir, thank you sir." I smiled once more to let her know it was alright while my cock purred within the confines of my trousers. Fuck, her voice was like silk, smoother even than the skin between those glorious thighs.
A moment later Penny's hand shot up in the air again, while she stared at Lolita, her eyes full of loathing and determination. "Sir, oh Sir. I have e another theory." I could already feel my eyes beginning to roll but instead I fought to hold them in place and gestured for the class kiss ass to say her piece. She took the opportunity with both hands and without prompting stood up to address the class. "Whilst Lolita's view is commonly accepted I feel as though it's missing a key theme that underlines the entire second chapter!" Leaning against the wall next to the whiteboard I looked around the class before glancing at Lolita who seemed confused at how she'd managed to be dragged into the debate. "Well Penny, would you like to enlighten us, what is this hidden theme?"

The question hung in the air for a moment as Penny searched her brain for something of substance to add to the empty debate team style repost she'd already offered up. "Well." She finally managed before adding. I believe the hidden theme is...Feminism." The entire class groaned, including myself. Not very professional I know but this was Penny's fall back argument for everything and I wasn't prepared to hear it again. "Alrighty then! Penny that's a fascinating idea but as it's not part of the agenda today perhaps you could write it up for me later if it's something you really want to pursue."

An hour later the class was over and the students were hurriedly rushing for the door admist a cacophony of chairs screeching and people talking about all kinds of pointless nonsense. Arranging my own papers as I prepared to leave for the day I was interrupted by Penny "I was thinking about your offer sir and I would love to write a paper on my theory, perhaps we could arrange some one on one time?" I knew this would come back to bite me in the arse and here it was. "Well ummm we'll see Penny, you get writing and then we can work something out OK?" She smiled happily and practically skipped from the room while I slowly gathered the last of my things.

A few minutes later I was in my car, enjoying the weather as I cruised home. That's when I saw her. None other than my lovely Lolita. I slowed down to watch her as she walked. I know I've probably mentioned it before but this girl is a true vision of beauty. The sun shone off the perfect curves of her beautifully toned, tanned legs. From the slender calves all the way up to her thick, smooth thighs and all covered in a thin sheen of sweat from the exertion. Her hair was pulled to one side as she trudged up the hill. Her back arched forward to help cope with the ascent, pushing her pert breasts out for the world to admire. Before I could stop myself I was pulling up alongside her. "Hey Lolita, need a ride? It's a hot day to be hill climbing." She giggled when she realised who I was and seemed to be weighing up her options before eventually nodding.

Only once she was in the car did I begin to wonder if this was s good idea. I mean it would be hard to hide my boner behind anything in here. I decided to keep myself distracted by talking about more mundane topics. "So how are you enjoying the class Lolita?" She turned her head to face me, smiling sweetly before replying. "Oh it's great, probably my favourite." I smiled, unable to tell if she was just being polite. "You don't have to say that to spare my feelings you know, I saw you daydreaming out of the window." I tried to keep my voice playful but her cheeks flushed a little nonetheless. "No sir it's true I swear, I was just distracted that's all." I was nodding before she'd even finished, I didn't like the idea of putting her on the defensive. "It wasn't Penny was it? My god that girl is annoying!" Lolita giggled. "That's not very professional sir." I looked at her and grinned "I'm off the clock." We drove in silence after that but every now and then I'd steal a glance, watching as her jet hair blew in the wind.

She directed me to her building and thanked me for the ride before hurrying up the path to her place. Of course I stayed to watch her the entire way. Enjoying the view and doing my best to etch the image of her perfect body into my mind.

Ten minutes later I was home and the second I shut the door behind me I stripped down to my birthday suit before heading up to the shower where I turned on the water and tried to wash away the guilt. If my little drive with Lolita had taught me anything it was that she was definitely more of an innocent that a tease. Which made my obsession all the more perverse. I hung my head as the water cascaded down my body. My muscles tense and my skin tingling. Try as I might to scold myself the excitement of seeing her was still having a strong effect. My cock was growing, my breathing long and deep. Closing my eyes I saw her. Not in the classroom or on the street. She was in my bedroom, in my bed! She was wearing black stockings with suspenders, black lace bra and panties and a thin choker around her delicate neck. She was crawling toward me with a shy smile across her innocent features. Before I could think her mouth was on my cock. I could feel the warmth and the silky softness of her tongue before she began to take me deeper, sucking like more of a whore than an innocent student.

It wasn't long before I was inside her, pounding hard as I fucked my frustration away inside the juicy tightness of her perfect little slit. One moment she begged for more and then next she cried out for me to stop, but no matter what words came out the sound of her sweet voice only drove me on. Stroking in and out of my obsession, my darling student, my gorgeous crush. That was it, I couldn't hold out another second, I was going to come inside her... Oh fuck yes! In the background I could hear a phone ringing but I ignored it, this moment wall all that mattered. I could see her face so clearly as I approached orgasm but when she spoke it wasn't her voice. It was.....Penny?! "Hi sir, just wanted to let you know I finished the report and I was wondering if I could bring it over, hope you don't mind I got the number and address from my mom. Bye." The next thing I knew Lolita was gone and it was Penny's cunt I was ramming. But my cock had shrunk and gone soft, I tried to fuck her harder, to punish her for chasing Lolita away but my limp dick was doing nothing.

I opened my eyes and released my flaccid cock. "Fucking Penny!" I thought to myself before glancing at my phone and seeing the missed call. It was her. She'd left that message and ruined my orgasm. I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off. My balls aching with a need to release. Picking up the phone I did something I never thought I would. I sent Penny a text. We're meeting tonight.

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April 20, 2016
good build up...liking where this is headed!

April 16, 2016
I postulate that perhaps Penny is not as perfect as portrayed..

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