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We stepped into the room. It was like a large wooden sauna. Not because of the heat but because it was all made of wooden planks. Well put together but with that "on a budget" kinda feel to it. The guys were smiling and signing to each other excitedly, one of them patted me on my shoulder and winked. I was desperate to know what was going on, what we were waiting for but I was also sworn to slince. A moment later a bell chimed and around 10 wooden hatches all slid open in unison to reveal holes in the walls, the holes were lined with leather upholstery and finished with metal studs to hold it in place. They looked like giant glory holes!

Now my nerves were starting to jangle a little bit, if this was some kind of kinky massage parlour my girlfriend would kill me. And why would these guys bring me here?! As partners of the women in my girlfriend's family it seemed a little weird to do anything in front of each other. My thoughts were then interrupted by the surreal sight of ten pairs of legs coming through each of their holes. It was clear to see that the legs were owned by females and that each of them were totally naked! I'd never been more turned on and utterly terrified at the same time. The idea of fucking a bunch anonymous sluts was a huge turn on but I'd never cheated before a d I didn't want to start now.

My in-laws didn't seem to have the same reservations as I did however as one by one they made their way towards the women's lower halfs, their eyes twinkling with lust and excitement. My brain was still racing and my cock twitching while my body threatened to tear in half by the respective organs. Eventually I came to a compromise and decided to just check one out. I walked towards one of the three walls and chose one of the women that was still free. Whoever this girl was she had beautiful legs, a little short and not exactly slim but wonderfully shaped and smooth as silk. Yes I was touching her, I couldn't help it and despite the shame of breaking so easily my fingers were already gliding alkng her thighs.

Determined this would go no further I quickly pulled away and looked around. That when I noticed the room was filled with the sight and sounds of sex as my girlfriend's male relatives fucked their semi exposed hookers. I then realised that some of the guys had slid open a little wooden hatch above the women that allowed them to see inside. I decided there'd be no harm in seeing what she looked like, I'm even sure my girlfriend would do the same in my position. So I moved closer between the girls legs an slid the wooden panel to the side, behind was a pane of glass that allowed me to see Into a small wooden room on the other side. In it was a bed and on which lied the other top half of my sexy legged hooker. In my amazement it took me a while to examine her features but once I did I had trouble believing what I saw. Instead of the random face of some unknown prostitute I was staring at the delicate features of my girlfriend's younger sister Carrie!

My jaw dropped and I scanned the
The room until I saw her boyfriend plowing away in some random whore. That's when it hit me, the girls and guys had all separated this morning and my girlfriend promised me a special treat. "You might see me later but I won't see you." She'd said cryptically, but now it all made sense. All the women in my girlfriend's family were in the booths, including her! My eyes were now darting around the room searching desperately until I saw it, the telltale tattoo in my girlfriend's thigh. A thigh which was being held apart by her aunt's husband while he rammed his thick cock deep into her soaking wet folds.

My blood boiled and I wanted to fly across the room in a rage, arms swinging and going for blood. Then I realised something, this was a free pass. I'd get to fuck all my girlfriend's relatives, some if whom I'd already fantasised about. I guess I could handle other men in my woman if I got her whole family as consolation. Starting with her little sister! The perv inside me was ripping his way to the surface as I determined to waste no more time. I'd always imagined fucking my girls sister but never dreamed it would really happen. Seconds later my mouth was buried between her gorgeous legs, clamped over the perfectly smooth mound that I'd heard she waxed regularly and could now see the proof of. God she was so sweet, the soft pink lips coated in a delicious sheen of female juices as my tongue lapped away at the inner and outer lips

My work was rewarded by the way her body reacted to my tongue and the soft whimpers and moans coming from the other side of the wall. Fuck it turned me on so much to make her moan, even more so knowing that she had no idea it was me! It wasn't long before I brought her to orgasm, pulling my head free from her clamped thighs to watch as she writhed with pleasure in the afterglow of her climax. She looked towards the glass and seemed to be staring right at me, but her face didn't change and there was no hint of recognition in her eyes. My girlfriend's words floated back across my mind. "You might see me but I won't see you." That's when. I realised it must be mirrored on her side.

Looking at Carrie's pretty face as her naked body lay before me, ready to take any kind of pounding I decided to give her was by the far the sexiest thing I'd ever seen and my cock was throbbing with excitement. Looking down at her sweet gash I placed the tip of my cock between her lips and watched the reaction on her face as is suddenly drove my dick home. Slamming every inch of my fat cock into her tight, wet cunt. Her eyes clamped shut and she grabbed the edges of the bed as her tits bounced from the force of my thrust. "That's it slut, take it you fucking whore!" The words were only in my head but they turned me on all the same. I repeated my thrust andade her wince once more before slowly working myself into steady rythem, pounding Carrie deeply with every thrust and eliciting more and more moans by the second. Her pussy was dripping and beginning to tighten and squeezed around my shaft, she was cumming again and I fucking love it!

I could feel my own orgasm growing and as I stared through the to see my girlfriend's sister fondling her own tits and pinching her nipples while my shaft was buried snugly in her tight snatch sent me over the edge. I slammed as deep as I could one final time before unloading what felt like the biggest load of my entire life into her little love purse. I closed my eyes and stayed still inside her, recovering myself as cum began to leak down my shaft and onto my balls. When I finally pulled out someone else quickly took my place, stuffing his cock into the hole I'd just finished with, I was about to check who was inside her when someone placed a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Carrie's and was sure he gonna hit me, but he'd had no idea who I just fucked and didn't seem to care. Instead be guided me to a couple of smaller holes in the corner, much more like your typical glory hole.

He nodded and flashed a smug satisfied smile as he opened the small window to see who was inside, a second later her put his cock and balls through the gap. I did the same instantly, forgetting to check the window to see who I'd gotten. The second my junk went through the hole a hungry pair of lips clamped around my shaft and begun cleaning the spunked left over from the the Carrie deposit. I leaned forward to rest against the glass as the expert lips manoeuvred around my meat. I stayed there in a happy daze for a few seconds before finally opening my eyes and getting a good look at the woman inside. She'd just pulled back to take a breath and by doing so gave me an unobstructed view of her face. It was my girlfriend's mother!

My girlfriend's sweet, caring, straight as an arrow mother was an expert cock sucker. On her knees at a glory hole taking an unknown cock in her mouth! I nearly blew my load just at the thought alone, never mind that she'd just switched to cleaning my balls. I looked to my left at Carrie's boyfriend who just nodded knowingly before beginning to thrust his hips, forcing his cock deep down the throat of whoever was in the booth. I could hear the steady "gak...gak...gak" as the poor girl was facefucked mercilessly and decided to get some of my own. After a quick hand signal we agreed to switch.

Moments later I was facefucking my girlfriends cousin Stephanie. Stephanie is a stunning blue eyed, blonde haired angel with the body of a surfer girl and a face of pure innocence that completely deflects from her genuinely slutty personality and it's no surprise that she takes a tonsil pounding so well. I looked through the glass and studied her reaction while slowly retracting my slobber covered dick and was delighted to see that she looked genuinely disappointed. "What a fucking kinky bitch!" I thought to myself before deciding to tease her a little bit, watching as she pouted I poked my cock through only to withdraw it again before she got the chance to get her lips around it. The look on her face was priceless and somehow even more satisfying than the facefucking.

And so that's how I left her, mouth open and a face that could make me wilt if there wasn't a wall between us. Luckily for me there was, and there was at least one more thing I wanted from all of this. I strode across the room and found that she was available, none other than my sweet, caring, loyal girlfriend. Her cunt was dripping with cum, it had leaked down onto her thwith my, leaving her a sperm covered mess but somehow the look suited her, something about her curvy body and massive tits just screamed whore anyway. A glaze of sperm just confirmed it.

I stood between her legs and looked into the room beyond. She way laying comfortably with her eyes closed and a peaceful, satisfied look on her face. "Time go back to work slut." I whispered softly, only loud enough for me to hear really but saying the words out loud was a huge turn on. Suddenly I brought my palm down on her cunt, slapping it hard. She shot up from her relaxed position and bit down on a scream. Chest heaving I did it again, she bucked from the pain but handled it better and I decided to rub her clitty as a reward. She squirmed in response, her body in high alert after the pain. I stepped closer and allowed my cock to rub against her sticky slit, coating my meat in the combined juices.

She wiggled as I parted her pussy lips with my tip and tried to help me inside. But this wasn't about her, this was about me. I pulled my cock from her lips and slid it downwards, parting her arse cheeks as I went until my tip was nestled against her tight little backdoor. Her body froze and I'm sure she was holding her breath, she knew what was coming and the slut was just going to take it. And so I drove it home, smashing her arse in with raging pole and growling with pleasure as she whimpered helplessly. I noticed a few of the others watching as they fucked their own sluts and decided to put on a show. The next few minutes consisted of my steady thrusts and her increasing screams. Her arse was relaxing a little now though and she seemed to be having more fun as she rubbed herself off with every stroke of my dick. It wasn't long before we were both panting, sweat covered my body and the only energy I had left cams purely from the desire to fill my girls arse for the first time.

When it happened I felt light headed. holding onto her thighs for support I allowed my dick to slide out before stepping away. My place was immediately taken by someone I didn't know that we'll, he began to greedily lick my cum as it dribbled from her arse and her legs wiggled with delight.

I took my dick back to smaller holes and got it cleaned by Stephanie once more before deciding I couldn't take anymore. My cock was sore and my head was spinning but I knew one thing for sure. "I fucking love my girlfriend's family."

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