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When I first heard that dad was buying the old plantation and manor house a few miles down the road I thought he'd gone mad. "But we're black!" I said incredulously, and regretting it almost instantly. "So what?" Dad replied evenly "I got it at a great price, I don't care what used to happen there and that area has come a long way in the last decade, it's actually pretty progressive now." I sighed and slumped down on the table, there was no arguing with him when he was calm...and probably right.

"OK" I agreed "I mean yeah sure but won't it need a ton of work to make it worth living in?" Dad was already shaking his head before I'd even finished the sentence, shoveling a fork full of bacon into his mouth before replying. "Nope, the family who owned it for ages had a clause in the contract that every new owner had to regenerate and refurbish the place every five years." He put down his fork and smiled smugly, causing me to giggle at the pride on his dorky face. I loved my dad but trying to prove him wrong or make him slip up was like a sport for mom and I, so I kept up with the questions.

"But what about Grandma? You know how sore she is about certain subjects, she'll never visit if we move there." And there it was, the only sure fire way to piss off dad, mentioned Grandma. His brow wrinkled and his mouth hardened before he pointed a fork at me and said. "Your Grandma can drown in a bath of her own shi...ouch what the hell?!" My father's foul mouthed tirade against Grandma was cut short when mom whacked him around the head with a wooden spoon. "Don't you talk about my mother like that!" She seethed whilst still brandishing the spoon in a threatening manner. He mumbled an apology while mom walked away and then went back to his breakfast. Leaving me free to go to my room. "Wait." Dad called after me. "Don't forget to start packing your stuff."

A week later we pulled up outside the new house. It was ridiculous. A big white mansion with enough space to house at least ten families. I almost felt guilty that we would be living there alone. Dad got out of the car and held his hands out in a grand gesture before shouting. "Look at the fucking size of it!" I giggled and mom shot him an annoyed glance but even she was too caught up in the moment to really care about dad's loose tongue. We spent the next half an hour dragging our personal stuff inside. A moving company had already brought and arranged the rest while dad supervised so all we had to do was fill the wardrobes and add personal touches.

Mom went straight to the kitchen to set everything up just the way she would need it and dad rushed off to his new workshop which he'd had fitted with every single tool you could imagine. This left me standing alone in the huge entrance hall. Looking at the intricate carvings and the many, many doors I just couldn't get the feeling that this was my home. I felt like it belonged to someone else. That we were just guests.

A little while later I was sitting in my room, pretty much everything was already done and after unpacking my clothes there wasn't much left to worry about. Across the room, opposite my bed was a large vanity table with lights and a huge mirror. I left my bed and sat down in front of it. Studying myself for a while I judged the good and bad in my appearance. A lot of people have told me I'm pretty and ever since I turned 18 guys have been even more forward about their intentions but I still had reservations about my looks. Luckily that was it though. My body has never been a problem since I'd been into athletics since I was six. Helping me maintain a slim healthy build that lots of people admitted being envious of. So all in all I felt quite good coming away from the mirror and my own personal judgement.


The house was just what I'd always dreamed about. Despite the history that came along with it, the property was a steal at the price we paid and it afforded all of us everything we could ever need. I know my daughter has her reservations and my wife is worried about the upkeep but they'll both come round once they get settled in.

As for myself, my future happiness is assured. In this workshop I can spend hour after hour making all the things I never got around to. Taking it all in I feel like I've finally achieved a lifelong ambition. I've secured my families future, gained a workshop and ensured my bitch of a mother in law will never bother me again. I could almost feel my hand as I pat myself on the shoulder. Now all I have to do is hope the girls don't find out what happened here.


An hour before lunch was ready I decided to take a walk around the grounds. Getting a feel for the huge estate that we now owned. Everything seemed nice enough, the barn was in good condition and the fields were teeming with wildlife. Even the fences were unbroken and freshly painted. The only thing that wasn't perfect was a patch on the outskirts of the land. A large area with a row of burn marks. As if a row of sheds had been lined up and burned down. Walking over the ashes and among the dry remains I felt as if the heat intensified tenfold, my skin began to itch and I heard a torrent of horrified screams. Overwhelmed by the sensations I rushed away from the burnt area. Sweating and panting I couldn't help feeling silly, why had I felt so panicked about a little heat flush? Slowly began to feel a little better.

Once I regained my composure I began to walk back before the taking one last look back at the dark patches. Then suddenly I was falling, a tree stump with exposed roots had caught around my ankle and sent me sprawling to the ground. Wincing with pain I reached for the ankle to feel for any injuries but only found a little swelling. Taking a long breath I decided to sit for a moment before heading back, the memories of those terrible screams returning to sing in my ears. That's when I saw the carving. Hacked into the tree stump in jagged letters. "Forgive me."


"Get your butts in here now!" I called out to the two of them. They should both know that when I say an hour I mean an hour. The table has already been set and the food laid out perfectly. A small smile creeps across my face and despite my reservations about this house Paul may just have been right. I mean just look at this kitchen. The smile disappears as I remember once more that the food is getting cold. I stomp over to the room where Paul is working, my high heels clunking with every step on the polished wood. People have always made fun of me but I love cooking in heels, it makes me feel fierce.

"I'm coming babe." he calls out after the second knock. And by the time I reach the kitchen Dany is already there and looking a bit shaken up. "Everything OK hunny?" She looks at me and forces a smile. "Yeah I'm fine, just fell over that's all." I was about press her for more but Paul came bursting in a moment later blabbering about how amazing his new workshop shop is. I shook my my head and giggled at his excitement. And I understood it too, feeling quite the same about this amazing kitchen. "Come on let's get to it, our first meal in our new home."


After dinner mom and dad went for a shower and knowing exactly what that meant I decided to go back outside, heading back to the tree stump and inspecting the carving. "Forgive me." I couldn't help wondering what had happened and who had to be forgiven. It almost felt like I needed to know. So much so that I found myself walking back to the burned area. As I approached I felt the heat again, it was building slowly and the screams were starting to ring once more. Somehow I managed to ignore them, determined to find...well something.

After ten minutes of walking around the charred and burnt area I realised the ground felt a little different in one particular spot. A small patch felt harder than the rest and when I jumped it made a low hollow sound that piqued my interest. It wasn't long before I was down on my knees and sweeping away the charred grass and dirt to reveal a large metal manhole cover. At that moment the wind blew suddenly and sent my dress flying up, exposing my lower half. Calf, thighs and my panty covered backside were laid bare to the world and my cheeks burned with shame before I realised that there wasn't anyone around for miles. I stood and flattened my dress before kneeling in a slightly more lady like fashion to inspect the manhole more closely.

Despite it's size the cover was surprisingly light, moving with relative ease. In no time at all the cover was completely loosened and it gave way to a reveal a short decline with a metal ladder bolted to the wall. Without a second thought I lowered myself down and began the descent. When my feet hit the floor I heard and felt a crunch. I stepped back and knelt down to examine what I'd broken. Wishing I'd worn jeans or shorts or anything more appropriate than a summer dress. My eyes were slowly adjusting to the dark and I could make out a shape, it looked like a head! I was about to scream but all I could do was stumble backwards, I crashed to the floor and tried to crawl away but something hard was wrapped around my foot. Kicking out in fear I heard a clattering of what sounded like bones. Managing to brave another look, even closer this time and I found myself face to face with a skull.

When I stood it was on shaky legs. "Someone died down here." I whispered into the darkness, trying to work what, if anything that meant. Once my heartbeat returned to something approaching normal I decided to press on into the long, narrow darkness ahead of me. My footsteps seemed so loud down here, I remember thinking it would be impossible for anyone to sneak up on you, well anyone human that is. As I walked I occasionally put my hands out to feel my surroundings and more than once I felt doorways. My interest flared and my heart pounded to discover what was hidden behind but instead I kept on going. I could feel a slight ascent to the path and assumed I was coming to the end. A moment of two later I would realise this was correct as I came to a wooden ladder just below a small hatch. Carefully opening the worn latch I climbed the ladder and found myself in a dusty narrow space. I heard voices and began to panic before recognising them to be mom and dad's. I saw light coming from a small hole to my left and knelt down to see through it. I was looking directly into my parents new bedroom. I could hear the shower on too. "I'm in the walls!" I thought to myself with a grin. Imagining the pranks I could play if anyone ever came over. My thoughts were soon interrupted however by the two bodies that came tumbling out of the bathroom.

It was my parents! I turned away immediately, as if even a second of spying on them would somehow taint me. Looking around I searched for the best way to escape without making a sound. Tiptoeing over pipes and holding my breath until I finally reached the subterranean passage. unfortunately not before I heard my dad's voice "I'm gonna make you worship this cock like you did when you were young you little sl..." Thankfully the rest was muffled as the thick stone drowned out the sounds of my parents apparently kinky love life.

Feeling a little shaken I retraced my steps, back down the long tunnel and past numerous doors, all of which seemed to be locked. But then, a few steps later I heard a faint noise, as if something was cutting through the air. Moving closer I discovered an open door and heard the sounds a little clearer. Walking inside I managed to take in a few of the rooms features, even in the darkness my eyes had adjusted enough to make out shapes. The most interesting of which, were what seemed to be a large cage in the corner and a pair of shackles attached to the wall. My skin began to crawl as I realised who they were probably for. Reaching out for support my left hand found the wall and I leaned against it to recover my strength. Then I heard the sound again, it was a whip, cutting through the air. It sounded so close. Closing my eyes I tried to imagine what must have been like for anyone unlucky enough to be in this position. As I stood there my hands stretched out across the wall until my fingers found small grooves, five on each side and they fit my fingers perfectly. My insides clenched as i realised they were made by....fingernails.

The terror that filled me at that moment was matched only by the blinding pain that suddenly stretched across my back! Screeching with pain as a searing white hot fire sliced through my skin and left me sobbing on the floor.


"Jesus Paul what's gotten into you" I said playfully as my husband threw me to the bed a second time. I always knew he liked it a little rough but ever since our daughter was born that side of him had dwindled. It was back now though and in full force too as he grabbed my throat and squeezed hard, cutting off air for a few, long seconds. It was scary but oh so fucking hot. Seeing him like this, like a horny animal about to take me any way he wanted. It was intoxicating. "Nothing's gotten into me darling." He eventually replied. "But I'm about to put something Into you." He positioned himself between my parted thighs and lined up his engorged cock to the sopping wet entrance of my cunt before suddenly lurching forward and impaling me on his impossibly rigid dick. He tore through me like a hot knife through butter and sent ripples of pleasure to every inch of my body.


Once I'd unloaded on my wife's beautiful face I felt as if something left my body. Anger? Frustration? Who knows. All I was sure of was that I felt great. We'd fucked liked animals and felt like teenagers again. I knew this house would be good for us. I mean fuck, Rachel even thanked me for covering her pretty face with thick ropes of warm sticky cum. We have got to keep having sex like that!

I jumped in the shower once more to wash of the sweat and just a little guilt. I love rough sex but she is still my wife. It's not always easy taking out my sexual desires on such a wonderful woman. Once I was done I stepped out of the shower to find her dozing between the sheets. The last of the evening sunshine gently warming her skin as she slept. My god she's beautiful.

5 minutes later I was downstairs in the workshop. I'd managed to resist the urge to wake Rachel up with my cock in her mouth and decided to let her rest. Instead coming down here to finish setting up everything I'd ever need for my tinkering and building. Thats when I heard a scream, or at least I thought that's what it was but the sound was so low and distant I dismissed it as wind coming through a crack in the window. Sitting down I began work on one of my father's old clocks. After twenty minutes work I'd managed to remove all the damaged parts and was just about to begin repairs when I felt my eyes getting heavy, my cock was tingling too. It felt as if someone's tongue was lapping at the tip of my meat, tasting the precum before pressing their lips around the head. "Oh Rachel" I whispered, assuming my wife had snuck down. I must have drifted off for a moment while she slipped under the desk. "Holy fuck!" I thought to myself as she worked, her dick sucking skills seemed to have increased tenfold since the last time. I was receiving the blowjob of a life time as my wife slobbered up and down my shaft just the way I liked before choking herself on my rigid pole.

I tried to open my eyes, to get a good view of my gorgeous wife facefucking herself with my dick but my eyes were still too heavy. I could feel the spit and drool dripping down my balls and hear the slurp of my wife's mouth and she cleaned it up but I couldn't see a thing. Soon after I felt my balls tighten, she was just too damn good and there was no holding back now. My entire body tensed as she sent wave after intense wave of pleasure crashing through me until I shot a nice thick wad deep down her grateful throat.

Once I'd came the heaviness seemed to dissipate, my eyes now fully open as I looked down to see how Rachel looked after such a messy blowjob. But she wasn't there. All I could see was my wet, deflated cock and a puddle of cum on the floor.


I woke up in a cold sweat, sprawled across the hard, dusty floor. It took me a moment to recall what had happened but the second I remembered the whipping sounds and the blinding pain my fingers shot instinctively to my back. I touched the skin and was sure I'd find blood or at least a large welt. Instead my fingers found only smooth skin coated in a thin layer of perspiration. It was a relief to know it didn't really happen but somehow I could still remember the pain. It had been burnt into my memory somehow and there was no getting rid of it.

I stood to leave and realised with alarm that my panties were tangled around my ankles, as someone had yanked them down while I'd passed out. But that was impossible nobody was around for miles and the metal cover I'd moved hadn't been disturbed for years. I reached down and began to pull my panties back up but the further I went the more obvious it became that my pussy was dripping wet. From the smooth pink inside my slit to the milky chocolate of my inner thighs my cream was everywhere.

I shook my head and yanked the underway up over my dripping snatch before rushing back out into the corridor, past the skeleton and up the metal ladder into the cool night air. Dragging the manhole cover into place I then rushed home, holding myself the whole way and completely ignoring the tree stump that had inspired my initial curiosity. As I closed the kitchen door behind me I wondered if I should tell my parents about the tunnel and the skeleton. "Do that and they'll know you spied on them." something seemed to whisper, like a voice in the back of my head, and I couldn't help agreeing with it. So instead of heading to my parents room I went straight to the shower. There was a mess between my legs that needed to be taken care of.

Surprisingly and despite everything that had happened I slept like a baby once my head hit the pillows. The next morning i woke feeling wonderfully refreshed. Somehow the events of the previous day seemed far less creepy now, and my sense of dread had morphed into intense curiousity once more. I decided to visit the tunnel again, but this time I'd be prepared.


My pussy was aching when I came down to make breakfast for everyone. Paul had fucked me a further two times after rediscovering his kinky side. Each time more thoroughly than the last too. It was amazing don't get me wrong but if he wanted release this morning he'd have to make do with his hand and some fond memories as my mound was red raw.

I'd sat down and had begun chopping fruit when Dany came bouncing Into the kitchen looking full of life and grinning from ear to ear. "Someone's in a good mood." I said unable to resist finding her smile infectious. "And what time did you get in last night?" She just shrugged and smiled before taking a slice of melon from the freshly cut pile and headed for the back door "Just exploring the estate, there's all kinds of things to discover here." She giggled after that and promptly left the house. I watched her through the window, her favourite summer dress swaying in the breeze. "Is that a torch?" I found myself saying out loud as I noticed the bag she was carrying for the first time.

"No hunny I'm just glad to see you" I heard Paul say as he crept up behind me, his morning erection nuzzling between my butt cheeks. Despite my soreness I loved the attention he showing me since we arrived here and decided to reward him. "You fucking better be, I had to work damn hard keeping up with you last night." He spun me around just as I finished talking and kissed me forcefully, my body was already reacting to his advances but I couldn't let him inside, not this soon. Instead I broke the kiss and reached down to rub his cock, teasing him though his underwear.

"Mmmm you fucking tease!" I heard him moan before placing both hands on my shoulders and forcing me down to my knees. I was trapped between him and the kitchen cabinet behind me while he reached down and pulled his rigid dick free. It sprung back up and slapped across my cheek, smearing the first bead of precum on my face. Something about the situation drove me wild with lust and I could think of no better idea than to devour the gorgeous cock staring me in the face.

I opened my mouth, ready to receive my glorious treat and he slowly guided it in. It was so wonderful to feel how hard he was for me. How his cock throbbed with excitement and burned with lust while sliding over my wet, slick tongue.


"Holy fucking shit" I thought to myself as my cock disappeared down Rachel's throat, she's never sucked me off in the kitchen before! She must be starting to love this house as much as I do. "Wait what's that oh my god!" I thought again, looking down in astonishment to see that Rachel had taken every inch of my dick In her mouth and was now reaching out with her tongue to tickle my balls. Her nose was pressed into my neatly arranged pubic area and spit was dripping from her lower lip. "Nothing could make this any hotter!"

But it seems I spoke to spoke too soon. Because the second my mind thought those words I felt what could only be a second tongue lightly flicking over my arsehole. I groaned with pleasure, trying to work out how that could be possible, then suddenly it dipped inside. The warm, wet tongue was squirming it's way up my back passage and making me feel things I never thought possible. Unable to handle the combined sensations I blew my load then and there, grunting from the pleasure and exhaustion as a large load of thick, creamy jizz shot deep down Rachel's throat. She tried to swallow it all but despite her best efforts a large amount still dripped from those gorgeous lips and onto the gleaming tiles of the kitchen floor.


A small amount of apprehension had returned as I journeyed across the estate. I was glad for my bag of supplies and for the fact that I was doing this on a warm summer morning but for some reason I still couldn't shake the tension that was taking hold of my body. It's strange to think I was so optimistic this morning, only to feel so much apprehension now. "Maybe you should go back" the voice in my head whispered. But I was done listening to the voices in my head, they didn't even sound like me anymore so how could I trust them? A minute or so later I past the tree stump with it's sad carving.

Back in the tunnel I turned on the flashlight, illuminating the path ahead of me as I carefully stepped over the skeleton that probably should have bothered me more than it did. With the light in hand I could finally examine the mystery passage. Not that there was much to see besides cold, dark stone and large metal doors, all of which seemed to be locked. About halfway down the hallway I heard what sounded like a woman moaning. high pitched whining giving way to long deep groans. I rolled my eyes and assumed it must be mom and dad going at it again.

Luckily the door closest to me happened to be ajar, offering both an esacpe from my parents apparently rampant love life and a chance to sate my curiosity about the many underground rooms. I slipped inside and closed the door behind me, hoping to block out the sounds. Once inside I raised the flashlight and inspected the room. My eyes bulged and my jaw dropped as I found myself staring at a wide range of wooden and metal furniture, every single piece of which designed for one purpose. Sex. I was in a sex dungeon! Beginning to panic I went for the door, my fingers caressing the handle when my legs suddenly froze. I lost the will to escape, something deep down telling me it was pointless to run. My chest began to heave and my eyes were too heavy to keep open. I felt light headed and began to stumble, groping around for something to support myself.


She'd missed lunch and dinner was well on the way, I couldn't help wondering where Dany had gotten too and if she was ok. Paul was far less worried about our daughter however, insisting she'd be fine before heading down to his workshop, grinning all the while and telling me that he'd had an idea he wanted to work on, something that we'd both enjoy. I told him to have fun and left him to it, he'd never had much time for his hobbies until now, only fair to let him indulge a bit.

*And so with my daughter out and my husband down in his little cave it felt as if the house was all mine. For some reason this made me feel all tingly, like a naughty girl in a house full of treasures. I ran up to my room and stripped down before picking out the shortest, sheerest nightie I could find and finished off the look with a pair of black heels. Loving what I saw in the mirror I proceeded to strut around the house like a goddess observing her domain. Paul would be so hard if he saw me like this. "Maybe I should go tease him?" I thought to myself before dismissing the idea, this was me time, I needed to make the most of it.

20 minutes later I was in front of the TV with a glass of wine and a few chocolates getting wet to the latest tom hardy flick. I'd set the glass down and allowed my hand to slip under the nightgown before gently caressing the soft wet lips below. That's when I felt it, a pair or hands clasping around my neck. I couldn't see Paul from this angle but it must have been him. God it felt good too, his large, strong hands slowly choking me as he applied more pressure. I kept touching myself as my pussy ached for attention and wanted desperately to scream, to beg him to fuck me!"


I can hear Rachel watching a movie upstairs but I don't let it break my concentration. Sitting at my workbench I draw out plans for a brand new sex table. The idea just hit me out of nowhere and I knew right away what to do. With this thing I'd be able to lock my wife up for hours and use her every which way until she can't handle another second. "Like a slave" a voice seemed to whisper in my ear. "Yes, yes I like that idea. My beautiful, intelligent wife reduced to whimpering sex slave." I realised with a start that I'd said the words out loud. Looking around I checked she wasn't at the door or on the stairs. Once I was sure I was alone I let my thoughts slip back to my slave wife. "I could keep her with the others." It happened again, I was talking out loud without meaning to. Not to mention wondering who the others were.

Retaking my seat I tried to clear my head but it almost felt as though things were getting more and more fuzzy. I felt myself getting angry "where the fuck is my wife?!" I demanded of the empty room before rushing toward the staircase screaming and shouting. "That dirty, cheating fucking slut! Where is she?!" I slammed the door behind me and followed the sound of the TV into the lounge. That's when I saw her, my beautiful wife was lying face down on the coffee table getting choke fucked by one of the slaves! Losing any control I had left I reached out to the fire place and found a stoker that was resting in the crackling fireplace.


In no time at all some playful choking had turned into some hardcore fucking. Jesus my husband is a freaking animal at the moment. Taking me whenever and wherever he wants. He keeps his hands around my neck the entire time, restricting my airflow and keeping me dazed, I can barely open my eyes and when I did he just squeezed harder, I think he wants them closed and so I do my best to keep them that way. Even when he slammed me down on the coffee table and proceeded to hatefuck me.

I thought briefly about what it would be like if dany walked in on her parents like this, how embarrassing it would be. The thought was quickly driven from my mind however as a harsh slap was delivered to my left cheek. It made me yelp, my face stinging as my eyes watered. "Jesus Paul that fucking hurt" his only response was to rub my clit, his fingers were slick my juices and the little bud grew from the stimulation. My misgivings about the slap melted away in moments as back breaking orgasm began to build inside me.

Then something happened, he stopped pounding me, his hands were still around my neck but the thick, rigid cock that had been threatening to push through into my womb was now frozen halfway into my hot canal. Head tilted to the left my eyes opened properly for the first time, when they did I saw my husband. He was standing by the fire, holding a hot poker I'd left in the fire place. His face was red and his breathing reminded me of a cartoon bull, full of rage and about to charge. Then I realised, if that's my husband's who is between my legs? Right then Paul began to scream. "You fucking cheating bitch!" And suddenly I was empty, the hands around my throat were gone and my legs flopped down to leave me lying there naked and panting as my husband approached, pain and anger etched into his face.


When the fog cleared I found myself bent forward facing the wall. I tried to move but my hands and legs were restrained and my head held in position by a wooden block. I was vaguely aware of being naked but I couldn't really process it. There was a few calm seconds while my brain tried to think of something logical but that soon gave way to blind panic. I began to thrash and scream. My petite, athletic body straining with every muscle I had, trying to break free until I heard something behind me, like a shoe scuffing against the floor. I did my best to see who was behind me but it was no good. My head could only move an inch or so either side of me. I fought back sobs and tried to steady my voice "who's there?! Why are you doing this?!" There was no response, at least not a verbal one. Instead a white hot pain streaked across my buttcheeks and left a sharp sting
That throbbed with every beat of my terrified heart.

My head sunk down and my eyes snapped shut, trying my best to handle the pain but it was no use. Whoever it was hit me again, this strike going across the last and leaving my ass feeling like it had been torn in two. Eyes still closed, tears rolled down my chocolate cheeks and dripped to the floor. "You've been a bad slave." The voice made me jump but it didn't seem to be coming from the room it was in my head, bouncing around inside and repeating itself over and over. "Bad slave... Bad slave...'ve been a bad slave." My head snapped suddenly to one side and shock gave way to pain as I realised is been slapped hard. My cheek ached and my mind was swimming but I had to open my eyes, to see who'd hit me. Slowly, tentatively my eyelids fluttered open and to my surprise the once dark and dusty room was now sparkling clean and flooded with light. Before me stood a man finely dressed in some kind of period attire, he was holding a cane and wearing a fierce look.

"You've been a bad slave Leanna." He said with a surprisingly even voice. I shook my head in response. "But I'm not Leanna, I'm Dany!" This seemed to annoy him even more and in one quick motion he stepped forward and hit me again. My head was ringing and my vision a little dazed but I managed to open mouth to speak once more, about to beg for mercy but it was no use, my words immediately cut short by the sudden stuffing of his thick, hard cock into my unwilling mouth.

With eyes wide open I screamed as it slipped over my tongue and down my throat. He was not taking his time, nor concerning himself with my well being. Instead he hammered his raging meat past my tonsils over and over while grunting and cursing, calling me dark and insulting names that would make most people blush. My eyes were awash with tears and thick drops of spit dribbled from my mouth as he raped my face .


Confused and terrified I was barely even resisting when Paul dragged me from the house, stark naked and stumbling every step he threw me to the ground. The cool grass caressing my hot skin. I looked up at my husband and pleaded for understanding. "Baby I'm sorry, I can't explain it, I thought it was you!" I blabbered through the tears but he didn't seem to hear a word, he didn't even look like my husband anymore. His face too twisted by rage. "You're nothing to me now cunt." He spat suddenly, raising the hot steel in his hand before adding, you're less than the slaves." Then without another word he leant down and pressed the bot metal to my skin. Somehow I could hear my flesh sizzling , even over the horrific shrieks that filled the otherwise peaceful nights sky.

Once the branding was over I lay on the floor twitching and sobbing, I sneaked a peek at my chest and glimpsed the word "whore" before my head was painfully yanked up as Paul began dragging me across the grounds. After all the screaming and pain I can barely remember the journey but I remember being thrown down on an ashen, burnt patch of grass when my husband spoke. "You live with the slaves now whore, let us hope they use you as you desire." I cried into the darkness and looked up at my husband one last time before he turned to leave. "Please paul don't do this!" He stopped and looked at me "My name is not Paul you stupid cunt." He said before kneeling down beside me. "It's Henry William Bludger."

Then he was gone, walking back toward the house. I tried to follow, struggling to my knees to crawl when several pairs of hands grabbed me. I was tossed easily onto my back before my legs were spread, then my hands were pulled out wide and my head held to the floor. Other hands were exploring my body, touching me everywhere. They groped my tits, stroked my thighs, even toyed with my slit. I thought I could hear voices, excited, hungry voices all around me. I closed my eyes, knowing I was going insane. Then I felt something warm and smooth nudge against my lips, forcing them to part before slipping inside.


Eventually he slid his raging cock from my mouth along with my spit and drool. He slapped me again before grabbing my hair and forcing me to look him in the eye. "Soon father will leave this place to me and I'm going to make every single one of you suffer like the dogs you are!" His words were dripping with hatred and his eyes gleamed with a fire that threatened to burn me alive. "Please....sir." I don't know why I called him that but it seemed to make sense. "Please sir, I won't do it again, I'll be a good slave I swear!" The words tumbled from my mouth before I'd even thought to say them.

My abuser smiled for the first time while he listened but to my immense dismay he just shook his head. "Too late for apologies now you worthless cunt." He said as he let go of my head and walked round to my backside. He was playing with my butt as my head hung with shame, I was being toyed with and examined by a psycho. Then suddenly I felt his tongue slide along my crack as his hands held my ass cheeks apart. Despite everything I could help but moan a little, I'd never even dreamed of being licked there and there was no denying the pleasure. He flicked the top of his tongue over my puckered little hole before sliding it deep inside. I wriggled and squirmed with pleasure and guilt while my pussy was acting without shame or remorse as it began to drip down my thighs.

My pleasure was soon cut short however, as in one swift motion my captor removed his tongue and replaced it with the tip of his rock hard and worryingly large cock. Without a moments hesitation or concern he smashed his hips forward and drove his weapon into my tight virgin asshole. The pain was almost too much to bear as he pistoned himself in and out of my back door at a furious pace. His moans matched my screams and we proceeded to fill the room with a orchestra of primal, sex fueled noises. "That's it you fucking cunt! Scream for your soon to be master. I fucking OWN YOU!"

He reached forward and undid the lock keeping my head in place before lifting my head and wrapping a belt around my neck. He pulled it so tight I could scarcely catch a single breath, my body becoming weaker by the second as he screamed once more "I'm going to fuck you to death cunt! For all I knew he did, as the world went dark and my eyes closed, the last thing I remember feeling was the pain of his huge member stretching my ass.

*Dad* I could hear the screams of my wife carried across the night air as she was abused and raped by the ghosts of slaves kept here by the plantations original owner. My feet moved at a quick, steady pace but I seemed to have no control over them. Just as I had no control over what I'd just done to Rachel. No! It wasn't me, it was him, the plantation owner. The evil piece of shit had somehow managed to keep his soul alive and connected to the property. I or 'we' were back into the house and heading to the master bedroom were my wife and I were so happy just a short time ago. We moved to the large mirror on the left hand side of the wall and slipped he slipped his fingers under one side of the frame... Wait a minute, his fingers?!

*Henry Bludger*

My control over the male was nearly total now. I controlled his body and had already begun transforming it into my own, all that was left was a thin shred of consciousness struggling to keep a grip on its own mind. The mirror swung easily on it's hinges, despite the length of time since it was last used. "That's the beauty of real craftsmanship." The words came alive in the air, actual sounds coming from my own lips. It's a strange thing for one who spent so many years as a mere entity, without form or purpose. But I had purpose now that's for sure. This body would soon allow me to restore my home and business to it's former glory!

I looked down at my hands, once a deep shade of brown were now well on the way to becoming white, my hair to was growing out, down to my shoulders as it had been in my youth. The host was dying.

*Dad* looking through his eyes I saw what once must have been my hands, but they were wrong, wrong size wrong colour. This can't be happening, this a fucking dream, it has to be! My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of a womans wait, not a woman, a girl... My girl! "That's Dany's voice." I tried to scream but my lips didn't move. All I could do was thrash around inside a mind that used to be my own as the only people in the world who I cared for were tortured and abused!

*Henry Bludger*

I couldn't help but smile as I walked along the corridor I'd built so long ago, while drinking in the sounds of a slave girls screams. My son wasted little time finding a replacement for Leanna, his favourite pet. I reached for the handle to his preferred dungeon and a scream in my head matched those coming from inside the room. I'd won, as I knew I would. But it was plenty gratifying nonetheless. I turned the handle and went inside.


When came to, I'd been moved to a table in the center of them room, my hands and feet secured by leather straps as my captor stood over my with a pair of rusty pliers. He smiled as he waved them at me "Good slaves don't need teeth." He said before lowering them threateningly and slowly pushing the cold tangy metal into my mouth. I was surprised when the metal teeth suddenly pinched my tongue instead, gripping hard as he tugged. "You know I'm not entirely sure they need tongues either." He added before laughing and letting go.

As soon as the metal left my mouth I began to scream. A long desperate scream filled with absolute terror. I screamed so loud it hurt my throat and was sure my lungs would burst. My captor just laughed at my despair, waiting until I had to catch my breath before placing his hand around my neck and squeezing hard, cutting off all oxygen to my already empty lungs. When he eventually let go and I had time to gulp down some sweet, life saving air I noticed the door swung open and another man walked in. He was older than this one but there was a definite resemblance. He shared a few words with the younger man who gave me a long sullen look before taking his leave. Now it was just me and the stranger left alone in the room. For some reason my shame at being naked came flooding back, after all that's happened you'd think I wouldn't care anymore but apparently I did. Especially with this man, his eyes were so piercing I feel as though he would have seen right through anything I might have been wearing anyway.

*Henry Bludger*

Having sent my boy to fetch the mother it was time to finish what I'd started. This family will be the key to my final and irreversible resurrection. I've consumed the father and driven the wife mad. All that's left is to tame the daughter. Once she accepts her place as my slave all will be settled and I will be free to resume my rightful place in the world. The girl was secured to a table in the middle of the room and her young, delicate features were full of fear and pain. "No doubt my boy has given you a taste of what's to come if you do not accept your place." I made sure to keep my voice level, despite my growing excitement. "You're my slave, I own you and your slut mother. You are nothing more than cattle to be bred and sold, accept this and your servitude will be far more pleasant." There was defiance in the girls eyes as I spoke. No doubt she harbored ideas of equality that most of this age do. She would soon learn and the moment I break her all is complete!

Her lips were quivering and I'm sure she wants to speak but fear holds her tongue. Reaching out a hand I pat her head. Like one would a restless animal. "Feel free to speak, despite what my son thinks I prefer slaves with tongues. So long as they know how to use them." The girl keeps her mouth shut however. A clever choice, though not the one I'd have preferred. "Your father is gone. Your mother is mad. And you will be broken." I explain to her while untying her restraints. If a slave can't be trusted not run then she's not your slave.

She lies in place for a while, her body shaking. I imagine fear and anxiety are the reasons. "Stand up, now." My voice is as firm and crisp as ever and the girl obeys. I watch her body as she moves and I cannot deny her beauty. Despite the tone it's skin is flawless. "Kneel down." Again she follows my orders, she would have me think she's behaving but I know better. She's waiting for a chance to run, but it won't come. Not until it's too late. "Stand up." I demand once more. She follows the order but this time I see her anger. Typical behavior for a bitch, she'd rather suck a cock than stand up a second time. Its amusing but I don't appreciate that look. I punish her for it. Hitting her hard across the face with an open hand, sending her sprawling to the floor. "Get up and come here."


My face exploded as he hit me. The consequent crash to the floor was nothing in light of the pain in my face and the following orders were like whispers from miles away. I don't know who these people are but they're insane. Insane....he said my mom was insane and my dad was gone....gone where? Did they kill him?! Although blurry my vision returned just in time to see highly polished shoes walking toward me. I scuttled backwards into the corner, fearful of another blow when he spoke again. "You will never retreat from me again, do you understand?" He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked it back, forcing me to look him in the face. Hatred filled me as I stared into the coldness of his eyes and before I could stop myself the words flew out. "You better not have hurt my Dad!"

His only response was a smile. A disgusting, smug, arrogant smile. Then suddenly my scalp was on fire. He didn't seen to be pulling any harder but as my feet left the floor I realised we were levitating. Floating up to the ceiling as my back dragged against the stone wall behind me. My heart began to thud against my chest over and over before seeming to stop dead as I felt his long, cold fingers dip between my thighs and caress my pussy lips. I tried to squirm away but it just made the pain worse. "Don't fight me slave, things can get a lot worse."

What choice did I have, whoever this psychopath was he had complete control over me. I could already feel my hatred dwindling from a raging inferno to a dying ember. My body relaxing as his fingers coaxed me to orgasm. It was such a shameful experience, allowing my father's killer to make me cum. The next thing I knew my legs were wrapped around him and his insanely large cock was poking at my soaked mound. I had no strength left to fight him. I was his and he knew it. A second later he thrust inside. Stretching me beyond belief as my tight pussy was forced to expand. He fucked me like nothing i could ever imagine, so hard and fast I thought he'd end up in my womb.

*Henry Bludger*

The slave girls cunt was better than I had anticipated, wonderfully tight and responsive.I gave it the fucking of a life time, taming the little bitch with my cock. With every thrust I could see the fight in her dwindling. It's almost over, soon I'll be back. For real this time, no more half measures and ghost stories, flesh and blood! Time to end this. With one last thrust I pulled from it's cunt and doused her face with the seeds of my excitement. Quite the sight she was too. "Come now, it's time to meet your mother, what's left of her anyway."

Five minutes later both of then were kneeling among the scorched patches where my slaves once lived. I still remember the fire so clearly. The boy never did a good enough job training to the slaves. It was no real surprise Leanna betrayed us. But to burn us all alive while her fellow slaves slept was quite astounding. And so it must be again. Through the fire these bodies will cease to be and from the ashes we will rise again.


As I knelt on the scratchy floor, my body drained and my mind near broken. I watched as my mother shivered and twitched. It broke my heart to see her that way, the once elegant, intelligent woman who'd raised me was now a disheveled mess. Only filthy tatters of clothing still clung to her body and the fresh branding on her chest was smeared with dirt. I wanted to hold her, comfort and console her. But I knew any movement wouldn't end well and I needed to be obedient. Looking up my eyes met Mr Bludger's, his face was cool and satisfied while standing beside him his son looked agitated. "Are you sure this will work father? We only have three sacrifices, what about the fourth, whose body will I possess?" Mr Bludger looked annoyed by the question. "Calm yourself, when I rise my power will increase tenfold, I will not leave you behind. Now fetch the gasoline, it is time."

Once the boy had trudged off toward the house Mr Bludger knelt down between my mother and I. "The boy had potential you know, he really did. But somewhere along the line he lost his way. The fault may be mine, too much too soon and all that. He will not be joining me in the new life." He kissed me once he'd finished talking. It was long, possessive and dominant. His tongue invading my mouth to caress my own. I didn't know what else to do, so I kissed back, for the first time I allowed myself to participate until he suddenly broke away and said. "Do as you're told and you live and serve at my side."

*Frank Bludger*

"Curse you father, we should have waited. Another family, More suitable to our needs. Now we just make do...I must make do. Retrieving the gasoline I made my way back to the old slaves patch. As I approached I could see father kneeling between the slaves, he's kissing one, Leanna. My Leanna. The old always did take his share of everything, even things that belonged to me.

"I have everything we need father." He nodded as I set the gas cans down. "Are the bitches ready?" I asked as he stroked Leanna's hair. "I believe so." He replied absently, not even bothering to look at me. Swallowing my anger I knelt down and unscrewed the caps before carrying them to the slaves. They watched in silence as I lifted the cans and doused the mother until the ground beneath them was sodden with gasoline.


I managed to keep still and quiet despite my fear. But here really is something about watching your mother being covered in an extremely flammable liquid that can make a girl desperate and by the end I was shuddering. Mom didn't even seen to notice. Then an idea hit me it was dangerous and if it failed I would likely have a lifetime of pain and suffering to look forward to. But what else could I do? These fucking cunts ripped my family apart! The anger flared so suddenly it caught me off guard and before I knew the plan had been set in motion.

"Mm.... master?" I called out meekly. "I want to prove myself, prove my worth" as I spoke I adjusted my position, spreading my knees to expose my gasoline soaked cunt lips, glistening in the moonlight as while also pushing out my chest, proudly displaying my young firm breasts and hard nipples. "I want to pleasure you both." The sons eyes light up at the idea while Mr Bludger only frowned before finally accepting my offer, perhaps as a final gift to his apparently doomed son. "You may take her Frank, but be quick!"

He was on me before I could blink, his body crashing into me as we fell together, landing in the ash and soil and fuel. The smell of it was everywhere. On my skin, under my nails, even now my head was laying in a puddle of thick gasoline that came up to my ears. Not that Frank cared. He was balls deep in my cunt and thrashing wildly, it was like being fucked by a mad dog. Splashing around on the sodden floor whilst trying to remember the plan, but it was so hard to think with him I inside, trying to rip me in half. Somehow I managed to wrap my legs around his waist, holding him in place for one long moment while leaning forward just a fraction to whisper. "He's going to betray you, he won't receive you. He wants me all for himself." His body stiffened and his faced turned the to stone, the anger in his eyes made me want to disappear but he see the truth on my face. The next thing i remember was a sickening crunch as his head came crashing down to connect with my nose. There wasn't even enough time for pain as I passed out in the sludge.

*Frank Bludger*

The whores face was a bloody mess and all I could see was red. Father was furious but so was I. Removing myself from the slave I turned to him. "You lied to me, you always lie to me! You were going to leave me here, on this FUCKING PLANTATION!" His face never budged an inch, he just looked bored, like a mother waiting for a child's tantrum to pass. That's when I lost it. I flew at him in a fit of rage, my fists were a blur as blow after blow landed on his stupid, smug face.

You'd think pain would no longer tab issue after your dead but since father had possessed a body he would be feeling his fair share of it right about now. Both of his eyes had swollen closed and blood was leaking from everywhere. His host was dying, and without him the recreation would never work. We'd be trapped here forever. But if that's what it took to ruin his plans then it was worth it!

*Henry Bludger*

That useless little ingrate! He was ruining everything! The moral was slipping away and my control over his body was slipping! Determined not fail i forced myself to try and think but the pain I shared with the host was so distracting. Too late, it's happening! The host was dead and I was expelled from his useless corpse. Looking down I saw my son, still punching the face of a man who no longer even looked like me. His entire body had reverted back to his previous state.
Then I saw her, the slave bitch who had betrayed me! She was crawling toward her mother who was raving about something in the direction her late husband's body. She grabbed the older woman and tried to run but in the wet mud it was no use, they were getting nowhere and I had a cunt to punish.


I came to in a world of pain, my face ached and my nose felt as if it had been reduced to nothing more than a splattered mass of nerve endings, all of which were screaming at me. Coming to terms with the pain I looked around to see the younger Bludger on top of the elder, doing his best to beat his father's face into the mud. This was our chance to run but I had to get to mom first. So I crawled the through the sludge on my hands and knees until I reached her. She was gesturing toward the one sided Bludger showdown and screaming like a lunatic as my heart lost another piece of itself.

That's when I felt it, a coldness stretching down my spine that left me feeling paralyzed. A moment later I'd managed to turn and find myself staring at the ghost of Mr Bludger, his face contorted with rage as he flew toward us with a blood curdling scream that drew the attention of his son and my mother. The latter of which had finally stopped raving and flung herself into his path. I screamed for her to stop but it was too late. The two collided with a blinding light before crashing back to the ground as one. Mothers body was still for a moment but then it began to jerk, thrashing and twitching before she stood. Her face was was a horrible mess of disfigured features that ranged from female to masculine and which seemed to be constantly shifting, as if two entities were fighting for control.

*Frank Bludger*

Father's scream of anger roused me from my fit of rage, causing me to look up just in time to see him collide with the elder slave. From there his fate was sealed. Occupying a body takes time, not much but some manipulation must take place, even more so for the opposite gender. The two were fighting it out now. Her mind and body a battle ground, but she had home advantage. The younger slave, the one father convinced me would replace Leanna was rushing toward them, desperate to help her mother. I intercepted and and held her fast, my arm locked around her neck as she struggled. We watched the battle unfold together, our parents fates decided right before us. "This is pathetic." I said aloud while watching my father thrash about in the mud with a slave.

Enough was enough, I couldn't bare to watch any longer, they were both lost to us. "Let us put an end to this now." I told the slave wriggling in my arms before pulling a match from my pocket and lighting it. The flames danced in her eyes as she understood what I planned to do, her thrashing even more insistent but ultimately useless. A flick of my fingers sent the flame flying through the air.


As the tiny bit of fire flew toward the ground all the air left my body. I couldn't speak, could scream, couldn't move. Time seemed to slow and the only thing I could focus on was the pretty little light that was about to kill my mother. Then it a landed. And the world roared back to life amidst a huge rush of wound. The whooshing of flames fanned by the breeze, the crackle of twigs and leaves caught in its wake and of course the screaming.

We were just outside the gasoline soaked area but even so the heat was intense. I felt as though it would consume me. Almost wanted it to. My mother's scream was dying and the arm around my throat seemed to flutter in and out of existence. I pulled away and saw that Bludger's son was smiling, watching the fluttering of his own existence. "Father did say I couldn't survive without him...I guess the old cunt was right."

And then he was gone. Mr Bludger was gone, mother was gone, dad was gone. I sank to my knees, a filthy, bloody, naked mess. Watching the flames rise into the night, illuminating the surrounding area and the house in the background. All alone, with a story nobody would believe. Drained and numb I rose to my feet and walked back to the house. My house.

From there I called the police, I made up a story about two thugs breaking in and taking me before killing my parents. They bought every word, and why wouldn't they they? I guess I'd better get used to living here alone, because grandma certainly isn't going to change her mind.

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