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It was surprisingly easy to get her inside. By inside I mean the building site where I worked. The place was completely empty and the keys were left with me as everyone cleared out early while I finished up. After stopping for break I was on my way back to site when I saw her getting off the bus. Her warm brown hair pulled back in a ponytail that bounced with every step, much like her little skirt which revealed a glorious view of legging covered thigh. A surprising choice given the chilly weather recently.

I walked behind her for a minutes or so before she looked back and gave me a smile over her shoulder. Her features were plain and had very little make up but every inch of her face was perfectly formed, from the delicate cheek bones to the dainty nose and big, beautiful eyes. I returned the smile instantly and upped my pace. Now we were shoulder to shoulder and I could see her ample chest pushing against a thick winter jacket. "Hi gorgeous." I said with a grin, trying to keep it playful. "Hi there grandad." She returned without missing a beat. An obvious dig at my age compared to hers. I took it on the chin and kept going. "Shouldn't you be in school teasing the teachers?" She smiled at that and I knew right then we were going to click. "Oh no, not me mister, I'm a good girl. Are saying I look like a slut?" The sudden switch of her attitude threw me a little and it took a moment for me to compose myself. "Oh no, not at all. You look like an angel...I just hope you're a slut."

I let that hang there, let it sizzle in the cold air. Her skirt caught the breeze and flew up, exposing her legging covered panties to the elements. It was a beautiful sight and I couldn't resist the temptation. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her soft warm arse cheek before squeezing hard. She yelped and bit her lip as I pulled her into a little side street and pulled her against me while my hand continued to maul her flesh. "So...angel or slut?!" I waited for her response, slightly nervous now, hoping I hadn't drastically misjudged the situation. If this go screams rape I'm fucked. I looked down into her eyes, they were wide open, so we're her lips. Then she finally spoke. "I'll be a slut for you." That was all I needed to hear. I turned and pressed her to the cold brick wall before pressing my lips to hers. They opened almost instantly and my tongue wasted no time taking the opportunity to invade her sweet mouth.

We kissed like that for a while, she was getting more and more animated by the second too, going to minimal participation to biting and panting between every urgent exchange. In no time she was grinding her needy cunt against my thigh. "Fuck you're a horny little bitch aren't you?" This made her giggle too. "You got somewhere we can go?" She asked and I replied "Follow me."

We walked at a brisk pace past rows of houses and apartments down a small hill and past the perimeter fence with it's signs and warnings. I unlocked the gate and ushered her in before stopping to watch as she daintily stepped around the debris and equipment, her tiny skirt flapping around the whole time. She looked back at me and jerked her head for me to follow. Once inside the sexual tension had died down a little and her curiosity for all the heavy duty tools had taken over. "What's this?" she asked, sounding young for time. "It's a drill." She rolled her eyes before asking again. "what kind of drill?" Now it was my turn to the roll my eyes. "A fucking big one." Now get your slutty little arse over here!" She didn't though, she gave me cheeky grin and slipped away towards the angle grinder. "Ooo what does this do?" She purred whilst bending over the workbench until her skirt revealed her panties for the hundredth time.

I was quicker this time. Moving into place behind her and pinning the teasing little slut in place. She looked back at me as if she still expected an answer, instead she saw the Stanley knife in my hand, it's razor sharp edge glinting in the low light as her eyes went wide. She trembled slightly as I lowered the blade and let it rest against the fabric of her leggings before delicately dragging the knife upwards where it nearly sliced through the thin material. She whimpered as the blade left a small nick just under left buttock before I switched and repeated on the other leg. Now that they were in tatters my hand had a free run to her panties, red with white polka dots. I caressed her for a moment before yanking them aside and sliding my fingers along her crack to the soaking wet and delightfully smooth pussy that waited for me.

That touch alone made her knees tremble and as I began to rub at the slick folds she began panting and whimpering. She needed it bad, her body was aroused by every slight movement and when I suddenly jammed two fingers deep inside her snatch she yelped and tried to pull away. It was no good though, she was tightly pinned between myself and the bench. "Are you still my little slut?" I demanded as my fingers began to pump her smooth mound, juices leaking down my fingers. Her eyes were closed when she responded. "Yes...yes I'm your slut!" Hearing those words from her lips was the final straw for my cock, hed already been fighting a silent battle in my trousers but now it was time. Wiping my cunt stained fingers on her back before dropping my gear to the floor and immediately placing the tip of my pulsating cock at the sweet, smooth entrance between her soft legs. "Beg me, beg me to fuck your teasing little slut pussy."

She opened her mouth to answer but it was too late, I'd already thrusted forward, already buried myself to the hilt inside her gloriously tight slit. She cried out something unintelligible as I proceeded to give her another thrust, and another and another. God she felt so good and her cried were music to my eyes. It wasn't until til about halfway through that I looked down and saw the blood on my cock and all over the back of her thighs. "Wait...what the fuck, are you a virgin?" I stopped thrusting but my dick was still buried inside her, she looked back at me with tear stained eyes and said. "Just fucking finish ok!" I'll be honest it wasn't easy but as she turned away again and started talking dirty I soon found my desire building. "Do it, pound my tight little teen pussy! Yes you own my cunt!" Fuck it was the hottest thing id ever heard. I started thrusting like never before, slamming myself into her as hard as I could while she kept talking. "I want you to cum inside, I want to to paint my mound with your cum!" Hwr voice sounded desperate now and it drove me over the edge. It happened suddenly, one second I was pounding away, the next I was grunting with pleasure as my cock pumped thick ropes of jizz into the tight little pussy pussy.

A few deep breaths later I pulled out, my sliding down her thigh as cum dripped down onto a pile of sawdust. Without a word she reached down and pulled up her panties and tatters leggins, pulled them right up over her cum stained thighs and walk towards the exit. Just as she reached the door turned and said. "See you tomorrow?" Then she was gone.

I did see her the next day. She told me her name was Summer and that her older sister died a few weeks earlier, some kind of cancer. Before she died her sister confided in Summer that she'd never had sex, she was about to die and she'd never known what it was like. That was when she decided that she'd take the first opportunity she got. Me. And what an experience I gave her.... fuck.

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February 23, 2024
good story

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