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My name is Louise. I'm 38 years old with two kids and no husband. I live in a cosy two bedroom house and I work in a school.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way let me get started on what you really want to hear about. For the last few years I've been indulging my inner slut. Feeding the dirty girl inside me all the cum she'd been missing over the past 20 years of monogamy. These are my experiences. I am posting them here for two reasons. Number one is my hope that it will inspire other women to embrace the inner slut and enjoy as much fucking and sucking as they can. The second reason is knowing a bunch of you pervs to out there might get off on them. Now for the sake of my memory I'm going to keep things in order somewhat, starting from the early days of my divorce up until my current state of erotic liberation.

Ok let me take you back roughly three years ago. I'm quickly getting over my divorce and have been paying more attention to myself. My hair looks amazing and frequent trips to the gym have left my body in the best shape since my teens. As a result the amount of attention I've received had increased tenfold. I get hit on daily and I've lost count of all the times I've been fondled on a packed underground train.

So anyways, one day I'm on the way home from work, it's been a late shift and the usually packed train is almost completely empty. I'm glad for the free seats and the time to relax but I know I'll miss the cheap thrill off having my arse fondled by some pervy stranger. Instead my only company is a very nice young man sitting across from me. He's wearing sports shorts and a tight t shirt that shows of his broad shoulders and beefy arms. After a while I realise I've been staring, lost in a smutty daydream where the this hunk and his big arms are pinning me down and having their way with me.

I force myself to look away, worried he might view me as some desperate cougar. But as the minutes pass I realise he is the one doing the staring. Every 20 seconds his eyes roam my body, as if he were a predator just waiting for opportunity to pounce. Oh how I wish he would. I wish he'd jump me right here and now to give me the fucking I so desperately need. Deciding to give him another look I'm mortified when our eyes meet, he knows I've been looking and he's going to laugh at me. But he didn't laugh, he smiled. He smiled and I melted. I wanted to repay him for that. For making me feel like a woman, god knows it's about time I remembered what it feels like.

And so without thinking, without allowing myself to chicken out, I quickly left my seat and took the one next to him. He was grinning broadly but still hadn't spoke, so I decided to break the ice. "You know I saw you looking me up and down, like I was a piece of meat." He just shrugged and said. "Look I can't help it if you make my cock hard." That was it for me, the minute his words left those gorgeous lips my cunt was dripping wet. He said I'd made him hard! Well I guess I better make sure he's telling the truth. So I did, without another word I slipped my hand into his lap and was delighted to find he was telling the truth. My fingers brushed against a large bulge concealed by only a thin pair of shorts and I presume boxers underneath.

He almost jumped from his seat with surprise and his reaction gave me even more confidence. "Mmmm you are a naughty boy, getting all hard for a woman my age." As I spoke my fingers found their way around his member, gripping it as best as I could through the thin material. "A girl might think your some kind of pervert." I added with a smile as I begun to jerk him up and down. It was a little awkward through his clothes but I felt amazing and he seemed to be enjoying it too as he said. "And they might think you're a dirty slut." For a moment I thought I might be offended, but then I realised I loved that idea, I could shed the good little wife persona and let my inner slut come out.

"You wanna see slutty?!" I asked with a confidence I never knew I had before yanking down his shorts and without hesitation stuffing his thick cock into my mouth. "Holy fuck!" He shouted out suddenly as my mouth enveloped his member. Lips sliding down the shaft as my tongue lapped at every inch it could reach. A voice in my head was screaming for me to stop but another, louder voice demanded that I continue. And so I did, sucking as if my life depended on it. Using all my experience and just as much saliva i gave him the best performance I could manage. From sucking the tip to choking myself down at the base while the hunky guy groaned from pleasure and amazement. The next stop was fast approaching and I didn't want to miss out on some hard earned cum, so I grabbed his hands and placed them on the back of my head, giving him full control and allowing him to fuck my face.

And fuck my face he surely did. Holding me firmly in place the young man's hips bucked rapidly, forcing his shaft deep into my mouth and throat as I fought to breathe. It wasn't long after pounding my mouth that I felt him tense. I knew this was it and he held me down on his dick as it exploded into my mouth. Wad after wad of thick, creamy cum spurting from his tip. I drank it all down as best as I could and licked my lips clean to finish. The next station was rolling into view when I retook my original seat and the sexy, dumbfounded stranger tucked his sloppy cock back into his shorts.

That was the start of something, my inner slut finding her feet. From here things soon escalated and I realised my sexual appetite was huge.

Less than a week later i found myself in a sex shop. While browsing the shelves for a new vibrator, I happened across all kinds of kinky and titillating objects. All of which had left me desperately horny and craving some kind of release. Feeling bold I took one of the largest vibrators I'd found and carried it to the counter. The man smiled as he looked me up and down. "Nice choice." He said knowingly whilst staring at my tits which were pressed tightly against a white blouse with sheer material under intricate white lace. I thought it made me look like a slutty country singer and I loved it.

Once I'd payed and turned to leave a thought hit me and I stopped in mu tracks. Turning slowly and flashing my flirtiest smile before stepping back up to the counter. "Excuse me, but I was wondering if you knew of anywhere a girl could try out her new ummm...toy. his grin stretched from ear to ear as he stepped out from behind the counter and took me by the hand. "We have just what you need hun, follow me." With that I allowed myself to be led through a side exit and into a long narrow hallway with at least ten doors along both sides.

My heart was pounding as we walked and I couldn't believe what I'd gotten myself into. Don't get me wrong I had no intention of backing out but it was still a little bit strange and new. We stopped at around the fifth door on the left hand side. "Here you go miss, we hope you enjoy our product." He then turned , walking back toward the shop while I stood in the doorway of a surprisingly clean cubicle. A little bigger than the public toilet kind. It was all painted black with red upholstery and two identical holes on either side of the bench. Each hole had been finished with leather, studded in place so as to avoid any discomfort to the cocks that might come through. Giddy and slightly nauseous I stepped inside and locked the door behind me.

So outwardly he'd just brought me to test the vibrator but we both knew what was likely to happen. I took a seat on the bench a placed my bag on the floor. I could feel that my panties were already moist and my heart was beating faster than usual. A moment later a TV that was fixed to the wall flicked on and some hardcore porn began to play. I watched for a few minutes as the stars went at it. The poor girl was getting the shafting of a lifetime, her screams filled my ears and dulled my senses as I stared at the screen and failed to notice the thick, veiny cock that had just slid through the gloryhole.

A sharp knock came from the cubicle wall to my right and jolted me back to my senses. That's when I saw it. Standing to attention and so hard I was sure I could see the veins throbbing. I was ecstatic. It was just what I'd wanted, a chance to get some good cock sucking practice and feel like dirty slut while doing it. Reaching out my fingers to stroke the tip, they glided over the shiny purple helmet as the cock twitched with excitement before wrapping them around the base and holding firm. After that there was nothing left to do but get to work. Using my left hand to hold it up while my right caressed his balls and my tongue begun to trace the smooth underside of his gorgeous fuckstick until I reached the tip. I could already hear my mystery man groaning, my moves were a little rusty but still effective it seems.

But now the real work begun. Puckering my lips I gave the tip of his cock a nice long sloppy kiss, his precum mixing with my saliva before my tongue came out to join the party, licking up the delicious mess before plunging downwards and swallowing as much as two thirds of his cock before starting to gag. I held myself there for several seconds, letting him get a good earful of my discomfort, guys love that shit and I wanted this to be memorable. Once I could handle no more I came back up and settled into a more conventional blowjob. Teasing him slowly as I paid his dick all the love and attention one might expect from a dutiful wife or an eager girlfriend.

I was so busy being a good little cocksucker that I didn't even notice that a second dick had slipped through the other hole. Only when it's owner gave a fake cough did I look round to see it hanging there, all hard and impatient. "Cheeky fucker." I thought to myself, it's not enough to get a free blowjob but he can't even wait a few minutes for the privilege. Not that he had to wait that long, the monster in my mouth was about to go off and to hasten his arrival I resumed my loving caress of his balls. Less than three seconds later he came in my mouth, grunting and panting with pleasure. Once he'd emptied the last drop he quickly pulled out and left. Leaving me to my newest customer.

I had a special surprise for this guy. With a mouth full of cum I shuffled over to his cock and stuffed it between my lips, sloppily sucking his veiny sausage while another man's spunk leaked down my face. His reaction was all the evidence I needed that this was a good move. Fuck I loved this! Swallowing the excess jizz as i worked on earning a second helping was just too damn exhilarating! I felt like a goddess, a very sticky one sure, but a goddess all the same. It wasn't long before my newest friend was bucking his hips trying to fuck the incoming jizz into my mouth. He got a few spurts in too, but I pulled off halfway through so that the rest splashed my face. God I must have looked a right mess.

I waited another ten minutes but nobody else showed up. I was a little put out but overall it had been a great experience and I'd definitely be back.

Well, see you soon guys. I've got a few more slutty stories to share with you so be good and send me lots of love and tributes hehe.

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