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Let me tell you a little about my life. I'm a man in my mid twenties living in a small apartment near the centre of town. I live with girlfriend, step son and a cat called Floppy. We don't make much money but it's usually enough for a pretty comfortable life. The only problem is this month we'd be coming up short, and so we took some advice and decide to rent out our bedroom for the week. We placed an ad and soon after received an offer from three students travelling from Canada. The were willing to pay a good price for the room and all seemed like clean respectable guests. We accepted and so our problems were solved right? Well actually no, not so much...

It was the day our guests were due to arrive and I'd just finished moving all our personal belongings and clothes Into the living which by now was looking more than a little cluttered. I was also doing it alone as the combined stress of the last minute booking and her best friends breakdown my better half had decided to go out for drinks. I didn't really mind it was always fun to have time alone for video games and all the shows she didn't like. The only problem was greeting the guests. I am terrible at meeting new people and always seem to fuck everything up. I've always been painfully shy but somehow quite good at hiding it so people just end up thinking im weird. Well it's too late now, they are due to arrive at any minute so i better man up and get on with it.

One hour and two beers later the doorbell rang. I dropped the controller and my heart started to race. On the TV screen my character was getting slaughtered and soon fell in a lifeless lump on the floor. "Seems apt" I said to myself quietly before standing up and heading for the door, giving myself a little pep talk on the way. I grabbed the handle and opened the door quickly, aiming for the rip the bandaid technique. The door swung open and I was greeted by three warm smiles from girls dressed head to toe in cold weather gear "hiya" they all seemed to say in unison as I stood rooted to the spot, too dumbstruck to respond for a moment. At least 2 seconds went by as I took them in. They were all so lovely, I couldn't see much body wise due to the big clothes but each of them were above average pretty and the warmth of their smiles were so endearing. "Yeah errr hi" I finally managed before adding "please, come in"

I held the door open as they filed in and began removing their shoes and setting down their bags. By this time I'd regained some composure and the nerves always die down a little after the initial introduction. So I went on with my pre prepared speech about the facilities and a few simple house rules. Once that was out of the way I showed them to the bedroom and handed over the keys before shaking each of their hands in turn, all of which where of course wonderfully soft. "Well I think that's everything but please feel free to knock on my door if you have any problems or questions." I smiled at each of them and promptly left before I could ruin what turned out to be a surprisingly competent greeting.

Once outside the room I shut the door behind me and heard some giggling but I thought nothing of it. So high was I on my composed performance in front of three pretty girls. The next few hours went by pretty smoothly, I went back to my game and the girls were pretty quiet as they unpacked and talked and listened to music. Then there was a knock at the door and my heart stopped again. I wasn't prepared for another encounter so soon! "Ok calm down , you got this" I told myself before crossing to the door pulling it open. Waiting In the doorway was probably the prettiest of the three girls. She smiled sweetly and had one leg wrapped around the other. "Hey sorry to bother but could we please have the Wi-Fi password?" I somehow managed to take in what she said but it wasn't easy, since They'd arrived she had changed out of the big winter clothes and into a tiny pair of shorts that barely reached her butt and a white vest with no bra! I could see the faint outline of her nipples and my cock began to twitch. "Yesofcourse" I finally managed to say, standing aside to let her in. "The box is by the TV" I added as she walked past, her plump ass cheeks bouncing up and down with each step. My eyes were riveted and my imagination was running wild as I watched this young woman confidently stride through my apartment in only a handful of clothes before reaching the router and bending over to read the password.

Wait a minute bending over to... My eyes had drifted off a little as I thought about her supple body but once she bent over there was no chance of my gaze wandering anywhere else. I watched intently as she leaned forward and her butt cheeks spread in that gorgeous way they do. Showing off not just the cheeks but thighs too. That's when I noticed she wasn't wearing panties! The shorts were very tight and she bent a the way the material shifted to one side and gave me a magnificent view of her perfectly smooth pussy! My cock was throbbing hard now and I realised that if i didn't move soon she'd surely notice. Luckily enough I just had time to sit down and grab the laptop to hide my boner when she turned around. "Okay I got it" she said with yet another adorable smile "sorry for disturbing you." In response I waved my hand "it's no trouble, just don't go using it for porn...." Yeah I actually said that. It sounded cool and funny in my head but I regretted it the second the words left my lips. Time seemed to freeze and in that second I felt like I might die of embarrassment. Luckily her personality matched her smile and she laughed at the joke before saying "fine but I hope that applies to you too, it's only fair after all" then she turned and left the room, leaving me alone with my boner

I got a text from my girlfriend a little while later explaining that she was going to stay over at a friends and I groaned with frustration, realising I might have. to break the no porn rule after all. I was so worked up I'd been waiting for her to come back and help me out but now it's just me and my hand. That's when I heard the girls leave the bedroom. I looked over to the hallway just as they all came out wearing short little dresses and high heels and all looking stunning. They gave me a quick smile and a wave before rushing out the door. "Awesome " I thought to myself as I opened a new tab on the laptop and went to my favourite porn site looking for anything with three girls and one guy. After finding a couple of very hot clips I let my cock free and began to stroke, mentally replacing the actresses faces with those of my guests.

I could have climaxed in less than a minute but I was way too turned on to just let go yet. I wanted to enjoy my fantasy and make it last a little longer. That's when it hit me. They're out! I can sneak into the bedroom and look around. Fuck just the thought of it was a huge turn on and so I slowly closed the laptop and crossed the room to the hallway. Once outside the bedroom door I stopped in my tracks. Staring at the faded paint and dated door handle. "What if they set something up?" I thought to myself, like some kind of wire attached to the handle that would pull over something arranged beforehand. "Don't be so stupid" I said out loud after a moments deliberation, they're tourists not double 00's. I opened the door and stepped inside.

As I entered the room I was struck by a combination of sweet smells. Clean laundry and the various subtle perfumes lingered in the air, enticing me. I closed the door behind me and looked around. The room was pretty much the same. Just a little bit messier. Clothes were strewn everywhere in the wake of preparing for a night out. That's when I spotted them. A pair of cute white panties with stars and coloured dots. I stooped immediately and gathered them up, unsure as to what to do next. I realised I wasn't going to find much more in here, not whitout making my intrusion completely obvious anyway. And so I turned to leave the room, panties in hand and a huge boner throbbing from the excitement. The next thing I remember is my heart jumping up into my mouth and my limbs turning to jelly as a beautiful pair of brown eyes stared at me from the doorway. It was one of my guests! My hands shot down to cover my bulge but were still holding the panties and somehow made me look even more guilty "I errrr...was just going to do your laundry" I managed to stammer out, surprised at my own speed in coming up with an excuse but still knowing she would never buy it. But she did, or at least she pretended too, either of which fucking worked for me!

Her look of shocked judgement melted in an instant and the warm smile I remembered from earlier returned in all it's glory. "Awwww that's so sweet" she said softly, before walking to the bed and taking a seat. As she sat her dress Rose up a few inches and stopped just above mid thigh, showing off gorgeous, thick legs. The kind that were just begging to be wrapped around my neck while I buried my tongue in her cunt. I forced my focus upwards and looked at her face. She was the youngest of the three and very cute. She had a hint of innocence about her look that clashed with the slutty dress but you could always put that down to her friends or low self esteem. "So why're you back so early I asked nonchalantly, trying to regain some dignity while kneeling to grab some more clothes and add a little credence to my lie. "Just not in the mood I guess, wanted a quiet night really" as she said this I saw an opportunity to escape "Well in that case I'll leave you in peace" I stood with what little laundry I bad and made my way to the door as she spoke. "Oh OK...well thanks for being so nice". Her voice was so sweet and she actually sounded disappointed but I all could manage was a nod a small smile before I backed out of the room and closed the door behind me.

An hour later the girls clothes were tumbling around in the washing machine, well minus the panties i decided to keep with me for now. They were in my hand as I sat under a cover while I watching an action movie and fighting the urge to jerk off. Every now and then I would raise them to my nose and inhale the sweet scent. a gorgeous mixture of flowery detergents and that irresistible musk of a hot little pussy. " Fuck I'm so horny!" I whispered out loud but the thought was interrupted by a small tap the door followed by the sound of hinges as it swung open. Looking at me sweetly from the door frame was the same gorgeous smile that caught me in the bedroom. "Hi" she said softly before continuing " hope you don't mind me barging in but I was so lonely in there and I was just wondering.. " less than a second had passed before my response came tumbling out "Of course!" I blurted without thinking it through. But it was hard to stay mad at myself when her smile grew and she rushed over like an excited school girl to hop under the covers next to me. That's when I remembered the panties were still in my hand, just inches from the girls bare thigh.

Oh had I forgot to mention she was only wearing her bra and panties. I'm sorry I must have been distracted for some reason? Anyway here I was next to a nearly naked cutie and holding what could very well be a pair of her stolen panties and sporting a raging hard on tucked between my legs. Within a minute she'd snuggled up against my body as if we were a couple when a million filthy thoughts washed over my mind. I tried to push them away but this girl was like something out of a dream! A few minutes went by without incident as the movie progressed into exploding car territory before she began to get fidgety, squirming against me and lifting her leg over my thigh. My heart was going to explode now, my cock was millimetres away from her soft, smooth leg and the panties still scrunched up in my hand.

"So...I um, didn't catch your name. Mine is Collin." It was a good place to start and anything to relieve the stress was a welcome start. She looked up and I melted. Her lips were so full, her cheeks so soft and her eyes... oh god her eyes. Her mouth opened and she said "It's Chloe, my name's Chloe." It suited her. Then she added. "And thanks for this, nothing beats snuggling up with a hunk and watching a movie." God her voice is even turning me on. Wait did she just say hunk? I didn't get a chance to answer my own question though, she shifted again and this time my cock had nowhere left to hide as her warm, silky smooth thigh brushed right up against my dick, from base to tip until a smear of precum covered her skin. Even that minor contact almost made me moan, but the look on her face and the realisation of what had just happened kept my mouth shut.

Everything was quiet, even the movie seemed to take a break from gunshots and explosions as Chloe slowly lifted the blanket to see my stiff cock and her precum smeared leg. "Ummm did I interrupt something?" She said in a surprisingly playful tone. "Wait was you watching porn? Victoria said you'd made a deal, she's gonna be pissed that you broke it." All I could do was stammer but that just made her smile even more. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone... hey are those my panties?!" I shook my head and tried to sit on my hand but she caught them just in time, yanking the cute undies from my grasp. "Well then, porn and stolen panties. Looks like someone is just a huge pervert!" Her tone was still playful and I knew she was teasing me but parts of my brain hadn't caught up and so I made no response but to stare like a moron.

Still smiling, Chloe leaned closer, her thigh now rubbing insistently against my cock as she whispered in my ear. "I kinda like perverts, they make wet." Holy shit, she was serious! My cock couldn't stop throbbing and there was no thought of my girlfriend for a million miles. All I could imagine was fucking this incredibly hot and surprisingly easy chick. I reached out with a shakey hand to caress the small of her back when she said. "Put the porn back on." Stunned and shocked I did as she said and pulled up my favourite video. A hot young chick getting a rough fucking from an older guy. We both watched and listened as the couple fucked like..well pornstars.

Chloe's breathing was getting louder, her sweetly curved chest rising and falling with each excited intake of oxygen. In response her satin smooth thigh was grinding on my cock with ever growing intensity. It was too good to contemplate, I mean how can one girl do with her thigh what others struggle to manage with every inch of their bodies. Fuck it was so erotic! I had to stop her before she made me cum, and so I acted quickly. Grabbing her leg and pushing it away, the urgency I felt causing me to be far more forceful than I anticipated and resulting in her falling off the couch. She landed in a gorgeous mess on the rug before looking up at me with eyes of smouldering lust. "That's how you like to treat your women huh?" She said in a sultry voice whilst moving to her knees. "Your girlfriend's a lucky lady."

Those words hit a nerve and pushed me over the edge. "Don't talk about her!" I demanded. "And get your fucking underwear off now!" She did as I said without complaint, her eyes focused on me as she slid down her panties to reveal a perfectly smooth pussy that she must have waxed that morning. Her immediate compliance invigorated my body with a sense of power that I'd never experienced before, it surged through me and left my body pumped. My cock even felt bigger as the adrenaline did it's job. "Mention her again and I'll make you regret it, understand me?" She nodded in response. "Now crawl over here and suck my cock."

And boy oh boy did she ever do that. This girl was like a cock craving lunatic. She swallowed and bobbed. Slurped and choked on my dick and not once did I have to help or urge her on. The pleasure had even managed to numb my anger, I was more or less my usual self again. And I think she could tell too. But that didn't stop Chloe from doing her job. Every now and then she'd slip my dick from her mouth and slap herself across the face with it. "Mmm I love dick all over my face." She said finally as my meat hit her cheek. That's when we heard the outer door opening, which meant my girlfriend could be back. I pulled Chloe off by her hair and pushed her out of the room before she could say another word and tossed her clothes under the couch before grabbing my shirts and trying to act natural. I even managed to shut the porn off before my girlfriend came in.

The funny thing is that despite what I'd done I felt no guilt, instead I was angry. I was actually angry at my girlfriend for interrupting. I watched her as she stumbled around the kitchen looking for a glass. She was pretty drunk and her dress was riding high on her thick creamy legs. I decided that someone was getting fucked tonight no matter what. Standing up and crossing the room I pressed myself into her. "Babe, you look so fucking hot, I need you right now." I growled into her ear while reaching under her dress and stuffing my hand in panties. She giggled and said that she was tired. "I don't care, you're my little slut and I'm taking what's mine!" She made a shocked little squeal but her pussy was already moistening. "What about the guests?." She asked a moment later while my fingers were exploring her cunt. "Only ones home, besides I don't care who hears you screaming tonight." And with that I pinched her clit, causing her to groan like a wild animal. "Mmmm that's it my little slut. Now get on all fours so I can fuck you like a dog."

It was hard to believe the words coming from my lips, it was even harder to believe how much well they worked. My usually independent and empowered girlfriend was like submissive putty in my hands. In less than two seconds she was on the floor with her tongue hanging out and panting like a bitch in heat. I dropped to my knees behind her and ripped the underwear away before bunching the dress around her waist. My cock was pounding with the excitement and rushing blood, I let it graze over her snatch as I grabbed a fistfull of hair and made her look back at me. Just then, right when our eyes met I sunk inside, gliding into my girlfriend's glistening cunt as she moaned like a whore.

God it felt good to take what I wanted. To decide on a whim that her body would be mine. Every stroke of my dick in her soaking pussy was exquisite pleasure and the tighter I pulled her hair the more she begged me to fuck her. That's when I looked up and noticed that the living room door was part way open and Chloe was kneeling there with her fingers strumming at the smooth lips of her bald pussy while she watches us fucking. I stared into her eyes as I fucked my girlfriend and smiled wickedly. I wondered how far I could push my girlfriend's submissive side before she snapped out of it. Caution was losing the battle. "Babe, I've been thinking." I said between thrusts. "We need to spice things up. Like with a threesome."

I pulled my cock from her cunt and dragged her around to slurp on my dick while I kept talking. "What do you think babe?" Then with a hand full of hair i pulled her off my cock. "Sure babe....I guess." Was her meek reply. "Good because one of those sluts in the spare room tried to seduce me earlier and I think we should punish her a bit." I looked over at Chloe once more, knowing that I would have her after all. "Get in here Chloe." And she did, just like that she rushed inside and knelt down next to us. My girlfriend stared at her, no doubt unhappy about just how pretty she was. I mean if youre going to share your boyfriend you at at least want to be the prettiest of the two girls. But this wasnt up to her. "Now Chloe, for being such a slut and trying to seduce me I want you to my girlfriend's cunt. Spread your legs for her babe." Both girls did as instructed and I was now watching my girlfriend on her back while a young hottie ate her cunt. I drank it in for a while before kneeling down behind Chloe. Her curves were wonderful and her arse was so damn inviting. I had to have it.

And so while Chloe was busy eating pussy I lubed my dick up with spit and without warning forced it into her backdoor. Screaming with pain she tried to pull away from my girlfriend's cunt but she wasn't having any of it. She grabbed Chloe by the hair and forced her back to work. It was a fantastic sight to witness and made all the better for the fact that my lucky cock was currently destroying her butthole. I'd picked up the pace and was relentlessly hammering away to wails of pleasure and sobs of pain. It was the best feeling of my life and I'd just bottomed out and spewed my load into Chloe's arse when the door behind us flew open. I withdrew suddenly and a wave off cum soon followed, splashing onto the wooden flooring as I looked up at Chloe's friends.

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