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Continued from part 1, you should have read part 1 first.

It’s going to be a little while, maybe a half hour at least.” I admitted.

“But you’re still hard. I can feel it inside me. Can’t we just go again?”

“It doesn’t work that way. I’m not eighteen anymore. We’ll have to wait a little while for me to recover. We can sit here and talk if you want.”

“First I want to taste your cum.” Michelle slipped her hand between her legs and rubbed at her pussy. “Oh damn! It’s leaking out.” She rubbed her fingers in the cum, dribbling around my cock then put them in her mouth and sucked. “Yummy!”

She slipped her hand back onto her cunt and lifted herself off my cock. She cupped her hand and caught the cum, that gushed out and let my cock flop against my belly. I watched while she scooped her fingers along her pussy lips to retrieve as much of our cum as possible and brought her hand to her mouth. “You taste so good.”

She looked at my cock and dropped off the couch and swallowed me in one gulp. I could feel her tongue rolling me around and getting all the juice off. When she had enough she slipped her lips off my cock and held it to see if she’d missed any. It looked clean to me. And, due to her attention, I was still at least half erect. “Would you get hard faster if I held it in my mouth for you?” She grinned.

“No. Not really. You’ll just have to give me a little recovery time.”

She reached back between her legs for another taste and found some. She brought her hand to her face. Then she grinned at me and held out her fingers. “Want some?”

“Not now, thank you.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing.” And her fingers went in her mouth. “You really should try some. You’re delicious you know.”

“I have tried some and it’s okay, but not my favourite flavour.”

“Well what is your favourite flavour then?”

“I prefer the taste of a clean young pussy to anything else.”

Michelle blushed. “Oh. I should have known.”

“That’s okay, I’d never told you and you hadn’t asked before.” I reassured her. “Why don’t you climb up here with me and we can talk a while.”

Michelle smiled and jumped back up on the couch, straddling my hips and rubbing her lovely breasts on my chest. She threw her arms around my neck and put her face next to mine. “Okay, what did you want to talk about?”

“How about a lack of discipline in a certain young lady?”

“Do you want to discipline me? I read about that on the internet. Sometimes they talk about bondage too. Are we going to do that? Are you going to tie me up and discipline me? I think I might like that.”

“I’m almost afraid you might.” I admitted.

“I could be your sex slave. I’d be there whenever you wanted sex, all you’d have to do is just put your wonderful cock inside me. Anytime, anywhere. I’d be yours to use all the time. And if I’m bad you can spank me. Even tie me up if you want. Tie me up and spank me. That would be pretty fun. Don’t you think?”

“Do you have any idea what a sex slave really is?”

“Well.” Michelle paused for a moment. “Not really. But it sounds all neat and sexy and lots of sex for both of us. I really do want to be your sex slave. Can I? Hmm?” At this last she wiggled her crotch against my cock. Of course he responded.

“Being a sex slave is a lot more than just the sex parts. As a slave you’d be obligated to serve me, and not just sexually. Your body wouldn’t be your own it would be mine. Mine to use and mine to command. I might want you to service others besides just me. I might tell you to have sex with my friends, male or female. I might deny you sex if you disobey me. I might beat you if you disobey me. What would you think of that?”

Michelle sat quietly and considered for a long minute. “I still want to be your sex slave.”

“Al right then, let’s go to the computer and we’ll draw up a “Sex Slave Contract”. We’ll call it “The Rules” and that will describe what you’ll do as my sex slave, and what I’ll do for you in return. We’ll describe how you’ll behave, and how I’ll punish you if you misbehave. If you think you really want to do that you can sign it and I’ll sign it and you can move in here next month when you graduate and you’ll be my little sex slave. But first you need to think seriously about what we write here.”


I sat in my office chair at the computer and started typing out “The Rules”. Michelle climbed into my lap and did her best to tease and distract me. I was able to ignore her enough to set out what we both decided were fair and equitable rules for her as my sex slave. I honestly didn’t think she’d accept it after thinking it over, but if she wanted to, I could use her. Besides, she wanted to learn my trade from me; she would be able to be my assistant by day and my slave by night, or something like that.

When we finished I printed a copy. “Now, I’m going to lay this in the kitchen and I want you to think it over seriously for the next several days. I’ve already agreed to train you as my assistant, so this is above and beyond that, but the rules will apply whether you’re my assistant or not, if you agree to them. I don’t want you to take this lightly, you can’t move in until you graduate anyway. So read them several times and make a reasoned and informed decision.”

“But I don’t need to think it over.” She took the pages from me to read them quickly.

“Yes. You do need to think it over. Read what it says there. Your body will belong to me. You’ll almost always be naked when you’re here, regardless of whom else is here. If you bring friends over they’ll have to be naked with you. While I will still train you as my assistant you’ll also be a sex slave until you decide to end this contract. Be sure this is what you want. I won’t be your only sexual partner, and you may not always want who I determine gets to use you. Take some time to be sure you want this.”

Michele sat there on my lap and read through what we’d written together. She absently stroked me as she read. I stroked her as well; careful to avoid anything that could be construed as a sexual touch. Even with her naked on my naked lap. After reading all the pages she looked at me very seriously. “I really don’t have to think about this. I really do want to do it. Are you going to make me wait?”

“I’m telling you that you should wait. This isn’t something you should do sitting here naked on my lap just after we’ve had sex for the first time.” I stopped and turned her head so she could look at me. “I’m older than your father. You’ve asked for a contract, that although it probably isn’t enforceable in court, it still means something between us. I’m not asking you to be my wife, and I probably never will. You asked to be my sex slave, and this is a sex slave contract.”

“I’m still sure I want this.”

“No. Not yet. I want you to go lay this on the kitchen counter, then I want you to come back and hang your clothes in the hall closet as though you had agreed. I want you to put your shoes away too. Then I want you to come back here, because there are a couple of things you need to see before you decide to sign that contract.”

“Okay. But I’ll still be sure.”

“Not until you’ve seen what I have to show you.”

While Michelle went to do as I’d directed I got the keys to two places in my house that she’d never seen. The first was a locked cabinet in my bedroom, the second a disguised door to a room that I used for very special guests. If Michelle signed the contract she’d be seeing a lot of those places.

When she came back I ordered her to her knees in front of me. “I am about to show you things in my house that you’ve never seen before, and you’ve spent a lot of time here. There is much about me you do not know, that my daughter doesn’t know, and I intend to keep her from knowing. These are things that are important to your decision, because if you decide to sign that contract you will see a lot of these places, and they may frighten you. They should frighten you. They are part of a very dark side of me that you know nothing about, but which will be a major part of your life while you’re here as my slave. Do you understand?”

“I think so.”

“Good. Stand up and put your hands behind you.” She did and I clicked handcuffs onto her wrists. I explained, “Handcuffs have two important uses to me. First, they restrain your freedom by making you a prisoner. Second, and what I like even more, is that.” I paused to tweak her nipples. “Their use behind your back thrusts your breasts up and out which makes them much more accessible for nipple play.”

I led her to the bedroom and had her stand in front of the chest. “I know you’ve seen this chest and noticed that the bottom section is locked, and almost appears to not open.”

“Yes. Master.”

“Here’s the key.” I held it up. “And here’s why it’s kept secured.” I inserted the key, twisted it, and the door fell open and the panel slid out. Arrayed inside were a wide assortment of ropes, paddles, straps, and a multitude of other sexually suggestive toys for use in bondage and discipline scenarios.

“Do you understand what’s in here?”

“I’m not sure. It looks like stuff you’d use to tie someone up; I see paddles and whips too. I suppose you’d use these to tie someone up and beat them?”

“That’s true. In part anyway.” I turned toward the bathroom and pointed. “Have you ever wondered why I have two fairly massive pillars flanking the entry to the master bath?”

“I just thought you liked the way it looked.”

“Oh, I do. But I particularly like the way it looks with a beautiful young woman tied spread-eagled between the pillars. You’ll notice the heavy collars near the top and bottom of the pillars? A rope tied above and below those rings cannot slip down or be forced up. Once you’re tied between those pillars you are suspended there until I untie you.”

I picked up a remote control out of the corner. I pushed the buttons in succession and lowered the rings from the ceiling in several locations. I adjusted the lighting and turned on some music. “You’ll notice that the rings and the cables they are suspended from are very heavy. The motors which raise and lower them are correspondingly heavy duty. I won’t show you today, but there are correspondingly heavy rings set in special places in the floor. Any one of these rings and cables will hold far more than my weight and any one of the motors will lift you to the ceiling, in any position I should choose. If I were to decide to hang you by your feet, tie your hands to the floor and lift you up and spend hours devouring your pussy. I could do that and you’d be completely helpless.”

Michelle’s eyes widened and she squirmed a little. I continued, “Or I could tie you like that, take one of these paddles and beat you until you begged me to stop.”

“I’m not sure about that.” Michelle was clearly uncomfortable now. “Would you really do that?”

“Only if necessary.” I assured her.

“Why would it be necessary?”

“If my sex slave broke the Rules badly. That might force me to do something like that.”

A look of comprehension came over Michelle’s face. “Oh. That would be Punishment. Right?”

“Yes. That would be punishment.” I started for the door. “Now, there’s one more thing you must see.”

I opened the door and stepped out onto the landing. There was of course minimal lighting, but I knew that Michelle could see the hoist in its holder on the wall. The view into the room below was deliberately limited and shadowed from here. The metal steps gave the place an eerie and cold feeling, intentionally. I smiled at remembered screams in this place. Michelle stepped forward onto the landing and I closed the door.

“You will notice the sound in here? This wall behind you is sound-proofed. Nothing that goes on in this room can be heard from anywhere else, even in the house, unless that door is left open.” I explained. “Let’s go down there.”

I took Michelle’s arm and helped her down the steps. She looked at the chain running to the landing. “What’s the chain and hooks for?”

“Someone may be tied up upstairs and I want them down here. I can hook them up and lower them into this room.”

We reached the foot of the steps and I turned on all the lights. The devices and playthings I kept here jumped out in harsh relief. The main lighting in this room was overly bright and harsh for a reason. Michelle staggered back a step.

I looked at her and saw a mixture of fear, question, and excitement. I knew she didn’t understand much of what she was seeing, but the cross frame on the floor in the centre of the room, the chains, hooks, rings, ropes, and other unnamed devices hanging from the walls and ceiling must be almost self-explanatory. She turned and looked at me. “This almost looks like a torture chamber.”

“It almost is a torture chamber.” I agreed. “You see, Michelle, I happen to enjoy inflicting pain on people. It gives me sexual pleasure. That’s called “Sadism”. I have some friends who get sexual pleasure from being hurt. That’s called “Masochism”. I also have a couple of sadist friends, who don’t have access to a place like this, and sometimes they come here and share their pets, and I let them share my play room. Everyone benefits, and I happen to have the time and money to indulge my peculiar pleasures.”

“But what does this have to do with what we were talking about?”

“Ah, Michelle.” I shook my head. “You recall that I wrote a difference between Discipline and Punishment?”

I watched while she swallowed hard and nodded. “No honey, say it out loud. Say you recall that there is a difference.”

“Yes. Master. I recall a difference between Discipline and Punishment in the rules.”

I smiled. “Good girl. This room is where you’ll usually be brought for punishment. Here you can scream and cry and beg all you want, all that you’ll do is excite me.” I knew I was leering, but I couldn’t help it. The thought of bringing Michelle down here and inflicting pain upon her naked body was exciting me. I knew if she looked she’d see my erection throbbing at just the thought. “Would you like to look more closely?”

Michelle nodded and walked around the room, looking at what hung there. Some things were obvious, a few would need use to explain fully. She made a circuit of the walls then walked to the one pillar in the near centre of the room. It was rough finished but made of synthetic concrete so it gave no one splinters. An assortment or rings and hooks gave an almost endless array of attachments. Finally she walked over to the cross. She backed up to it after looking closely.

Michelle looked at me, and some of the fear had been replaced with excitement. “I assume you tie someone to this with their hands and feet on the arms.” She spread her legs open but couldn’t reach the ends of the cross legs on the floor. “Something like this?”

‘Something like that, yes.” I acknowledged. I could see her pussy glistening with fresh moisture. “That device has many uses and has seen many bodies.”

She looked at me and finally noticed my erection. “Happy memories or thinking of me being down here?” She grinned.

“In all honesty, both.” I admitted.

“But only if I sign the contract? Right?”

“There is little chance you will ever see the inside of this room again, unless you sign the contract. Yes.”

Michelle looked thoughtful. “I assume you won’t demonstrate some of the uses today?”

“No. Not today.”

She looked at me again then walked over to me. She leaned against me and pressed my throbbing cock between our bodies. She kissed me gently and tenderly, and then looked into my eyes. “Then let’s go back upstairs and put that to good use.”

She swayed up the steps as I watched and turned off the lights. There was a confidence in her step, even with her hands cuffed behind her back. I was certain Michelle had made a decision. That sweet little ass announced it as clearly as if she spoken out loud.

She had to wait on the landing at the top of the steps, of course. I stepped up behind her and she positioned herself so that my cock rested in her hands. I reached around her and opened the door; she held me and led me into the bedroom. I stopped and locked the door. “Where do you keep the keys?” She asked.

“You don’t need to know that. At least not for quite some time, yet.”

“Can I have you again?” She whined. “I made you hard, I’d like to use it again.”

“Yes, but we’re going to try a little discipline first.” I grabbed two lengths of rope from the cabinet. “Step over to the pillar and turn your back to it.”

Michelle smiled and walked over to the bathroom pillar and leaned back against it. “Slide out a half step.” I ordered. I secured the first rope through the handcuff chain and tied it securely to the pillar. “Now step back against the pillar and stand on your toes.”

When she was positioned the way I wanted her I put a loop of the rope around her throat and tied it off above her head. When I was finished I stepped back and admired her tight body stretched against the pillar. “Now, you cannot leave your toes without choking yourself. That is a part of discipline. I’m going to go put the keys away, I’m going to leave you there for a period of time, long enough to be uncomfortable, but not long enough to risk harm to you. But I will judge the (continued in part 3)

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