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Continued from part 2

"But I will judge the time" I said.

I slipped my hand between her legs and felt the wetness there. I rubbed for a moment then put my fingers in her mouth. “Contemplate on discipline until I return.”

I took ten minutes, not only to put the keys away, but to insure that Michelle had sufficient time for discomfort, although not enough to risk any harm. I checked on her several times, quietly, so that she wouldn’t know. I reentered the bedroom and went to her. “Have you considered discipline?”

She squeaked out, “Yes.”

I untied the rope around her throat and she sagged against the pillar. “Tell me what you’ve learned.”

Michelle swallowed hard. “Discipline starts with self. It’s all really self-discipline in the end. You do what needs done and make yourself do it, no matter how hard it seems.”

“That’s very good. You’ll be good at self-discipline, which means very little discipline will need to be applied from the outside.” I untied and uncuffed her hands, scooped her up in my arms and carried her to the bed. I lay her down gently and started massaging the knots in her legs.

“All discipline really comes from within, Michelle. Although some people like to believe you can create discipline through force, or orders, or laws, it really has to come from within the individual. Self-discipline is where all discipline truly starts. You stood there, tied to the pillar, without question or complaint, because I told you to, but even more, because you wanted to please me. Right?”

“Yes, I knew it was what you wanted me to do.”

“And you were correct. And you stayed still until I returned, holding yourself up, even when your legs felt that they couldn’t hold your weight because you wanted to show that you would wait for me.”


I climbed on the bed between her legs and put my face close to her sweet pussy. “Now I’m going to reward your self-discipline.” And I started licking and sucking her. I spent the next two hours making love to Michelle as gently and tenderly as I knew how. I withheld my own pleasure until I was certain that she was fully satisfied. By the time I sheathed myself back inside her sweet tight young pussy she had cum several times. I fucked her slowly and gently at first, letting her enjoy the sensations as I did, riding her through even more orgasms. When I was sure she was fully satisfied I rode her hard and fast, pounding her pussy with my cock, and finally driving myself deep against the opening of her womb, where I emptied my balls with the strongest and most satisfying orgasm I’d had in years. We both collapsed and panted against each other, grinning. When I finished and we’d caught our breath again, I lay down next to her and held her close. She cuddled against me and promptly fell asleep.

I held her gently and watched while she slept. She looked even younger asleep. It was hard to believe someone so young and so beautiful wanted to be naked with me, wanted to be a sexual partner for me. I studied at the swell of her firm breasts, the rise of her little belly, the curve of her hips and the roundness of her firm ass, and felt myself a very fortunate man. I knew she would still accept the job as my assistant and learn my craft while she attended school to get the requisite degrees. We’d talked about that for months, and her parents approved of the arrangements we’d made.

I wasn’t sure she’d accept the contract we’d prepared, but to be honest, after this day, I was hopeful. She woke up slowly, stretched and smiled at me. “That was so wonderful. I’m sorry I fell asleep.”

“You had a big day, you needed the rest.”

“Thank you.” She smiled and looked at the clock. “I need to get showered and get home.”

“I know, I was just thinking I should wake you. Would you like something to eat before you go? I can throw something together while you shower.”

“I hoped you’d shower with me.”

“No. That would make you later than you’ll be now. What would you like to eat?”

Michelle glanced down and grinned.

“No. That’s not on the menu. Next choice.”

After she finally decided and got showered, ate quickly and went home, I reviewed the Contract we’d written. Satisfied, I left it on the counter. Two days later Michelle stopped by after school, stripped her clothes off at the door and hung then in the closet. She stuck her head in my office door and asked me to follow her. She took me to the kitchen, picked up the contract and said, “I’ve decided.” And signed her name. She slid the contract along the counter to me and I signed mine next to hers.

Two weeks later, just three days after her high school graduation, she moved in. Her parents helped unload the truck and stack her things neatly in what had been a spare suite in the house. When the last box was stacked her father turned to me and stuck out his hand. I shook it and he said, “Thanks for giving Michelle the chance to learn from you. We’ve had so much trouble controlling her. You’re a responsible, respectable man and I know you’ll take good care of our daughter.”

“Thank you sir. I’ll do the best I can.”

Michelle and I stood next to each other and waved while her parents drove away. As they got out of sight I looked at her. “They have no idea, do they?”

“Not a clue.” She said as she bounced in the front door. She stopped there with the door open and stripped off her clothes and hung them in the closet. She turned to me, naked, and said, “I’m ready for my first lesson, Master.”  

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