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These are the "Rules" I thought up that go with the "Michelle" Series. They may be handy as the series develops.
The Rules:

Rights of the Master:
1. The Master owns all rights to the use of the body of the “Slave” for whatever purposes he chooses.
2. The Master will always be addressed as “Master” or “Sir” except when specific permission is given otherwise.
3. The Master may, at his exclusive discretion, share the body of the Slave with whomsoever he chooses.
4. The Master retains the exclusive right to discipline the Slave for violations of the rules.
5. The Master shall set the Rules for Discipline and Punishment and enforce them strictly.
6. The Master may cede the right to administer Discipline to others, when the conduct of the Slave causes distress to such others.
7. The Master shall select the clothing and mode of dress for the Slave for any and all occasions when Master and Slave are in public together.
8. The Master shall retain the Right of final approval for all permanent (Tattoos) or semi-permanent (Piercings) modifications to the Body of the Slave.
9. The Master shall always be invited to view any sexual activities of the Slave, whether alone or involving others, preferably in person, or by such recorded media as the Master sees fit to use or order.
10. The Master may Cancel this Contract at any time for Willful, Repeated, or Deliberate Violations of the Rules by the Slave, by Serving Notice of Such Cancellation to the Slave.

Restrictions upon the Master:

1. The Master shall not discipline the Slave, nor allow others to Discipline the Slave, for the sole purpose of inflicting pain upon the Slave, nor for the sole purpose of providing pleasure to the one administering Discipline.
2. The Master may not discipline the Slave in anger. However, the Master may elect to bind the Slave for Discipline or Punishment in preparation for such.
3. The Master may not change the Rules for conduct or Discipline without due notice to the Slave.
4. The Master shall endeavour to insure the sexual satisfaction and release of the Slave, unless a lack of relief is specified as a condition of Discipline or Punishment.

Responsibilities of the Master:

1. The Master shall provide all funds necessary for the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual health and well-being of the Slave.
2. The Master shall encourage the Slave in pursuit of greater educational and physical fitness.
3. The Master shall protect and defend the Health and Well-being of the Slave from harm by others.

Rights of the Slave:

1. The Slave has the Right to cancel this Contract upon Notice to Master. All Rights of the Slave and Responsibilities of the Master cease upon acceptance of such Notice.
2. The Slave has the Right to protest Violations of the Responsibilities of, or Restrictions Upon the Master as listed.

Responsibilities of the Slave:

1. The Slave shall remain unclothed at all times when within the House, and all portions of the property not subject to Public view from without, unless directed by the Master for Specific and Limited occasions. Except that, during times of Menstruation, when the potential is high for flow to produce leakage and spotting of furniture and carpets within the House, Slave is permitted and encouraged to wear a pair of Thong Panties, as previously selected by the Master. The wearing of Jewelry by the Slave is permitted and encouraged at all times, and is not considered to be clothing. The wearing of shoes is permitted when necessary by conditions, or by specific request.
2. The Slave shall remove all dark hair from all portions of her body, except her head, by the means of her choice or the Master’s direction, and keep it completely removed at all times.
3. The Slave shall at all times and in all circumstances, keep herself in a state of readiness for the sexual satisfaction of the Master, or others as He may so designate, in any way he or they so choose.
4. The Slave is only permitted to speak with permission, or when directly questioned by Master or Others so designated, and shall at all times conduct herself in a manner respectful and courteous.
5. The Slave shall willingly submit herself to Punishment or Discipline as specified in “The Rules for Punishment and Discipline”, as directed by Master, without complaint or argument.
6. The Slave is permitted and encouraged to bring Friends and Others to visit, for such activities as they both shall desire, so long as they are aware and advised of the relationship of Master and Slave, and are fully prepared and directed to adhere to Rules 1 through 5 above.
7. The Slave may be Disciplined by the Master when such Friends or Visitors violate the Rules of Conduct, having been advised of them by the Slave. The Slave MAY NOT be Punished for such violations, however, if, for such violations of the Rules which would normally result in Punishment for the Slave, Friends and Visitors may elect to be removed from the Master’s Property and be forever banished from such. When Friends or Visitors of the Slave cause this clause to be invoked, they shall be required to witness the Discipline or Punishment, unless they agree to be Banished.
8. The Slave must always notify the Master when she elects to participate in any sexual activity, whether alone or with others, and invite him to view such activity in person, or remotely, and/or record such activity for later viewing. If Master is not present, slave shall obtain permission and record all such activities.
9. Except as noted in the exception to Rule Number 1, the Slave is never permitted to wear bras and panties of any sort within the House or the Property, and is only permitted to wear them in public, at any time, when, by agreement and Permission of Master, it is concluded that such lack of garments would cause disruption of the decorum of the event or location outside the House.
10. The Slave shall willingly and cheerfully perform all Other non-sexual tasks set forth by Master.
11. The Slave shall maintain a high degree of fitness, by using the facilities provided within the House and Property. The Slave is not permitted to wear clothing while weight training, however, the minimum required properly supportive clothing is permitted during aerobic exercise.

The Rules for Discipline and Punishment:

1. Discipline shall be administered by the Master for violations of the Rules as noted above to encourage Self-Discipline on the part of the Slave.
2. Discipline shall always be restricted to a specified stroke count of the selected Instrument.
3. Punishment shall be administered for repeated or willful violations of the Rules.
4. Punishment may be delivered with a paddle, crop, or whip at the discretion of the Master. Punishment will be administered until Master is satisfied that the necessary lesson has been properly reinforced.
5. Discipline and Punishment shall ALWAYS be administered while Slave is Bound.
6. Binding during Discipline is to prevent Slave from moving and potentially being injured during administration of Discipline. Binding shall also be done to assist the Slave in mentally focusing upon the purpose and necessity of such Discipline.
7. Binding during Punishment shall be done to aid the Slave in focusing mentally on the necessity of Punishment, and to increase the level of mental discomfort, to better influence the understanding of the necessity of what is being administered.
8. Binding shall be done with regard to the desires of Master, and the needs of the Slave.
9. Binding shall be done with any combination of devices, belts, ropes, hooks, and other items as Master deems necessary.
10. Discipline shall always be received by the Slave in silence. Silence may be enforced by the use of a gag, should Slave be unable to exercise proper self restraint while receiving Discipline. The Necessity of a gag shall invoke the addition of Discipline strokes for the Slave’s Lack of Self-Control.
11. Slave is permitted to make whatever noise, except speech, is required or desired while receiving Punishment. Slave will never be gagged during punishment, the purpose being to confirm that sufficient pain is inflicted to reinforce the lessons necessitating the infliction of Punishment

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