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Michelle Part 3 Training Day 1 (continued from part 2)
Introduction: I start Michelle's training with some things to think about.

Training Michelle – Day 1

Once her parents had left Michelle with me she went inside and immediately stripped as her slave contract required. We hadn’t had much time together with all the activities around her high school graduation, so I hadn’t seen her naked in two weeks, and it took me a long minute to just stand and admire her beautiful young body.

“Well, what are we going to do first?” She asked. She tried to be innocent, but there was an edge of lust in her voice.

“We’re not going to do anything. You are going to go to your rooms, unpack your stuff and put away everything that’s not clothes. Your clothes you are going to sort on your bed by type, slacks, skirts, dresses, jeans, and the rest. When you finish you will shower and make sure you are ready for me. Then you’ll come up here and let me know and we’ll go through your clothes to see what you keep, what we pitch, and what we need for you to buy.”

Michelle had stepped up close to me, and was clearly disappointed. She gave a little pout and asked, “Are you sure that’s what you want?” She reached up for the buttons on my shirt.

I grabbed her hands and held them away from me. “Yes, very sure, we need to sort your clothes and make some decisions, and you need to start practicing self-control. I told you before, this is about much more than sex. Any more argument and there’s a good chance you won’t enjoy the result.”

Michelle turned away and headed to her rooms. I knew she’d be busy for a while and I had some work to finish anyway. She would be a tremendous asset in my work, and a delightful slave when we weren’t working, but there were going to be some discipline issues to settle. I turned on the monitors in Michelle’s rooms while I worked and watched her unpack her possessions. She was fairly efficient at it; she simply opened each box, set it in the appropriate room, and decided where everything should go. Several boxes went to her bathroom, as I expected. A couple of large boxes contained shoes, which she first put away in the closet, then pulled back out and aligned next to the bed, an impressive and correct decision.

She emptied a few more boxes onto her dresser and chests and then started sorting her clothes. By this time I had completed the projects I needed to and went and showered myself. I dressed simply and casually, Michelle needed to become accustomed to being the only one naked. By the time I came back Michelle was in the shower. I watched while she prepared herself carefully in the hope of convincing me that I needed to have sex with her tonight. I smiled at the thought that she could control me. When she finished she went back into the bedroom and checked through the piles of clothes on the bed, obviously confirming that she’d sorted them properly. I watched as she turned and came upstairs and shut off the monitors.

“Rich? Master, I’m ready for you to go through my clothes with me.” She said from the doorway.

“Very good, Then let’s go see what you have and what you need.” Michelle had already sorted her panties by those which met the requirements of the contract and those which didn’t. I looked at the piles, the larger by far she could keep. I looked through the other pile and found a couple of pairs which I felt would be attractive for special occasions and added them to the pile to keep of thongs and G-strings. “Okay, these you can put away. This pile goes.”

Michelle simply scooped up one pile and put it in a drawer, the other she dropped in the trash. I started on the pile of bras. There seemed to be a small number of styles with a range of colours and patterns in each. I looked them over and dismissed the majority. “These are attractive and you can keep them for special occasions.” I indicated the smaller pile. “These go.” I pointed to the much larger pile. “You’re going to need something for support when you work out, none of these are adequate.” I cupped her breasts in my hands. “And you don’t want these lovely mounds to sag and flop sooner than absolutely necessary.” I flicked her nipples and she moaned appreciatively. I removed my hands and indicated the piles again.

“Yes sir.” She put the piles in the appropriate places. We went through all her clothes in a similar fashion. Most of her clothes were casual, and would do for casual wear, but she had entered a new world, and she’d dress far less casually when she dressed at all from now on. Some of her skirts and blouses were acceptable and a couple of her dresses, there weren’t many dresses. She had more than twenty pairs of jeans, I made her choose half. much the same with t-shirts. She had no nice lingerie at all. When we were finished we had a large pile of clothes for a charity donation, a few items I allowed her to keep for sentimental reasons but which were not to be worn without permission, and a little less than half of what she’d brought had been put in the dresser and closet.

The entire process took over two hours. I had her try on several items when I wasn’t certain from looking; about half of those had been eliminated. When we finished I explained what she’d be wearing, when she was allowed to dress. “We will get you some professional dresses, both for wear here when clients come to my office and for wear to school. I know what I want for styles for you, remember, since you’ll not be usually wearing underwear, you’ll need your outerwear to provide some support.” We smiled at each other. “I have a friend who will make clothes to fit you properly. I will rarely want you to dress provocatively, but you will always be dressed suitably, especially when we’re seen together.”

“Yes sir.” She ducked her head and blushed.

“I also want you to go out and get some nice lingerie. Not just bras and panties, but real lingerie which shows off your body when seen, and remains functional when not. Remember, you will not wear pantyhose. When you require stockings you will wear them, so you will need what are known as garter or suspender belts, and of course the stockings that go with them. A few other things that I’ll put on a list, camisoles and even a couple of teddies for special occasions. We can shop on-line to help you get some ideas, but I’ll want to take you shopping to select the ones I want you to buy.”

Michelle looked at me and smiled. “But I don’t have much money. And I won’t make that much.”

“Oh. I almost forgot.” I pulled the credit card from my desk drawer. “Here’s a card in your name. The bill comes to me and I’ll pay it. I don’t think you’ll find a reasonable way to exceed your credit limit. Use it for whatever you need or I direct.”

Michelle took the card gingerly. “Thank you, sir. I hardly know what to say.”

“Thank you is enough for now. Part of my responsibility as your master is to provide for all your needs. That allows you access to the money you require. Use it for your college fees, books, whatever is necessary. Also for whatever clothes you need after our time this afternoon.” I smiled at her. There was a tear running down her cheek.

She jumped and hugged me tightly and kissed me. “Thank you. Thank you so much. I will do my best to earn all that you’ve already given me. Thank you.” More kisses.

I unwrapped her arms. “Okay. First things first, let’s get some dinner. Then we can look at teaching you your duties as a slave.”

“Should I cook?”

“Not tonight. Let’s order something in. I’d like to admire you just as you are for tonight. We’ll also go out pretty regularly so that I can teach you some public lessons, but for tonight something private at home. Do you have a preference?”

“Pizza?” She asked, hesitantly.

“Pizza it is. What’s your favourite?” I placed the order, then thought of a little fun. “Here’s the money and the tip. When the pizza delivery gets here you can go to the door and pay him.”

“What can I put on?”

“What you have on. Is there a problem?”

Michelle’s entire body blushed. She shook her head. “No master. I’d just never considered doing something like that. There really aren’t a lot of guys who’ve seen me naked. I‘d never considered just answering the door naked for pizza.”

“It’s the way you’ll be dressed here. Remember, unless I tell you to dress, you’ll always be naked in this house. That includes answering the door if I tell you to.”

“Yes master.”

When the pizza delivery arrived Michelle went to the door and opened it a crack. She started to hand the money through and glanced at me, where I stood out of view. I shook my head and she swung the door completely open, exposing her body fully. The pizza guy was frozen in place. Michelle smiled innocently, holding the money out. “The pizza?”

The poor kid continued to stare while he fumbled with the boxes. He handed Michelle the pizzas and took the money, still gaping at her. “What’s wrong? Never seen a girl naked before?”

I could see him shake his head “no”. Michelle just looked at him. “Thank you, sir. You can keep the change.” She turned to let him admire her back too and announced. “Sir, the pizza is here.”

Only then did she push the door carefully closed with her heel. She brought the pizza to the kitchen, while we listened to the poor kid go to the car and depart. I looked at her and smiled. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Actually, I did. I was a little nervous at first, as you could tell. But once you made it clear that I had to show myself to him it was pretty easy. Do I really look that good? That poor kid about lost it right there on your porch.”

I set out glasses and plates while she opened pizza boxes. As we served ourselves I answered. “Yes Michelle, you really do look that good. If he truly has never seen a girl naked in person he’s got a pretty high standard to judge by now.” I smiled at her blush. “On the other hand, you are going to be naked a lot from now on, and often in front of people you’ve only just been introduced to, so you need to be prepared for that.”

We sat down at the table to eat and I continued. “Just consider the situation right now. You are naked while I’m dressed. You will find this to be the way things usually are while you’re here. When I have guests you will rarely be allowed to dress. Unless decorum demands it, that means it will not be unusual for you to be the only one naked in front of up to a dozen people at a time. I’m sure you’ll become quite accustomed to it in time, and it will start to seem odd to wear clothes here in the house when you must.”

We ate slowly, Michelle often silent as she considered what she’d agreed to. “What about when I have to dress quickly?”

“We will have a few dresses in the closet in my office for you to slip into when decorum demands. A couple of what you have will do for the next few days, until we can get you some more appropriate. You can step in, slip a dress and shoes on, and be ready to go to the door in a couple of minutes.” I nodded. “With the isolation of this house and the security system we will always know well in advance when you need to be dressed.”

Michelle considered all this in silence. Since she finished ahead of me she began straightening the kitchen. I took my plate and glass and put them in the dishwasher. She was staring out the kitchen window, watching the last rays of the sun play on the trees behind the house. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her gently and held her close.

“It’s so beautiful here.” She lay her head on my shoulder. “I love you so much and I’m so thankful for what you’re doing for me.” She turned her head and we kissed tenderly.

“Michelle, you will earn everything you get here. You will also learn my craft that I’ve become fairly well known at, and eventually, if you’re careful, you will inherit my entire business, if not my entire estate.”

“But you’re famous for your work. How will I ever get to that?”

“As my selected assistant and designated heir to my business you’ll learn from me and my clients will become your clients. In time you’ll do more of the work and your reputation will rival my own. At that point I will cede the majority of the work to you.”

Michelle turned in my arms. “Thank you again. So much. It’s hard to believe that I can ever replace you.”

“It will take years. You may stay here as my assistant, possibly even as my slave that entire time. When the time comes you’ll know, as will I. Until then, your training as a slave starts today. Your training as my assistant will wait until Monday morning. Go downstairs and get ready for bed. When you’re ready come back up here and we’ll do a little on-line shopping. Tomorrow morning we’ll make an early trip to start your new wardrobe.”

“Do I have to sleep downstairs?”

“No Michelle. I assume you’ll usually sleep with me, unless there is some specific reason I send you away. As far as I’m concerned the only reason the covers on your bed downstairs need get pulled down is to shake the dust from them. Or when you invite a young friend over to let them sample your talents.”

“Why would I want anyone but you?”

“I want you to have other young lovers. Both for the experience, and also because since I’m going to share you with my friends, I also hope you’ll be generous enough to share some of your young friends with me.”

“Oh. I hadn’t thought about that.”

“It’s okay. Now downstairs. If you want to keep spares in the bathroom up here you may, we can buy them tomorrow. For tonight I only saw one of everything in your bath, so downstairs it is.” I turned her and gave her ass a swat. She giggled and wiggled away towards the stairs.

While she was gone I called a dear friend and sometime lover who happened to run a lingerie store. I made an appointment for a private opening two hours early so that I could have Michelle model what I selected for proper fit. Then I called my seamstress friend and made a second appointment for later in the day. By that time Michelle was back.

“Alright then, let’s look at some examples of what I want you to buy. I pulled up a couple of my favourite on-line catalogues. These are garter belts. They were originally worn by lots of young women to hold up stockings, back before panty hose. They fell out of favour, for a lot of reasons, but many men still appreciate them. Can you see why?”

“Well, for one, they allow a woman’s body to be more accessible, and they frame her crotch nicely.”

“Very good Michelle. When you have a need to wear stockings on your legs, this is how you will support them. We will buy you an assortment, of colours and styles, and stockings to go with them. You have wonderful legs, very nice and smooth.” I stopped and stroked her thigh. “But there will be occasions where stockings will be appropriate, and then you’ll wear these.”

Michelle smiled at me. “You’ll like that won’t you?”

“Yes, very much. I also have some friends who really enjoy watching a young woman in garter belt and stockings, and when we entertain them you will also wear a set.”

“By entertain you mean..?”

“I mean you will display yourself to them for a time when they visit wearing just these. If they desire to, they will be allowed to have sex with you. They will almost certainly desire to, and they’ll want you to wear the stockings and garter belt while they do.”


“Does that bother you?”

“No. Well, a little, but not a lot.” Michelle looked at me. “I know what the contract said, but I thought maybe it wasn’t true. You really are going to share me with your friends.” She looked deep into my eyes, and I saw the first realization of what she’d promised. “And you really do expect me to bring my friends home to share with you.”

“All true Michelle. Does that make a difference now that it’s clearer?”

She thought a moment. “No. No difference, Master.”

“That’s better. Now let’s look at some dresses in a style I think will highlight your features well and still maintain decorum in public.”

We shopped a little longer but Michelle was getting restless. “I know it’s been a big day for you. Would you like to go cuddle up on the couch and relax?”

“Yes. Please Master, may we cuddle a while?”

I closed the computer and stripped off my shirt. We sat down and found a movie we could agree on. Michelle snuggled against my chest and watched as I stroked her body. After a while she shivered. “Are you cold?”

“Yes Master, I am a little.”

“Well no need to be silly about this. I love to look at your body, but if you’re cold you may cover up.” I pulled the afghan off the back of the couch and laid it over her.

“Thank you Master.” Shortly I realized that she’d fallen asleep. Her head sagged onto my thigh and I let her sleep. When the movie ended I gently slipped pillows under her head and slid off the couch. I went to the bedroom and turned down the bed and got myself ready. Michelle was still sleeping peacefully when I returned for her. I picked her up gently and carried her to bed, laid her down and crawled in beside her. She snuggled close without waking, and I joined her in slumber.

I awoke slowly some time later, and recalled the delight of snuggling next to Michelle’s sweet naked body. Then I realized that my sleep shorts were around my thighs and a wonderful mouth was engulfing my cock. I looked at Michelle’s head bobbing on me and smiled. I touched her hair and she looked up at me. “Good morning Master. I wanted to thank you for everything yesterday. This seemed like a good way.”

“Yes Michelle, it is a very good way, but we’ve got no time for me to return the favour and still make our appointment.”

“Please Master? Let me finish, we can do more some other time.”

“Yes, Michelle. You may finish, then we must shower and get ready to leave.”

“Oh, thank you master!” And she went back to sucking me with gusto. I had to admit, her practice over the past months had given her some talent. She worked my cock with her hands and mouth and quickly had the right rhythm to get my juices into her mouth. as my cum boiled out I held her head and moaned. She kept right on going and when I came she just swallowed every drop. She even milked my balls to make sure she got everything I could give her. When I couldn’t stand it any longer I gripped her head and lifted her off my cock.

“Enough. Please! Before you get my brain too.”

“Was that adequate Master?”

“More than adequate, Michelle. You are very talented. Now we need to get up.” I rolled her over and lay on top of her. She wiggled to get my cock at her entrance and managed to get the head inside. She moaned when I pulled it away. “You were told no!”

The alarm clock chose that moment to interrupt. “If there was time we’d have a discipline session now, but there’s not. Shower! Now! I’m going to get some coffee.”

“May I have a cup too Master? Cream and sugar. Please Master?”

I went for coffee while she showered. When I returned she was out and doing her make-up and hair. I set her coffee down and got into the shower. We were ready nearly the same time, except of course, Michelle was still naked. “What should I wear?”

“I saw a dress that will do nicely in your things. I’ll show you which one.” We went downstairs and I retrieved the dress I remembered. A simple A-line, which ended just above her knees, it was just the thing. I selected a pair of her best 3” heels and handed them to her as she slipped the dress on. “These are all you need.”

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