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Michelle Part 4 Training continued

Michelle stood and straightened her dress. She walked over to the corner table and leaned down and whispered in the man’s ear for a moment. He looked at her, shocked, and then nodded. Michelle walked away and a minute later he stood and excused himself. I watched him follow her into the banquet room. I put in the earpiece to the transmitter and listened. I heard the door, and then he gasped. “I don’t believe it.” He said. “Believe it.” Michelle told him. “How would you like it? You don’t have a lot of time.”

“I love the way your pussy looks.” Good she had taken the dress off. “Can I fuck you there?”

“Yes, but you can’t cum inside me. You’ll have to pull out and cum in my mouth.” I heard the rustling of clothes then the sound of a belt and pants hitting the floor. “Oh my. That’s a nice cock. Put it in me.”

Michelle moaned, “Oh yes. Fuck me. That’s good. Fuck me good.”

“Oh my god you’re fantastic. I dreamed about a fuck like this but never thought I’d ever get one.” He said.

“You’re getting it now. Just make sure your cum goes in my mouth.”

“Oh god. Quick.” More noises. “Quick, I’m going to cum.”

“Right here baby.” Michelle said, and then she was silent.

“Oh god! Yes! Oh god, drink my cum. Oh god, you are so hot! Wow!”

Michelle again, finally. “That was tasty. Thank you.” Shuffling noises and the rustle of cloth. “Zip me?” I heard the zipper. A sound like a kiss. “Thanks, you were very nice.” Then the door squeaked again and the mic went dead.

I watched Michelle walk across the room, every eye followed her. She was smiling, and even more confident. She leaned over and kissed me. I could smell the guy’s cum on her breath.

“How was it?” I asked.

“Better than I expected. I enjoyed it, but there wasn’t time to cum.”

I laughed. “There was for him.” The guy walked out, still looking shocked and stared at Michelle as he went back to his table. It was obvious he was getting some ribbing when he sat down. I motioned to the waiter and paid the check. The entire corner table stared as we walked out the door.

When we got to the car and started away I asked, “What did you learn?”

“That you really do command my body. That you get pleasure from making me do things I don’t think I can do. Sexual things, that is.” Michelle smiled, remembering. “And that sharing is very, very nice.”

“Well learned, slave.” I congratulated her. “Now we have an appointment for you to get some appropriate dresses, properly fitted.”

The next two hours consisted of Michelle standing and being measured in just the garter belt and stockings, and shoes, and fitted for a half dozen different styles of dresses in several fabrics and colours each. She sat with my friend, Karen, unashamedly naked and selected trims and flourishes for the various dresses.

When it came time to leave she stood and looked at the new bra she’d worn in. “Do I need that?”

“Only if you wish. My preference is almost always not.”

Michelle turned and thanked Karen, then slipped her dress on and zipped it. She folded the bra in her hand and we went out to the car. “I’ve never had any dresses made just for me. This is exciting.”

“We have a couple more stops to make on the way home, one for some workout clothes, one for some spare items for my bathroom. Is there anything else you need before we head home for a training session?”

“No Master.”

“Good. You will need a couple of really good support bras for your aerobics workouts and shoes of course. We’ll stop right over here for those.”

We walked in and Bob greeted me warmly. “New friend Rich?”

“Yes. Bob, this is Michelle. Michelle, Bob.” Michelle offered her hand and Bob took it for a long gentle shake. “Michelle is my new assistant, and since she’s going to be staying with me she’s going to be taking advantage of my training room. She’s going to need some good support bras and good shoes.”

Bob looked her over, concentrating on her chest, openly. “32? I’d say C?”

Michelle smiled. “Absolutely correct sir.”

“Right this way then. These are the best I’ve got. Excellent support and comfortable from what I hear. You certainly don’t want to risk damaging those.” He simply leered at Michelle’s chest.

She went to the rack and found several in her size. “How many should I get sir?” She looked at me.

“Get several, you’ll be working out most days and you’ll want to keep them clean.”

Michelle looked through and selected the colours she liked, and then paused. “I suppose I should try one on, to check the fit, just in case.” She looked around the store to confirm that not only were there just the three of us, but no one seemed to be approaching.

Bob grinned. “Absolutely, miss. Fitting room is that way.” He pointed, but Michelle ignored him.

She looked at me and grinned, and I realized what she was going to do, just before she reached for the zipper in her dress. She dropped the dress and stepped out of it, laying it on the rack in front of her. Bob just stood there gaping while she slipped the bra on and adjusted it, making a show of insuring that her breasts were properly tucked in, then bouncing around the store to show that it supported her well. She bounced back near the rack. “I think it’ll work perfectly master.” She said, grinning at me.

“Then by all means.”

She whipped the bra over her head and picked up her dress and the handful of bras she’d selected. She handed the bras and her card to Bob, who was still gaping at her body. “I’ll take these then sir.”


“Yes sir?” She looked at me. “Oh yes, shoes. And probably some socks, Bob.”

Bob shook off his astonishment and asked, “Do you know what size?”

“Not sure, I guess we’ll have to measure.” Michelle bounced over to a chair in front of the shoe display and sat down, laying the dress in the chair next to her.

Bob managed to measure her foot, although how he read the numbers with his eyes focused on Michelle’s crotch was beyond me. She did manage to get two pair of proper shoes picked out and she finally slipped her dress back on.

On our way out the door I gave her a stern look and she was quiet as we got into the car. “Slave, was that appropriate conduct in Bob’s store?”

She started to smile, and then looked at my face. “No Master.” The realization struck her that something else was coming. “I’m sorry Master. I just got carried away when he was staring at my tits so openly. It won’t happen again, Master.”

“You are correct. Remember, everything you do from now on reflects on me. My name, my reputation, my business. You need to reflect on that, and remember your conduct.”

“Yes sir.”

I stopped in front of the store and parked. “Now, this is a different setting, and a different set of rules. We’re going to go into the store separately. You know what you need to buy and you’ll get a basket, not a cart and get everything you need. While you shop I’ll be watching but not with you. I want you to find a way to display yourself to at least two men while you shop.”

The first display only took her minutes. She wanted a bottle off a bottom shelf and a young man was stocking shelves down the aisle. She squatted down and slid her skirt up over her thighs. He saw the motion and looked and she turned and let him look until he looked away. She stood and watched while he made a beeline for the men’s room. She’d have gone for several more than two if I’d have allowed it, she enjoyed this.

We arrived home shortly after and Michelle bounced through the door and headed for the living room. “Slave!” I commanded.

She spun and her mouth opened. “Oops!”

“Not Oops. Slave. Stop and strip. Hang that dress in the closet in my office and leave the shoes there. Take the rest of the purchases and put them away properly and dispose of any trash. Then come back here for a lesson in discipline.”

Michelle hung her head. “Yes Master.” She said quietly. She stripped and did as she’d been commanded. When she had gone downstairs I went to the cabinet and selected my favourite paddle, long, narrow and flexible, it gave the most delightful results when applied to a young ass. I placed the paddle on m y desk and checked e-mail and voicemail, and began to return what was necessary. Michelle returned after about an hour. She approached me with her head hanging. “I’m ready now Master.”

“No, you’re not. First you will kneel and contemplate what you did wrong.” I directed her into the correct position. “Kneel here, facing me at my desk. Open your knees so that you are exposed when I want to look, and then sit back on your heels.” She did as directed. “Now, lay your hands palms up on your knees, and hold this paddle in your hands.” I picked it up and laid it in her palms. “Now, you may hang your head and look at the paddle, while you contemplate what you did wrong today, and the twenty-five strokes that I am going to give you when I am certain that you understand.”

“Yes Master.”

I went back to work and finished what had to be completed this day. Michelle fidgeted a couple of times, but a stern, “Slave!” Held her in position. She was intended to be uncomfortable, and it was clear that she was. When I finished what had to be done I turned my chair towards her.

“Slave, can you tell me what you did wrong?”

“Master, I embarrassed you by stripping off my dress in front of Bob, without asking either of you for permission.” She paused.

“What else?”

“When it was obvious that Bob was uncomfortable I didn’t put my dress on, I stayed naked because I was enjoying teasing him. I didn’t have permission for that and it made both of you uncomfortable. I was very wrong. Wasn’t I Master?”

“And what else?”

“The fact that someone enjoys staring at me doesn’t mean I can display myself without permission?”

“Very good Slave. Now, we’re going to retire to the bedroom so that I can administer the twenty-five strokes that will help you remember the next time to ask permission before you display yourself to my friends and associates and tease them for your own pleasure.”

Michelle rose and walked slowly to the bedroom. I stood at the foot of the bed and waited for her. “As you can see, slave, the foot-rail is padded. That’s for you. You will bend over the rail and rest your hips there while I tie you in position.” She handed me the paddle and hesitated.

“Yes Master.” Michelle stretched over the rail and wiggled her hips a little until she was settled there. Her feet dangled well off the floor. I tied each leg to the foot of the bed so that they were spread wide. I paused behind her and admired her ass in the air and her pussy spread open. I climbed on the bed and wrapped her hands together then pulled them tight with a rope from the headboard so that her body was lifted off the bed, her nipples just touching the covers. I went to the foot of the bed and removed my clothes. When I was naked I picked up the paddle, admiring it’s heft and flex.

“I will give you twenty-five strokes of this paddle. Since this is discipline you will make no sound until I finish, at which time I will tell you that I’m done and you will thank me. Is that clear slave?”

Michelle paused to gulp her fear down. “Yes Master.”

“Very good.” I raised my arm and dropped the first stroke. Michelle gasped and sobbed a little, but not enough to break discipline. I counted, “One.” I deliberately administered the remaining strokes. I saw dark spots on the bedspread beneath her head and realized that her tears were falling, but she made only the smallest sobs. When I dropped the last stroke I said, “Twenty-five. We’re complete now, Slave.”

Michelle sobbed, “Thank you, Master.” I laid the paddle on the bed next to her and went back to the foot of the bed.

She was ready, and my erection was throbbing painfully. I stepped up to her and slid my cock into her cunt fully. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, and then moaned as she realized that she would now get what she’d wanted all day. She was hot and wet, and ready, and helpless with her ass on fire. It excited me as few things do still. I started fucking her slowly, but I couldn’t stop. The feeling was incredible and I soon found myself pounding her cunt with my cock. As I felt my cum build I heard her moans. My cock exploded at the thought that I had made her cum too. “Here it is slave.” I shouted. Michelle screamed with her own orgasm. I felt her cunt milking my cock. I collapsed onto her back as I finished.

When I caught my breath and stood up I heard Michelle say, “Thank you, Master.”

I let my cock slip from her and climbed back on the bed to untie her arms. Then I untied her legs. She started to slide off the rail, so I instructed, “Kneel again in position.” She knelt and bowed her head. “Use your fingers to clean yourself.”

“Yes Master.” I could hear the smile in her voice. she slipped her hands into her cunt and scooped our cum out, she twitched with pleasure.

“Eat it.” I ordered. She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked and sucked them clean. I stepped up to her. “Clean me.” And she raised up, and swallowed my cock. She licked and sucked all our juices from my cock until I pulled it away from her. “Very good slave. What have you learned tonight?”

She rocked back onto her heels. “To ask permission. to only do those things which are approved. That..” Her voice trailed off.

“What else slave?”

“That disciplining me excites you?” It was a question.

“Yes, the administration of pain excites me. Discipline or punishment will always excite me, although it will not always mean that I will share it with you. Is that understood?”

A very quiet, “Oh.” A pause, then, “Yes Master.”

“Let’s get some dinner, It’s been a busy day.” I waited for a response. Getting none I ordered, “Clean yourself up. There is a bidet in my bathroom. When you are ready to receive me again come to the kitchen and you can help with dinner.”

“Yes Master.” Michelle went to the bathroom, I watched her walk. Truth is I love watching her walk. I went to the kitchen and started preparing dinner. Steak, grilled, rice, fresh vegetables steamed, fresh bread and red wine. When you’re cooking steaks medium rare it doesn’t take long. Michelle came out as I was finishing. I had set one place at the table this was going to be another training event.

I watched her walk up and stop. “How may I help Master?”

“Get a cushion from the couch and put it on the floor, there.” I indicated the leg next to my chair.

Michelle did as instructed and waited while I dished up dinner and poured the wine. I set everything on the table before she finally asked, “What about me Master?”

“I’ve not forgotten you. Of course you’ll eat with me. Sit on the cushion.” Michelle hesitated just a moment and sat as directed. I picked up the handcuffs from the counter and walked back to the table. “Give me your hands.” She held them up and I cuffed her to the table leg next to me. I brushed her hair from her face and smiled at her. “You are my slave and I will take care of you. Tonight I will feed you.” I picked up the wine glass and took a sip. “Wine first?”

Michelle nodded and I carefully gave her a drink. “That’s very good Master.”

“One of my favourites. Thank you.” We ate slowly, I explained what I’d be teaching her about my work, what courses she’d be taking at university in the fall, and many things about my clients. She seemed to enjoy the meal, when the plate was empty I was full and I asked her, “Did you get enough? Is there something else you’d like?”

“A little more wine perhaps Master?” She smiled.

“Then a little more wine it is.” I got up and poured another glass and sat back down. I let her drink as much as she wanted, then finished the glass myself.

“Thank you Master.”
“You are welcome.” I picked up the plate and remains of dinner and put them away. I poured another glass of wine and straightened up the kitchen. Finally finished I went back to the table, set the glass of wine down and looked at Michelle. “Would you like to join me for a little television before you get ready for bed, Slave?”

“Yes Master.”

I uncuffed one wrist and helped Michelle up. I held the handcuff chain and led her into the living room and sat on the couch. I set the wine down then looked at her. “Stretch out here across my lap, lay face down with your head here.” I patted the arm of the couch. “Give me your hands.” I recuffed her hands around the leg of the end table. “Lay here quietly with me and there may be some reward later.” I admonished.

I found some news and watched for a while. I rubbed Michelle’s ass and thighs gently. I could see bruises forming where I’d paddled her. I allowed her to raise up and sip some wine with me and we sat that way and relaxed. I even answered a couple of late work-related phone calls. Michelle lay quietly as she should. We were making progress. When the time came I leaned down and kissed her head. “Slave, would you like to go to bed now?”

“Yes Master.”

“Is there anything else you’d like?”

“Yes Master.”


“I’d like for you to make love to me. Please Master?”

I thought for a moment. “Yes slave, I think that’s possible. Go get ready for bed. Turn down the bed, and kneel in position beside it and wait for me. I have a couple of things to do, then I’ll be along shortly.”

“Thank you Master.” Michelle jumped up and kissed me.

“Don’t thank me yet, you’ve not been rewarded, and won’t be unless you do as you’re told.”

Michelle hung her head. “Yes Master.”

When I finished what needed done I went to the bedroom and prepared myself. Naked, I walked into the bedroom and stood in front of Michelle. “Look at me.” She raised her head. “Have you deserved a reward tonight, Slave?”

Michelle thought a moment, and then dropped her head. She shook it slowly. “No Master. I don’t deserve a reward. I behaved badly and you had to discipline me. You bought me wonderful things and displayed me proudly, and I acted badly. You’ve fed me and taken care of me, and I’ve repaid you with misbehaviour. I am sorry Master. I deserve no reward tonight.” I saw a tear drop onto her thigh. “Should I go to my own bed tonight? Alone Master?”

“No Michelle, you should not go to your own bed tonight. You understand what you did wrong and you’ve paid the price for that. Those bruises will be hard to sit on tomorrow. That will help you remember. Tonight you will sleep with me, and we will make love, because I do love my beautiful young slave, and she’s learning.”

“Thank you Master.” She looked up at me. “What can I do?”

“What would you like to do?”

Michelle started up and reached for my cock, then stopped and put her hands down. “May I touch your cock and suck it for you Master?”

“Yes Slave. You may touch and suck my cock. Thank you for remembering to ask permission.”

Michelle almost dove onto my cock. She took it fully into her mouth and sucked it while she used her hands to fondle my balls. She got me fully erect then slipped me down her throat and held me there. I loved the sensation, but I wanted to do much more so I stepped back and took my cock away from her. “Let’s get into bed and continue this.”

Michelle lay down and I slipped into bed between her legs. I went to work on her pussy, licking and sucking at her lips and clit. As she became more aroused I slipped a finger inside, then two and three. Finally the fourth went in and I rubbed her hard. I turned my hand to grip her pubic bone and rub her clit with my thumb. Then I slipped my thumb inside her also.

“Oh god. Master, I feel so full. It feels so good.” I pushed my hand further inside, slowly stretching her and testing her limits. I stopped with the base of my thumb resting against her opening. I teased my hand in and out a little then pushed again. Michelle moaned and I pushed a little further. Each push brought another moan, as my hand slipped deeper and stretched her open. The base of my thumb slipped fully inside as my hand went completely into her cunt. Michelle moaned deep and low. I sucked on her clit and let her cunt rest with my hand inside. I could feel her cervix with the tips of my fingers.

“Oh god. I’m so full. It feels so good. You’re going to make me cum. Please!”

I slowly curled my fingers into a fist and rocked my thumb past the rough spot on the front wall of her vagina while maintaining suction on her clit. Michelle screamed as an orgasm rocked her body, then she gushed her cum into my mouth. I locked my lips around her opening and drank her juice down as it flowed. She kept screaming in pleasure as I continued to drink greedily from her cunt. She calmed as the flow of juice slowed. I straightened my fingers and slowly started to pull my hand out. She reached down and grabbed my wrist, then stared at me. “You really do have your whole hand in my cunt.” She said, incredulously.

“Yes, I do. Should I remove it now?” “Gently. Please.” She was gasping with each contraction of her pussy. “Master.”

I slowly pulled my hand out, feeling her stretch again as the widest part went back through. Michelle panted and moaned, and then screamed with another orgasm as my hand slipped free and her cunt snapped back. She gripped my wrist and pulled my hand to her mouth and licked my fingers. I slowly slid up her body and positioned my cock at her entrance. As I pushed against her she stopped and smiled. “Oh yes. Please Master, put it in me now. Please?” I slipped in slowly, feeling her muscles contract and tighten to adjust to this new and much smaller intrusion. When I was fully inside her I waited for her to adjust.
She looked into my eyes and smiled. “I love your cock inside me Master. It feels so right.”
“It feels so right to be inside you, Slave.” I slowly moved in and out. Michelle wrapped her legs around my back to draw me deeper and rocked under me to help get herself off. As my orgasm built so did hers, we picked up speed and pushed against each other harder until I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh god. You’re making me cum. Please join me slave. Cum with me!”

“Oh god yes! Master I’m cumming!” She locked her legs around me and held me deep inside as I emptied my balls into her womb. I pulsed hard several times as her cunt milked me dry. I lay there as I finished and enjoyed the sensations of being gripped by a tight eighteen-year-old vagina. “Oh, thank you Master!” Michelle smiled up at me as her grip loosened a bit.

“Thank you slave.” I said as I rolled to the side and pulled my spent cock from her. I lay back next to her and caught my breath. Then she took it away again as she rolled over and sucked my sloppy cock into her mouth and cleaned it. When I could stand no more I lifted her head and pulled her up to my chest. “Enough! Are you trying to kill me?”

“Oh Master. You are so yummy, and I want you to be happy with me. I will do anything to please you, just ask. Anything.” She said again for emphasis.

“Slave, I am happy with you. Right now we need to sleep, more of your training starts tomorrow morning. You need to start learning the software for your job and the way my business is run. That way you can be the best possible assistant, as well as the best possible slave.” “I want that Master. I want to be everything you need.” She snuggled against me and I lifted the covers over us.

“Good night, Michelle.” I kissed the top of her head.

“Umm.” She sighed. “Good night Master.”

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