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Fantasy, Intercourse. Cum Swallowing, Female/Female, Male / Females, Slavery
Introduction: Michele learns a few more things

We awoke the next morning, much the same way we had the day before. I woke to the feeling of a gentle wet mouth on my erect cock. Even without opening my eyes I knew that Michelle had awakened before me and was sucking me awake, again. I reached for her head as I opened my eyes and she looked up at me, smiling even with my cock in her mouth. She let me slip out while she stroked me and said, “Good morning Master. I thought you might like waking up this way again.” “Yes slave, I very much like waking up like this.”

“May I finish? Please Master?”

“I’d prefer to share with you. Why don’t you climb on and we’ll see if we can both enjoy the morning.”
“I’d really like to think of your morning cum as my breakfast. If you don’t mind Master, we can do more later, I really want you’re cum in my tummy to start the day.”

I laughed. Michelle pouted. I relented. “Yes Michelle, you may start your day with my cum, in your tummy, but this won’t become a habit. We will usually do what I want; rarely will you be making the decisions.”

Michelle immediately put my cock back in her mouth and performed her magic with it. I have to admit, the girl had talent. She knew exactly how to get the cum out of a cock, and she quickly brought me close to a morning orgasm. I felt the sensations building and held her head while I started fucking her mouth. She sucked while I slid in and out of her mouth, drawing my cum as fast as she could. I warned her, “Oh god, I’m going to cum! Suck it all, baby!” She applied a little more pressure and I groaned as my cum shot to the back of her throat. She plunged her face against my pubic bone and held me deep in her throat as I splashed into her. She held me deep until my cock stopped pumping and she slowly withdrew, milking any remaining cum as she went. When she got back to the head of my cock she looked up at me and smiled again. She lifted her mouth and asked, “Was that good enough, Master?”
“Slave, that was about the best I’ve ever had.”

“Not the best?” She looked disappointed.
“I don’t think the best, no.”
“Then I’ll have to practice more. How can I make it better?”
“We can discuss that more later. For now we need to get up and get started. Get your shower and I’ll get coffee.”
“Yes Master.” She hopped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I followed her so I could use the toilet, and waited and watched her. She looked at me questioningly, “Are you going to watch me regularly?”
“I may. Is that a problem?”
“No, just different.” She finished and stood. “Your turn?”

She watched as I emptied my bladder, then she started the water for her shower. I watched, how could I not, every time I looked at her I was still amazed that she shared that beautiful petite body with me. She glanced at me as she stepped into the shower. “Is something wrong?”
“No, I’m just admiring your body. You are so lovely.”

Michelle blushed. “Thank you Master.” And she closed the door. I went for coffee.
I returned as she stepped out of the shower. I set down the cups of coffee and picked up a towel. I started drying her body, paying particular attention to my favourite parts on the front, then turned her around and dried her back also, lingering over her sweet tight ass. When her body was dry I rubbed her hair to get some of the water out. She turned to me and moved the towel out of the way, stepped up and kissed me. “Thank you Master, that was very nice. Now your shower?”
I handed her the towel and turned toward the shower. Michelle stepped against my back, “Do you really think I’m that beautiful?”

“Yes, Michelle, I really do. I have to keep looking to remind myself you’re real and really here with me.” She wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my back.
“I’m real and really yours. That’s all I want to be, Master.”

“I hope you become your own woman.” I thought about how to explain, and couldn’t. “I guess I’ll explain soon.” I unlocked her arms, kissed her head and started my shower.

Michelle dried her hair while I showered and we went to the kitchen together. I grabbed a pair of shorts and pulled them on. When we got to the kitchen I poured more coffee, and asked, “Would you like to cook this morning, Slave?” “Yes Master, I’d love to.” She paused. “What do you like for breakfast?” “Certainly not you’re favourite.” I teased, and she giggled. “It depends on the day and what’s planned. Today is a little slow, so maybe some pancakes, eggs, and meat. I think I’ve got sausage and bacon, if you have a preference.”

“Sausage if it’s okay with you. How do you like your eggs?”
“Anything except scrambled.” I laughed. “That’s a long story. Over easy is my favourite.”
Michelle cooked, bravely standing naked at the stove as the sausage splattered grease. I just watched and drank more coffee, and waited for her to finish. When she brought the food to the table everything was as perfect as her sweet body. She brought two plates, then stood holding them and looking at me. “Master, I assumed I’d feed myself, but I forgot to ask. I’m sorry, do you want me to do that or…?” She nodded at the floor.

“My dear, slave, the floor feeding last night was a lesson. We will do that sometimes, especially when discipline has been called for, but not every day.”

“Thank you, Master.” She smiled and set our plates down and we started to eat. I had to admit, she was an excellent cook. Everything really was perfect. We talked about her new job, and what I expected her to learn, and where she’d work when she wasn’t studying. When we finished she jumped up and cleared the table. She loaded the dishwasher and set it to rinse.

I went to my office and told her to join me when she finished in the kitchen. A few minutes later she did. I had set up a small desk in my office for her and installed a computer for her and a network connection that gave her access to work related material. For now, I had her roll her new chair over next to mine and I showed her the various software that she would need to learn. I explained the location of some test materials she could work with while she learned to manipulate the software. Once she knew where everything was I sent her to her desk to work with the examples. She worked diligently and asked a number of intelligent questions, and seemed to be learning quickly. I paused and leaned back and looked at my watch and realized we’d been at it for hours. I looked at Michelle and she was focused on a particularly intricate problem. I sat and admired her body for a few minutes, then finally spoke up, “Michelle, I just realized its lunch time, even past. Would you like to take a break for a bite?”

The look on her face when she turned suggested it wasn’t food she wanted to bite, but I simply glared that look down. “Yes Master. What do you like for lunch?”
“I usually have some soup and a sandwich just for something quick that stays with me. How about you?”
“I’ve had school lunches for so long I don’t know.”

“Well then, I’ll fix something I like and you can see what you think.”
I pulled out a container of soup and started warming it while I tossed together grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. We set out bowls and plates together and sat quietly and ate. Michelle spoke up, “I think I see why you love what you do. Even though I don’t understand all of it yet, the problems are detailed and challenging, and they really make you think. I really like that.”
“Yes. But it’s not just the thinking, it’s knowing how to think, and how to apply the knowledge you gain to the situation at hand. Much of it is mental self-discipline.”

Michelle looked at me and smiled. “Sort of like the self-discipline you’re trying to teach me?”
“Similar in some ways, Yes.”

We finished eating and cleared the table. “One of the advantages of doing much of my work at home.” I said, and looked at Michelle’s body. “And some of the disadvantages.”
She frowned at me. “How am I a disadvantage?”

“Because you are very beautiful and naked and you could easily distract me from my work.”
“Could I?” Michelle smiled. “Not today.” And she frowned. “Let’s get back to work.”
We put in several more hours, I finished what needed done and Michelle had a good grasp of how the various software worked, at least the basics. I finally called it a day. “You’ve done a good day, let’s stop here and start again tomorrow. I’m going to let you work on a real project tomorrow, just something basic that’ll let you get a feel for what needs to happen.” Michelle smiled. “Thank you Master.”
“What would you like to do with the rest of your day?” I asked, innocently.
Michelle walked over and stood in front of my chair. “I think you know.”

“And what have you done to deserve my attention for the rest of the day, Slave?”
“I have sat quietly and concentrated on the work you gave me, even though your presence arouses me. I focused on the assignment at hand and learned what I needed to know, as you’ve admitted.” She took a step closer. “I’ve ignored my desire for you, and studied and worked.” Another step closer. I could smell her arousal now. “And for concentrating and learning, when I wanted to throw myself on you, I may have earned the reward of your attention.”
I reached out and pulled her close to me. I lifted her slightly and pushed my face between her legs. I breathed deeply of her lusty perfume and licked across her clit. She tossed her head back and moaned. “Oh God Yes Master! Please?

I turned the chair to the side table, today clear of any work and bent her back onto it. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and dove deeply into her cunt, licking and sucking as best I knew how. In minutes she was writhing in my arms and screaming, clutching my head to get it more deeply into her cunt. I continued until she lost control and sprayed a stream of her cum into my mouth and down my chest. I continued until she begged for me to stop, and I slowed and released her. She lay on the desk panting and moaning, “Oh thank you. Thank you.”

I rolled her over on the desk and stared at her lovely tight ass, her little pink pucker winking at me. I opened the desk drawer and took out a bottle of lube, slipped my shorts off and lubed my throbbing cock. I slid her backwards off the desk slowly, guiding her onto my lap and aiming my cock at that tight pink pucker. She was expecting my entrance, but not there. I gently sat her down and let her weight push my cock into her ass. She started to rise, but I held her tightly and pushed her down, she opened to me and I slid in gently. She moaned at the intrusion, but continued to open and let me in. When she was fully impaled on my cock she sat back and sighed. “Thank you Master. That feels nice.”

“Yes, I like it very much.” I agreed. “Are you ready yet?” I didn’t want to hurt her, but I wanted her ass ready for me too.

“Just a moment more Master. I haven’t had anyone there for a long time.”
I waited, and she laid her head on my shoulder. “I’m ready now Master.”

I stood and bent her over the desk and slowly fucked her young sweet ass. I reached around and found her clit and rubbed it hard as I went in and out of her. I built up speed as our mutual orgasm built, then we both screamed “Yes!” as our cum squirted, hers onto the desk and my hand, mine deep inside her ass. I lay along her back and enjoyed the feeling of her ass gripping my cock, holding me erect deep inside, and the feeling of her soft skin and firm muscles. When we had recovered a little I stood up and gripped her chest with one hand and her cunt with the other and lifted her off the desk and held her tightly against me, keeping my cock planted in her ass. Carrying her, impaled, I walked to the office bathroom and whispered in her ear, “You’re going to need this, so I’m going to leave you here. When you finish I’ll be in the master bath and we can shower together.”

“I don’t understand, Master.” She whimpered. “Why leave me here?”
“You will in a minute. Have you let anyone cum in your ass without a condom?”
“No Master. Why?”

“It’ll all come out soon.” And I lowered her so that she slipped off my cock and stood on the floor.
Slave whimpered again as my cock popped out of her ass. Then she looked at me and sat quickly. She just said, “Oh!” As I turned and walked away. A few minutes later she joined me in the Master bath and I started the water.

She walked up and hugged me and held me for a minute, then looked up into my face. “Thank you Master, that was very good.” She paused, “But that was a surprise at the end.”

“Yes, I thought it would be. Let’s get showered, I want to take you out to eat tonight.”
“Thank you Master, I’d like that.”

We stepped into the shower and I took the soap and washed her from top to bottom, paying especially loving attention to her bottom. When she had rinsed she took the soap from me and washed me in return, lingering for quite a while as she washed my cock. When I had rinsed too she held tightly to me again standing under the hot water running down our bodies. She looked into my eyes and said, “I love you Master. You have already given me so much, I want to please you in any way I can so you’ll let me stay and work with you and be your slave.” She gripped me tighter. “I love you so much Master.”
I hugged her closely and let me rest against me. “Thank you Slave. I will try to deserve your love.” I reached out and turned off the water, pried her arms loose and reached for a towel. I dried her off as before and we stepped out of the shower. Michelle grabbed a towel and dried me, lingering a long time around my cock, nearly stroking me erect as she dried me there.

When she finished I instructed, “Dry your hair then go downstairs and pick out one of your new bras, garter belts and stockings and get them on. I’ll get dressed and be down shortly to select your dress.”

I touched up my shave, brushed my teeth and went to get my clothes laid out. While I was doing that Michelle came out of the bathroom. She paused by the bed and looked at the suit I had laid out. As I selected a tie she said, “I didn’t realize we’re going somewhere formal. Should I have done more with my make-up?”

I took her face in my hands and looked into her eyes. “No my dear slave. Your make-up is perfect, because your face is perfect. You couldn’t improve on you if you tried.” I kissed her forehead. “Now, downstairs and do as you were told while I get dressed. I’ll be down shortly.”

I turned her around and slapped her ass sharply. She glanced over her shoulder and giggled, “Thank you, Master.” And wiggled her hips on her way out of the room.

I just shook my head and got dressed. When I finished I went downstairs to Michelle’s room and found her standing looking at herself in the mirror by the door. I thought back to what Julie had told her about going from great to spectacular. She was. My cock jumped just looking at her. She saw me in the doorway and asked, “Did I get these on right?” She turned so I could inspect the line of her garters.
I stared a moment before nodding, “Yes, perfect.” I opened the closet as I thought back to what she had for dresses. I selected the one I recalled as best for this occasion. It was a simple, lightweight cream coloured dress with a high waist and a modest length full skirt. A very low neckline front and back just covered the bra and straps. I held it out to her. “This one.”

“Thank you Master.” She slipped the dress off the hanger and slipped it over her head and smoothed it over her body. She looked at me and turned, lifting her hair. “Zip me Master?”
I did. She dropped her hair and turned back to me. “How do I look?”

“You look fabulous. How else?” I smiled. “Now, shoes. I recall a pair of light coloured straps pumps when we went through your shoes.”

She went to the closet and bent down to reach for them. The back of the dress exposed her stocking tops and garters but not quite her ass. I simply stared as she stood. She turned and caught me. Holding out the shoes she grinned and asked, “These?”

“Of course those.” “Can you help me get them on?” She asked, innocently.
I nodded and she sat on the foot of the bed and held the shoes out for me. I knelt there and she handed me the shoes, and let her legs fall open. I got one on and fastened, and looked across her pussy as I reached for the other. I fumbled with the second shoe for several minutes, since I couldn’t seem to focus my eyes on it. When I finally finished I looked up and she was grinning down at me. I stood and held out my hand to her. She took it and stood, testing her balance a moment. She was lovely, I was going to enjoy showing her off. “Ready?”

“Yes Master.” I motioned to the door and as she walked I slipped my hand under her dress and rested it on her bare ass. Michelle smiled all the way to the car. As I drove I explained, “This is another of my favourite places, and the owner is a friend of mine, mostly because I’ve been a regular for years. You will need to be on your best behaviour while we’re there, but I told him I was getting a new assistant, so he wants to meet you.”

“No special back room?” Michelle smiled at me. “Not here. Not tonight.” I considered the usual evening crowd for a moment. “However, if you see someone you want you may invite them home.” “Thank you Master.”

When we arrived I opened Michelle’s door and she stepped out gracefully. I saw several men stop to watch as we walked across the parking lot and went inside. My old friend greeted us warmly as I introduced Michelle as my new assistant. I had helped his brother with a complicated project some years before and had given him a “family” discount. I was still remembered fondly for the favour.
We had, as I’d expected a wonderful dinner. I watched the men in the restaurant staring at Michelle, and I watched her watching back. She enjoyed the attention, it was clear, and I enjoyed seeing her so openly admired. There was one couple near us who both looked at her pretty openly, and neither seemed displeased by her appearance. I noticed the lady head to the Ladies’ Room and was somewhat surprised when Michelle excused herself. She was gone for several minutes and I was just starting to wonder what had happened when she and the woman who’d been watching emerged together, laughing and seeming to be close friends. I watched as Michelle returned to our table and she returned to hers.

When she got back Michelle leaned over and kissed me, with the unmistakable aroma of pussy on her face. She dropped a pair of very small panties in my lap. I balled them in my hand and sniffed them. The aroma matched the smell on her face. Michelle’s smile dissolved as I looked at her harshly. “What did you do, Slave?” “I followed that woman over there into the restroom and offered to eat her pussy if I could keep her panties as a souvenir.” She hung her head. “I’ve displeased you. Haven’t I Master?”

“Yes, very much so. I don’t recall giving you permission for that activity here.”
Michelle looked at me. “Not exactly, but you said I could invite someone home.” She replied with some defiance. “I needed to give her a sample to convince her.”

I started to reply, when I saw the woman get up and kiss the man she’d been with and walk towards us. I stood as she reached the table and she extended her hand as he left the restaurant. “Susan. And you?”

I gave her a gentle handshake. “Rich. And you’ve met Michelle.” They smiled at each other. “Yes. A very special young lady. She certainly knows how to get what she wants.”

I looked at Michelle, “Yes. Yes she does at that.” I looked back at Susan. “Would you like to join us for a few minutes? We’re not quite finished.” I slid the chair next to me back and Susan sat down. “Wine?” “Yes, thank you.” I motioned to the waiter for another glass and he brought it promptly. I poured a glass for Susan and topped off mine and Michelle’s.

“Michelle tells me she’s your new assistant, but it seems to be a bit more than that.” Susan declared with a raised brow. “Her offer intrigues me though, I must admit. When she took off her dress and offered to go down on me if I’d agree to come with the two of you for the night I was excited by her body and impressed with her talents, especially for one so young.”

Susan raised her glass in toast to Michelle. Michelle responded and sipped some wine. “Thank you Susan.” “I have to ask, is it legal for her to be drinking here?”

“Does it matter?” I asked, avoiding the direct answer.
Susan looked thoughtfully at Michelle and Michelle smiled and blushed. “No. No, I guess it really doesn’t.” She paused for a moment then added, “Maybe it’s the shave, but she doesn’t look a day over eighteen.”

Michelle started to confirm, but I bumped her knee. I smiled at Susan, “She certainly does look young, especially when she takes her clothes off.” I smiled at both of them.

Susan smiled at us and said thoughtfully, “Yes, especially when she takes her clothes off.” She paused and sipped her wine again. She waited while Michelle and I finished our meals. Then she said, “You won’t mind letting the two of us get better acquainted before you join in, will you?”
My cock jumped at the thought. I smiled and replied, “No, I’ll watch until I’m invited. Is that alright with the two of you?” They beamed across the table at each other and replied in unison and with enthusiasm, “Yes.”

I looked at each then asked, “are we finished here?’ They nodded as they sipped more wine, so I motioned for the check and we departed. The Owner gave me a knowing smile as we walked out the door. I escorted them to the car and opened the back door; Susan slid in and patted the seat for Michelle. Michelle looked at me hesitantly and whispered, “Master?” I smiled. “Go ahead; it may be an interesting ride home.”

Michelle kissed me and slid in next to Susan. I closed the door and we headed for home. I heard whispering from the back, and then I watched as Michelle slid her dress up around her waist. Susan looked up at me, “How far is it to your house?”
“About twenty minutes.” I answered.

“And you live out a ways from town?” Yes, right down the highway here.” I replied as I turned out onto that highway.

Susan smiled and leaned back. I heard another whisper and watched as it appeared Michelle unzipped her dress. This was confirmed when Susan slipped her dress off her shoulders and then onto the floor. She tapped Michelle and Michelle turned and Susan unzipped her dress, which immediately joined Susan’s. Susan grabbed Michelle’s legs and slipped between them, then pulled Michelle down to lie across the seat. She looked at me and asked, “You won’t mind if we start now, will you?” Michelle looked up at me, “Please Master?”

I saw Susan’s eyebrows rise, but she said nothing. I just smiled and said, “By all means, no reason to waste twenty minutes.”

The two of them made good use of the time, Michelle’s moans and squeals implying that Susan gave her at least one orgasm while I drove, I thought two or three more likely. As I pulled into the drive they were laying in each other’s arms, relaxing, although it appeared their hands were still busy. It looked like Susan had shed her bra somewhere, although I hadn’t seen it come off. I parked the car and got out. Even though I walked around to the passenger back door I still had to wait for them to lean off the door so I could open it. They smiled up at me and untangled themselves. Michelle slid out first and stood wearing everything except her dress, and gave me a quick kiss. “Thank you Master.” And she turned and waited for Susan.

Susan slid out and handed me their dresses and bras and also gave me a kiss. She looked at me quizzically and asked, “Master?” But turned and took Michelle’s hand and they walked into the house together, their entwined hands released, and they held each others ass as they went inside. I stood and watched them go. Michelle shorter and slightly rounder, with her long dark hair against her tan back and white cheeks waving below the garter belt. Susan taller and thinner, maybe five foot five, but still nicely rounded, her waist length red-blonde hair swaying across her pale back, wearing nothing but her shoes. They stopped and kissed again at the door and waited for me. I watched as they held each other’s ass cheeks and kissed deeply and hungrily. I had taken Susan for maybe late twenties, but standing there I realized she might be a little younger. They broke the kiss and turned to face me, their arms locked together behind them, their other hands entwined again.

I spoke first, “Welcome to our home. The master bedroom is through that entryway,” I pointed ahead and left, “Bathroom is beyond; Michelle can show you the way. Can I get something to drink while the two of you get started?”

Susan thought and asked, “Some wine? Maybe something sweet and white?” She giggled and glanced at Michelle.

Michelle looked at Susan and caught the joke. “Yes, Master, something sweet and white would be very nice.” She giggled. They stood and grinned, while I admired Susan’s lithe body. She was clearly in excellent shape, her gentle curves concealing serious muscles. A narrow line of hair below pointed the way to her sweet treat, thankfully the exact colour of the hair on her head. Pert pink nipples pointed at me from firm round breasts, smaller than Michelle’s but excellent nonetheless.

“Something sweet and white it shall be then. Make yourselves at home, I’ll catch up shortly.” I went to the kitchen; they headed towards the Master bedroom. I selected a nice wine from the cooler, added ice and glasses and took the tray to the bedroom.

I arrived to find Michelle and Susan locked in a passionate sixty-nine, they had taken their shoes off but Michelle was still in the garter belt and stockings. Susan was above her and as I walked around the bed I could see that not only was she licking and sucking at Michelle, but she had fingers stuffed in both her cunt and ass. I went around the bed and sat the tray on the far bedside table, and discovered that Michelle was doing much the same to Susan. Both of them were moaning, muffled only by having a mouthful of cunt occupying them. Susan came first; she suddenly released her grip on Michelle’s cunt and screamed, “Oh my God!” I watched as she drenched Michelle’s face in a spurt of girl cum. Michelle stayed locked in place, sucking and swallowing all she could catch.

As her orgasm subsided Susan dove back at Michelle’s cunt with fingers and mouth trying to return the favour. Michelle dropped her head back and started to pant heavily, and then she screamed too and hugged Susan’s body to her chest. “Oh god YES! Baby Yes!” Susan made slurping noises as she licked the flood of cum from Michelle. They slowly rolled onto their sides and lay together still holding each other tightly around the hips. I watched as they slowly and gently licked each other clean, sighing with pleasure.

Finally Susan raised her head and said, “Can I turn around and come up there? I’d like to kiss your face for a while baby.” Michelle slowly released her hold on Susan’s hips and Susan rolled up face to face with her, each of them licking their own cum from the others’ face. I simply stood next to the bed in awe, a glass of wine in one hand and my throbbing cock in the other.

Susan finally flopped onto her back looking into Michelle’s eyes and grinning. “Okay.” She started, “I have GOT to know, how old you are? I have never known anyone who could eat pussy like that.”
Michelle glanced at me and I nodded. “I’m eighteen. Last month.”

Susan looked at her, then at me. “I knew it. Would one of you like to tell me about this whole “Master” thing while we’re at it?” She looked at me. “I’d like a little of that wine, please? The other a little later.” She winked.

Michelle looked at me again and I nodded. She took the glass of wine from Susan and drained it then explained, “Rich was hiring me as his assistant so that I could learn his trade. He’s been sort of a surrogate father to me for quite a while, helping me learn about myself and get my self-respect back after my parents…” Michelle’s voice trailed off. I handed her the wine and she drank a bit more. “Anyway, he wouldn’t do anything with me sexually until I turned at least eighteen. He made me wait until then. I got my driver’s license renewed on my birthday and came out here and raped him.’ She paused and giggled. “Well okay, it wasn’t really rape, but even then he tried to keep me from having sex with him. I won.” She smirked.

“After I realized how good it was, and knowing that he was already going to let me move in here to learn while we work together, and he pays for my college, anyway, I begged him to make me his sex slave. I got him to agree, and here I am.” Susan looked from one of us to the other. “I see. I think.” She looked at me stroking my cock. “Would you like somewhere else to put that?” She glanced at Michelle. “If you don’t mind?” Michelle giggled, “He puts it where he wants.”
I smiled knowingly, “If that’s an invitation I accept. Where would you like me?”
Susan patted the bed. “Lay down here and let me see what I can do for that.” She looked at Michelle. “Would you like to help?” I stretched out on the bed. Michelle nodded. “Always.”

Susan knelt next to me and looked at me. “Any preferences?” I laughed. “Yes. Women.”
She laughed back and swung her leg over me, settled into position and slipped my cock inside her. She slipped all the way down and sighed. “Oh god. I needed this.”

Michelle laughed. “I know the feeling.” She looked at me. “What else would you like, Master?”
“Why don’t you bring your sweet pussy up here and put it on my mouth?” Michelle knelt over my face and I sucked and licked to the best of my ability. Susan seemed to be concentrating on drawing out the time she could keep my cock in her cunt. Truth is she was tight and wet and very, very good. I didn’t mind at all. She alternated fast and slow, deep and shallow, and just about the time I would think she would get my cum she’d pause and let the moment pass.

I heard her ask Michelle, “Would you mind if I get his cum tonight?”
“Of course not.” Michelle replied. Then, “I’m sure he’d be happy to share his cum with you. Maybe you can share it with me afterwards?” I felt Susan lean forward. I realized they were kissing, and then Susan began to fuck me like she meant it. I moaned into Michelle’s cunt and she pushed harder against me. I

realized we were going to cum together, I could only hope Susan would join us. As I felt my cum boil out I gripped Michelle’s hips tightly and screamed my pleasure, locking my mouth onto her cunt. She joined me, giving me a mouthful of her sweet cum. Somewhere I heard another scream and Susan wet my belly as I pushed as deeply as I could inside her, pumping my cum into her cunt. I felt her muscles ripple, drawing me inside and milking my cock. The feeling was great, especially with Michelle’s sweet cunt dripping into my mouth. I lay there until the sensations Susan was giving me became too much to bear. She was gripping me and driving me crazy. I could hardly breathe. I lifted Michelle so that I could see Susan and begged, “Enough!” I paused to breathe while she gripped my cock even tighter. “Girl, are you trying to kill me? Please stop!”

Susan finally sat still. Michelle lifted herself off my face and sat next to me. She smiled at Susan. “I think he likes that.” Susan gripped my cock again. I jumped and caught my breath. “I think he really likes that.”

“I think I like it but you’re about to kill me.”
Michelle looked at Susan, “Maybe I could do something for you while he recovers?”

“Like?” Susan asked. “Lick your pussy clean?” “Lay down here and I’ll let you do that.”
Michelle lay down next to me with her head by my hip. Susan lifted off my cock and both of us gasped, but she simply shifted sideways and brought her dripping cunt down on Michelle’s mouth. Michelle responded by trying her best to suck all my cum out of Susan’s cunt. She must have been doing a good job because after a while Susan looked down and asked, “Is it that good?”

I heard Michelle reply, “It’s the very best I’ve ever had. I can’t get enough. You should try some.”
I slid up a bit on the bed and Susan leaned down and sucked my still sloppy cock into her mouth. She licked it clean then sat up and looked at Michelle. “You’re right, he is yummy.”

They laughed, and then Michelle did something that made Susan gasp. She did it again and Susan went rigid. The next time and she screamed, “Oh god! Yes!” While she was shuddering with an orgasm Michelle was making slurping noises between her legs. Susan finally fell off to the side and looked at Michelle.

Michelle lay quietly, licking stray gobs of cum from her face and fingers. Susan looked at her and said, “Girl, I don’t know where you learned to eat pussy like you do, but you are incredible.’
Michelle smiled back and just said, “Thank you.” I looked at them and finally spoke. “Slave, there is a matter of discipline between us.”

Susan looked at me questioningly, but Michelle just sat up and said, “Yes Master, there is.”
I looked at Michelle. “You need to explain to your new friend.”

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