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More adventures in Tallinn [1], the capital of Estonia, lies on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, only 70 km (43 mi) south of Helsinki. At the historical and medieval heart of the city is the hill of Toompea, covered in cobbled streets and filled with medieval houses and alleyways. The lower town spreads out from the foot of the hill, still protected by the remnants of a city wall. Around the city wall is a series of well-maintained green parks, great for strolling.

We went to the bus station, where Veronika purchased two tickets for us; she later explained that it was nudist beach. A visit to the Baltic Sea sounded fun, as there is no beach around Tallinn and the water not very clear

Before it went off Veronika took me to a kiosk, we bought two bottles of water, then she stopped before a pharmacy on the way to the bus, grinned at me, and formed the word "Shopping" with lips
Nevertheless, I immediately understood what she said and smiled back. We went in, bought a pack of durex, we found our bus and got on. We sat at the back, where no other passengers were sitting. When it went off, Veronika immediately pushed her dress up and put my hand in her lap. At the same time opened my pants, the little bitch and laid her hand in my lap. So we pampered each other during the trip, we pretended to look not innocent. When the bus stopped at a traffic light, near houses the residents could see us, it made us both very horny. After a while it went out from the city, and after about an hour, we were driving to the destination.

We got off the bus; I barely managed to hide the bulge in my pants. A woman, who waited to get on the bus, gave me smile. I smiled back and enjoyed the situation. On the way to the beach, my little one subsided and took its basic shape.

The beach was 1st class; sand dunes came partially onto the beach so that it formed a series of beautiful, sheltered bays. You had to be at the water's edge to look into the various "bays". Three of these coves we went past, which were empty, in the fourth, but then two couples - were stark naked. The next was full of naked people. Veronika had brought us to a naturist beach. We ran looked around several places were now vacant. We chose a very narrow and safe looking berth Veronika opened her bag, two towels and sunscreen were its entire content, and the two bottles of water, No trace swim where - the little beast wanted to leave probably no chance for me. To cover myself, but that it would have been required, I looked forward to a beautiful naked day at the beach.

We laid our towels down and undressed, it is simply wonderful to feel the wind on bare skin without a bathing suit. Not only on the hips, it felt different, more beautiful, than if it is with a bathing suit on. Veronika held the bottle of sunscreen in front of my nose and kept me smiling. I would enjoy protecting her great body from the Sun by applying from head to toe a good coating of sun cream. She lay down on her stomach and I distributed a generous shot of cream on her back. I squatted, next to her and began to apply the sunscreen my hands glided over her body; I sat next to her, to apply to butt and legs. With my fingers, I slid between her buttocks; I heard an intake of air from her. I devoted my attention, also the insides of her thighs and then she opened her legs a little. Gently, I slipped the finger over her lips; she turned on to her back. Again I knelt over them and started to cream her chest. More than actually needed, I rubbed her beautiful tits, and did not forget to devote myself to her now already hard nipples. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying now belly and legs; again I moved my hands to the space between her opened thighs. I had finished sun creaming everything; I had kept only her pubic area till last.

I gave it my full devotion, which was what gratefully acknowledged with a quiet groan. I touched her pussy lip; I realized that she was really wet. With two fingers, I entered and began to move them. With my thumb, I stroked her special pearl, and soon after, she came to the climax. She sat up and kissed me. Her hand found its way to my rock hard cock and she jerked him Then she pushed me on to my stomach it was now my turn. She covered my back with the cream, and as she finished she put a finger between my buttocks, and slide it inside my rose bud, her fingers were very sloppy with all the sun cream she had applied. I had to admit me it was an awesome feeling, and would never have believed if she hadn’t done it to me; she turned me on the back and started on my front. I closed my eyes. She sat over me, on my stomach; she pushed my cock on to my belly and with her pelvis moved gently back and forth. It was almost as she sat next to me and now masturbated my shaft.

My God it was great; I felt the juice in me start to rise. My cock pulsed and Veronika slid her mouth over him. In two or three bursts I discharged myself and again we shared the taste of sperm with a deep French kiss. Veronika rolled smiling next to me and stroked my erect penis with her hand. I sat up - and was shocked!

A couple had settled not 5 meters from us! Both were already undressed and looked across to us. They would have seen it all! I had closed my eyes and focused on our lovemaking. Veronika could not hear them so she carried on.

The two waved to me - Veronika had noticed nothing - and she smiled at me and winked at me. I could not believe my eyes; it was actually the couple last night, who had caught us in the photo session! I realized who they were and coyly, waved back with a pained smile.

Veronika focused now, trimmed short if the surprise visits, waved back then but happily smiling. It seemed that the two had been watched us.

Only now I saw that she had her hand on his cock and made slow jerking movements while she always still smiling looked over to us. She said something in Eesti, which I of course did not understand.
"Sorry, I only speak English or German perhaps?" I replied shyly. Veronica looked at me questioningly. "Oh i see sorry." I said. “We really did enjoy what we saw, nice job “I took pen and block and Veronika wrote on what we had talked about. She smiled to the two over and wrote 'Tell them, we enjoyed what we have done, please' and grinned at me cheekily. I told them and they both got up and came to usm, I thought Wow, as the two stood up. I noticed his full erection, he had a normal figure, not very athletic, but also not thick. And his cock had the same dimensions as mine. To my surprise I realized that his stiff was nice to look at, she had short blonde hair, slender body, nice firm breasts, a good B-Cup, I liked, very much the pubic area shaved except for a small blonde strip, which one only saw if you looked close it was horny to look at.

The two asked why we had written, and I explained to them that Veronica could not hear. She immediately snapped up the pad and wrote their names, "Kristijaana (Jana) + Leevi". Veronika nodded to both smiling and introduced us in the same way.

Levi’s erection had subsided; we exchanged a little smalltalk via Notepad. As it turned out the two had observed yesterday our shooting actually more than I had thought, and both said that they had liked them very much. We were both pleased as we had today discovered a couple making love and it turned out that they were the two from last night. Jana had a real sparkle in the eyes, when Veronika wrote that that the two watching us was very sexy, it would make even us even hotter
They were really nice, and so slowly I relaxed. The two had brought up their blanket, and so we sat the four of us opposite, each other, Jana me and Veronika Leevi. The two women had their legs crossed while Leevi sat cross-legged and I with loose legs. Leevi, asked if we were here often, I replied that it was merely a long weekend visit. Too bad, the two said, and also Veronica looked at me somewhat sad. But what could I do, I asked whether they would join us, because probably this situation does not happen very often. Jana replied that they have always had wanted to share each other, but had never had the opportunity. They wanted to share, also to observe.

While Jana continued, now cross-legged, I had clear view of her private parts.

Immediately, I realized how my little friend was encouraged. I now think what should I do?
Veronika realized my plight and responded promptly. She sat down on her bum, legs outstretched propped up her arms. Leevi was presented with free view with splayed legs tightened on her pussy. He reacted and I saw he was slightly excited.

I was gob smacked, while Veronika gave me once again with her cheekiest grin. I now knew what was coming. And as this is the case if you absolutely want to avoid something, then just the opposite happens. And my cock stood erect in no time! Although I had crossed my legs, but could conceal it no longer was. Veronika was a little slut; she actually started to stroke me with one hand. Jana hesitated for a moment and so were my hopes for a rapid lowering of my erection the! Now Leevi began to massage his cock, slowly pushing it the foreskin back and forth, in full view of Veronika.

Jana looked me deep in the eyes and smiled quite aware what it would trigger for me. Veronika now sat down next to Jana, Jana's placed a leg over and as the two sat opposite me, both pussy pampering, with Veronika. Leevi watched jerking off. I sat there petrified, Leevi now knelt, still jerking his cock and he came again. Actually it was a very horny situation, bu somehow I was still on edge. The two women made me horny, but I caught myself again and again with views of Leevi, as he rubbed his cock faster. A horny sight, at least just as horny as the two girls touching each other. I spread my legs a little and put a hand on my shaft. Lust, I had to do something but, slowly otherwise I would quickly cum. All three I smiled now sympathetic, and Jana particularly, she turned to Veronika and kissed her on the mouth!

That seemed to please her, because the two were now playing their tongues with each other with open mouths. What a fantastic sight! Now Veronika surprised me, she took her hand off her cunt and put it on Jana’s pussy. Jana took her hand and touched Veronika’s. The two of them masturbating each other, I was such a sexy site, I had to release my cock or I would have cum immediately.

Mesmerized, I looked as well as Leevi, who was apparently in better condition and was violently jerking. Veronika threw his head back, came first with a loud moaning orgasm shortly thereafter also Jana not less quietly had a climax. Leevi knelt down next to Jana's head, who at once took his penis deeply into her mouth. Veronica looked at me demandingly, and so I knelt next to her, she had my cock between her lips. Again I felt a finger at my rosette; again it penetrated into me this time but much deeper and harder than before. I could no longer hold it; I splashed with pulsating Dick into Veronika's mouth.

Although I had previously cum, I was so horny that I again gave off a powerful charge. Part of it landed on Veronika's breasts. Leevi was also no longer able to keep it in and pumped his cum into Janna’s mouth. She gulped it down greedily, licked it clean, then also the last drops from his cock. She turned to Veronika and her licked my spunk from her breasts, with Veronika again breathing heavily.

I grabbed her between the legs and put her two fingers deep in the pussy, she got a second orgasm. Jana kissed Veronica and shared both cum’s with her. Exhausted, we fell all four in the sand. What an awesome experience.

We sat together a while and enjoyed the last minutes. For all of us it was the first time with four, and each had seen that it was very horny; all had that certain smile on their faces. Jana wanted now to swim and took Veronika's hand. The two went off and there was already a hot picture, as the two walked towards the water. I lay back down, closed his eyes and enjoyed the Sun. After a while, I directed me to check on the girls, Leevi was turned to me and stroked his half-rigid cock himself. He looked at my part, smiled to me now. He said that I had a nice cock and that the sight of my erection had earlier excited him. You could see how his piece grew in size. I returned the compliment, also felt as is slowly collected the blood in my crotch. Leevi slowly jerked his cock, which had reached almost its full length . I was amazed how much the sight aroused me. But it was cool to see how the foreskin getting back half settled over the head, which, when he pushed back, was shiny protruded into the Sun. I now put hand on my cock, jerked him at almost the same pace . We looked at each other jerking off; I have to confess that the situation pretty aroused me. Leevi staring at my cock as I on his, we had not noticed that the girls again coming out of the water back.

At some distance, they were stopped and watched us grinning. Now they came closer, and we stopped playing our joint masturbation. The sight of two naked ladies with their glistening water droplets on the bodies and the nipples of the water was just amazing. Jana wrote, if we then had our fun together, was actually superfluous, because the stiff dicks said yes to it all. She knelt down between us and took a cock in each hand and began to jerk off. Veronika knelt down towards her and watched a while, stroking her breasts first, then moved her hand into her crotch. Jana moved closer to each other, so that she too needed to spread her arms for Leevi and me. Alternately, she kissed the tips of our, penises, then she shoved Leevis deep in her mouth, not to spoil me continue with the hand. After a short time she moved, and I felt how her hot mouth engulfed my cock almost completely.

Veronika fingered her pussy , both women groaned audible.

Suddenly Veronika shook me on the shoulder, and looked toward the water.

There was a man in our Cove, with his cock masturbating. Without hesitation, without asking, disrespectful he ran next to us and gazed us, jerked his small cock here. The girls closed their legs, and our erections ceased almost immediately. The sight was very not erotic, he was of stocky stature, and fairly unkempt. Leevi told him that he had no right to disturbed us, and that he should go, back to Eesti. Only when we both got up and stood in front the girls he walked away softly grumbling to himself. The horny situation before was completely ruined. Had he stopped a l small distance away, it would have been ok, but the intrusion just happen, it made all of us uncomfortable.

We agreed that we still wanted to soak up the sun. Jana and Leevi invited us to their place, to spend a beautiful, quiet afternoon or evening. After roughly three-quarters of an hour we broke up It was really too bad, I had enjoyed it there on the beach, but the prospect of a hot afternoon with four-compensated.

Jana and Leevi had come with their car; we sat down in the car and drove off.

We would take about 20 minutes, said Jana. Veronika and I sat back. I leaned over her and kissed her. Veronika wrote, whether I had ever been with a man. I denied and said that we had watched each other jerk off, nothing else had happened.

She said that to see both of us would have been very horny, secretly she had imagined, us wanking each other our dicks. She had felt a different pussy also said for the first time, and it had been great. She was looking forward to what should happen later, I agreed.

We reached the apartment of the two and got out.They lived not directly in a rather plain area, prefab as I knew from the new federal State, but clearly of Socialist architecture from the Soviet Union, certainly not at the time for the working class, not very attractive, but not really too bad.
The apartment of the two was on the top floor, on the 4th floor. More surprising was the apartment itself much more pleasing than the exterior. Downright homely and warm, and no not even as small as we had expected from the outside.

We sat down in the living room, Jana wanted a quick shower and to freshen up, offered us both same. We said yes and so I went with Veronika to the bathroom. We showered quickly together and went back into the living room where Jana had already provided drinks after 15 minutes. They themselves went to the bathroom, and we waited on the couch until their return.

I looked at Veronica, as she sat in her mini dress so that. Her great breasts located underneath the thin fabric, her thighs, which were now just barely covered and would grant a spectator some frontal deep insights. It was really great to look at, and its informality and openness had surpassed to all of my expectations. I kissed her and slid a hand under her dress, her hand lay on my lap, gently stroking my cock through the fabric of my pants. How would the afternoon go any further?

Jana and Leevi came out of the bathroom, he put on tight boxer shorts over his penis with scrotum contoured. It seemed to me that he was again in a half-stiff state. Jana had a tightly-fitting spaghetti top, strapless, and a wide, around the hips but skin tight slacks. Under the white cloth, one could clearly see where under the Mons a perfect "camel-toe"! It was hot to see and maddening.

Jana sat down beside Veronika, Leevi sitting opposite three us in an armchair. We talked about nothing in particular. Certainly, the whole thing was pretty awkward, but I had accustomed me already, and the two others had obviously no problem with it.

Jana posed the question to Veronika, as she caressed her pussy. She replied that she liked her, and loving would happly do it all again. When Jana asked Veronika her smile this told us that she knew the answer very well already. She slowly slid her hand under Veronika's dress and kissed her passionately with her tongue. Veronika stroked Jana tits the substance of their tops, you could to see how hard the nipple were
Veronika spread her legs and Jana left more space for her hand. I felt out of place and sat down in the second Chair as well as Leevi. The bulge was now tight in his shorts the gland pressed the fabric already a little upwards, the size and shape could be clearly seen. Also my piece was already fully erect

It was just good to watch the two girls. Veronika answered every move Jana's hand with an accommodating move of her pelvis; he had apparently liked what Jana did. She had now pushed Jana’s top over her tits and stroking played tenderly with the nipples. Jana knelt before Veronika on the ground, it now lifted her dress over her head and threw it to the side. Jana presented us with her sexy butt lying, kneeling, moved Veronika hip closer to the edge of the couch and now buried her head in her lap.

As Jana, now licked Veronika it was just awesome. Jana’s hands were sideways on Veronika's belly, while their own hands pampered her own tits. Leevi now had a full erection; the head was clear to see through the material and it’s now shiny out peeked out. It looked very horny now he put his hand on his cock and began to rub through the shorts.

I opened my Bermuda’s, took out my cock and jerked slowly, enjoying the sight on offer in.
Jana’s pants, a little damp patch of the substance showed that she was already pretty wet. Both girls breathed excitedly, I would have watched the game of tonguing.

As if Jana had heard my thoughts, she stood up, took off top and trousers, and knelt by the side of Veronika on the couch. She threw her hair to the side and granted us a clear view of what she was doing. She slid two fingers in Veronika while she served her clit with the tip of your tongue. A pleasant sigh showed Veronika's pleasure. The two fingers fucked her pussy now, it was not long before Veronika came, but Jana continued their game and soon it again brought her to orgasm. Veronika pulled Jana’s head to her and kissed her, she wanted to taste herself. They changed the position not forgetting the perspective for their viewers. Veronica began to lick Jana’s breasts. Sucking the nipples, tenderly biting into it while she opened Jana’s cave with her fingers and sank her middle finger in . Slowly, she moved her head kissing over the belly to Jana’s pleasure centre, returned the favour with fingers and tongue as Jana had done to. Her

Her second hand pushes from behind to Jana’s ass hole, rubbed the rosette with her finger. It was not long before Jana screamed out her climax.

I had stripped myself naked Leevi had taken off his shorts.
My gaze wandered back and forth between the two ladies and Leevis cock, I was
very aroused and I had to hold back not to cum. Leevi had apparently similar problems, he stopped with his jerking movements, his eyes fell again on me.

Jana sat up, led Veronika in to a position on her back with her legs spread, she slid down her thigh and squeezed her pussy on to Veronika's. Both were now together grinding each other while they massaged their breasts. They looked deep into each others eyes, it lasted only briefly, Jana came first, followed closely by Veronica, gasping with their excitement. What a beautiful sight, I had to take my hand off my cock so it didn’t explode; Leevi also had released his bulging penis. It was horny to see how it twitched with excitement, certainly Leevi had been excited just before the cum shot. The two women were still pussy,to pussy on the couch.

The girls sat down and smiled at us, as we are there with our stiff cocks. Veronica leaned over to Jana, kissed her and stood up, came over to us. She took our two hands, pulled us out of the chairs and then knelt in front of us. She took a cock in each hand and began slowly at the same time to jerk us off. Jana left the living room briefly, to return with bag in her hand.

As she put them down on the coffee table, I could see several dildos and vibrators.
She took a small metal vibrator, and was lying on the couch. While she is filled herself with the small toy, she watched us again smiling. Veronika moved both of us together more closely and took Leevis cock in the mouth; she rubbed mine now with her hand. As Jana had done on the beach, Veronika now switched from cock to cock.

Alternately, she wanked us with hand or mouth, Jana was there are mean while on the couch . She took a second dildo from the bag, a red jelly shaped penis about the same size as our cocks. While introducing this now into her vagina, the smaller vibrator she put into her rose bud as she put it in she let out audibly groaned.

Veronika sucked our cocks , she was getting faster and faster, both with her hands hand and mouth. She had brought us now quite close together, and was closely jerked our dicks in front of her face. Suddenly she pushed closely together our cock heads and licked both cocks with her tongue at the same time. What a feeling to feel Leevis cock and Veronika's tongue at the same time! For the first time, I felt another Dick. Holding both cocks with one hand, she jerked us and licked again and again both at the same time. She tried to take both into his mouth, but failed her mouth was simply too small, the cocks would have been too big.

Jana groaned loudly on the couch, she had brought himself to another orgasm. That, and also the sense of Leevis cock against me had me pumping, my cock twitched and I felt it rise up with my spunk. I poured myself into Vera's face, only the second torrent met her open mouth. Shortly thereafter, also Leevi splashed down, Veronika's lips firmly wrapped. She stood up and without hesitation, she slid her tongue in to my mouth with both our both cum smeared me. Had she asked me, I would have rejected, but she had left me no chance. Actually, I would have refused Leevis cum, but now it was indeed too late. I was nothing left than accept it. Shortly thereafter, she kissed also Leevi, but he also was aroused and spent.

Jana was there now, to swap also a heartfelt kiss with Veronika. I sat in my chair and processed the experiences. I had tasted another man's cum, although I love to taste my own cum, I never imagined that me, tasting another man Veronika had just caught me, Soberly considered was it actually the same whether I tasted the juice of a woman out of her, or stop to taste the juice of a man. Only the fact that it is the own sex then just irritated me.

while having felt the hard cock of Leevis and mine, how our two skins had slid against each other It had felt had felt very sexy.

Jana went out again and came back with a bottle of sparkling wine. She took the glasses from the cupboard, and gave one to each of us. We toasted to our first sex experiences of four.


Leevi, I asked how I had felt about the action, and whether I had equally horny feelings. He grinned at me and said that he often thought of others cocks. He was glad that he had finally found someone He asked if he could touch my cock. Both women nodded immediately requesting that both wanted to see what would happen. I had a choice?

Leevi gently took my dick in his hand, to me a strange sensation, yet not so much different, as it is with a woman. And yet so different, slowly he stroked me, it did not remain without effect. I could feel how I grew slowly. I leaned back and looked excited, as he jerked my cock. The two girls sat up and pampered each others pussy.

I stood up and Leevi was forced to stand also. I wanted to keep his cock now in my hand! Almost half stiff I could feel it in my fingers, gradually he grew in my hand until he was quite stiff. I found it just crazy to feel the strange cock. We wanked each other now slowly,we both had our fun. Veronika had taken a vibrator, bigger than the one of Jana had. Sensitively, I led him to Jana’s cunt, pumping him slowly back and forth. Leevi leaned down and tickled Jana’s clit with his tongue.
We rubbed each other, jerking each other off, we both had the first droplets of precum, which made it even hornier. Leevi groaned loudly, his cock throbbed in my hand and he squirted his seed against my belly. Hot cum flowed out of his cock, what a feeling.

Immediately, Leevi leaned down and licked his cum from my abdomen. His lips wrapped around my testicles, and he slid up the shaft up and back again. Two, three, four times, he pushed my cock into his mouth, I felt that it was not right and wanted to resist him. Immediately he laid his hands to my hips and held me, he just nodded to me, and at the same moment, I pumped my cream into his mouth. He opened his mouth, showed me the result of my orgasm and then swallowed it!

Wow, I didn't expect that! Jana groaned up behind me, Veronika had fucked her with the vibrator to orgasm. Veronika stood up and came to me, kissed me intimately and stroked my cock. She smiled at me and nodded appreciatively, which probably should mean that she enjoyed watching us. Leevi and Jana were kissing passionately, firmly; she kept him in her arms as she said: well done!

Jana opened another bottle of champagne and we drank together at the experience.
I asked for a shower, I needed to get under the warm water. What a day!

I had certainly spent 25 minutes in the bathroom, and felt awake and relaxed I went back into the living room. I could not believe it; this Leevi was also in best condition. Jana knelt on the couch and Leevi fucking her from behind, while Veronika lay under Jana’s pussy and just watched the two. These three were yet again horny and were proving it.

I sat on the Chair and watched intently, but my little friend did not stir any longer. He needed recovery time, after all I had cum several times today. Leevi fucked Jana firmly from behind; he could apparently not get enough. Veronika groaned as she masturbated herself with the vibrator in the chair with Jana, who with every push from Leevi, was almost ready. Leevi was ready to cum, Veronika massaged his balls and had opened her mouth, Leevi had understood. He pulled his cock out of Jana’s cave and squirted his sperm in Veronika's face. Shortly thereafter, she moaned as her orgasm shook her body. Jana turned around, and licked Vera's face clean and then, the two women kissed each other. Jana and Leevi settled down exhausted on the couch, Veronica sat on my lap and kissed me. We all were excited about the day, so much you could read it in our faces.

We sat together for a while comfortably; our need for sex was satisfied. Then it was time to depart, Leevi wanted to drive us to the hotel. We said our goodbyes to Jana, put our sparse
clothes on and left the House.

When we arrived at the hotel Leevi asked whether they could see us again, we said that we wanted to do but time was short so we could not promise.

He and Veronika exchanged their mobile numbers , so that we could possibly get in touch.
We went to the room, and at once lay on the bed and help each other in our arms.
Later we would get some food, but first relax and rest.

I did not put on my cell phone alarm clock, and we fell asleep, hungry.

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