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Michelle looked at Susan, and began, “We made a contract for me to be his slave. It spells out what he will do for me, above and beyond my working with him. It also describes some things that I can and can’t do, and some things that are required. When I break a rule he has the right to discipline me, and I broke a rule tonight.” She paused and I indicated that she should continue. “So, Master is going to paddle me for breaking the rules.”

“What rules?”

“I seduced you without permission, I think.”

“But that’s not her fault!” Susan glared at me. You shouldn’t punish her for something that was my fault! If you’re going to punish anyone you should punish me, I led her into it.”

“That’s not exactly what it’s for, and I’m not punishing her, I’m paddling her for breaking a rule. She will learn better control as my slave this way.”

“But you can’t!”

“Yes Susan, he can. He’s my Master. Please, don’t make this worse. Let him do it and we can get back to making love. Please?”

“No!” Susan yelled. “If you’re going to paddle her then I demand to be paddled too. It’s my fault and I insist that you paddle me too.”

I looked at both of them and made a decision. “Alright, if you insist. Twenty-five strokes each. Michelle take your new friend to the bathroom and explain to her what’s happening and what I expect, then come back here and assume the position of contemplation in preparation while I get things ready.”

Michelle grabbed Susan’s hand. “Come on. I’ll explain in the bathroom.” They got up and left, although Susan shot me a look over her shoulder. Michelle closed the door and I opened the cabinet and got out the paddle and plenty of rope. As I was tying the ropes to the foot of the bed they came out.

“Position yourselves in the doorway. Slave, explain what you’re doing.” They knelt and I walked over and laid the paddle in Michelle’s open hands. “Explain.”

“I kneel and contemplate exactly what I did wrong so that I come to the paddling with a full understanding of what happened and why, and how not to make the same mistake again.”

“Excellent Slave. Now both of you, contemplate in silence while I prepare.” I went back to attaching the ropes. When I finished I looked at Michelle and Susan and admired their calm beauty. “Slave, you first. Hand Susan the paddle.”

Michelle laid the paddle in Susan’s hands and walked to the bed. “Explain to me why you’re being disciplined.”

“I seduced Susan without permission, and I had sex with her without you being able to observe, Master.”

“Excellent. Assume the position on this side, Slave.” Michelle leaned over and I tied her feet wide apart. “Now you Susan, since you insist on participating.” Susan stood and walked over slowly and handed me the paddle. “Assume the position here.” I pointed and Susan lay across the foot pad and I tied her feet also. I climbed on the bed and cuffed both their hands then tied the rope to Michelle’s cuffs. I looped the rope through Susan’s cuffs and made a slip knot, which I then pulled tight, lifting them both off the bed. I stepped back and picked up the paddle.

“I am going to alternate between you, giving each of you five strokes then the other. Remember Slave, silence during discipline.”

“Yes Master.”

I raised the paddle and brought it down sharply on Michelle’s ass. Susan jumped almost as much as Michelle. I saw them looking into each other’s eyes. I gave Michelle her five then started Susan’s first five. “Your turn Susan.”

“Yes Sir.” And the first stroke hit. Susan gasped, but said nothing. I applied all five and went back to Michelle. As I progressed through their strokes they kept silent and let their heads hang. As I neared the end I noticed that, as before, there were wet spots on the bed below Michelle’s face, and also below Susan. I noticed with some amusement that they were also dripping elsewhere. I finished Michelle’s twenty-five and announced it to her.

“Thank you, Master.” She sobbed.

I stepped over and completed Susan’s and told her, “Twenty-five Susan.”

“Thank you Sir.” She sobbed out. I looked at my throbbing cock and Susan’s dripping cunt and shoved it inside her.

She gasped and said, “Thank you Sir.” I fucked her several quick strokes with it.

I pulled back, stepped to the side and did the same for Michelle. “Thank you Master.”

I switched back and forth several times, then finally asked, as I fucked Michelle, “Which of you should I cum in?”

Michelle answered, “You can give it to Susan, she’s our guest.”

I slipped back inside Susan and asked again. She replied, “You should give it to your Slave, Sir. She has earned your tribute and she loves you. Give her the evidence of your love for her.”

“Well said Susan.” I pulled back out and shoved my cock into Michelle. I was close to cumming and I fucked her hard. I gasped out, “Oh god, yes. Here it is Slave!”

Michelle cried back, “Thank you Master. Yes!” I felt her spasm around me as I drained myself inside her.

Susan looked back at me. “Sir, may I lick her clean, as she did for me?”

I smiled. This was going well. “Yes Susan, you may lick my slave clean.” I untied her hands and retied Michelle, then untied Susan’s feet. She slipped off the rail and knelt on the floor and crawled over to Michelle’s dripping pussy.

Michelle could do nothing except scream her pleasure as Susan licked my cum out and brought her to two screaming orgasms in a row. Finally Susan sat back and said, “I think she’s clean now.”

“Help me untie her?”

Susan untied Michelle’s feet while I did her hands. Michelle slid to the floor and knelt next to Susan. “Have you learned anything, Slave?”

“Yes, much Master. Thank you.” She looked at my cock hanging in front of her. “May I finish the clean-up, Master?”

I stepped up next to her and allowed her to engulf my cock with her sweet mouth. When she had sucked me clean she set back and Susan touched her arm. When Michelle turned her head Susan gave her a long deep kiss.

“Susan, I would like to know a little more about you now. Let’s start with how old you are, who the guy you were with is, and what you’re doing with your life, and your current plans.”

Susan glanced at both of us, then started. “I’m Susan XX, and I’m twenty-three years-old, for another three weeks. The guy I was with is an old boyfriend who calls me when he wants an easy fuck, he’s pretty good, but not nearly as good as he thinks he is. I had about had it with him, and Michelle gave me a great excuse not to fuck him last night, and I am so glad I came home with you instead.” She took a long breath. “I’ve been a student at XY University here, but I haven’t finished my degree because I have to keep taking time off to earn more money. I’m studying NN and hope to do something useful with it when I’m done with college, but I’ve got at least a year to finish. I just completed the last semester I could afford and now I need to find some work.”

I looked at her closely. “Would you be willing to try working for a friend of mine who is in that line and needs an office assistant? He may very well make you an offer similar to Michelle’s.”

“Could I still come over here and visit Michelle?”

“I assume he’d allow that. You’ll have to ask. If you’d like I can call him in the morning and set up a meeting and maybe an interview. Would that be okay with you?”

“Oh, I’d love that. Thank you so much, Sir.”

“There are no promises, his situation is not quite as comfortable as mine, so the conditions may be slightly different, but he’s a very good friend, so I may even be able to help him out if everything seems right.”

“Even a job would be so great right now. If there’s anything more it would just be a bonus. Thank you so much Sir. Anything you do would be a great help. I’d owe you forever.”

“Forever is a long time. Let’s just see what happens.”

“Thank you. Sir.”

Michelle looked at me, “Thank you Master. I really like Susan, I appreciate your help also.”

I smiled down at them. “Would the two of you like to get a little sleep now?” I asked.

They smiled at each other and jumped up, and grabbed me and hugged me. Too very beautiful naked young bodies against mine. Life is good.

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