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Introduction: My apologies for the long delay in getting this finished. It took the inspiration of a new muse (A young lady who contacted me here.) to get back to this storyline and make it work. The following chapter has been done for months, but this one just wouldn't come together. Of course, for those of you following my stories, things have been a bit more hectic than usual.

Life settled into a routine quickly with Michelle in the house for the summer. We would get up each morning and she’d fix breakfast, then we’d get cleaned up and ready for work. She’d usually be ready slightly before me, since she didn’t have to dress and she’d get the second pot of coffee ready and the computers started while I did dress. there would be a short period of instruction and discussion, then we’d get to work. She was quickly indispensable in my daily routine, freeing me from answering the phone and doing routine office tasks. And of course, when I’d get too distracted by her body, we’d have some truly fun sex. She was always attentive to my needs, and I enjoyed being attentive to hers. After about a month the part of the summer arrived where I normally had to attend conferences away from home. I had hoped to take Michelle, but some items came up that required someone at the office so I went without her the first couple of trips.
Other than the fact that she broke a couple of rules, things went well. I elected not to punish her right away, at first hoping that it was a singular error, then, when she repeated the mistake I realized that there would be other rewards for me in waiting. I will detail those in a later episode. In the meantime, I wanted very much to share Michelle with my friends and colleagues and a couple of very special clients.

The first opportunity to present itself came somewhat unexpectedly, when those particular special clients called me without warning early one morning. They were a pair of business partners, who had regularly hired me in the past, and who were known to have some very interesting sexual preferences. They were wealthy, but cautious, and not necessarily wealthy enough to safely indulge their preferences on their own with the needed discretion. Michelle was perfect to satisfy their preference for young teens, and to allow me a very special way to cement our business relationship even further. After they called I, brought Michelle into my office to explain what was going to happen.

These gentlemen are long-time clients of mine, but they’re always right on the edge of shafting me, taking the work I’ve done for them and hiring someone else. I intend to use you to get them locked in, once and for all.” I explained. “They are rumored to have a preference for very young girls, and while you’re not as young as they often are said to prefer, you do appear younger than eighteen, especially shaved as you are.” I explained the plan to Michelle in detail, and that they would arrive the following morning. We worked through the day and followed our new nightly routine and the next morning we were up early to get ready for what promised to be an entertaining and productive day.

Over breakfast I explained to Michelle what she’d wear for our meeting, and when she finished I sent her to her room to get the clothes I’d directed and to clean herself inside and out for what was to come – I hoped. In the meanwhile, I got some items out of my toy box and brought them to my office. I placed them along the back wall, under a couple of hooks I’d installed for those times when I elected to play there rather than in the bedroom. I brought out a couple of spreader bars, a selection of paddles, and some other things I thought my guests might enjoy. Tucked away in the back of the room, I was certain neither my guests nor Michelle would notice until I called attention to them. Michelle finally came back in, dressed as directed in a plaid school-girl skirt which stopped mid-thigh, a white blouse tied beneath her breasts with a lace half-cup bra holding them proudly against the fabric, and a white garter belt with white lace top stockings and black buckle shoes.

She was a vision dressed like that. “Did you get yourself clean, inside and out?” I asked when she came to a halt in front of my desk.

“Yes, Master.” I stood and took my cock out of my pants. “Get me hard, I need to do something before the clients arrive.”

Michelle knelt by my chair and sucked my cock into her mouth, in seconds she had me fully erect. I reached down and lifted her to her feet. “Bend over the desk.” I directed. When she did, I flipped her skirt out of the way, grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted some onto her ass and my cock. I slipped inside her ass slowly, taking my time to allow her to open fully around me. I gave her just a few strokes then pulled out. I took a tissue and wiped the excess lube off both of us, then slapped her ass.

As I zipped myself up I told her, “Now you’re ready.” I explained. “They’ll want to use both holes, I’m sure, and I don’t want them to tear you. Now, you’ll bring them to my office just as you are now. But each time you leave the office you’ll roll your skirt one time around the waistband. I doubt you’ll have to roll it too far, but you never know.”

“Yes, Master.” Michelle smiled. “What do I do to them?”

“You do anything they ask. I’ll establish some minimum restrictions, nothing that marks you, no permanent damage, and things like that, but otherwise you’ll be offered to them to use sexually however they wish.” I explained. “Are you okay with that?”

“Yes Master, anything to serve and please you.” “Good girl. Go start some fresh coffee and heat some water for tea, just in case. They should be here in about twenty minutes and I want everything ready, including you.

Michelle smiled. “Yes Master. I’m very ready.” I pointed towards the kitchen, and Michelle left to do as instructed. I was confident she hadn’t seen the toys I’d set out. A little surprise would be good for her today. A few minutes later Michelle returned.

“Master, do I set the coffee out first?” “No Michelle. That’ll be the first time you leave and return. Once they’re seated you’ll take their orders for refreshments, go out, roll your skirt, and return with whatever they’ve requested. After you’ve served all of us you’ll depart again and await my pleasure.”

Michelle bowed slightly. “I understand Master.” “Yes, I think you do.” I agreed. “Shall we go over the initial offering again? I’d like to be certain I’ve covered everything we can think of.”
“Yes Master.” Michelle agreed, as she walked around the desk to open the file. She recited each point we’d developed, and our costing estimates. As we finished the driveway alarm sounded.
“It would seem our guests are right on time.” I said, glancing at my watch. “Close this up and set it aside, and get ready for the door.”

Michelle straightened the desk, and then sat quietly while we waited. A few minutes later the doorbell sounded. Michelle took a deep breath and went to answer it. She returned a couple of minutes later with Thomas and James in tow. James was holding back slightly, clearly ogling Michelle’s ass as it swayed in front of him. Michelle directed them to the chairs in front of my desk and got them seated. She asked them sweetly, “May I bring refreshments for you?”

Thomas looked at her, but his eyes never rose above her chest. “Tea, please Miss.” I realized that her nipples were plainly visible through her blouse, as I’d intended.

James’ eyes never even got as far up as her chest. “Coffee for me.”

Michelle bowed slightly and left to get tea and coffee. I smiled as they turned to watch her go. This was going to work perfectly. Michelle didn’t look a day over sixteen, but a very sexual sixteen. I started the conversation, “Gentlemen, shall we get to the business at hand?”

Thomas turned back to me, but James continued to stare at the now closed door that Michelle had gone through. Regardless, he spoke first. “Yes, I believe we can do some business here today.”
I opened the folder on my desk and handed each of them a copy of the draft agreement I’d prepared. “Gentlemen, the agreement you have in your hands is the standard agreement we’ve been using for the past few years. I know you have some additional work coming up, for which my particular talents are especially appropriate.” I opened the folder again and took out two copies of the new draft agreement and handed them across the desk. “Because of this, I’ve made some minor modifications to the agreement.”

Michelle took that moment to re-enter the room. The roll of her skirt exposed those luscious thighs almost to the top. She walked to my desk and leaned forward to set the tray in front of me. Thomas and James both leaned in and forward to stare. Michelle snuck a grin and wink at me. She poured tea and two coffees, set one coffee across to me, leaning even further forward, and then turned to serve my clients. James and Thomas straightened themselves in their chairs, and Thomas clearly adjusted an erection inside his pants. She stepped between their chairs and leaned well forward to serve Thomas, then turned and did the same for James.

She smiled at them. “Anything else gentlemen?” James never raised his eyes from the point where her thighs disappeared under her skirt. “Nothing for me.” Thomas fixed his eyes on her nipples, but also answered, “Nothing for me. Thank you.” Michelle turned to me and nodded. “I’ll wait outside sirs.”

This time they both watched her leave and then stared at the door. “Where were we gentlemen? Ah yes, we were discussing the changes I’ve proposed for our latest agreement.”

James and Thomas stared at the papers in their hands. James spoke first, “This a substantial increase in both costs and restrictions on our interests.” “Yes it is. I think it’s justified based on our history, your needs, and my services.”

At her cue, Michelle knocked on the door. Her skirt now was just below her pussy lips when she stood. “Sirs, I have some pastries for your pleasure.” Again she walked between the chairs. She stopped and turned toward Thomas. Bending from the waist her pussy and ass were clearly exposed to James. James simply stared directly at her. Thomas selected a pastry and Michelle turned to James, repeating the deep bend at the waist. Thomas had the pastry at his mouth, but stopped and stared into Michelle’s pussy. He slowly put the pastry back on the plate and reached up to touch what his eyes were focused on.

I cleared my throat. “Ahem. That is not part of our service agreement.” Thomas looked at me. “I’m sorry to hear that.” I looked at him thoughtfully. “Would you like it to be?”

James and Thomas exchanged a glance across Michelle. James nodded. “We should discuss that as part of our contract.” Michelle glanced at me. I nodded. “Slave, set the tray on the desk and turn towards my clients.”

Michelle stepped forward and set the tray down. I continued. “Turn and face them.” When she was facing them steadily I commanded, “Remove the skirt and blouse.” Michelle slipped the skirt over her hips and down her legs, kicking it away when it reached the floor. She parted her legs slightly and unbuttoned her blouse. She slipped it off her arms and tossed it near the skirt. I let them admire her for a moment then commanded, “The bra too.” Michelle reached back and unhooked the bra and slipped it off too. Thomas licked his lips, while James just stared.
James finally asked, “How old is she?” “How old does she look?” I responded.

“It’s hard to say. Fifteen, maybe sixteen, but she could be as old as twenty.” James answered.
“How much difference would it make in what you’re willing to offer and accept?” I replied.
James and Thomas looked back at each other. Thomas answered this time, “Can we sample what’s apparently being offered before we decide?” “Absolutely.” I answered. “What would you like to sample?” While I was discussing this I turned on my computer camera and started recording. Thomas replied again, “We’d like to see how talented she is and verify her age.”

“Michelle, tell the gentlemen how old you are.” “Sixteen, sirs.” She lied, very convincingly
“I believe that.” Thomas said standing and approaching Michelle. He cupped her breasts and held them, tweaking her nipples and pinching them. I watched as he slid one hand down her belly to cup her mound. His fingers slipped between her legs and felt her moisture. He slid one finger inside her, then two, and curled them inside her. Michelle’s knees buckled slightly. “Very responsive, isn’t she?” He smiled at me. “I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.”

Thomas looked back at James and smiled then at me. “Are there any limits to what we may do with her?” “I’m glad you asked that.” I replied. “You may not mark her; you may not cause any external bleeding or permanent damage.” “Pain?” James asked. Michelle answered for me on this one. “If it pleases you, sirs.”

Thomas smiled. “Strip me. When you take down my pants stay down there and suck my cock until I tell you to stop.” He ordered Michelle.

Michelle reached out and slipped his jacket off. She loosened his tie and pulled it over his head and unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it on the chair. Thomas kicked his shoes off while she did this, and then pulled off his socks while she knelt in front of him. He was well-muscled, a slight paunch, but fit man for his age, which I knew to be mid-forties. Michelle waited; kneeling, while he stood up, then she reached out and undid his belt, and slipped the zipper down. She hooked her hands in the waistband of his pants and underwear and slid them down together. His erection bent down until his pants cleared it, then it popped up and smacked her chin. He was similar in size to me, and throbbing hard. With his pants around his ankles Michelle leaned forward and licked his balls, then his cock, then slipped it into her mouth. Thomas moaned when she had him in her mouth.

Michelle gripped the base of his cock and bobbed her head a few times, while Thomas closed his eyes and smiled. Then she moved her hands around to his ass and slipped her face forward until her nose was against his belly and his cock down her throat. Thomas’ hands went to the back of her head and held her there briefly. He moaned long and deep, then relaxed and let her pull back slightly. She took a deep breath though her nose then drove him back into her throat. This time he gripped her hair and fucked into her face quickly, several fast deep strokes. He pulled her off his cock and looked into her eyes. “That was excellent.” He admitted. “Can you take more cock than this down your throat?” “If it pleases you, sirs.”

“James, get over here. You have got to try this.” James had taken out his cock and was stroking it. I couldn’t see it well, but it seemed clearly larger. Not as large as Tom’s, but about eight inches and proportionally thick. James quickly stripped and walked over to Michelle. “Show me what you can do.”

Michelle gripped his cock and licked it, then slipped it into her mouth. Much as she had done with Thomas, she bobbed up and down on it a few times to get some spit on it, then pushed her face forward until her nose was buried in his neatly trimmed pubic hair. She pulled back, took a couple of noisy deep breaths through her nose, and then drove him back into her throat. Her hands went to his hips and she helped him fuck her face deeply. This time it was James whose knees buckled. He pushed Michelle back. Michelle moaned as his cock popped out of her mouth. James smiled down at her. “Don’t worry, you’ll get it back, little one.”

I noticed that Thomas had returned to his chair, and was sitting with his hips at the edge, stroking his cock. James directed, “Stand up there and put this in your cunt.” He commanded. Michelle smiled at him. “Yes sir.” And she jumped up and straddled Thomas’ hips. She lowered herself as Thomas guided his cock to her opening. As he entered she took his hand off his cock, and she slipped down slowly, engulfing him in her sweet depths.

When she had him fully engulfed they both sighed. Thomas smiled at me. “Whatever the truth is, I believe sixteen.” Michelle leaned down and kissed him gently. James stepped up behind her. “James.” I stopped him, as I got the bottle of lube out of my desk. He looked and I tossed it to him.“Thanks, I’m going to need this.” He dribbled some down the crack of her ass and a bit more on the head of his cock. He tossed the bottle back to me, then rubbed the lube around Michelle’s little pink pucker. He positioned himself and pushed forward. As I expected, Michelle resisted just slightly, then admitted him into her ass. She gasped as he entered, then moaned as he reached bottom, deep in her bowels. James quickly set the rhythm, pumping into Michelle, and rubbing against Thomas who bucked his hips to stay firmly embedded in her pussy. I watched and adjusted cameras to catch all the action, and of course, because watching them fuck Michele also excited me. When I could I pulled out my cock and stroked myself.

“Oh, sirs, you feel so good inside me.” Michelle squealed. James was visibly sweating, and Thomas was moaning steadily. I could see that Michelle was approaching her own orgasm as she worked her legs to buck back into James, and dropped down to drive Thomas as deep as possible. Suddenly she screamed, “Oh god, YES!” And I watched as a gush of her cum spilled out and flowed onto Thomas and the floor.

Thomas shouted, “Now partner!” And bucked his hips up, obviously filling Michelle’s grasping cunt with his cum. James just grunted and drove his cock deep into Michelle’s ass, as he too spilled inside her. He collapsed against her back, panting and sweating, while he recovered. When he had gathered himself just a bit he looked back at me. “What would it do to our contract to be able to use this body when we’re in the area?”

“Gentlemen, as my clients on the coming projects, you’d have free use of this body at any of our meetings or conferences. It will not change the written terms, but, if you accept the contract you reviewed this morning as written, I will make her body available to you as you wish, under only the conditions already described.” James looked at Thomas, who nodded. Then at me, he said, “We accept your terms.” He raised himself slightly. “She’s keeping me hard; I hate to remove my cock just to sign paperwork.” “Then don’t.” I replied. I stepped around the desk and handed him a copy. “Sign it there on her back, and then Thomas can sign against her chest.”

They did as I suggested, and in moments I had them locked into a very generous contract agreement. Michelle was grinning for her part in securing the improved terms, and James and Thomas were clearly pleased to be embedded in her body. When they handed back the signed contract I added my signature, then looked at them and said, “Now gentlemen, I can’t believe you’re already finished enjoying the body you’re sharing. If you’ll look into the far corner, you’ll find a few items I think you’ll enjoy using. Why don’t the three of you spend a few moments cleaning up, then when you return, you can make use of some of the toys I’ve set aside for some additional entertainment.”

James looked and spotted the toys I’d set out. He looked back at me and smiled. “Yes, I believe we can make good use of those, and this.” He glanced at Michelle. “Well, then, take a short break, Michelle can clean you up, and when you get back the three of you can play a bit more.” I offered. James stood up, pulling his cock from Michelle’s ass. The suddenness of his removal left her anus gaping and a drool of cum ran out and onto Thomas. Michelle stood then also, plopping Thomas cock against his belly, while she trailed cum across the chair and onto the floor. She reached down and cupped her cunt with her hand, catching as much as she could. When she had a handful she put it to her mouth and licked their mixed cum off her fingers. “Very tasty, sirs, thank you.” She extended her hands to our clients. “Shall we clean up for the next round?”

James and Thomas both took the offered hand. Michelle led them to the office bathroom and I heard water running. That was my cue to get up and place the toys I’d set out on the table. The spreader bars, ropes, chains, clips, paddles, straps and of course the nipple and clit weights that I suspected the gentlemen would want to use, but which Michelle and I had only tried briefly once, so far. The only thing I didn’t place on the table, mostly because it was large and required some explanation, was what I had nicknamed “The Saddle”. A special suspension device, for when I wanted to suspend a woman from a cable for an extended period, but didn’t necessarily want to spend the time necessary to get out all the rope and properly tie her to get that accomplished. When everything was laid out for inspection I went back to my desk and retrieved the remote control for the suspension cables in the ceiling. I lowered the one nearest the table so that the hook was just slightly above the table top.

By the time I finished, Michelle had led James and Thomas back to the office. She had them standing near the table, as expected. I looked at her and saw that she was flushed with excitement at what she saw in front of her. James and Thomas were staring intently at the array of supplies I was making available to them. “Michelle, assume the position next to the table.”
Michelle knelt, spread her knees apart, and placed her hands on her thighs. This time I spoke to James and Thomas. “I have laid out some toys for your pleasure and use this afternoon. The same rules apply as previously. No permanent damage, no bleeding, and no marks. Otherwise, she is there for you to use as you wish.

I will watch and record for you, but will only guide you in the use of the various controls as you wish. You will see a cable with a hook hanging from the ceiling above the table. That is controlled by this remote,” I displayed it for them. “You may use any of the devices there to suspend her and amuse yourselves as long as you wish. You may paddle, spank, or flog her as you choose, and you may use any of her holes for relief that you wish, as many times as you wish.”

Thomas picked up a spreader bar and held it out to James. James smiled at the hint. I spoke next to Michelle. “You may moan, but you may not speak nor scream at any time until they finish. Is that understood?” “Yes Master.” “Very good.” I agreed. “Gentlemen, please, enjoy yourselves.”
James took the offered spreader bar and held it above Michelle’s head. “Give me your hands.” He ordered. Thomas took the opposite end as Michelle raised her arms. They secured her wrists to the bar, then James came over and reached for the remote.

I pointed to the Up-Down control, and told him, “This raises and lowers the hook.”

“Excellent.” He said, as he immediately pushed the up control, drawing Michelle to her feet. He continued until she was very erect, then he stopped. “Thomas, get that other spreader bar. I think she needs her feet wide apart.” Thomas hefted the second spreader bar around behind Michelle’s ankles and helped James secure her legs more than two feet apart. James then raised her again, until her feet swung clear of the floor. James stepped next to Michelle and stroked her ass, then spun her and stroked her pussy. “Ah little one, so many fine and tantalizing temptations and possibilities.” He grinned. “Don’t you agree, partner?”

Thomas stroked Michelle’s ass, then swung her around again, to cup his fingers over her baby-smooth mound. “Yes, there is no doubt. It’s been too long since we had one so young and tender, yet so willing that we could play with like this.” Thomas smiled. “But from the looks of her pointy little nipples, she might be cold. Should we try to warm her a bit?” Thomas reached for a paddle, selected one by its heft. Then smiled back at his partner, “Yes, no doubt, I’ll warm this side, and you warm that?” And he swung her back around to face James.

James grinned, and then looked down at the table. “Hold her still for a minute. I want to keep those little nipples pointed down.” And he picked up the weighted clamps and quickly attached one to each nipple. Michelle gasped at the first and moaned at the second, but bit her lip before she could do more. James bounced the weights and a tear formed in the corner of Michelle’s eye.
James wiped the tear and licked his finger, then picked up the flogger and immediately slapped it against Michelle’s thigh. “Such a fine idea.”

I’ll give them credit, they were good. James wielded the flogger with almost professional skill, leaving barely an inch of the front of Michelle’s body below her chin unredeemed by multiple strokes. He regularly went between her legs, slapping her cunt, sometimes shallow, sometimes wrapping nearly around to her ass. Thomas applied the same care to her back, from the nape of her neck to her ankles. Pulling his strokes where they might draw blood or actually hurt her, applying a healthy swing to her ass, thighs, and elsewhere. I was in awe. I was good with all those, but they had a synchronized skill that was amazing. Sometimes they would strike together on opposite sides of her body, sometimes they would alternate blows, and every so often, one would stop and seem to admire the other’s handiwork.

That there were three painfully throbbing erections was clear to me, mine was in my hand, and James’ and Thomas’ bobbed openly in front of them. More amazing was when, after a few minutes, James’ strokes to Michelle’s cunt started sounding wet. I realized that the flogger’s arms were becoming dark with her moisture. Just as I’d hoped, and expected, she was becoming highly aroused by the attention she was receiving.

James obviously noticed it too. He stopped flogging her pussy and while James continued to apply the paddle firmly to Michelle’s sweet little ass, James cupped her mound and started sliding his fingers inside, while he thumbed her clit. Michelle was moaning continuously now. Thomas gave her two particularly hard smacks with the paddle while James fingered her and Michelle exploded, spraying her cum across James’ arm and onto the floor while she moaned very loudly. James smiled at me, while Michelle hung limply from her arms. Then James laid the flogger on the table and stepped between Michelle’s legs and over the spreader bar. He hoisted her thighs, while Thomas reached under and positioned James’ cock against Michelle’s cunt opening. When he started to slip in James immediately rose quickly and jammed his entire length fully inside Michelle’s slippery cunt. She moaned loudly again.

As soon as James was inside her, he nodded to Thomas who started paddling her ass hard. After about ten hard strokes, Thomas dropped the paddle and stepped up behind Michelle, while James grabbed her ass and spread her butt cheeks. Thomas jammed his cock into her ass. Michelle was moaning continuously now, while James and Thomas pumped back and forth into her, rocking her between them and pounding into her ass and pussy. Her tits were bouncing and pulling with the weights swinging freely between her and James. I noticed Michelle’s approaching orgasm first, as I saw her legs start to twitch. She grabbed the bar over her head and gripped it tightly, and then her entire body started to spasm against the two men and their driving cocks. While she didn’t scream, her moans became almost a constant high-pitched keening. Both men slowed their pounding into her to allow her to recover a bit, and so that they didn’t cum too soon.

When Michelle seemed to recover a little she opened her eyes. James leaned in and kissed her lips gently. Then he looked at Thomas. “I don’t know about you, but I want to cum in this sweet, but very loud little mouth.” Thomas looked around. “Well, I want to fill this ass with mine, so I guess we’ll have to restring her a bit to do that.”

“I thought you might.” I said as I came back around the desk, having tucked my erection back inside my pants. I walked over and picked up the saddle. “If you let her down we can put this on her, and re-spread her arms and legs in a way that’ll give you access to all three holes at crotch height, however you want to use them.”

Thomas smiled at his partner. “That sounds fabulous. What do we do?” “Well, if you’ll both pull out and step back, we can put this on her first.” I explained. James lowered Michelle’s legs and jerked his cock from her cunt, while Thomas simply popped his cock straight out of her ass. I held up the two breast rings, and explained, “We pull a tit through each of these rings.” I explained as I pulled one tit through the steel ring, James immediately grabbed the weight and did the same with the other, while Michelle moaned in pain. When we had both rings firmly against her chest I explained again, “These straps go over her shoulders and this around her chest right below her tits. Like so.”

I walked around behind and cinched the strap tight around Michelle’s ribs, then pulled the straps over her shoulders, and as I buckled one, Thomas got the other snugged down. I reached around in front again and pulled the bottom of the saddle tightly against the top of Michelle’s pubic bone and pulled one end of the strap across her hip. James handed the other end back, and Thomas and I snugged that strap tight around her hips. I leaned in and whispered in Michelle’s ear, “Now you’re going to find out why you’ve been working so hard on flexibility, little one.”

I picked up the control and lowered Michelle until she was kneeling on the floor. “Now we unhook her feet temporarily.” I explained as we removed the spreader bar from her ankles. Then I lowered Michelle until her hands were level with her shoulders. While she knelt we also removed the spreader bar from her wrists.

“Now slave, you will spread your legs out to the sides as far as you can.” I ordered. Michelle complied instantly, wincing at each quick movement that caused her breasts to bounce. In moments her legs were spread directly out to the sides in nearly a straight line. “Now, put down your hands and walk yourself down onto the floor on your face, but don’t move your legs.” Michelle looked at me nervously, but she immediately did as ordered.

“Now, gentlemen.” I said, picking up the foot spreader bar, we’ll bind her legs to this bar just as they are now.” I held the bar against Michelle’s ass, just at the top of her crack, with and end extending over her feet. I pointed at the coils of rope. “Use one coil at each ankle and one coil at each mid-thigh, at least six flat turns. I don’t want any permanent damage.

With the three of us working together, and me checking knots and tightness, Michelle’s legs were secured in minutes. I was guessing the guys had done something similar before, because they truly knew what they were doing. I picked up a binder clip and clipped it to the attachment ring on the spreader, then to a similar ring on the saddle’s lower strap.

Similarly, we attached her arms at the wrists and shoulders to the other spreader bar, and clipped that bar to the upper strap. “Now, we’ll use this head collar to pull her head up for better access.” I explained as I wound the strap across Michelle’s forehead and wrapped it in her ponytail. I clipped the end to the same ring as the arm bar.

I stood up. “Now gentlemen, as you can see, all we have to do is attach her to the cable and raise her to the right height, and all her openings are immediately available for use at your leisure.” I picked up the controller and started extending the cable, which James grabbed to pull it to the single point attachment now at Michelle’s back. As soon as he clipped it, I reversed the motor and Michelle rose steadily off the floor, her arms and legs fully extended to her sides. Her head and ass, up slightly for easy access. Thomas was already stroking his cock to insure he would be fully hard.

James positioned himself in front of Michelle and squatted so that as she rose his cock would remain level with her mouth. Michelle obediently opened up and sucked him in, while she waited to Thomas to penetrate her again, as her hips came up near Thomas’ cock I saw the last weight still on the table. Before he could shove his cock back into her ass I handed it to him. “We forgot this one earlier.” I said.

He took the weight and knelt down and attached it to Michelle’s clit. It was probably good that she had James cock in her mouth, as she might have screamed. As it was, all that came out was a loud moan around his cock, and a tear from her eye. Thomas stood and lined his cock up with Michelle’s ass and pushed back in. She opened and accepted him readily. They alternated strokes fore and aft so that she was thoroughly mouth and ass fucked, but carefully so that she didn’t gag by having a cock in her throat too forcefully. Although, I clearly saw her throat push out several times as James’ cock was forced in.

It was quickly obvious that the guys were enjoying themselves. James was close to cumming in a matter of a few minutes, while Thomas, with the added stimulation of the weight slapping his balls as it swung from Michelle’s clit, wasn’t far behind. James groaned and grabbed Michelle’s head. He pulled his cock back until just a bit more than the head was between her lips and shouted, “Now! Little one, here’s your reward.” And he pumped his load between her lips. Michelle sucked and swallowed every drop. I was very proud of her concentration, as Thomas was still pounding hard into her ass, and all the weights were swinging wildly, tugging on her clit and nipples.

When James finished he released Michelle’s head and pulled his cock from her mouth. He smiled and her and said, “Thank you. That was terrific.” Then he staggered to the chair and sat down hard to watch Thomas finish.

Thomas didn’t disappoint. He quickly lost control. He grabbed Michelle’s hips and swung her back and forth, using her ass to jack his cock as she swung. He just groaned loudly, “God yes!” Then pulled her tightly against him and shot a huge load of his cum into her bowels. Of course, he wasn’t the only one enjoying the fucking. Michelle moaned loudly too, as she came, forcefully squirting down Thomas legs.

Finally Thomas pulled his cock free. Michelle let out a small whine, finding herself suddenly empty. I looked at both of them “Satisfied for now?” Thomas said “Yes.” As James just nodded.
“Would you like to shower before you get dressed?” They both said “Yes.” “Then if you’ll gather your clothes, I’ll take you to the shower and you can clean up and get dressed.”

As we started to leave the office, James looked back at Michelle. “Would you like some help getting her down? I looked into Michelle’s eyes. She was silently pleading to be released, but I shook my head. “No, I think I’ll leave her for a bit. I can handle it when I’m ready to take her down.”

“As you wish.” James said. “She’s a great little fuck.” “Yes, she is, all the way around.” I agreed.

I led them to the master bath and pointed out fresh towels and toiletries and left them. As I turned away they got in the shower together, holding hands. I didn’t ask.

I returned to my office and stood in front of Michelle. “You were excellent, Slave.” I commented, as I looked at her. “I am very proud of you. As a reward, I think I’ll use you myself while we wait for them to finish.”

I stripped off my shirt and pants and went around behind her. After watching her get used for well over an hour, I was painfully hard myself. I drove my cock into her cunt, grabbed her hips, and fucked her hard, seeking a release of my pent up need. Michelle moaned as I pounded her cunt, and it only took a few minutes for me to reach my release. As I pumped cum deep inside her, hers released down my legs. I grinned, knowing I’d given her some pleasure too.

When I was finished I pulled my cock out and spun her around to face me, still at cock level. Michelle obediently opened her mouth and sucked my cock, licking our cum, from my shaft. When I was satisfied I pulled away. Michelle whined again, and tried to hold me. I smiled down at her. “Enough. You can have more later; I just needed to release some.” I cupped her face in my hands, gently. “You are superb. Would you like a drink?” Michelle nodded and whispered, “Water please, Master.”

I got a glass and a straw and gave her a drink until she was satisfied. Then I grabbed my clothes and got dressed. A few minutes later, just as I completed assembling the Contract copies, and the disks of their encounter, I heard James and Thomas returning. They came into the office completely dressed and calm, as though this had been a simple business meeting. Of course, the sight of Michelle still hanging spread wide open and suspended from the ceiling did rattle their composure just a touch.

I pushed two stacks across my desk as they approached. “Gentlemen, here’s a copy each of our new Contract, and as a courtesy, a recording of your encounter with Michelle for your future pleasure.”

We shook hand s all around and exchanged parting pleasantries. When we finished James walked over to Michelle and squatted by her face. “You were great, little one. I wanted to thank you. I think that’s the best sixteen year-old pussy and mouth I’ve ever had.” He kissed her forehead. “You can count on me coming back for more as soon as I can.” Thomas grinned. “Me also.” “Thank you, sirs.” Michelle said, simply. “I’ll look forward to that also.”

With that, I escorted them to the door and watched as they pulled away down the drive. I returned to my office and stood in front of Michelle. “I assume you’d like me to let you down?” “Please Master?” She begged. “It was good, but it’s really starting to hurt.” She paused. “And if I don’t get down soon I’m going to have an accident here on the floor.” “I’m going to take the weights off first.” I explained. “But I suspect that’s going to hurt a bit. You may scream, if necessary.” I warned, as I reached for her nipples and removed one weight then the other. To her credit, Michelle didn’t scream, but she did gasp and moan. I went between her legs and unclipped the weight there, and she did scream at that release. I grabbed the control and slowly lowered her to the floor and began the process of releasing the bonds, first her legs, then her arms. I stood her up.

She staggered a bit. “Can you stand? Or would you prefer the toilet before I release the saddle?”
“I can stand.” She said, and then stumbled. “I think.” She smiled weakly at me. “Hold the front of this up against your chest until I’m ready to pull it off.” I directed, looking at her tits, which were forced through the rings. I stepped behind her and starting releasing buckles and straps. When all were released I went back in front of her.

“This may hurt a bit too.” I mentioned, as Michelle finally looked down at her own chest. She realized that her tits were purpled a bit from being constrained tightly. She just nodded and closed her eyes. I slowly worked her tits out of their confines. Alternating, just a bit at a time, finally, both slipped free. “You’re excused for an hour to clean up and take care of whatever you need.” I told her. I let go of her arm, and she staggered again and nearly fell. “Would you like an assist to get to the bathroom?” I offered. “I think I’d better.” Michelle agreed. I took her arm and helped her walk and get to the toilet. I watched and waited while she took care of emptying herself. She smiled up at me. “They put a lot of cum in me.” “You didn’t seem to mind at the time.” I offered.

“Oh, I’m not complaining, it’s just taking a while to drain back out.” She remarked. “Would you like to join me for a shower?”

“I think I’d like that.” I stripped of my clothes while I waited, then helped her up and walked to the master bath with her. When I had the shower adjusted we stepped in. Michelle stepped under one head and leaned her head against the wall, letting that hot water cascade down her back. After a while she looked up and sighed. “That was fun, and different, but I’m sore and exhausted now.”

I stepped behind her and started washing her back, massaging her shoulders then her hips. I swiveled the shower head to rinse the soap, then held her tightly from behind. She snuggled against me and sighed. “You are so good to me. I really enjoy pleasing you and doing things for you. I so hope those two come back, but not until I have a chance to recover. The orgasms made it worth the pain, but the pain is going to last a lot longer.”

I turned Michelle around and held her, lifting her face to kiss her deeply. “You have honoured me greatly, little one. You went far beyond what I expected, and enjoyed it all. Not only did you enjoy it, but you were instrumental in convincing those two to sign a contract which works to our advantage for years.” I kissed her again, gently. “When they come back they’ll put you through much the same, but they’ll always bring their work to us, as long as you keep them pleased like that.”
We washed each other, and then dried. I looked at Michelle. “Why don’t you take an hour and go lay in the sun. That should help relax those muscles and speed your recovery.” Michelle kissed me then went outside to lay on the deck chair. I made some calls and wrapped up some work. After an hour passed I went out to check on her. She had rolled from her front to her back. She was lying with her legs slightly spread, her breasts pointing at the sky, and her pussy lips open to the sun. And very wet. I sat on the chair next to her, and she didn’t stir. “Michelle?” I touched her shoulder. “Time to wake up, and get back to work.”

She stirred then and grinned up at me. “I was having the most wonderful dream about someone licking my pussy and making me squeal.”

“Well, if you get your tasks finished today, we might get something like that done later.” I admonished. “Now get up, rinse off and get to work.” We finished the day’s work and ate a simple dinner in. After that we went to bed. After cuddling for a while I asked Michelle if she’d like a massage. She grinned up at me and kissed my chest. “Will I get some sex before we stop?” She giggled.

“I think it’s assured.” “Then let’s get started.” She jumped up and started arranging a line of pillows down the middle of the bed. When she finished she lay down lengthwise on them and handed me the baby oil, pulling her hair off to the side. I sat and admired her sweet round ass for a few minutes before straddling her legs and pouring some oil into my hands. As I rubbed the oil into her back I looked for bruises or cuts, but there were only a few small faint bruises anywhere, concentrated around her butt.

As I worked my way down her back I left a trail of oil in the crack of her ass. I slid my cock along her crack, lubing it, and causing it to come to full attention. After a while Michelle giggled. “I’d never thought of using that for a massage.” “Well you never know when it will come in handy.”

“Is that where you really want to massage me with it?” Having finished her back I replied, “No, why don’t you turn over and I’ll massage your front”. I stood so she could flip over then knelt back down astride her legs again. I didn’t have to lube her slit for my cock to slide easily along it. “Looks like you’re pretty well-oiled on this side.” “Yes, you do that.” I took another handful of oil and started again at her shoulders and work my way down to her thighs. Michelle was moaning and sighing by the time I finished. I slid up her body and kissed her. “Is that better?” She reached between my legs and gripped my erection. “Much, now why don’t you massage me with this?”

I slid back over her calves so she could pull her legs out, and when she did she swung them wide. “Oh Master. Please put it in me and massage my insides.” I slid back up and rammed myself fully into her cunt. “Something like that?” “Oh yes. Now massage my cunt with that. I love how you feel inside me.”

I started fucking her with long slow, massage strokes. Then I grabbed her feet, raised them over my head, and put her legs together on my chest. This gave me the best angle to massage the spot inside her cunt that I wanted to hit. I fucked into her hard and fast. Michelle squealed and pulled on her nipples. “Oh god, YES, Just like that!” In just a few minutes she was cumming beneath me. I rode with her through one orgasm, and kept pumping into her. Quickly she closed her eyes and screamed, “Oh Yes!” I was at the point of no return. My balls tightened and my cum boiled. I screamed back, “Here it is!” and shot my load inside her. As I started to pump her cunt full of my cum she gushed a stream of her own against my belly that leaked back between her legs and onto her belly and trickled down between us onto the bed.

I collapsed onto her, and she wrapped her arms around me and sighed into my ear. “Thank you Master. Thank you so much for everything.” Michelle quickly went to sleep. I rolled us to the side so I didn’t crush her in the night, flipped a blanket over our bodies and went to sleep myself.

Sometime later I was awakened by the feeling of Michelle’s mouth on my cock. “Thank you Master. I didn’t get to clean you last night, so I wanted to make that right this morning.” “I appreciate the thought, but that’s not on the menu this morning.” I explained. “We got a little behind yesterday, and we have to catch up.” I flipped the covers back and climbed out of bed. “By the way, one of the calls I took while you were recovering was a requirement for me to go to the west coast next week. I’ll be leaving Tuesday for the remainder of the week. I’ll be back Saturday afternoon. You’ll be on your own here. Can you handle that?” Michelle pouted. “Will you be available by phone for questions?” “Most of the time, at least as far as I know right now, There will be some meetings which I can’t interrupt, but I should be able to take calls the rest of the time.”

“I’ll manage without you.” Michelle sighed. “I guess I’ll have to.” She perked up. “Is there any chance I can go?” “Not this time.” I smiled. “There should be a trip coming up that you can go with me. In about a month, I think. We can check the calendar.” “I’d like that. But for now we’ll get everything ready and I’ll take care of things here.”

She bounded out of bed and started for the bathroom, breasts and hips swaying. “I’ll do coffee and breakfast this morning. Is that okay, Master?”

“That will be just fine, Slave.” I agreed, as I headed for the shower.

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