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I am an older man this story is written as if I am a female. I hope that I have got it right

My name is Jayne Bennett, a divorced Mother of 1 she is now 21, I have what you may call a full figure, 36c breasts (which I like to show) a firm rounded bum, I love the wear sexy underwear, stockings and high heels. Since an early age I have always had a passion for having orgasms it’s like a drug to it will not go away, I just love to cum, it doesn’t matter who, where or how I need to climax as often as I can. If I can’t get the real thing then I masturbate

I am now in my 50’s and the need it still there inside me, I have had several flings and was once married. I like to flirt with both sexes. This is one of my experiences.

It happened a few years ago between a co-worker and me, I was still married at the time, but we worked different schedules and it was difficult finding time for each other, up till that time I had never cheated on him with another man. I had though had sex with other women. I worked with a guy who was good looking and we started to get to know each other, you know that feeling you get when you and somebody else want each other so badly, but do not know how to go about it? Well that is the feeling we had for each other. We started flirting heavily and even talked dirty to each other, it was driving us both crazy but we went for about 2 weeks just flirting.

Then one day we were in the office working, working late so nobody else was around, it was quiet and the mood was perfect. We flirted, I was wearing light grey stretch pants’ revealing how tight and round my ass was, I know he had been looking at it, and I also noticed a bulge in the crotch of his pants. I had been thinking what his cock looked like but tried to get it out of my mind because I had never cheated before. So there we were alone in the office and I had to bend to get some files from a bottom drawer. I looked back and saw him staring at me and my arse, I smiled back, and he said to me “You have a great arse!”

We continued to flirt and our work eventually was done and it was time to leave. We both rather stalled in hopes that one of us would make a move. We headed to the door and then as if he could not take it anymore, he grabbed my hand and turned me round stood up close to me and kissed me. I put my arms around him and we began kissing heavily. He reached around and grabbed a hold on my arse and whispered: “I want this”. I put my hand on his crotch and whispered “And I want this” I turned round and rubbed my arse against his hard cock. That is when it happened; he pulled down my grey pants and panties, then his pants and boxers. Before I knew it I was bent over a desk and he was fucking me from behind. He held on to my hips and slapped my arse, my tits pressing against the hard cold, wooden desk. I have always like doggy style rough sex, the feel of his hard cock in my cunt thrusting in and out as we both made sure that the frustration of the flirting over the last few weeks had, at last, come to fruition. This is what we both wanted. I am very vocal when I’m fucking, I like to give encouragement like “Yes that’s it, you fucking wanker, deeper push your firkin cock deeper, fill my hole with it I want your balls slapping against my cunt lips. Call yourself a man, you filthy fucker. Come on show me how you really can fuck. Ohh OHH that’s better harder faster”

His 8-inch cock inside me filled my tight hole, I was already wet and horny before he entered me, I love doggy style sex because I can position myself so the cock rubs against my g spot, and keeps hitting it time and time again. It gives me a fantastic orgasm and drives me wild with passion, a cock inside me like this gives me the best climaxes time and time again, plus the thrill of unprotected sex. I hate condoms, I came as he shot his load inside me. We both collapsed exhausted and went home our separate ways.

After this first fuck, we started to do a lot of overtime working late alone after everybody else had gone home. I found that it full filled the demand inside me for the sex I wasn’t having with my husband, at that time, and I started to look for other opportunities

(If you want to hear more of my flings leave a message)

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