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I am just seeing what's happening in the world of erotic chat. I'm well endowed and enjoy sharing my experiences....and maybe pics/gifs is asked:) Don't be afraid to ask me something if you're curious. I enjoy meeting new people and I'm pretty much an open book so if you want to know something about me, just ask:)

Gentlemen: PLEASE do yourself a favor and spend a few moments to read this and improve the world just a little bit:

My Smutty Page:

Audio (since it won't upload here) - NSFW:

Don't go home to hubby tonight;)


Good multi-taskers:

Feeling of desire when you feel something you like:

Patience and careful observation:


Gorgeous eyes:

More teasing:



A little bit of sluttiness:

A Touch of courage :):

A good hard fuck:


== Results from ==
97% Dominant
95% Rigger
88% Experimentalist
86% Brat Tamer
84% Master/Mistress
82% Primal (Hunter)
76% Sadist
76% Exhibitionist
70% Daddy/Mommy
70% Voyeur
63% Vanilla
62% Non-monogamist
58% Owner
54% Degrader
52% Switch
38% Ageplayer
37% Rope Bunny
30% Masochist
27% Primal (Prey)
22% Submissive
13% Brat
10% Girl/Boy
8% Slave
7% Degradee
3% Pet

Favorite Vacation Spot far. Carribean women were good to me:)

Favorite TV Shows

The Blacklist, Game of Thrones, Ridiculousness...lots more

Favorite Movies

The classics. Ya know...Porn. ALL PORN.

Favorite Music

I listen to everything but country. My main stuff though is usually punk or new wave, def some synth too. Bands I dig: Tame Impala The Ramones The Clash The Queers Joy Division The Stooges Black Keys Mitch Murder Maethelvin College The Pogues Black Lips Julian Casablancas AC/DC The Who The Weekend M83 The Lumineers Depeche Mode The Cranberries ....a shitload more

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June 26, 2023

January 9, 2023

Hello I am Florence, there is something important I would like to share with you. Please reach me at this email: ( i will send you my beautiful photos and tell you more about my self



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