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Cock, balls and cum

I am Ysul XII, the 392nd king of Tivonia. For 10,000 years my people have been selectively breeding their rulers to have exceptional sexual characteristics and powers. Society and court customs have evolved around the growing sexual prowess of the ruler and now sex, in all its forms, is the most important social aspect in the country. Our customs may seem outlandish to outsiders but no-one here would want to change our erotic way of life.

Public sex is the norm. Clothing is cut away around sex organs and sheer/translucent or open around breasts too. It is rare to walk down the street and not seen someone fucking or masturbating. This is encouraged and celebrated. Strangers will often ask to join in if they like the look of the person. By the way, liking the look of someone is almost guaranteed – we are a very beautiful people and predominantly female too – males make up about 25% of the population.

Let me tell you about my special physical characteristics.
Firstly, my penis is big – a minimum of 10 inches - and permanently hard. It never goes soft. Even though it is always rigid, one of my adaptations is the ability to maintain my cock at different angles to my body ranging from standing up vertically like a flagpole, to horizontal, to pointing downwards (parallel with my thighs) or tucked between my legs and between my balls and pointing rearwards. It can ejaculate in any of those positions and this gives me great options for sexual activity.

Big though my cock is normally, I can pump it up much further. In fact it can swell two feet long and is so wide at the base that needs two hands to circle it. Although when it is pumped up like this it is generally too big for fucking most women, it is important for my ceremonial duties, as you will see.

I have various additional hidden erectile folds around the base of my cock that I can use to stimulate my partners. For example, when it is at its minimum size, I can direct blood flow into the special chambers round its base allowing me to grow an extra 8 inch erection just above my balls which can simultaneously fuck my partner’s ass while my cock drills her pussy. I can also produce an projection on the top of my shaft to directly stimulate clitorises.

My balls are large too. Each is about the size of a grapefruit and holds getting on for a pint of cum. And not only do I have a lot of cum, but my sexual metabolism fully replenishes each testicle within about half an hour of it being emptied.

I have complete mastery over my ejaculations and can shoot my cum at will, whether or not I orgasm. I can control the amount I shoot, the number of spurts, the distance it shoots. If I choose, I can shoot a continuous stream of cum, like a hose, for a full minute. Alternatively, if I stick to smaller ejaculations, there is effectively no limit to the number of times I can spurt, as I can replace my juices faster than I use them up. A big load from me will shoot vertically, like a fountain, 6 or 8 feet into the air or about 15 feet horizontally.

My pre-cum and my cum itself have some very special properties. Swallowing my pre-cum, or rubbing it onto her clitoris will usually cause my partners to climax spontaneously. If I enter a woman she normally orgasms uncontrollably and continuously for the whole time I am inside her. Furthermore, a couple of direct applications of my cum to the appropriate places enables women to develop additional clitoral zones on their bodies – in their mouths/throats, around the arse, between the breasts and, of course the nipples, which effectively become additional clitorises. This means that many women will easily experience intense orgasms when sucking cock or giving tit jobs or being fucked anally.

My sexual wake-up

I normally sleep with two or three of my entourage. They know that I always wake up in the morning feeling intensely horny and are used to dealing with that. Often, my first sensations as I wake will be one of them lowering her pussy onto my face while the other takes my cock in her mouth. I stick out my long, muscular tongue and lick greedily round her clitoris and pussy lips, probing deep into her juicy cunt as she becomes more and more aroused.

The other girl will be sliding her lovely soft lips up and down my throbbing shaft and massaging my swollen balls. I love giving and receiving oral sex and soon the girl straddling my face starts to climax, her juices running down my cheeks as she screams with the intensity of her orgasms. The other girl is sucking my cock as deeply as she can now and getting lots of pre-cum trickling down her throat. She cums convulsively, moaning loudly with pleasure.

And by now my orgasm is starting. A great fountain of cum erupts out of my cock flooding her mouth and making her gag as she tries to swallow some of it. She pulls away from my cock, gasping for air, as another huge wad shoots violently all over her tits and belly, splashing everywhere. I keep coming, spurt after spurt after spurt. Eventually my orgasm subsides and the three of us roll around in the big pool of warm cum. I rub it all over their bodies particularly onto and between their tits, all over their pussies and arse and, scooping some up in my palm, push it into their mouths. The special hormones and pheromones in my cum make both of them orgasm again – long, hard and noisily!

After a while I go for a shower. I am still feeling horny so I will normally masturbate in the shower, enjoying the feeling of my slippery, soapy hands sliding up and down my throbbing shaft and circling the particularly sensitive areas just below the glans.

Sometimes I pump up my cock to near its full length but keep its normal girth so that I can easily suck myself as I use both hands to wank the shaft. My bathroom attendants always enjoying watching me wank and start to rub their pussies and play with their nipples while I bring myself off. As they see my orgasm building they come closer to the open shower area so that I can spurt a fountain of cum all over them. I feel the pressure building as I continue to stroke and suck my huge cock. As I approach orgasm I tilt my cock down and shoot a great gout of sticky white jizz over both girls, followed by several other big jets. Both of them cum immediately.

To be continued . . .

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October 21, 2016
interesting hehe

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