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The party was almost over and people were leaving, laughing and stumbling drunk. Some were not as bad but a couple were passed out on the couch and recliner sleeping it off. Scott had been planning the birthday surprise for Sara for a long time. It was her 30th so that meant to him that he do something with the number three…or zero or thirty…something…

Sarah went down the hall and was disrobing as she made her way into the bedroom. Scott followed doing the same. She laid on the bed naked and started feeling her pussy with one hand and caressing one of her tits with the other. Those luscious tits were just right. Sarah was a curvy goddess and she liked to flaunt it. “I want to be fucked so good right now” She said sighing with anticipation.

Scott smiled, “And I think you will.” He said smiling and pulling down his pants letting his cock out for her to take. Sarah laid on the edge of the bed playing with herself as she stroked Scott to hardness. He then took it back from her and put the tip to her lips. She flicked her tongue on it making Scott twitch a little. He moved it into her mouth and slowly pushed in and out. Her tongue danced around his shaft as he moved both his hands to her tits and played with her nipples. She moaned lightly as he continued to slowly fuck her face. “ Just like that, babe.” He said. “ Your going to get the fucking of your life.”

Just after Scott said those words, the two friends that were passed out in the front room came in undressing themselves as their eyes were riveted to Sarah’s body laying on the bed. One of them clearly had a thick dick before it was even hard. The other was much like Scott’s dick. Sarah stopped sucking on Scott as the thick one came to her other side and brushed across her lips. She took some of it in as she tugged on Scott’s cock. Sarah would then trade back and forth sucking each one of them. Number three got busy at Sarah’s wet hole by sucking on her pussy and lapping at it like a dog. Sarah moaned a little. It felt good but Scott was usually better than this.

Thick cock pulled away and moved number three so he could position himself at her sweet pussy. He pushed in a little and then a little more. Each bit had Sarah gasping a little. Number three took his place to get his dick sucked while the both played with her tits. Thick cock got a good pace going in her tight pussy and made sure he went all the way in and out of her. “That’s it…fuck her just like that…she’ll cum in not time.” Scott said. Sarah was getting closer with every thrust and was having a hard time concentrating on the dick around her face. Number three backed away as he was getting too close to cumming. “Need to wait so we can spray her at the same time” he said as he lightly stroked himself to stay hard.

Scott then traded with thick dick and fucked Sarah for a while. She was so hot and wet that it almost made him cum only after a couple minutes. He pulled out and let number three have his turn. Sarah was loving all the cock in her. Juices were flowing out of her and she was gasping, moaning and screaming at some points. She finally stopped everyone to catch her breath for more but she was ready for them now. She got on the floor and jerked two of them and sucked Scott eagerly.

Number three stopped Sarah from jerking him and took over. “Here’s mine, babe” he said as he grunted a little and shot a couple good streams on the cheek of her face. Remnants of cum dripped down onto her chest and she rubbed it in a little. Thick was right behind number three but let Sarah finish him. “Keep going…”he said, “Almost there….” And cum shot spewed onto her face in big globs, covering her nose and forehead.

Both guys then backed off continuing to jerk themselves hard again as Scott pulled out of her mouth and put it between her soft tits. He fucked her tits for a while as cum was dripping everywhere from her face. He felt himself about to cum but didn’t say anything and shot a stream right up her chest and onto her chin. “Good shot babe!” She said as the rest ran down the front of her. Number three had worked himself for another shot and got in front of Sarah. “Yeah…give me some more of that hot cum.” She said. Number three jerked his cock faster as she was playing with the cum on her tits. Finally, he shot his 2nd load onto her tits and hands, grunting and twitching.

The scene was so hot that the thick one and Scott came back over jerking themselves and ready for their 2nd shot. “God I love all this come” Sarah said. Thick cock shot a couple good streams that hit Sarah in the eye and cheek while Scott’s load spewed onto her other check, part of her nose and chin. Scott instructed everyone to get their cocks cleaned by Sarah’s mouth. After, Sarah lay on the floor satisfied and thanked Scott for an awesome birthday present. “Don’t wait for my birthday the next time.”

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