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Sarah walked into the casting office wearing a denim mini skirt and low neck blouse. The interviewer’s jaw about dropped at the sight. She sat down and slowly crossed her legs to show her clean shaven pussy. The interviewer looked down at Sarah’s application.

“Sarah Suxxx?” he asked. Sarah nodded with a smile, “Already have your stage name, huh?” Again she nodded with a smile and peered at him with lustiness. “Well…a bit presumptuous…but also an air of confidence”

“Well…I do have confidence but I’m a little shy about the camera.” She said.
“British?” he asked and she nodded. “Very nice. That accent gets the gents all worked up in the business for some reason.” He looked back down at her application. Sarah pulled up her skirt to fully expose her pussy and started rubbing her clit. The interviewer looked up, “So, why ….” He stopped and watched as Sarah was pleasuring herself, “ I see you can’t wait. That’s fine…please continue”. He said as he came around the desk and brought the camera close to the action.
Sarah continued playing with herself and then pulled her top off and undid her bra. Her tits were well shaped and big for her size but they looked very nice. The interviewer reached over and played with both of them briefly and pulled on her nipples a little bit. Sarah moaned and smiled with that lustful look again.

“Go ahead and stand up. Take the rest of your clothes off.” He told her. Sarah quickly did so and then knelt in front of him, undoing his belt and dropping his pants. “That’s it…you know what I wanted didn’t you?” Sarah smiled and eagerly pulled his half hard cock out. She fondled his balls a little while kissing and licking just the tip. He moaned in approval and made sure to keep the camera steady as she eventually would take more of him into her mouth. She would bob back and forth quickly and then slow down. Sarah would then just edge the side of his dick and flick her tongue on his balls and then back to sucking him. “Ohhhh…that’s good…just a little more”. Sarah obliged and sucked harder on him and then took all of him in, pushing her tongue out to fell the underside of his shaft.

“Go ahead and lay down on the desk” he ordered her. Sarah got up and laid down as she was told. She spread her legs and fingered herself as the interviewer made his way to her pussy. He had her hold the camera to watch him as he inserted a finger…then two and then licked her clit quickly as he finger fucked her. Her moaning and breathing quickened as the interviewer would speed up and slow down his fingers and then lick her juices. She was so wet that it almost made him cum from eating her hot box.

He got up and took the camera back from Sarah and pointed it down at her pussy. He eased his cock inside of her pussy and Sarah cooed with pleasure. A little more cock in and out of her and then his pace quickened but stayed steady. The desk rocked a little with the motion as Sarah’s breathing became heavier and heavier and the interviewer’s did as well. With his free hand, he grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it. A minute later he stopped to have her go back to the couch.

“Get on all fours for me.” He told her. Sarah did what he asked and he quickly took position behind her and plunged his meaty cock deep into her. Sarah let out a surprising sigh and then a low moan. The interviewer then rocked back and forth…in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Before too long, his pace quickened as he got closer to coming but he pulled out and had her turn around.

“You know porn stars take facials so…” he said to Sarah.

“I fucking love cum on my face…I love come anywhere….give it to me. I want that hot load.” She said with enthusiasm.

The interviewer began jerking his cock and he got a little closer to her face. She fondled his ball as he was almost ready to cum. “Okay…”, he said through short breaths” Here it is”. A large, thick amount of cum squirt from his cock, lacing her forehead, nose and cheek. The next couple of spurts hit her in the eye, lips and chin and some even dripped off and onto her luscious tits. She smeared some of the cum on her tits and helped to clean off his cock with her mouth.

“So…I think this might work out for you, Miss Sarah.” He said with a smile as he turned off the camera. “Let me get you some wipes for your face”

But Sarah grabbed his cock and started jerking it. “I need a little more cum first” She said. The interviewer nodded and turned the camera back on. She worked his cock with her hand for a bit and then set him on the couch to give him a tit wank. Her smooth skin covered with cum made his cock glide up and down her firm tits. She would occasionally lick and suck on his tip. Before too long, he couldn’t hold out and shot another load over her tits and nipples.
“I’m pretty sure you’re going to do very well in this business.” The interviewer said as Sarah played with the cum on her.

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