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Dr. Sarah Suxxx checked her patients vitals as she also examined her work once again. It took years to perfect the perfect penis and now…it was attached to an actual male human. Even though Sarah built it to please herself, she also knew it would have to be shared. The patient stirred from his unconsciousness.

“Am I…in a…hospital? What…happened?” He asked still in a groggy state.

“You’re in my private facility, Mr. Phillips. I’ve been your doctor for the past 6 weeks. You had a rather misfortunate accident. Well…it wasn’t an accident but I was given permission to help you get back what was taken. What is the last thing you remember?” Sarah asked.
Mr. Phillips thought for a few moments, “I went to bed…and then…something painful in my groin area. That’s….that’s about it.”

Sarah moved close to the head of the bed. “I know this is going to be a shock so stay calm because everything is going to be okay.” She said with a pleasant smile. He nodded somewhat reluctantly. “ Your jealous girlfriend cut off your penis and testicles while you were sleeping.”

His eyes widened, “What?, no, no..” He placed his hand on his groin area over the sheets. He could feel something. “Didn’t you just say it was all cut off?” He asked.

Sarah smiled again and quickly pulled back to the sheet to reveal his new penis and testicles. It was about 7 inches long and 4 inches in girth. So life like in many ways. His testicles were somewhat bigger and fuller looking as well. “I made this for the first person that would need it. It’s been a long wait because not many psycho ladies are taking their mens manhood off.” She said as she reached down and caressed his balls and lightly moved up the back side of his new cock. “Now that you are all healed from the attachment surgery…I think we need to take it for a test. What do you think Roger?” She said looking into his eyes and playfully grabbing him.

Roger’s cock stirred into life and began to get hard…and he could feel it. He could feel everything like it was his very own. “You’re not a regular doctor, are you?” He asked.
She continued stroking him with one hand and caressing his balls with the other as she spoke to him, “I’m a scientist. My goal is to create prosthetic's that are no different than the ones that are lost. I’m also selfish and wanted to make this penis for my pleasure as well as the recipient. You should feel everything as if it were the first one except this one is bigger and better in a couple different ways.” By now he was completely erect and enjoying her hand job. “At the base of your cock on the right side, there are two buttons underneath the flesh that you can feel.”

She guided his fingers of his right hand to the where she was talking about. “Press the top one and let me know what you feel” He did so and a low hum could be heard from his cock. Roger moaned a little. “ You can adjust the vibrations higher or lower with intensity. If you press and hold the button, it becomes motion sensitive and will pulse with every thrust when you are fucking someone. You and her will feel all the sensations.”

Rogers cock vibrated all the way to the tip. Sarah continued lightly stroking him with one hand and then two…slowly and then a little faster. She then bent over to suck on the tip of him. Her lips and tongue vibrated as she held him as tight as she could with her mouth. Roger moaned more and more and started to feel like he was going to cum but never did. Sarah removed her lab coat, blouse and bra to reveal her magnificent tits. Somewhat firm and soft, she cradled his cock between them and pushed them together around him. Sarah then moved up and down, enjoying the vibration on her tits as Roger enjoyed watching her doing the action.

“I made it just right for my tits. We’ll practice on others later. “ She continued up and down a little faster. “ Have you noticed you want to cum but haven’t? “ she asked.

Roger nodded, “It feels fucking incredible. Why can’t I cum?” he asked.
Sarah smiled rather devilish like, “ It’s a voice command. You can play and fuck any women for a long time but until she says a short phrase, you won’t cum. So…I want it all over my tits. Which means, I’m going to say the phrase that lets you cum…are you ready?” He nodded with a moan. “Okay…I want you to give me your cum” She said.

Roger felt a pulse at the base of his cock and the sensation of fluid running up his new member made him let out a huge sigh as a stream of cum shot out and plastered Sarah’s chest. “Fuck yeah!” she said as another shot plastered the same area. She aimed it left and right as more cum shot onto her. The sticky white fluid ran down her tits and onto him. Roger convulsed a little as the last bit came out which Sarah eagerly sucked off of him.

Sarah got off of Roger and took the rest of her clothes off. “That was a good Beta test. I’d like to do another experiment if you are up for it. You see, those testicles are not producing real cum. I have found a way to make my own and all you do is have it pumped inside of those boys and you are ready for the next load.” Sarah went to a cabinet on the wall, smearing the fake cum all over herself and then licking it off of her fingers. She opened that cabinet and brought down a pint sized container. On the table next to the hospital bed , Sarah took what looked like a manual air pump and brought over to the underside of his testicle.

Roger could feel her unscrewing something attached to his balls…like a cap of some sort. She then inserted the manual pump and drew back a lever. She then poured the fake cum inside of the pump compartment. Slowly she pushed the lever back in filling Rogers balls to the max. “And just like that, you have more cum. Not like when you fuck for thirty minutes and blast your biggest load on her and then the next one is less…and less again. No…it’s the same every time. The women like me who want cum on them and in big sticky, creamy loads…will fuck the shit out of you. “

Roger was impressed and feeling excited again. The good doctor had made him a dick that was going to give him so much pussy it was going to be un real. Hi cock was at attention again and Sarah noticed. She got up on the bed and straddled Roger. Roger turned on the vibration and maxed it out as Sarah lowered herself onto him. She shuddered slightly has she put every inch of him into her hot pussy. “Fuck you are so hot.” Roger exclaimed. Sarah smiled and began working up and down on him. She was using her pussy muscles to tighten around him as she increased her speed. Roger changed the setting to pulse and Sarah gasped and shuddered even more as she tried to keep going up and down on him. Roger grunted as well but knew he wasn’t going to cum so he had Sarah get off him so he could get her on all fours.

From behind, Roger slowly inserted his cock into her wet box. It was so smooth and felt so good to him. He turned the pulse back on and began thrusting in and out of her at a steady pace. Sarah was gripping the sheets with both hands as he screamed and moaned a little with every thrust. “Yes…fucking love that cock I made.” She said through gasps of air. “Keep it up Roger…fuck that pussy until I cum” Roger did what he was told and slammed her pussy harder and harder bringing her to an orgasm that made her shiver and quake. Roger stopped briefly to turn her over. He put her legs up into the air and spread them slightly as his thick cock entered her again. He did half thrusts for a while and then plunged all the way every so often making Sarah grip the sheets again and scream with pleasure. Her eyes close tightly as she could feel another orgasm coming.

“Uggghhh….yes….I want you to give me your cum” She said.

Roger quickly pulled out and moved up her body slightly, aiming his cock as best as he could as fake cum shot right onto her face. Sarah jerked with the first barrage but exhaled in relief as more cum splattered her lovely face. Cum dripped down the side of her cheek as Roger moved his cock up to her mouth letting her suck of the remnants.

“ Your girlfriend was stupid but I don’t care.” She said. “I got my creation to satisfy me in every way. And you get something out of it as well.”

“Agreed!” Roger stated with a smile of satisfaction.

“Now…lets get us some more feedback from my assistant.” Sarah got up from the bed and walked to an intercom next to the exit door.

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