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You are on your way to a business conference. You've been to a thousand of these and you know how exhausting and unfun they are. You pack your square guy clothes into your carry on, kiss the wife and head to the airport.

You''re getting on the plane, saying hello to the flight attendant, shuffling past all the other travelers and you are about to lift your bag into the overhead when you see me down at the other end of the plane. I'm dressed simply: a black pencil skirt, a burgundy, button-down blouse, little gold earrings. My hair is a little tousled, like I didn't have time to fix it. I'm about to sit down when I see you looking at me. We smile. Polite, but unquestionably electric. The moment where we should break eye contact passes and we are still gaze-locked until someone pushes past you. I sit down. You sit down.
We arrive at our destination and in the hustle to get off the plane, you do not see me again. You even dawdle by the baggage claim, hoping to catch sight of me, but I am gone. You meet your people, and get to the hotel.
There you are, bored out of your skull, eating substandard appetizers at a meet-and-greet. "I'd rather get a root canal, at least that's over in two hours," you think to yourself.
"These conferences are like oral surgery," you hear a female voice say behind you. "you can almost hear the sucking sound as they drain your life away."
You turn around and nearly knock your plastic cup full of gin and tonic onto my blouse.
"I was just noticing that sucking sound," you tell me.
Someone at a podium is droning on and we exchange that smile again.
"I'm K."
"I'm M." We trade pleasantries about work but we are clearly not that interested in small talk. Someone from your company wants to pull you away.
"Will you be here for the whole thing?" you ask before you leave.
"Unfortunately." I answer.
"I don't think its that unfortunate," you counter.
"Maybe you are right."

That night you are coming back to your room and you are walking down the hallway when you see me through the window down at the pool. It's late and the blue glow of the pool is calm and inviting. I can't see you and I'm pulling off my robe and kicking off flip flops. I'm wearing a black bikini and lowering myself into the water. You watch me disappear under the surface and you hurry to your room to drop your stuff off.
You come back to the pool as I am stepping out of the water. My hair is wet and there is a chill in the air.
"I didn't bring a suit," you say.
"I won't tell on you if you want to skinny dip. Here, I'll make it easy for you." I peel my wet suit off my shoulders, unlatching the suit so that I'm naked from the waist up. My nipples stand at attention and little droplets of water trickle down the curves of my breasts. You can't believe this is happening.

I approach you and unbutton your shirt. Your hands touch my waist and you feel my skin, soft and quivering in the light of the pool. I look up at you. You suddenly pull me in. You are so warm and I press my breasts into your chest. You bend down and lightly bring your lips to mine. Your hand slither down my hips and I unbuckle your belt.
We slip back into the water and my bikini bottoms just float away. We are kissing deeply now, the smooth melding of our tongues heightening our other senses. You explain to me, as you lift my onto the edge of the pool, that you had to have me, from the moment you laid eyes on me, that you looked for me in the airport, that your whole body radiated heat when you saw me again. You bring your thumbs to my pussy lips, spreading me gently open.
I heave a sigh and water drips down my neck as I arch to take you in. You watch the expression of pleasure wash over my face as you press you cock deeper into me. We are both a little astounded by how well our bodies fit together.
Inside the hotel, a valet happens to walk by a window and see us embroiled in our carnal embrace.
He runs out to the parking lot and grabs his buddy. "You gotta see this," he says and they run back to the window.
We are still there, our bodies cycling together, our grip tightening. The valets are cackling eagerly. As we ride the feeling higher, blissfully unaware that we are being watched, the valets can't take their eyes away, knowing they should stop us before someone sees us. But they are fascinated, secretly impressed by how skillfully you are giving it to me, responding to me, turning my volume up and up...
The valets watch as we climax violently, our bodies slick with water and saliva and cum. I'm seeing stars in the corners of my vision and my extremities are tingling. We are both gasping, speechless. We disengage and climb out of the pool. My legs are shaky and look around for my suit. You pull a towel around me, drying me off gently, chuckling at my disorientation.
The next day you find it difficult to concentrate. You are supposed to be listening, rubbing elbows, networking but you can't stop thinking about that gorgeous moment in the pool. If you concentrate, you can still feel my cool trembling skin, the grip of my vj around your hard erection.
You do not see me again but as you are checking out of the hotel, a valet walks by and pats you on the back saying, with a smirk you don't quite understand, "I hope you enjoyed your stay, Sir."

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July 19, 2016
Loved it! I go on business trips with a woman colleague and we always have a swim together in the hotel pool. Her one piece swim suit shows off her curves and I dream of going back to her room afterwards and peeling it off.

July 19, 2016
Wow!!!! I do love a good story!! :)

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