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Angela, Mein Schweizer Engel (Or: the best title I could think of at 3am)



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Enjoying the evening in your private library, you sat comfortably in your leather bergere chair, feet raised on the matching ottoman, surrounded by antiques and curiosities you gathered over a lifetime of adventure. The light cast from the fireplace created an atmosphere of contented relaxation. You thumbed through the latest edition of "Daring Machismo", a monthly magazine, its cover promising an article about you titled, "Nunchucks saved my life: Facing horrors from the Kalahari Desert". Closing your eyes you found yourself thinking back to that harrowing week, and the friends you made and those you lost along the way. It was hard to believe that a mere six months had passed since that life changing event. Your trance-like reverie was broken by a knock on the door. "Who could that be at this hour?" you ask yourself, looking toward the source of the sound.
Exiting the room you pass by a painting you made years ago, the artwork depicted two bears standing back to back firing machine guns into a horde of advancing killer robots. This was easily your favorite works.
The knocking continued unabated, having taken on a vaguely musical rhythm, as you crossed the tasteful art deco flooring to reach your apartment's rich mahogany double doors. Gripping the knob you couldn't help but wonder who could possibly be visiting so late in the evening. Perhaps the pizza man was making a delivery to you by mistake. Maybe it was the neighbors, wanting to complain about your three hour long drum solos. Choosing to decisively lay this mystery to rest once and for all you took a deep breath, turned the knob and pulling the heavy wooden doors open.

Standing before you in a mid-knock stasis was a woman, nearly your height with piercing blue eyes and a smile that slowly spread across her glossed pink lip. "Hello, Angela," you said to the woman, showing a certain familiarity to your guest, as evidenced by the way you said, "Hello, Angela."
Angela stood there radiant as ever, wearing a form fitting sleeveless white dress with slits cut too high to be modest on either leg, further showing off the curves of her body from her firm D cup breasts to her taut stomach and teasing glimpses at a tight ass rear end beneath solid black pantyhose. She wore tall black boots, the kind that always drove you wild, and long ivory white gloves that reached halfway up her arm. Her long blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail, save for one long bunch that fell over her right eye.
"Mind if I come in?" she asked arching a single eyebrow, her Swiss accent taking you back to the day you met all those years ago.
"I," you stuttered,"I thought I would never see you again after..."
Stepping past you, she took in your tastefully furnished home, "My flight is on a four hour delay. I thought you might enjoy some company. Do you mind if I stay for just a bit?"
"Not at all," you replied enthusiastically, "I was just relaxing in my study." Leading Angela down the hall, you gave her a brief tour of your stately home, ending before the gently glowing fireplace.

"Would you like a drink?" you asked, pulling out a pair of glasses.
Sitting on a cream colored chaise lounge she shook her head, "No thank you."
"So," you asked, leaning against your desk, "What brings you to my part of the world?"
Waving dismissively the Swiss woman took in the room's details, "Just some business in Wales, but I must admit, my layover here wasn't by chance. I chose the flight with the longest wait here so I could see you again."
"Really?" you replied, setting down your milk, "Why would you do that?"
"I've been thinking about you a lot over the past few months,” Angela cleared her throat, her cheeks turning pink, “Wanting you. Needing to feel you against me again. Like old times."
"What are you saying?" crossing the room you knelt down before her, "What do you mean?"
"I want you to make love to me, just like we used to," her words came out tinged with uncertainty.
"Angela..." gently you brushed the hair from her eyes, cupping her face softly in your hands, "You and I have never made love."
Your guest gave you a confused look, unsure what to say.
A fierce grin spread across your face, "No, what we did was fuck. Hot, sweaty, wall slammin', scream at the top of you lungs sex."

Without a word Angela surged forward, embracing you, pressing her lips firmly to yours, your unshaven face prickling and tickling her nose. The heat from her lips rekindled a fire deep inside that you had nearly forgotten, desire coursed through your body with a primal need to take her like you used to. Falling back onto the chaise lounge the blonde Swiss woman pulled you on top of her, molding your body perfectly against hers. Even through her ivory white dress you could feel her nipples hardening against your chest, while causing a certain swelling to slowly begin building between your legs.
Seizing her by the small of her back you lifted her onto your lap, she moaned softly grinding into your growing bulge. Your hands glided up the length of her snow white dress, easily finding the zipper behind her neck. In one swift motion you pulled the zipper half down the woman's body, where it came to rest on her ample buttocks.
Pulling away from the kiss, Angela's breath trembled, staring at your lips while she stood from the sofa.

Standing in the fire light your lover made a show of slowly removing each of her boots and both of her gloves, casually tossing them in a heap on the floor. With a tug of the tie, and a whip of her hair the blonde's long golden hair fell freely past her shoulders. Dancing slowly in a circle she wiggled and writhed, slipping out of her tight fitting dress.
Following her lead, you tore away the shirt you were wearing, casting it aside with your pants. Sitting there naked you stared at the dancing Swiss, the erection between your legs stood rigid in eager anticipation of what's to come
Angela's icy blue eyes smoldered with want, stepping closer to you she dropped her dress, standing only inches away wearing nothing more than a black bra and matching pantyhose.
Drinking in the every soft curve and detail of this body you've dreamed of and her immaculate alabaster skin, you could ignore the fire in your loins no longer. Grabbing Angela roughly by the hips you pushed her onto the sofa, where she landed with a surprised yelp.
She lie sprawled out as you made quick work of ripping away the leggings that kept you two apart. Mounting her, you lined up your pulsing manhood to her dripping heaven hole, she inched herself closer so that your tip gave her quivering lips a grazing kiss.
"Come on, fuck me!" she begged.

With a bestial growl you tormented and teased her, only letting in the barest piece of you probe her, and after endless moments of tension finally showed mercy by sliding yourself deep inside of her. In an instant her body clamped down around you, Angela cried out at the sudden invasion of her body, but the scream quickly melted into cooing moan. Trying to adjust to the girth you put in her Angela writhed under you, muscles trying to pull your shaft deeper inside. Her eyes fluttered closed from the sensation while you hunched over her, motionless, delighting in her reaction.
Slowly you pulled out half way, gyrated your hips at an irregular pace, stirring up the slender woman from the inside out. Squeezing her arms together she created a deep valley between her breasts, a single bead of sweat formed at her nipple, slowly slipping between those mounds.
"Mmm, those tits," the words rumbled from your throat, seizing both slender wrists in one hand you effortlessly pin her arms above her head, "I want to see them dance."
Starting with a slow, leisurely rhythm you pressed yourself deep into her, before pulling back until only the tip remained inside and pumped back down to the base. She moaned at the act of your long slow thrusts that lingered ever so slightly. Gradually picking up speed, your breathing became harder and your bodies started making light slapping sounds each time you buried your cock in her. Rocking your hips hard with each stroke you began slamming into her with a grunt, each time the shock sent her boobs bouncing. Hypnotized by the jiggling of her chest you pounded harder and faster, making her cantaloupe sized breasts rebound even more wildly. Angela bit her lip, arching her back, writhing while you mercilessly fucked her dripping hot cunt. Using your free hand you reached down to grope her pale, bouncing boobs, rubbing and twisting the erect pink nipple between your thumb and forefinger. Pumping in and out, you bent down, locking your lips together in another passionate kiss, in an instant her tongue was in your mouth.

The two of you lay in that position for what felt like hours until, finally Angela freed her hands from your grasp, she pushed on your chest with a grunt. Rolling you on your back she pushed you down to the floor. Taking a moment to admire your body, she traced her fingers along the contours of your chest and stomach. "Nun ist es mir." she said, breathing hard.
You gulped with anticipation, you didn't speak German, but you knew that when Angela got excited she would slip back into her native language. This time was no different. Licking her lips Angela moaned seductively, grinding up and down against your crotch. Raising her arms she ran her fingers through her hair, as her head dropped back.
Clapping your hands onto her full ass, that glistened with sweat, you began pumping slowly in time with her grinding. Rolling her head forward she lurched toward you, planting her hands on your chest, her mouth hung open as her breath came out in short puffs. Gyrating from side to side, her lower lips kept a tight hold of your shaft that had been slickened with her own womanly lube. Lifting half off of you, she stared half in a trance where you came together. Rolling her hips forward and back, your dick vanished inside her as she began her rocking undulation. The muscles of her stomach tensed, Angela's breath started come out rougher, keeping her eyes on your cock, grip tightening, manicured fingernails just beginning to press into your chest. Her speed picked up and she clenched her teeth, head whipping from side to side, "Ja! Right there."
Sitting up, you buried your face in Angela's 36D chest while she continued to grind against you. Squeezing your face in deeper Angela's low,silky moan started coming out louder as she lost herself to pleasure. "Fack, ja. Füllen Sie meine fotze mit diesem erstaunlichen Hahn von Ihnen," she growled into your ear.
Unable you to contain yourself any longer, Angela's words pushed you over the edge. Wrapping your arms around her waist you fell back to the floor, pulling her on top of you. With her again at your mercy you rammed your cock deep inside her hungry quim. Her ass bounced with every thrust of your throbbing manhood that you dug into her down to it's base. Angela screamed with unabashed lust, as her body tensed around you. Holding her tight, Angela's body bucked uncontrollably against the frantic pace of your relentless fucking. Muffling her screams with your neck her slender spasming body caused a familiar tingling deep inside. You knew it wouldn't be long before you hit your climax.

Rolling over, you stared down at Angela, golden hairs clung to her sweat beaded forehead, the woman's eyes were screwed shut, face contorted in ecstasy. Hoisting one of Angela's legs onto your shoulder you hunched over her. Angela cried out in renewed pleasure, as you plumbed her depths from this new angle, roughly groping her glistening boobs. Sliding yourself in and out of her, Angela locked eyes with you she flashed you a fierce smile, "Come on baby, fuck me! I want your cum."
Angela knew that her dirty talk was a weakness of yours. The gorgeous woman with the angelic face under you moaned loudly, biting her lip. Her lewd display pushed you beyond the point of no return. Pulling your dick out you aimed the tip of your bell end at the opening of her smooth pussy as the orgasm crashed over you like a wave. Crying out in euphoria you unleashed your hot load of cum all over her dripping slit. Rope after rope of hot, sticky spunk coated her mound and splattered down onto her tits and face.
Suddenly sapped of all energy you fell to a knee, and then collapsed in heap next to Angela. The two of you lay in wordless orgasmic bliss, both panting for breath. You watched her, staring blankly at the ceiling, her sweat soaked chest heaving up and down, her body gleaming in the fire light. After long moments of silence she licked a small spatter of cum from her ruby lips. Savoring your salty seed for a time she swallowed hard, making a small contented noise.

"Oh wow," Angela murmured, ending the serene quiet, absentmindedly massaging her boobs, "Ich kann nicht glauben, wie schwer ich kam."
Cocking your eyebrow to the naked beauty only inches away you asked, "Huh?"
"That, was so fucking good." she replied, smiling weakly at you.
"That's what I thought you said." you nodded.
With an airy sigh Angela rolled next to you, resting her head on your chest. While she listened to your heartbeat you saw her breathing came out deeper and more relaxed, her eyes slowly dropping as sleep began overtaking her. She said something, but you were too tired yourself to hear it. Your last memory before succumbing with her was the image of the blonde woman draping an arm across your chest.

Waking up hours later, you found yourself alone and covered with a blanket. After searching your home you confirmed that you were indeed the only person in it. You returned to your library to collect your clothes and found a small folded piece of paper on your desk.
"Oops. Looks like I forgot my ear ring." the note read while you dressed.
Picking up the jewelry in question, you examined the small tear shaped piece of gold and smile.

Tugging on your old brown bomber's jacket you grabbed your keys and slung a bag over your shoulder labeled, Adventure: Autumn, which was packed sensibly with three sets of seasonally appropriate clothing, money, several passports in case you need them, and generous yet understated arsenal of adventurers tools. After making sure that the ear ring was in your pocket you locked the door behind you and set out on what was sure to be another most fantastic adventure.

Maybe if you're lucky, you and Angela will stumble across a new undiscovered druidic temple filled to the brim with treasure and booby traps.

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Ace Saturn
October 2, 2017
Your haunted typewriter is amazingly detailed. Thanks for this!

July 14, 2017
Oh, please give us more stories like this!

July 10, 2017
I don't know why it's in second person perspective. The typewrite was haunted remember... so if you didn't like the story it was the ghost's fault. If you loved it, it was all me baby!

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