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As you all know, my stories are all 100% auto-biographical and NOT just smut that I thought up and typed one handed. Anyway, be sure to keep an eye out for the Director's Cut with extended/deleted scenes and an alternate ending. Not to toot my own horn but this is pretty frigging good.

Jogging Is Good For The Heart- Theatrical Cut

Eve looked up and down the dirt pathway for the eighth time, her blue eyes scanning for the person she was waiting for. Still alone, she ducked behind one of the trees lining the jogging path, making sure to tuck the glasses she was wearing into the small back pack slung over her shoulder. Anxiously looking down the path again Eve smoothed the legs of her jeans and tucked a stray stand of black hair behind her ear. Every part of her outfit was carefully chosen for maximum "accidental" flirting potential.
Glancing down the dirt pathway Eve's heart almost stopped. Her name was Heather, she had just rounded the corner, and was headed Eve's way. The woman was tall, a gorgeous redheaded Amazon with her long strawberry hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her bright green eyes practically shining in the morning sun light. She wore dark blue sports bra that held her perfect C-cups that would bounce ever so slightly with every step, and skin tight black running short that accentuated every one of her fit, glorious curves. Ever since the first time Eve saw this angel she was hooked, hopelessly pining after her for months. Just the sight of her made Eve tingle. Watching the jogger pass by, the usually shy woman took a steadying breath and followed after her, determined to woo the skin tight shorts right off of the other woman.

The redheaded woman was faster than Eve, her longer legs covering more ground with less effort. Any other day Eve would have loved nothing more than to stay behind the beauty, watching her tight little butt wiggling side to side as she exercised. Not today though, after chasing her for way too long she managed to catch up with Heather. It was clear that the redhead was used to being hit on, but after speaking with her for a couple of minutes Heather's cheeks turned the faintest shade of pink, stunned by how forward the usually mousy girl was behaving. She marched off the side of the road and beckoned for Eve to follow, "Hey, come over here for a second. I really want to kiss you again, okay?"
Making a small excited sound Eve hurried after the green-eyed jogger. Ducking behind a tree she watched Heather looking up and down the small dirt pathway, making sure they had some privacy. Clearing her throat, Eve whispered, "So, I know I-"
Placing a hand on Eve's chest Heather pushed the smaller woman against the tree. Cutting off her words Heather pressed their lips together in a kiss, heavier and more sensuous than the dark-haired would have ever expected.
Eve had to hold the tree for balance, the kiss stole all strength from her legs. She moaned, fighting the urge to simply tear the other woman's clothes from her body.
Pulling away after an eternity Heather stared hard at Eve, her eyes burning with desire, "Shy little bookworm? Always out here, teasing me with that ass every time you play tennis."
"I'm really bad at tennis. Honestly, I hate that game," Eve confessed, unable to take her gaze from the other woman's soft, pink lips, "I only played there so I could dress up and try to get your attention."
"You're so bad," Heather laughed, coming in for another long kiss.
Moaning into the jogger's mouth Eve wrapped her arms around Heather's shoulders, drawing her in tight feeling their bodies pressed in close, molding perfectly to one another.
Moving from Eve's lips Heather trailed a line of kisses down the petite woman's slender neck.
Before too long and idea struck Eve like a bolt from the blue, breaking her reverie. She struggled to regain her composure and summoned all of her will power to weakly push Heather's shoulders away breaking the series of kisses.
Heather looked up slightly confused catching her breath "Was I going to fast? Do you want me to stop?"
"So," Eve massaged the redhead's shoulders, leaning in close she whispered, "So, I only live like a mile from here. Can I show you my apartment?"
Heather perked up immediately, with a coy smile she took hold of Eve's hand and started backing toward the parking lot, "I would love to see your home."

With a grunt Eve shouldered open the heavy gray security door, half falling into her apartment. Heather followed her, taking in the deals of the tidy little place, she paused to look at a book-case. The top was decorated with framed pictures, knickknacks and posed action figures, the other shelves had been crammed with books covering every subject you could think of. Apparently Eve was every bit the nerdy little bookworm she appeared to be, just with a surprisingly kinky side. Continuing on Heather zeroed in on the sofa set on the opposite side of the room. Sinking into the deceptively comfortable couch she watched the other woman, "I want you to know that I'm usually not this easy. It's just I've actually been fantasizing about this happening for months."
Surprised by her guest's bluntness Eve tried to play it cool but could only stammer, "W-would you like some water or something?"
"I don't think you brought me all the way here just so I could have a glass of water," Heather patted the couch, smiling, "I would really like some company though."
Sidling next to Heather on the sofa Eve chuckled nervously trying not to stare. Cupping the other girl's chin Heather looked her in the eye. The slender beauty's blue eyes seemed to shine in the sunlight pouring through the open window, leaning in close she whispered, "Kiss me Eve."
Blushing lightly, the girl with dark hair swallowed nervously and leaned closer, pressing her lips to the other woman's in a kiss much softer and more tender than the ones they shared earlier.
Savoring the taste of the runner's bubblegum flavored lip balm Eve lightly shuddered when she felt Heather's hands on her knees, sliding up and down her thighs squeezing them gently. Feeling bold, Eve leaned deeper into the kiss, opening her mouth her tongue flicked and licked the lips of her partner. Heather immediately responded by wrapping her arms around Eve's shoulders, pulling her closer while her own tongue slipped from her mouth and playfully batted against the other.
Following her animal impulses Eve quickly found herself lying on the other woman, having pushed her down onto the couch and mounting her all without not breaking the kiss.
Finally coming up for air Eve's gaze admired Heather's body lying under her, their lips still joined by one long string of saliva. She loomed silently over the jogger, tracing her finger tips over Heather's lips, her smoldering gaze fixed on the runner while her chest heaved, her firm breasts rising and falling with every breath, straining the navy blue sports bra that contained them.
Taking a handful of Eve's short dark hair Heather smiled, "Well, you've caught me. What are you going to do with me."
Without a moment's hesitation the blue Eve lunged back down, her face buried in the crook of Heather's neck, breathing hard, nibbling, softly biting, and kissing everywhere from her shoulder to her ear lobe.
Heather moaned and squirmed under Eve. The attentions the other girl gave her all perfectly delivered, every kiss, every hungry groan made the redhead shiver, while a small tingling deep within began to grow.
Switching from one side to the other Eve kept a slow and methodical pace, whispering all the secret things she's fantasized about doing with Heather's body over the past months.
Relishing the feeling coursing through her, the redhead writhed, raked her fingers through Eve's midnight hair.
Shifting positions the smaller woman used a free hand to push Heather's leg apart letting one foot fall to the floor. Eve straddled the jogger's long, toned thigh and pressed her own knee firmly into Heather's crotch, where she became immediately aware of small wet spot that seeped through the fabric of her jeans to the skin of her leg. Looking down between them Eve's eyebrows lifted, smiling, she ground her knee in a little more, "Having fun?"
"Oh my God, yes!" she blurted out.
Pulling Heather into a sitting position the brunette leaned back lightly tracing a finger along the gentle slopes of the skin concealed by the sports bra. Eve stared intently at Heather's chest, grinding her own sweet spot into the leg of the woman under her. "Would you mind if I helped you slip into something a little more..." the smaller woman trailed off, grinning.
Smiling Heather pressed her chest forward, finishing the question, "Comfortable?"
"Naked" Eve corrected, meeting her gaze.
Lifting her arms over her head the runner let out a small laugh, "I think that's a great idea."
Eve slid the blue garment up Heather's chest, past her collar-bone and over her shoulders. Heather's breasts dropped out, bouncing ever so slightly, a faded tan line revealed itself, making the slender woman's heart race. Stiff pink nipples standing proudly in the morning light, displaying the runner's eagerness to continue. Eve stopped lifting bra when she reached Heather's eyes, leaving her momentarily blindfolded the brunette gave her a quick kiss making the redhead's cheeks flush. Finally pulling off the padded piece of blue fabric, Eve casually tossed it to the floor, leaving Heather sitting completely topless under her.

Dragging her manicured nails down Eve's sides Heather made the little bookworm squirm and coo as her she scratched down the ribs and waist of the girl sitting atop her, stopping only when she reached the hem of Eve's t-shirt. Rather than a slow teasing strip Heather swiftly seized Eve's dark red shirt and bra flinging them away in a single, effortless motion.
Eve's pale chest wasn't as large as Heather's, but even still they hung just inches away, her own darker nipples reaching out begging to be touched.
Staring as if in a trance Heather's eyes sat fixated on those perky, lily-white breasts, and the erect chocolate drop nipples a hair's breadth from her face. More turned on than she had been in ages Heather skipped past the tortuous teasing and heavy petting of their rather intense make out session that her partner seemed to favor, instead going for the much more forward approach of wrapping her arms around Eve's waist and pulling her in roughly. One firm, milky boob finding itself perfectly welcome in Heather's open mouth. Eve drew in a sharp breath at the sudden motion, the sensation of the other woman's lips made her body quake, needing to grab the back of the couch for balance. The feeling of the warm, wet mouth embracing her made Eve moan, combined with Heather's playful tongue flicking her sensitive nipple made her lean in deeper, trying to give the other woman more of her body to play with. The athletic woman's mouth skillfully teased Eve, her teeth lightly grazing her tender skin while her tongue swirled and flicked with determined intensity.
Heather's hands explored Eve's naked body, gliding from the woman's back down to her hips. Swiftly finding their way under Eve's jeans and inside her panties, soon the redhead was groping and squeezing the bare flesh of Eve's behind.

With a Herculean show of effort Eve rose to her feet, making Heather's lips come off of her breast with a pop. Staring down at her half naked partner Eve made a show of unbuttoning her pants which they clung to her hips. Teasingly removing her belt and dropping it on the floor, slowly Eve slid down the zipper, giving a faintest peek at a pair of hot pink panties decorated with a tiny yellow bow.
Heather's eyes were glued to the show before her. In seconds her hands slipping under the dark fabric of her shorts.
Never looking away Eve danced slowly for her audience, she raised her arms over her head while she wiggled and writhed, she slid her hands from her hair and across her lips, to her slender neck, and down the valley between her breasts, over the taut muscles of her belly finally coming to a stop upon reaching her hips where she hooked her thumbs under the hem of her fades blue jeans and soft cotton panties. Turning slightly she would inch down the left side, slowly exposing the soft, pale curves of her ass. Then switching sides she pushed down the right side. She repeated the process until only her most private areas remained hidden, the clothes covering it threatening to fall at a moment's notice.
Heather bit her lip watching the smaller woman's display, her own hand moved in long slow circles over her honey pot.
Waving her hands to her sides in a "ta-da" motion Eve let her clothes fall into a crumpled heap around her ankles, leaving her completely naked but for a pair of sunny yellow socks that rose to the mid-point of her thigh. With a small flourish Eve put both hand on her hips, striking a pose for the incredibly sexy, sun-kissed angel she brought into her home.
Heather leaned forward taking in every detail of the other woman's body, from her well defined calves and thighs to the small tuft of dark downy hair on her mound. The jogger's hand moved a bit faster delighting at the sight.
Letting a long seductive smile spread over her face Eve shot her partner a cute little wink and tried taking an exaggerated step forward. Unfortunately she forgot to take her foot from her pants, so instead she tripped over the fabric and lost her balance. Stumbling forward she fell toward Heather who didn't seem get what was happening.

Landing roughly Eve caught herself on the back of the couch, she found herself straddling the larger woman, her naked body looming over Heather who's green stared up in surprise.
Sinking deeper into the cushions Heather looked from the brunette's face to the glistening downy covered slit being pushed within inches of the redhead's face. Licking her lips Heather giggled, "Such a naughty little girl you are. Trying to seduce me like this."
Blushing furiously Eve scrambled to answer with more confidence than she felt, "I wanted to subtly ask you to keep going...Please?"
"Ah, I really wasn't expecting you to be this forward." Heather replied, leaning in and giving Eve's naked quim a kiss.
Eve tried answering but two more kisses stole the words from her, leaving the naked girl only whine softly while she wriggled from side to side.
Reaching around the smaller woman's legs Heather's groped and squeezed Eve's firm, bare thighs and ass. Kissing her hostess again, this time the jogger let her tongue flick out against the other woman's pale mound. Breathing hotly Heather smirked, "Such a way with words..."
Straightening her back Eve wasted no time in finding the perfect rhythm of rolling her hips to meet her the redhead each time she came in to kiss her again.
Looking up Heather couldn't help feeling a mixture of arousal and amusement watching as the smaller woman shivered just a little bit every time her lips touched Eve's naked body. Even better was when her tongue flicked out to tease Eve's slit she would shake even harder and let out a soft whimper.
Heather's opaline finger nails scraped along the brunette's stockings, up her legs and across the tenses muscles of her stomach. Sliding higher, her hands stopped long enough under Eve's breasts to cup them both and tease her stiff brown nipples with her thumbs.
Moaning harder now Eve pushed herself lower, grinding fully into Heather's mouth letting her go deeper than before, occasionally the fiery woman under her would roughly bump against Eve's pearl with her nose making growing waves of pleasure buzz through her body.
Continuing on her their way Heather's hands slid over the neck and chin of the girl straddling her, finally coming to s stop at her lips where the tips of her fingers gently prodded and brushed against her. Gazing down at the digits with a far away look in her eyes Eve murmured lustfully. Taking Heather's hand she kissed and licked the jogger's two middle fingers. Tilting her head to one side Eve sucked them between her lips, pushing deeper, the bookish girl only stopped when Heather's nails bumped into the back of her throat. Bobbing her head along the entire length of the fingers, the brunette hummed and whined while she allowed her mouth to be violated.
Distracted by the remarkably sensual display Heather pulled away briefly from the mound before her and smiled, "Aren't you a greedy one?"
In response Eve nodded enthusiastically and pushing her hips back to the redhead's mouth, while also half mumbling something around the taller woman's fingers that could have been mistaken for words.
Having ignored the raven headed woman long enough Heather pulled her fingers from the smaller girl's mouth with a pop, leaving a gleaming trail of saliva in the sunlight that ran between her breasts and around her body where she grabbed Eve's ass, squeezing hard. Pulling her hostess back to her mouth that was already smeared generously with the brunette's licentious juices Heather's tongue attacked with renewed determination.
In a matter of minutes any illusions of control Eve possessed were gone. No longer the cool, teasing seductress she liked to picture herself as, Eve hunched over, burying her face in the cushion, shaking uncontrollably and screaming between panting breaths. Her white knuckle grip on the sofa dug deep enough into the furniture that it almost hurt, not that she even noticed. The redhead's constant bombardment of effort sending furious waves of pleasure to crash over her. No matter how Eve writhed and bucked her hips Heather's roughly groping hands on her behind held the smaller woman firmly in place.
With nowhere for Eve to run it didn't take long for the vigor of the redhead's attention to pay off. The constant licking and probing of her most sensitive areas pushed the bookworm over the edge faster and harder that she imagined possible.
Muffled by the cushion Eve let out one long high pitched whine while her body quaked and shook of its own accord under the relentless tongue lashing she was receiving. Trapped in that moment for what felt like hours she all at once stopped moving entirely, every muscle in her locked in a state of orgasmic frenzy.
Eve, completely silent didn't move for a full minute afterward.

Letting her hands drop to the couch Heather finally pulled away with a sigh, revelling in the sight of what she had done. Totally drained Eve slumped on to the other woman in a seemingly lifeless heap of sweat and bliss, nuzzling at her neck.
"How did I do?" Heather asked, stroking Eve's dark hair.
With half lidded eyes and breathing hard she pressed a finger to her lips, "Shh. J-just one second please. I'm still in orbit..."
"Well, I guess that means I did something right then," Heather couldn't help but laugh and softly kissed the exhausted woman's damp forehead, "I can't believe how hard you came. Seriously, I could have drowned there was so much if it. Thanks."
"Don't thank me yet," Eve replied, shakily rising to her knees with a grunt. Staring at the space between their bodies she offered a weak smile, "It's your turn now..."

Heather wasn't given a chance to answer as Eve gave her a hard kiss, one that made time stand still, but before she knew it the little bookworm melted away, trailing another line of kisses down her bare chest and belly, climbing down between her legs to her black spandex running shorts. Heather pulled the elastic from her ponytail allowing her long strawberry tresses spill down over her perfectly tanned shoulders while she watched rapt with anticipation.
Eve's heart beat fast in her chest, here she was, naked, on her hands and knees wiggling her behind side to side between the knees of a woman she had until now only fantasized about. Her knees were weak from the unexpectedly intense orgasm that just tore through her body. Even now she could feel her knicker liquor was running down her legs and staining her stockings. Eve's once carefully styled hair was now a wild mess that flew in every direction, pulling a long strand of black hair from her mouth she looked up at Heather. The taller redhead lie, splayed out on the couch before her, clad in nothing but a pair if skintight running shorts that had been completely soaked through due to a steady flow of the juices leaking from her dripping hot love tunnel. The sight was exactly what she needed, all the fatigue and weariness she felt was instantly replaced by an intense desire to taste the statuesque Amazon before her.

The need was plain on the faces of both women when Heather bit her lip and finally begged, "Come on, don't keep me waiting like this!"
That was all the encouragement the normally shy Eve needed, without a word she lunged forward. In a flash her mouth covered the other woman's mound sucking hard on the fabric, eagerly gulping down the nectar that washed over her tongue.
"Oh, my God," Heather blurted out, clutching the seat, surprised at Eve's unexpectedly enthusiastic act.
Drinking the runner's juices by sucking it through the scrap of cloth between them Eve knew she was on the right track when Heather's hips would jerk from side to side. Needing her partner to feel even more pleasure though Eve started dipping a finger into Heather's hidden pussy, causing her to moan and near breathlessly repeat the word 'yes' over and over.
Not yet satisfied however, Eve would alternate from sucking to lightly grazing her teeth over Heather's swollen lower lips listening to the moans and other sounds of passion that bubbled from the jogger's throat.
Swallowing loudly Eve pulled away, she crawled closer rising to her knees, smiling and massaging the other girl's thighs, "How am I doing so far?"
Burying her face in her palms Heather moaned and squirmed, "No! I was so close to cumming! Why would you stop? I hate you!"
"But I haven't even really touched you yet love." Eve gave an innocent look.
"I know," the runner complained, "so why did you stop?"
The brunette girl looked up, smirking, "Would you like me to touch you Heather? To finally feel my skin on yours?"
"Oh my God, you're evil, I hate you so much," Heather stared hard at the smaller woman, the anticipation spreading to the point that she may just explode if she didn't get release, finally she blurted out, "Please, please keep going!"
Darting up Eve gave Heather a quick kiss and returned to her place between her partner's knees. Getting her fingers under the waist band of the shorts Eve peeled away the skin tight fabric. Lifting her hips Heather moaned letting her tormentor finally pull away her last scrap of clothes which she casually dropped it in a wet heap a few feet away.
Eve stared down at the redhead's nude body, unable to take her eyes from her perfectly kissable mons that was shaved completely bald and silky smooth. She wanted desperately to say something cheesy and seductive, but words failed her. Instead she went in for another big kiss, this time against the bare skin of her partner's mound.
Squealing, Heather's entire body shook finally feeling the red hot touch of Eve's lips against her. Running her fingers through the petite woman's hair, pushing her further in with one hand Heather's other hand busied itself by playing with and teasing her erect nipples.
Eve licked long circles all around Heather's entrance and alternating between nibbling and sucking on her lips. When at last her tongue made its way inside, Heather's head dropped back and toes curled whilst taking a fistful of her partner's hair. Spending several long and agonizing moments of swiping her tongue side to side and up and down, only grazing Heather's magic spot, each time she caused the taller woman to release a mewling moan.
Sliding her hand up Heather's body, like the redhead did before, Eve took special care in making sure to hit every bump and curve along the way her fingers in time hovered inches from her partner's lips, "Lick please."
"What?" Heather asked opening her eyes, her head spinning having been pulled rudely from her bliss.
Wiggling her fingers playfully in front of the redhead's mouth, Eve lashed deeper with her tongue making sure to hit her clit, "I asked you to lick my fingers, please."
Heather gasped, immediately following instructions she snatched the petite woman's wrist and sucked her middle and ring fingers deep into her mouth. The naked runner moaned, bobbing her head up and down the entire length of the digits, swirling her tongue all across and between them.
The sensation of having the taller woman's tongue dance across her skin again delighted Eve, a small tingling between her legs made her breath shake. Eventually pulling her fingers from Heather's mouth Eve couldn't help getting turned on again watching her partner still trying to give her hand a blow job even as it retreated back down her body the way it had come. "Thank you." Eve murmured, putting the barest of pressure of her two fingers on the hairless, dripping entrance to the other woman's body.
Heather's heaving chest was beading with sweat as she stared between her legs, her entire body tensing, craving the feeling of Eve inside of her. A feeling so strong that no other thoughts existed for her.

Tantalizingly slow Eve tried easing her freshly slickened fingers into the redhead, but the second they passed between Heather's lips the woman's velvety smooth wetness drew Eve in fully.
Drawing in a sharp breath through clenched teeth, Heather's hips lifted of their own accord to meet the raven haired seductress who was pumping and twisting deep in the red head's bald pussy and driving her crazy.
Curling her fingers in a salacious "come hither" motion Eve delighted in feeling her partner let out a surprised yelp, clamping down around her. Using her free hand to expose Heather's swollen clitoris the bookish girl leaned close to the little buzzer where she planted several quick kisses and licks on the organ before finishing by putting the small pink nub between her lips sucking hard.
"Fuck fuck fuck," Heather whimpered while she writhed under Eve, her hips bucking uncontrollably, "Oh, fuck. Please don't stop, please please! I'm so close, I'm so fucking close!"
Wrapping her legs around the other woman Heather locked her ankles, all but crushing Eve between her thighs, grinding hard into the girl's mouth. The first orgasmic tremors she felt earlier were nothing but a distant memory to Heather, her body wracked with pleasure, building greater with each passing second pushing her closer to the brink, the fingers plunging in and out of her at a near frantic pace.
Eve listened to the sounds of Heather screaming, and the begging for more, she winced at the pressure on either side of her skull from the fiery headed girl's embrace but refused to let up. Instead she doubled her efforts, her fingers driving into Heather harder and faster than before. In she seconds was screaming, warning a higher power that she would be there soon.
"Oh, God,I'm cumming!" Heather declared. The vigorous finger fucking she got from Eve, coupled with remarkably skilled use of her mouth joined in a two sided attack that perfectly hit all Heather's pleasure centers, overwhelming her with an intoxicating flood of orgasmic ecstasy.
Heather's body shook hard, squeezing the smaller woman. She screamed and whined for a time before the sounds of her passion softened and her hold on the bookworm eased. After another long moment Heather's body, sapped of all energy went limp, sprawled out, her chest heaving.
Eve watched, basking in the sight of the naked redhead a lazy smile spread over her face. Relaxing, she rested on her elbows she let out a contented sigh seeing that Heather's breathing had slowed to a deep restful rhythm, her head slumped oblivious to the world around her.

A soft clunk nearby broke Heather from her trance-like state, her whole body was sore from what she had just been through. Bleary, she looked to the sound, finding a pink and white striped mug of sweet smelling coffee sitting on the table next to her. Eve was standing next to the table, wrapped in nothing but a towel, smiling down at her blushing a bit. Her hair was still a mess, but she was now wearing pair of wire frame glasses.
"I uh," Eve cleared her throat, handing the naked woman a towel of her own along with some clothes, "I don't know how you take it so, I just made two of what I usually have. Be careful, it'll give you cavities just by looking at it."
Covering herself up Heather patted the cushion next to her, "Come on, sit down. Let's talk."
Taking the spot next Heather the spectacled woman bit her lip, "So hey, I was thinking of going to the movie later. Would you... like to come?"

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