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**This is the story of how I lost my virginity. The names are made up to protect the identity of those involved. There's not going to be any dialogue because at this point it's been about eight and a half years since it happened and I can't really remember what was said.

I had a boyfriend at the time. Will. We'd been dating on and off for two years. It was the sort of relationship that when it was good everyone we knew thought we were going to be together forever. And when it wasn't? We were usually broken up for a few weeks or months when the fighting started. Part of the reason we fought and broke up had to do with sex. I didn't always understand the nature of my sexual orientation. I didn't know that my body would respond to physical attraction let alone how it would respond. I was so naive.

I was finishing my senior year of high school. Prom was quickly approaching. Will and I had talked and discussed the possibility of losing our virginity together after prom. The typical cliche of a high school couple that had only ever kissed before.

It was a Friday night near the end of May. I was sleeping over at my best friend, Lily's house. It was a typical Friday night tradition for us. I'd spend the night at her house or she at mine. She lived on a small farm turned home. The land sowed with grass and kept well manicured. Her parents had lived in New York City before moving north to raise their daughters in a quieter more rural area.

Around 10 or 10:30 pm Lily had fallen asleep. Not unusual for her. She was always more of a morning person. Early to rise, early to bed. I've always been the opposite. I'll wake up early but it's always been easier for me to stay awake late into the night and sleep late into the morning. I slipped out of Lily's room after she had fallen asleep and walked quietly down to the kitchen to get a glass of water when I ran into her older sister Claire. Claire went to the University of Maryland. I had been told she was supposed to be home much earlier in the day but for whatever reason she didn't wind up getting home until after everyone had gone to bed.

Running into her had sparked up small talk. Small talk quickly turned into catching up. I'd hardly seen Claire since she left for her freshman year. She found every excuse she could not to come home. I think she liked the more suburban/urban life of having thousands and thousands of people around versus the seclusion of living in a house on a small farm converted to a home with a very large field for a yard. Catching up in the kitchen inevitably lead to an invitation to go outside, chat and share a bottle of wine.

How could I have possibly resisted wine, talking, and stargazing? Claire had always seemed more... sophisticated. Three years at university had cemented that notion in my mind as we talked and talked. Life, love, school, hopes and dreams. We talked about it all as we laid head to head on a picnic blanket in the middle of a field of lawn well out of earshot from the house. It was a warmer than average night and a sweatshirt and sweatpants kept me warm enough but by midnight the temperature dipped enough that we had moved to laying side by side with a blanket pulled over us.

I remember the soft glowing buzz from the alcohol. I was well and truly a lightweight and a half a bottle of wine had left me feeling very relaxed and chatty and smiling at everything. And maybe a little bit oblivious to the fact that at Claire had started flirting with me shortly after we had started laying side by side. I didn't realize it until a few days later when I was reminiscing about that night about the way she had acted in that moment, the things she did. The way she touched and squeezed my arm. Rubbed her shoulder against mine.

The one thing I finally noticed was her fingers intertwining with mine and the light squeeze she gave my hand. I remember saying something in that moment when I looked over at her but for the life of me I can't remember the exact words. What I do remember and doubt I will ever forget is the softness of Claire's lips as she leaned in and kissed me. I'm certain that time stopped in that moment as my eyes went wide and drifted shut. I squeezed her hand back and seconds later it was over and I was left wanting more, my eyes closed as I faced her. My heart pattering faster as the oddest sensation filled my body. It was like a fire stoked inside of me, my skin felt flush and tingled. I felt... alive. Exhilarated.

Claire was smiling at me, her chin resting on her shoulder when I opened my eyes. I leaned in closer to her slowly. Finding the courage to kiss her, even after she'd already kissed me, sent my heart racing so fast I was afraid I was going to pass out. I was so incredibly nervous yet... thrilled. Excited. I felt like I was flying and falling all at once.

I didn't know that Claire had been exploring her sexuality in college. I didn't know that she had been with several girls and that I was just the latest at that time. I don't think it would have mattered in that moment anyway. I kissed her with all the passion stirring inside of me and that was considerable in that moment. It was something that I had never felt for Will in the two years that we had dated. In the countless times we had made out I had never felt a fraction of what I experienced in that moment with Claire.

We may have made out for minutes or hours. It could have been weeks and weeks. Time didn't exist. Just she and I. Before this moment I had touched myself. Rudimentary masturbatory sessions. Fumbling to learn my body. Not understanding what I like. Just knowing that sometimes I got a tingle in my loins and if I rubbed it just right for long enough I would eventually cum. And as we kissed there, half under a blanket, bundled up in sweats on that lukewarm may night bathed in starlight that itch that needed careful stoking to harness into an orgasm was a raging inferno. A deep yearning desire for Claire to touch me in a place nobody but I had touched in a way that wasn't strictly clinical. But as Claire's hands pushed up at my shirt I could feel that fire between my legs only stoking hotter.

It couldn't have been much warmer than the high fifties or low sixties when my sweatshirt and bra were pulled off. Yet it wasn't the cold that had caused my nipples to grow achingly stiff. I'd never wrapped my legs around Will when he'd crawled on top of me to make out. But I had my thighs tightly wrapped around Claire's waist. I wanted to scream out with every ounce of my being, pleading with her to touch me.

I didn't know what to say though. Not like I know now. Instead I just lay there, the fire inside of me burning hotter and hotter as Claire expertly kissed my neck, nibbled at my earlobes, teased my nipples with her tongue. God it was so fucking good. I moaned and moaned, unable to contain myself. Part of me was afraid I'd wake her parents. That I'd wake Lily and her whole family would see me and Claire together in the yard despite being so far from the house. The part of me that won out against my rational fear was the irrational aroused part. I surrendered myself to the moment.

Claire's right hand slipped from my arm to my side, tracing along my ribs and then she was pushing them lower, over my stomach, down, down, down. I knew where she was moving that hand. Exactly where I wanted her to. Where my body was yearning for her hand to bed. Yet I'd never been touched like this. It was so new. So nerve wracking. My stomach undulate, sucking in as I inhaled, relaxing as I exhaled making me feel as though I was hyperventilating.

Every inch her hand snaked lower made my stomach undulate faster until her hand was pushing below the waistband of my sweats and then my panties. Her fingers running through the dampness of my downy mound to find the saturated wetness filling every crevice of my labia was a lightning strike to my brain. I don't remember how she touched me exactly. All I remember is that it was intense. Breathing so hard I felt as though I'd been running a race but I hadn't moved more than wriggling beneath her.

I don't think i lasted more than two minutes with her hands expertly manipulating my clit. I don't know if it was because it was my first time that it was so intense or if it was something else. I don't know if I've ever cum so hard as I did in that moment or if I remember it being better than it was. It was heaven. Bliss. Incredible. Perfection.

Only when the last tremors of my orgasm had subsided to aftershocks, making my body tremble in pleasured memory of moments ago, did Claire remove her hand from between my legs. She pressed her fingers to my lips and for the first time in my life - the first of now more than I can count - I tasted myself on her fingers and greedily sucked them clean, savoring the eroticism of the moment.

My legs fell limp to the picnic blanket and Claire moved from on top of me to my left side, draping herself over me, her hand stroking through my hair was she smiled down at me. I wish I could remember what she was saying in those moments. All I do remember is the sweetness in her tone and a burning desire to make her body feel the same as she'd just made me feel.

to be continued when I'm less tired and if people want to know more. ;)

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January 1, 2017
very interesting story, I am glad you shared it! Keep it up :)

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