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Sleep came so easily when I first laid my head on the pillow and pulled the cool sheet over my bare legs and torso. There was a moment of blissful reverie before slipping into a deep slumber.

It must have been the lightning that roused me from my dreams. Within a moment I was keenly aware that two hours had gone by and the approaching storm was still far off. There was no thunder yet, just the distant flashes illuminating the room.

Rolling onto my back, the sheet slid off, and I focused my senses on the cool night air on my naked body. With the next series of flashes, I turned my head and took in the sight of my wife's sleeping body. She is facing away from me, but her tan, smooth shoulder rises and falls with each of her breaths. Her long black hair fans out across her pillow and seeing her at perfect peace arouses me. I can feel my cock begin to harden before my hand reaches down to softly brush it. I picture in my mind what her breasts look like inside the cotton tank top she wears. I can picture her dark nipples as they puff slightly, rubbing gently against the fabric with each inhale and exhale.

As the next round of lightning flashes, I glance from my wife down to my stiff cock, now tightly gripped by my hand. It is a thrill to be touching myself like this with her lying next to me. In my mind I picture her tan skin, the curve of her lower back as it meets her wonderfully shaped ass. In my mind's eye I can see that ass as it walks down the beach in a bikini. I see that ass covered in soap as I lather it in the shower. I see that ass as I've massaged it a hundred times, kneading the flesh and gently pushing her ass cheeks apart, revealing her sexy button.

As my mind wanders, I stroke my cock harder, breathing deeper, overcome with eroticism. There is a part of me that wants this private experience to go on forever, and another part of me that longs for my sleeping wife to awake to the sight of my strong hand pumping my engorged cock.

The storm is moving nearer, as evidenced by the rumbles of thunder that are now audible. I stare at the curves of her hips under the white sheet and think of her smooth skin. I know that underneath that sheet, she is wearing flowered pj bottoms and a white thong. I envision her dark, full bush as my arousal continues to mount. I stroke my cock harder as I imagine her sweet labia. How it parts, just slightly at first, when we are kissing and touching each other. Or when I am massaging her feet, her legs open before me. I can see how her body reacts to my touch. Her lips begin to glisten with arousal as they open up, exposing her clitoris like a flowering bud.

I know that my excitement is close to peeking, so I stop stroking and grip my balls, pulling them down, causing my cock to ache, as it stands stiffly upright. A lightning bolt strikes closer and the thunder claps, causing her to stir for a brief moment. I freeze, my breath caught in my chest. She rolls onto her back, shifting her body. Within another minute, her deep, sleepy breathing resumes. I can now see her lovely breasts through the thin cotton, each dark areola visible in the room's dim light. I can feel them against my tongue, sensing them harden with each wet circle I trace around them. Her back will arch as I suck, kiss, and lick each nipple. I take my cock in hand as I imagine the feel of her breasts in my mouth. I imagine the sweet taste of her pussy as I tug harder on my erection. I imagine her lifting her hips, pushing harder against my mouth as I trace lines with my tongue around her pussy, pausing each few laps to press into her clit. Alternating wider circles, letting my tongue dance down to her perineum, now moist with the honey of her desire. She spreads her thighs wider, lifter her hips higher, longing for what is forbidden, to have my mouth kissing and licking her entire sex. I hungrily lap up her nectar. My tongue stiff against her tight button, slipping up and into her open pussy, then pressing wantonly back against her clitoris.

My mind is in a state of rapture as the lightning bursts brightly close by. The thunder booms and the rain is beginning to spit against the window pain as with one last stroke, my cock explodes in ecstasy sending ribbons of cum up onto my chest and belly. I shudder, holding tightly onto my hardness, feeling a deep peace like a tide that is slowly coming in to lift my body and float me away.

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